View Full Version : 30.000 comics

09-08-2008, 11:02 AM
Hi to you all,

i started uploading my collection of comics and after running whereisit on my (26 TB) harddrives i found more than 30.000 of them +- 500 gig

after a few days uploading spiderman (i was amazed that they are more than 1700) i will starting batman, superman and so on

you can find them here and i will update this topic every day

this will keep me busy for a few weeks, don't forget if you need a special music album, karaoke album or missing tv episode you can always put a request or pm me for that,
i don't give lists of all the stuff i have (someone asked me that already here) because i don't think you realise what 26 TB is and putting a list of that all would take me ages

have fun