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09-11-2008, 02:45 PM
ammo do this cuz its like ya mufuckas hear it but dont fuckin listen!


verse 1=

from the pits of hell,
where satan dwell,
where humanity's sinners burning is the only thing u can smell,
i sit on a throne
with a bright enough scepter to keep the armies up under our spell,
waiting to bolt back to the surface,
and give truth to all of their curses,
from the 10% to the rapists,
to the faggits rockin the man purses,
will all feel the wrath even if they hid in the basement of churches,
werd up
my demons gon rape u,
even if u gallopped as far as ur leg could take u,
sledgehammer gon break you,
as soon as u come to a screeching halt,
i win by default,
u might as well out line ya self with the chalk,
the blade of the hawk,
carvin ya neck cuz i dont give a fuck........

2nd verse=
is me reciting the ''our father'' prayer in latin..

3rd verse=

let the children sing, let the church bell ring,
to announce the arch angel has a broken wing,
he was born to win,
but will die in sin,
takin a swim drowning my self in the gin,
from within,
i set forth an animal,
i be that monsta dat cannibal,
chewin ya flesh of like hannibal,
rap word injectah,
causing bodilyharm like the lead of the hecklah!
death to the witnes that bare witness to my sickness,
i flp this like a gymnist inthe buisness of fitness,
smokin ounces,
roamin the halls of slaughter houses,
where the feline pounces,
not knowin how innocent the mouse is,
shit was evident as bright as the moon,
the sinnester minister cryed over his tomb,
and voed vengance to the devil for inflicting the womb,
but the truth shall be known soon,
appocaliptic terror,
yelling my name as she glanced in the mirror,
praying that the cancer hurrys up and eats thru my liver,
the masses falling victim to mental enslavement,
triple 6 in the flesh engravement,
we takin their soul as payment cuz walkin the earths pavement,
as slaves to the man was'nt part of the plan,
teachin the young seeds to fuck uncle sam,
and that no matter what never turn ur back on the fam,
wise words being spoken by the godson skam!!

is the power of christ that compells u!

ya prolly think its cornballish of me postin this thread, but i just wanna stress the fact that i told ya i speak alot in parrables, and every werd every line in this song is a mirror image of shit dat dun happened here already, and shits thats gonna happen!