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Come Honor Face
02-29-2008, 02:40 PM
I still can't understand how they are allowed to call this stuff "wrestling" It is not wrestling! It is a fighting soap opera for men. I used to wrestle in high school so I know.
Obviously, people enjoy it but it shouldnt be called "wrestling"

02-29-2008, 02:46 PM
is big show back or just for W.M?

I think hes fully returned.

netscape check two
02-29-2008, 04:28 PM
True, but maybe they should give the high school wrestling a new name instead. Cause that has a lot less people who enjoy watching it.

Art Vandelay
03-08-2008, 08:51 AM
wrestling is for faggots. grow up, homos

03-08-2008, 12:35 PM
True, but maybe they should give the high school wrestling a new name instead. Cause that has a lot less people who enjoy watching it.

no one cares about high school wrestling

03-09-2008, 11:36 PM
Anyone catch Destination X? I thought it was a good PPV. All the matches we're good, surprisingly Eric Young and Kaz VS. Black Reign and Rellik was good too.


03-10-2008, 12:14 AM
no but here are the results from angymarks.com

Written by Stevie J (steviej@angrymarks.com).

My apologies we were unable to do live results tonight as I had a previous commitment. Nevertheless you'll surely want to know what happened during tonight's Destination X PPV so read on to see what happened!
TNA Destination X PPV Results
Mar. 9th, 2008 - Norfolk, VA
* LAX d. Motor City Machine Guns & Rock'n'Rave Infection (#1 Contender's Match)
Since I would have been happy with any team other than Hoyt & Rave winning this is a perfectly acceptable result. This will all be a downer if LAX get their shot at the Impact taping tomorrow night and are promptly jobbed back to nothingness.
* Black Machismo {C} d. Petey Williams (X Division Title Match)
Sounds like a decent enough match aside from a clusterfuck finish with interference from Steiner, on top of the Canadian Destroyer no longer being a finisher (Machismo kicked out before three). I'll see it at some point I'm sure. Apparently Williams and Rhaka Khan had a big argument afterwards.
* Kaz & Eric Young d. Rellik & Black Reign
I'm not sure how to take this news but apparently after being a chickenshit on TV for the last month Eric Young decided to become a SUPERHERO and save the day for his team complete with theme music. In my head I'm picturing Nick 'Eugene' Dinsmore in his final WWE days wearing the inside out underwear and cape.
* Awesome Kong {C} d. Gail Kim & ODB (TNA Knockouts Title Match)
The right woman won. If you go by star ratings most people are saying this was 3.5 and up which given the three women who are in it doesn't surprise me one bit. If I have one and only one reason to pick up the DVD later this year, this will be it.
* Curry Man & Stone Cold Shark Boy d. Team 3D (Fish Market Street Fight)
Apparently Brother Ray chased a snack cake on a fishing pole dangled in front of his face. If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know about this match nothing will. The crowd is said to have enjoyed it, even though they got whacked with a few fish in the process.
* Robert Roode (with Payton Banks) d. Booker T (with Traci Brooks)
Since I predicted the feud would continue on the AngryMarks.com Pro Wrestling Podcast (http://www.angrymarks.com/news/View.php?ArticleID=3172) this doesn't surprise me one bit. I hereby nominate this feud to go all the way to Slammiversary. When Banks goes overboard with the "loser's woman gets ten lashes" stipulation Sharmell comes out to make the save and whups everybody in sight!
* Rhino d. James Storm (Elevation X Match)
Judging by the description this was not good, and last year's Elevation X wasn't that great to begin with. The big finish was Rhino kicking Storm off and him taking an ass first bump through a waiting table. EMT's (real or kayfabe who the hell knows) immediately carted him off.
* Unlikely Alliance (Joe, Nash & Cage) d. Angle Alliance (Styles, Tomko & Angle)
Joe finally gets his revenge after two losses to Tomko by tapping him out to the Kokina clutch for the finish. Now that he's "broken" the Angle Alliance he can move on to challenging Kurt Angle at Lockdown for the TNA World Title.

Dirty Knowledge
03-10-2008, 04:59 PM
Anyone ever watch "The Heyman Hustle"? Funny shit. Search it at YouTube.

03-11-2008, 09:47 AM
Who saw Big Show toss Maywheather like a rag doll??????.......lol.......

Orion Nebulus
03-11-2008, 12:57 PM
Who saw Big Show toss Maywheather like a rag doll??????.......lol.......

Lmaooo yeah I seen that. The look on Mayweather's face was priceless.

LOL@ Triple H going to make Orton and Cena team up to fight the whole Raw roster next week.

03-11-2008, 01:35 PM
Who won the triple threat for the championship anyway?

03-11-2008, 03:24 PM
Jeff Hardy suspended for 60 days, fuck!

So much for him winning MitB and then the title at Wrestlemania, wonder whos gonna win now?

Jeff fails another test and hes fired, he better be careful cause it would be a shame to see him go, especially at this stage in his career.

03-11-2008, 07:19 PM
so who is going to replace him in the money in the bank match?

if he is not in it i hope the gold standard wins it

Dirty Knowledge
03-12-2008, 07:07 PM
Damn it Jeff.. told ya'll.. that boy got some demons.

And LOL @ Big Show tossing Mayweather that shit was hilarious.

03-15-2008, 09:43 PM
oh man thats some bullshit, after all this i think jericho should get a chance at the title

03-15-2008, 09:48 PM
oh shit check this out i saw it on angrymarks.com

Written by Stevie J (steviej@angrymarks.com).

You know I was all ready to write an editorial this week about what a moron Jeff Hardy is for getting suspended, but now I'm actually starting to feel bad for him. He probably can't feel any worse than he already does about failing a drug test, getting suspended for sixty days and missing the biggest payday (WrestleMania) of his career (not to mention he was probably going to win Money in the Bank). On top of having to deal with all that shit, his house burns to the ground and his beloved pet dog was in the home at the time. Man - shittiest week ever. Thanks to Dr. Keith Lipinski (http://www.drkeithshow.com/) for sending in this story which was first posted to J.R.'s personal blog (http://www.jrsbarbq.com/2008/03/15/the-jeff-hardy-saga-continues/) - we've posted his entry below.
The fall out of the 60 day suspension of Jeff Hardy for a second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy is still making news. Sadly, Friday night, Jeff’s home in North Carolina burned to the ground and he lost essentially every thing he had and most sadly his dog. Losing an animal one is close to is just like losing a family member to many people and we just experienced that with the death of our 18 year old cat Molly who had to be put down after suffering a serious of strokes.

Apparently Matt Hardy saw smoke coming from Jeff’s home on Friday night, discovered that no one was home, but arrived at the house too late to do any thing but watch it burn to the ground.

These are challenging times for Jeff to say the least. Not only has he incurred his second strike with only one remaining before he would be terminated from the WWE, his situation has been underscored by the fact that his suspension went public per the WWE policy, which went into effect on November 1 and with which I wholeheartedly agree. Now Jeff’s home has been destroyed with the heart breaking reality that his beloved dog died in the fire as well.

Jeff’s career can be rebuilt if he so chooses to committing to do such. This commitment cannot be a short term commitment, but a life time commitment that must see him take it one day at a time and have the expressed goal of being successful in 24 hours intervals. I am one that truly believes that Jeff can make this happen, especially if those close to him offer Jeff the kind of support that he needs and that he seeks the wisdom and advise of a counselor who can help Jeff understand why these life and career threatening mistakes are being made.

Jeff’s home can be rebuilt materially, as well, but his many personal affects now nothing more than a memory. I hope this tragedy doesn’t push Jeff to the edge of the proverbial cliff to where his wrestling career becomes nothing more than a memory as well.

I grieve for the loss of the animal. I can only imagine what Jeff Hardy must be going through at this time. without question Jeff is being sternly tested. I hope he passes this test and the one’s to come admirably.

Jeff Hardy will be 31 years old on August 31, 2008 and without question his wrestling career can be re-ignited if Jeff can prove to those that make the all important decisions that Jeff can be trusted and has become a responsible professional who understands how important it is to do the right things.

The trust factor is one that cannot be underscored enough. Over my 30+ years in the wrestling business I often wondered why so many of the men in charge were also their territories top stars. Owners/Promoters/Bookers like Eddie Graham, Verne Gagne, Fritz Von Erich, Bob Geigel, Bill Watts, Jerry Jarret and Jerry Lawler, The Funks, and so many more were their area’s top stars more often than not and did so because they knew they could trust and depend on their top stars, them. Being responsible and trust worthy are great traits to have in any field of endeavor, but it seems to be especially viable in the wrestling business based on my personal experiences.

Jeff Hardy can rebuild his home, hopefully he can somehow replace his beloved dog, I know that won’t be easy, but can he rebuild the trust with the WWE that allows Jeff to be provided with more opportunities to be the star that we all know that he can be? No one has this answer today. Only time will tell but I will say that my opinion is that it can be done but it certainly won’t be easy.


03-16-2008, 08:12 AM
i havent watched wwe in months now, has it got any better?

03-16-2008, 07:15 PM
^^ not really sometimes i just watch it cuz of the divas lol

03-30-2008, 06:42 PM
i just watched the battle royal. darn jesse got elimanated. jesse vs chavo for the ecw belt would have rocked.

03-30-2008, 07:10 PM
I can't stand the cheesy-ness of the WWE, it was the shit back in the day though.

03-31-2008, 12:54 AM
here's the wrestlemania recap for those who didnt c it
its off angrymarks.com
Welcome to the AngryMarks.com live recap of Wrestlemania XXIV! With Stevie J live at the Citrus Bowl (and with sweet seats to boot), I’ve taken over the recap duties for the night. I’ll be updating as often as possible so remember to hit F5 or refresh throughout the night.

Tonight we’re promised a show-stealing Ric Flair match, at least one title change, and the possible recreation of the infamous Hogan/Andre moment from Wrestlemania III as Mayweather faces off with Big Show. We’ll be starting in a few minutes with the 24 Man Battle Royal for an ECW title shot and if you’re here at 6:30 ET I’d suggest you head over to WWE.com and catch the action for yourself rather than read the recap.

24-Man Battle Royal (ECW Title Shot): Steven Richards, Snitsky, Brian Kendrick, The Miz, Jesse, Festus, Trevor Murdoch, Lance Cade, Deuce, Domino, Chuck Palumbo, Mark Henry, Tommy Dreamer, Elijah Burke, Great Khali, Val Venis, Jamie Noble, Kofi Kingston, Jimmy Wang Yang, Shannon Moore, Kane, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes
We kick off with introductions, really quick introductions. Great Khali has gotten the longest introduction so far with Mark Henry a close second. The weather looks great out in Florida. All men in the ring and the action starts. Too much stuff going on to break down. Festus Eliminates Deuce and then Domino!. Cody Rhodes getting in some offense as is the Great Khali. Khali Eliminates Hacksaw Jim Duggan to loud BOOS!. Elijah Burke Eliminates Stevie Richards and then Kane Eliminates Burke! Miz is out too. Cody Rhodes skins the cat on the outside and gets back in. Kane and Henry work on Kingston in the corner. Mark Henry Eliminates Jimmy Wang Yang, Shannon Moore, and Jesse. Festus Eliminates Murdoch. Whoa, a lot of men eliminated at a time. Festus is out as is Cade, Kingston, and Kendrick. Noble does a great move to avoid elimination, but is then Eliminated by Palumbo. KHALI is out! As well as Hardcore Holly. We’re left with Snitsky, Henry and Kane who trade big blows. Snitsky Eliminated by Henry! Kane and Henry battle it out. Henry tries to slam Kane out of the ring, but he reverses and then BOOT TO THE FACE – KANE ELIMINATES HENRY FOR AN ECW TITLE SHOT!

Short, but fun match and great way to start the night – Direct TV is still showing the countdown so I’ll be back in 20 minutes once the show kicks off.
AND WE’RE LIVE FROM THE CITRUS BOWL! Well as live as one can be withouth being Stevie J. Planes fly over the Citrus Bowl and they don’t say TNA. Weather looks like it took a turn for the worst, rain has fallen a bit. John Legend begins “America The Beautiful.”

Intro video package kicks off with the usual suspects - Cena, Edge, Orton, etc... Pyros are off and poppin and the crowd is just as loud.

Belfast Brawl will kick things off and we get JBL's intro and his limo... BOO! Then we get a recap of the Hornswoggle beating on RAW. JBL looks very out of shape. Here comes Finlay WITH HORNSWOGGLE and new boot and tights as well.


Finlay hasn't hit the ring and JBL attacks. Brawling on the outside and then Finlay throws JBL into the steel steps and then back into the ring. THE BELL OFFICIALLY RINGS. Finlay back out for some weapins, trash cans, kendo sticks. JBL slams Finlay in the head with a trash can! JBL keeps up the punishment slamming Finlay with a trash can lid and cookie tray on the head. JBL throws the steel steps into the ring and barely misses Finlay. JBL tries to pile drive Finlay into the steps, but Finlay reverses and throws him over his back. Big boot to the head by Finlay and then continous head shots with the metal tray. The brawl continues as JBL gains the upper hand and throws Finlay in the corner. Multiple punches to Finlay and then JBL goes for the shilelagh. Hornswoggle comes in to distract and Finlay hits the shilelagh shot! Finlay slams a trash can on JBL and then brings in a table. The table is set up in the corner and Finlay tries to throw JBL into it, double reversal and Finlay gets a clothesline. JBL goes to the outside and hits Hornswoggle but Finlay makes the save and slams JBL's head into the announce table multiple times!
SICK SPOT AS FINLAY DOES A SUICIDE DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE BUT GETS CAUGHT IN THE HEAD WITH A GARBAGE CAN LID! Back in the ring JBL goes for a 2 Count and then throws a trash can at Hornswoggle. Another trash can shot to Finlay but then Finlay gets the upperhand and punished JBL with his own can shots. Finlay picks up JBL for the slam and then SLAMS HIM HEADFIRST INTO THE TABLE!. Finlay gets TWO but no more. Finlay tries to hit JBL with the steel steps but JBL hits him with the Kendo stick, does a big clothesline and then... GETS THE THREE COUNT. YOUR WINNER: JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD!!!

This match was too short, but great while it lasted. Kim Kardashian does her ho thang on the mic as she announces the MONEY IN THE BANK being next. MIIIIIISTER KEEENNNNEDY interrupts and says he will win.
John Morrison is out followed by Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, CM Punk, Mr. Kennedy, MVP, and Jericho. Smoke has filled the Citrus Bowl, that must suck for those further away from the ring.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match (Anytime WWE Title Shot): Chris Jericho vs. MVP vs. John Morrison vs. CM Punk vs. Carlito vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Shelton Benjamin
The bell rings and we're underway. Everyone but MVP heads out to get ladders. Running boot by MVP to Morrison. MVP then takes the ladder and slams everyone trying to get in. Jericho is in with a ladder of his own and they joust with Jerico getting the upper hand. Morrison is in and throws a ladder at Jericho and then goes to the top turnbuckle. SICK SPOT - MOONSAULT WITH A LADDER TO THE OUTSIDE! MORRISON HITS EVERYONE BUT JERICO. Kennedy is in the ring and sets up the ladder before being stopped by Jericho. Jericho goes for the walls of Jericho but Kennedy jumps over him and climbs to the top. Morrison piggybacks another ladder to jump onto Kennedy's ladder and they battle it out. Shelton tries to take advantage of it by setting up his own ladder. BENJAMIN JUMPS OVER MORRISON AND KENNEDY FOR A TRIPLE TOWER OF DOOM POWERBOMB!
Shelton goes for the case but Carlito pushes him off. Shelton reverses and hits Carlito with the ladder and then falls off of it himself. CM Punk goes for the top but gets stopped and he and Shelton start fighting. Shelton goes for the case but Punk pulls him off and does the GO TO SLEEP. Kennedy then does a running slam on Punk onto a ladder! MVP is back in the ring and tries to clean house, but Carlito clocks him in the leg with a ladder. Carlito's turn to try to get the case, but Shelton recovers and pulls him off. Kick to the head by Shelton and Carlito is out. Shelton to the top again but Kennedy and Carlito overturn the ladder and SICK SPOT - SHELTON FLIPS TO THE OUTSIDE AND SLAMS ONTO A LADDER PROPPED BETWEEN THE RING AND THE STANDS!. Three men climb to the top but MVP pushes the ladder over and then gets clocked by Morrison. Morrison goes for the top, but Jericho catches him and does a submission hold at the top of the ladder! Kennedy sets up his own ladder and battles with Jericho for position. PUNK AND CARLITO JUMP THE LADDERS FROM THE TOP ROPES! Punk and Kennedy fall off and Carlito is thrown off. Jericho is alone, but Carlito gets him from the top of the ladder WITH THE BACKSTABBER! MVP is back in the ring and he's ALL ALONE. MVP to the top all alone, BUT MATT HARDY COMES OUT OF NO WHERE AND DOES THE TWIST OF FATE FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER. MATT HARDY IS BACK!!!!!!
Hardy leaves the ring and all the men continue to battle it out. Jericho using the ladder against everyone and he does a crazy ladder spot with Carlito (You have to see this one in person). They keep fighting with the interlocked ladders and Punk gets knocked down. Jericho on the top now with a ladder, but Carlito SPITS APPLE IN HIS FACE! Carlito alone at the top but Kennedy knocks him into another ladder. CM Punk then knocks Kennedy with a ladder. Jericho does the Code Breaker on Punk with a ladder. Jericho is alone at the top, but Punk recovers and the two battle it out. Awkward battle at the top and Jericho gets the upper hand! NO! Jericho is pulled down by Punk and PUNK REACHES THE TOP AND GETS THE CASE! YOUR WINNER AND MR. MONEY IN THE BANK CM PUNK!!!!!

Wow! Finally Punk is moving on up - to the east side - to a Smackdown or Raw apartment in the sky... Great match, but a bit on the short side again. Lawler hints that CM Punk could cash in the briefcase tonight, while JR pushes his shock at Matt Hardy's return. They put over the main event by showing all three men as they prepare in the locker room. They do a recap video fo last night's Hall of Fame Ceremony and from what I've seen and read, it's well worth the purchase for Ric Flair's speech alone. Howard Finkel is in the ring and introduces the 2008 Hall of Fame class. Night time has set in and it actually gives the ceremony a very nice and formal touch - Congratulations to all those inducted and their families.
We follow this up with Snoop D-O-DOUBLE G! He's his usual smooth self and he's putting over FESTUS! According to Snoop, him and Festus share the same tastes. SANTINO INTERRUPTS! He threatens Snoop who rings the bell and FESTUS GOES CRAZY AND ATTACKS SANTINO! Snoop then introduces MICK FOLEY as his friend and Foley has thugged out Mr. Socko - Funny Stuff. The Smackdown vs. Raw match is next and Teddy Long and William Regal are in the ring, but they are interrupted by THE ANIMAL BATISTA! Long introduces Batista and Michael Cole puts over - the entrance pyro. I must admit, they were impressive. Regal introduces UMANGA!!! who is yelling something as he heads to the ring.

SMACKDOWN VS. RAW: Batista vs. Umaga:
The bell rings and we're underway! They trade punches in the middle of the ring before Umaga throws Batista into the ring. Batista avoids the corner smash and throws Umaga to the outside. Umaga climbs back into the ring and gets in some big punches of his own. UMAGA DOES A SPINNING BACK KICK THAT SENDS BATISTA TO THE APRON.
Batista tries to get back in but gets met by a kick in the chin. Umaga throws Batista back in the ring and does a running splash on his back. Umaga picks Batista up and gives him some brutal turnbuckle throws. Umaga then gets the nerve hold locked in. Batista tries to reverse the nerve hold, but Umaga punches him and then slams him. Umaga climbs to the top rope for a head butt, but Batista moves out of the way. Batista tries to slam Umaga, but crumbles under his weight and Umaga gets a two count. Umaga follows with a kick to the back and another nerve hold. The nerve hold continues, which gives Cole the chance to put over the Smackdown Main Event. Batista powers out, but Umaga slams him again and gets another two count. Another nerve hold and the crowd starts booing. Definitely some slow moments in this big man battle. Umaga tries for the Samoan Spike but Batista reverses and follows up with a SPINEBUSTER. Crowd seems to be in Umaga's favor. Batista BOTCHES A BATISTA BOMB AND FALLS BACKWARDS! HE COULDN'T HOLD UP UMAGA!. YOUR WINNER BATISTA!!!
I can't believe they botched that spot so bad and the they acted like it didn't happen. The announcers even put over Batista's strength even though it was obvious he couldn't hold Umaga up. Either way, this just confirmed what I always believed - SMACKDOWN IS BETTER THAN RAW! Stevie J checks in to let us know that $250 Floor Seats suck Rikishi ass as all he can see is the Titantron!
They put over Big Show vs. Mayweather and then recap the Battle Royal that aired on WWE.Com. The ECW Title Match is next and they put over the fact this is the first time the title is being defended on Wrestlemania. Who knows, maybe the brand does matter and maybe Nikes will get his wish as Kane has to be the favorite.

The match starts as Kane does the Sting and Undertaker - come out of nowhere bit - SLAM AND YOUR WINNER AND NEW ECW CHAMPION KANE!

Wow, talk about burying Chavo and ECW at the same time. Styles and Tazz put this over as the quickest match in Wrestlemania history and try to defend Chavo by saying Kane "outsmarted" him. LAME! And yeah, there was nothing more to the match than a slam. Carlito Wrestlemania commercial is next. That's So Raven is out talking about Make A Wish - and she points out the 50 kids who got to see Wrestlemania due to the foundation - GREAT PROGRAM! These kids look so glad to be there and to be on TV. Props go out to the WWE and congrats to you guys for being able to be there live.
The Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels match is up next and we go into the recap video. I hope the ECW Title Match was so short so this match could have more time - I'll be a little less upset if that's the case. Ric Flair cuts a promo - WOOOO! Shawn Michaels heads to the ring and gets lots a lot of cheers. Another big set of pyros goes off and I'm pretty sure they've scared every fish all the way into the Gulf of Mexico with all the explosions. Kane vs. Chavo in a Gulf of Mexico Match on Tuesday?

WOOOO! Ric Flair to the ring in a robe that would make Brazil's Carnivale jealous. Fans in the stand have the longest WOOOO! signs in the history of wrestling. They show his family in the stands, his son is ready to cry, he's so full of pride.

Career Threatening Match: Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels
We're underway as Flair can't wait to get going! They lock up and Michaels gets thrown to the ropes. Shoulder block to the floor off the ropes, but Flair gets up and they lock up again. Flair and Michaels trade Hammerlocks in a wrestling clinic and Flair is giving it his all. Michaels elbows out of the hold, but Flair throws him to the ropes for the slam and starts strutting! Michaels looks upset by the showboating and they lock up. They get to the corner where Flair yells "Old Yeller Huh!!!" at Michaels who responds with a stiff slap that cuts Flair open! Flair returns with the stiffest chops outside of Japan and Michaels responds in kind. Flair gets control and drops Michael with a an elbow and then gets a kneedrop. Michael gets control and goes to the top rope, but Flair slams him off. Flair climbs to the top rope and does a CROSSBODY OFF THE TOP.
Two count for Flair and then he goes for the Figure Four but is reversed and kicked to the outside. Michaels with a sliding kick to the outside and then SICK SPOT - MICHAELS TRIED A MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE BUT HITS THE ANNOUNCER'S TABLE INSTEAD!!!! Flair is back in the ring and almost gets the count out on Michaels. Michaels back inside but Flair is controlling. Suplex by Flair leads to a two count. JR plays up the moonsault, which looks like it genuinely hurt and Flair gets another suplex in for another two count. The men trade chops and punches and then Flair with the standing vertical suplex. Flair is holding nothing back, but can only get a two count. The men exchange chops in the corner while Lawler puts over his knowledge of Old Yeller - apparently he was put down because of rabies and not age. Flair goes for Michaels, but Michaels throws him to the floor and climbs the top rop - MOONSAULT FORM THE TOP ROPE AND THIS TIME HE CONNECTS - BOTH MEN DOWN!
The replay shows Michaels missed, but we'll let it slide for the Naitch. Back in the ring and more chops - both men had red chests! Michaels thrown to the ropes but bounces back and drops Flair. Michaels jumps up and hits Flair with slams and drops - Flair falls by himself for a second. Michaels back up on the top rope and hits the elbow. Michael foregoes the pin and sets up for Sweet Chin Music - Flair is up and MICHAELS HESITATES - NATURE BOY GETS MICHAELS INTO THE FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!!! Michaels reverses the leglock and Flair gets the rope for the break. Michaels in control in the ring and Flair flips things and goes for the pin. Both men up and Michaels gets thrown to the corner - as he recovers Flair takes out his knee. Flair goes for the Figure Four, but Michaels reverses into a cradle - TWO COUNT! Flair goes for the Figure Four again and locks it in this time - TWO COUNT. Figure Four is still locked in as Michaels struggles to get to the ropes!
REVERSAL BY MICHAELS BUT FLAIR REVERSES AGAIN! Michaels reaches the ropes and the hold is broken to loud boos. Flair works over Michaels knee as Michael is against the rope - but Michaels gets up for SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!! - IT'S ONLY A TWO COUNT! Michaels is up and trying to set up for the Sweet Chin Music once again, but Flair remains on the ground. Michaels sets up for SCM once again and then pulls Flair up on his own - FLAIR GETS A LOW BLOW AND THE REF DOESN'T SEE IT - FLAIR GETS A TWO COUNT!
Flair is up and tries to grab Michaels, but MICHAELS COUNTERS INTO THE FIGURE FOUR!!! Flair pulls to the side of the ring and grabs the rope, but the ref doesn't see it. The ref is distracted and Flair gets a thumb to the eyes! Flair recovers into a cradle, but only a TWO COUNT. Both men up again as they trade chops, but Michaels counters a chop with a BOOT TO THE FACE! Both men up, but Michaels is up first and hesitates in the corner whether or not to hit Sweet Chin Music. HE SAYS I'M SORRY AND MICHAELS HITS SWEET CHIN MUSIC ON FLAIR AND GETS THE THREE COUNT!!! YOUR WINNER - SHAWN MICHAELS!!!!

Michaels immediately leaves the ring as he is conflicted. They show Flair in the ring and he plays up his injuries but can't help crying as the crowd gives him the ovation he deserves. Flair is emotional as he leaves the ring and meets his family. This was really a great match and a fitting way for Flair to retire. The saddest thing is given how well Flair performed you wish he would keep going - but the man deserves some R&R after all he's given us over the years. WOOOO! They keep following Flair and the announcers are appropriately quiet to let the man have his moment - this match and moment alone is worth a Wrestlemania replay or DVD purchase.

The show must go on, so we head to an Edge promo. Edge says he's going to make history just like Flair did - slim chance homie. This amazing match is followed by - BUNNYMANIA - YAWN! Snoop is out in a pimped golf cart as the lumberjills dance their way to the ring behind him - WOW - Mickie James is relegated to the 2008 Snoop Dogg Ho Train. Snoop puts over Flair and asks for some WOOOOS! from the crowd. Even he knows what's important in this show. He introduces the Divas and they show off their dresses, once again no plaid or flannel in a lumberjack match - oh well. Maria and Ashley run to the ring happy for their Wrestlemania pay check. Maria gives Snoop a standing lap dance. Melina and Phoenix head to the ring led by Santino Marella. Melina has sort of wings and WWE set up some huge Playboy bunnies inflated at the entrance.

PLAYBOY BUNNYMANIA LUMBERJILL MATCH: Ashley and Maria vs. Beth Phoenix and Melina
Took a small break and missed nothing. Ashley and Beth exchange blows. Melina is tagged in and tried to leave the ring but was thrown back in. Maria did the crotch to the face thing to Melina to Snoop's delight. Ashley gets out the ring and lumberjilled back. Melina and Beth do some tag team manuevers, including a shoulder moonsault thing that looked pretty cool. LIGHTS GO OUT FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON!!!! Somehow the girls keep wrestling in the darkness before WWE turns on some ringside spotlights. Maria counters the double armed chickenwing from Beth and the lights are still messed up. Ashley off the apron to the outside while Maria gets the roll up - INTERFERENCE BY SANTINO. Lawler's had enough of Santino and leaves the announcer's table and beats down Santino. This distracts Maria which allowed Beth Pheonix to get some sort of Muscle Buster move on Maria AND THE THREE COUNT! YOUR WINNERS BETH PHOENIX AND MELINA


Well that was a nice break for us fans at home - live must have sucked given the technical difficulties. The wrestlers involved did fine and I must give them huge props for continuing in the darkness. The Snoop bit at the end was unexpected - but wasn't Kim Kardasian supposed to be involved somehow? Oh well - we go to a main event promo video. We're back with a marching band? They start playing John Cena's theme music! CENA TO THE RING!!!! Apparently the Triple Threat match is next. Text votes are in and the fans say they think Cena will win. Triple H is second, while Orton gets no love - 8% think he will retain - ouch. Triple H is in next and I have to admit he has a pretty cool promo video/entrance - wonder why? Orton is in last holding the spinner belt and looking all serious and stuff.


Lillian finishes the intro and we;re underway. Orton immediately snatches the belt from the ref and hits Triple H - this is a No DQ match! Cena gets some offense in on Orton while H is down. H is back up and throws Cena out and then throws Orton out! H follows Orton out and throws him against the announcer's table. Back in the ring, Triple H gets a sleeper hold on Orton, but Cena comes in and tries to FU BOTH MEN! He fails and Orton gets the advantage with a back neckbreaker on Triple H. Both men are down as Orton stomps and knees the crap out of them. Orton is the only man standing and the crowd sound kind of dead - no wait some smarks have started a CENA SUCKS chant. Get a life people.
Orton and Cena battle in the corner, H lifts Cena to his shoulders which allows Orton to clothesline Cena from the top rope. Cena recovers and tries the FU but Orton reverses for a 1 COUNT. Triple H clotheslines oth men as they recover, but Orton gets up. Triple H rolls out the ring as Orton works Cena over against the ropes. Triple H joins Cena on the ropes and this allows Orton to pull both men out for a DOUBLE DDT. TWO COUNTS ON BOTH MEN BY ORTON! Orton waits for someone to get up to do and RKO AND IT'S CENA! Orton goes for the RKO but Cena reverses him and throws him on top of H. H out of the picture as Cena does a top rope leg drop on Orton. Orton out of the ring and Cena chases. Orton tricks Cena and slams him agains the ring post. Orton heads back to the ring but is met by Triple H who takes advantage, throws him to the corner and starts working over Orton's left knee. Cena back in the ring, but gets immediately clotheslined by Triple H! ORTON IS UP AND RKOS TRIPLE H!
H rolls out of the ring and Cena and Orton slowly get up inside the ring. Cena with a toe drop and STFU!!! Orton struggles to get to the ropes. Orton still struggling and looks to be passed out, but Triple H gets the save and pulls Orton to the ropes! Cena outside and gets slammed into the steel steps by Triple H! H in the ring to take advantage of ORton and gets an Indian deathlock in. Cena comes in for the save and throws H to the corner - SICK SPOT - TRIPLE FLIES OVER THE TURNBUCKLE TO THE OUTSIDE! Cena locks in his STFU, but Triple H is back in the ring and.... LOCKS IN THE CROSSFACE!!! Orton rolls out and Cena struggles against Triple H but gets to the rope - which is followed by loud boos. Cena and H exchange punches, before Cena gets the upper hand and slams H. Cena does the FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE AND THEN LIFTS CENA FOR THE FU! REVERSE TO THE PEDIGREE, BUT THAT IS COUNTERED AND BOTH MEN BREAK UP!
Triple H comes back with a facebuster and a double leg spinbuster! Orton distracts H, and this allows Cena to try the FU! H reverses to the Pedigree AND IS SUCCESSFUL!!! BUT WAIT - ORTON IS BACK IN AND GETS THE BETTER OF TRIPLE H WITH A RUNNING KNEE AND THE THREE COUNT ON CENA!!! YOUR WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION - RANDY ORTON!!!!!!

JR says he's shock and I couldn't agree more. Everyone though Triple H would win and honestly as much as I hate the guy I would have preferred that result. The match itself was not one of the best Triple Threats in Wrestlemania history, making the ending even more disappointing. It might be me, but all these matches seem short for the biggest show of the year. Who knows what the championship picture will be like now, which is at least a good thing. We cut to a promo for Backlash featuring Undertaker - HINT HINT! Then we go to a Big Show/Mayweather promo - I assume this match is next and I'm rooting for MAYWEATHER TO WIN BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY- RON KILLINGS RUN IN MAYBE? - Yeah, I know - wishful thinking. Big Show is out first looking mad and big. Mayweather is out next and he is joined by MONEY!!! That's right - it's raining on the fans - but at least this time its money or something that looks like money.

ANYTHING GOES - MUST BE A WINNER:Floyd "Money" Mayweather vs. Big Show
We're ready to get things started as Mayweather takes off his jacket. THE BELL RINGS. Mayweather backs out and tries to avoid Big Show. Show lunges at Mayweather, but Floyd ducks out of the way! Mayweather avoids another lunge and PUSHES SHOW INTO A CORNER! Mayweather keeps ducking and gets a series of body shots in - with no effect! MAYWEATHER GETS IN A FACE SHOT THAT MAKES SHOW FLINCH! Mayweather keeps moving and taunts Show. Mayweather also gets in a few shots before he tales a break and drinks from his pimp cup! Show is pissed off and PUNCHES MAYWEATHER'S HANDLER OFF OF THE APRON! He then drags another guy in and hits him hard. Mayweather tries a punch, but Show counters and throws him to the ground! Show misses a stomp and the action is back standing up. SHOW GRABS MAYWEATHER BY THE NECK AND TRIES TO SLAM HIM BUT MAYWEATHER REVERSES WITH PUNCHS AND TRIES TO CHOKE SHOW OUT! Mayweather still choking while Show tries to reverse. Show can't seem to get Mayweather off his back and falls to the his knees as the crowd boos. Show finally reverses and STOMPS MAYWEATHER'S FIST! Mayweather heads to his corner in pain. Show grabs Mayweather and then asks for quiet as he CHOPS MAYWEATHER LOUDLY!!!
Mayweather's manager keeps telling the ref Show can't do that, and then Big Show STEPS ON MAYWEATHER'S BACK TWICE!!! Mayweather gets up and starts kicking show, but he then gets side slammed and leg dropped. Show then does another step over on Mayweather, this time on his chest! Mayweather tries to get offense in, but Show head butts him. Show then does an elbow drop and the crowd starts cheering. Mayweather's people pull him from the ring and proclaim that they are out!!!! Big Show follows them outside of the ring! Big Show then levels all of Floyd's body guards and pulls him down the walk way before clubbing him in the back! Show pulls him back to ringside and throws him in. Back in the ring and more interference, but Show takes care of them. Show is about to slam Mayweather, but a body guard gives him a chair shot! The body guard gets a choke slam for his troubles, but this gives Mayweather the chance to get some chair shots in! Show tries to slam Mayweather BUT LOW BLOW AND CONTINOUS CHAIR SHOTS TO BIG SHOW'S HEAD! Mayweather puts brass knuckles around his bare fist and punches Big Show in the face while he's on his knees!!! BIG SHOW CAN'T GET UP FOR THE TEN COUNT!!!! YOUR WINNER BY KNOCKOUT AND STILL UNDEFEATED FLOYD MAYWEATHER!!!!!

I kid you not when I say that not only was this the best Wrestler/Boxer match ever, but this has also been one of the most exciting and best matches on the card! Mayweather obviously trained hard for this and sold the heck out Big Show's offense.
To add to my happiness, Wrestlemania 25 WILL BE IN MY HOME STATE OF TEXAS NEXT YEAR! Reliant Stadium here we come as I might make that my first Wrestlemania!

The main event is next with Edge and Undertaker and I am happy that Smackdown headlined the show. Kim K is back announcing a record breaking crowd for Wrestlemania. The fact that this is the main event makes me wonder whether they wanted to give Undertaker his Wrestlemania moment or whether they plan on breaking the streak. Undertaker is in first and his entrance looks amazing. I've heard it is great live, but at the Citrus Bowl it must be crazy! Taker's got a brand new bag too as he sports new ring attire - the WWE tailors and seamstresses must have been working overtime this month. Edge is out with Vickie still in a wheelchair - she was up and running on Smackdown.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Edge (C) vs. Undertaker
The ref shows the belt and we're underway! Taker does the "You're Dead" neck sign and Edge pushes him and gets in some punches. Taker counters with a clothesline and then one that sends Edge outside. They move the action to the apron where Taker pulls Edge down over the top rope. Back in the ring, Taker gives Edge some punches and elbows in the corner. Taker goes for the Taker splash, but Edge counters with a kick. Taker recovers and slams Edge backwards off the ropes. Back to the middle and Taker has an arm hold and goes for the Old School - Edge counters, BUT TAKER GOES FOR AN ARMDRAG OFF THE TOP ROPE! Edge is thrown to the corner and Taker tries a back splash, but Edge counters and Taker flies to the outside! Taker tries to get in to beat the ten count, but Edge does a sliding kick that sends Taker back out! Taker tries to get in again, but another sliding kick. Edge heads out and starts punching Taker and then drags him back to the apron. EDGE BOTCHES A NECKBREAKER OFF THE ROPE!
Undertaker sells it and falls outside again. Back in the ring, Edge is still in control and shoulder blocks Taker into the corner. Taker continues taking punshment from Edge. Taker mounts a comeback and tries to slam Edge - counter into a crossbody slam and Edge gets a two count! Taker is up, but Edge does a sweet drop kick! Edge goes to the top rope, but Taker throws him to the outside. In a repeat of last year's Mania - UNDERTAKER DOES A SUICIDE DIVE OVER THE TOP ROPE ONTO EDGE!!!! Taker sets Edge up on the apron and does a running boot to the head. He then follows up with a drop kick on the apron! TWO COUNT FOR TAKER!
Taker tries to lift Edge for the Tombstone Piledriver, but he's selling his injured back and can't do it! Edge takes advantage and gets a two count! The action moves to the outside and EDGE LIFTS TAKER AND SLAMS HIM BACK FIRST INTO THE BARRICADE!!!! Edge then tries to suplex Taker, but thinks twice and rolls him back into the ring. TWO COUNT FOR EDGE BUT TAKER KICKS OUT! Edge then goes into a "half boston crab" to keep working over Taker's back. Edge keeps the hold and this gives me time to realize that COACH AND COLE ARE ANNOUNCING THE WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT! Taker gets out of the Crab, but Edge goes into another hold. Taker reverses, but Edge still has the advantage.
The two men start trading haymakers as the crowd cheers Taker. Taker starts mounting his comback and then they start tradin shots again. Taker starts getting the advantage!!! Taker splash in the corner!! Another Taker Splash! SNAKE EYES! Another splash - NO WAIT - EDGE COUNTERS WITH A DROP KICK AND A TWO COUNT! Edge to the top rope, but Taker counters with a chokeslam attempt. Edge counters that and gets an DDT in! Taker gets hit again and Edge gets another two count. Taker finally gets in a chokeslam and ONLY GETS A TWO COUNT!! Taker tries the Old School, but Edge counters and Taker gets the top rope between his legs. Cole sells the fact that Taker never has defeated Edge. EDGE SUPLEXES TAKER OFF THE TOP ROPE FOR A TWO COUNT!
Taker gets up, but Edge keeps working him over in the corner. TAKER REVERSES AND TRIES A POWERBOMB BUT EDGE COUNTERS WITH A NECKBREAKER AND GETS ANOTHER TWO COUNT! NOW TAKER HAS THE ADVANTAGE AND GETS A POWER BOMB FOR A TWO COUNT! This match has kept going back and forth with a lot of near falls. Taker calls for the Tombstone, but Edge counters again for another two count. Taker throws Edge against the ropes, but Edge counters with a kick. TAKER FINALLY GETS THE OLD SCHOOL! Taker attempts a running kick, but misses and knocks out the ref. Edge takes advantage and works Taker over on the floor! Taker tries for the comeback, but gets low blowed!!! No ref, so Edge is still good. Edge heads outside and takes a camera AND SLAMS TAKER IN THE HEAD WITH THE CAMERA!!!
Edge tries to get the ref up, but he's out cold. Both men get up, Edge tries for another neckbreaker, BUT TAKER REVERSES INTO A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER. There's no ref!!! WAIT A REF RUNS OUT BUT HE'S TOO LATE - EDGE KICKS OUT AT TWO! The Edge Heads run to the ring and try to interfere, but Taker catches one of them and slams him into the other. EDGE THEN SPEARS TAKER AND GETS....A TWO COUNT! That one was close. Edge sets up for another spear AND GETS IT. He goes for the pin, BUT TAKER LOCKS IN THE GOGPLATA CHOKE!!! EDGE struggles to get to the ropes.... BUT HE TAPS OUT!!!! EDGE TAPS OUT TO THE GOGO PLATA!!!!! YOUR WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION, THE 16-0 UNDERTAKER!!!!!! Edge is bleeding from the mouth and Taker is so exhuasted he can barely stand up.

They play Undertaker's music and pop a huge pyro show - presumably the barge that was mentioned earlier. Cole thanks us for tuning in and then we head to the recap video.

Thanks for logging on to AngryMarks.com for Wrestlemania 24 and keep a look out for the podcasts to come that will likely be full of Wrestlemania talk!!!

03-31-2008, 03:02 AM


This way a hell of a boring match. it got better at the end/


this way a funny match. mayweather did pretty well. probally one of the best celeberity fights. an etertaing bout but not a great match,


THIS MATCH WAS PRETTY GOOD EVENTHOUGH I willl always view orton and cena as jobbers. Id say of the least fav triple threat title matches of all time.

this was my least fav match. I wished they would havr shown more of layla and mickie james. I wished a fan would have jumped the railing , tear off layla clothes and procced to have forced intercourse with her. damn layla is hot!!!

this was the best match of the night. fuck you vince for not having this as the main event. ric flair was the reason why I orderd wrestle mania.


THAT STUPID angrymarks fag failed to mention that people in the front row were chanting oooh oooh maga! and booing batista.


IT WAS A great bout, probally my 2nd or 3rd favroite.

there was some sick awesome bumps, like sheltons bump for example.

it was kind of hard to figure out the winner.

if carlito won then wwe rewards crybabies. rumor has it carlito isnt happy with his push. he nearly went to tna last year.

shelton benjiman is just a midcarder.

jericho winning would prove that the wwe writters are dumbfucks. afterall wasnt jericho in a wwe title bout last year.

fuck john morrison. he sucks. but if vince wanted to piss people off. he should
have picked him.

mvp. i was going for him but I knew matt hardy would appear.

kennedy involved in the wwe title match the same night unlikely.
cm punk I didnt think he would win. I thought vince hates talented wrestlers.
especaily if they have a strong cult following. if he goes for the ecw title then this is lame.

jbl defeated my favroite wrestler finlay.

yep i agree this was a great match and had of the greatest endings ever.

wwf sucks. what kind of crap is this shouldnt have finlay won. didnt he deserve revenge. wrestling must be fake

overall pretty descent show. why im glad I orderd the ppv.

1. ric flair vs shawn michaels

2. mickie james
3. layla
4. finlay.

I did not order wrestlemania for orton and cena

netscape check two
03-31-2008, 03:15 AM
That's pretty lame that they had the ECW champion lose a title match in less than 10 seconds? lol

03-31-2008, 08:39 AM
lol yeah that was lame but thinking about it is his the first rime kane won a match at WM?

03-31-2008, 10:12 AM
knowing that this was the nature boys last match no matter the price i would have ordered this it is sad to see the G.O.A.T go

Orion Nebulus
03-31-2008, 11:25 AM
I haven't ordered a payperview in years. Being it was Wrestlemania, I said why not. I have to admit it was pretty decent. Of course the highlight was Undertaker winning the world title and going 16-0!!! That's a record that no one will ever reach. The ending of that match was exciting.

Another historic moment was the emotional ending to Ric Flair's career. That was a hell of a match. I'm not the biggest Flair fan but I was rooting for him. Shawn had to do what he had to do....even though he truly didn't want to do it. When Flair walked up that ramp I couldn't help but clap for him. He will truly go down as one of the greatest of all time.

netscape check two
03-31-2008, 01:57 PM
So Flair is actually retiring for good? Or just for some months to take some time off? I haven't kept up with the wrestling news much lately, but I do know how the wrestlers tend to retire and come back a lot.

03-31-2008, 09:07 PM
This Was Worth Watching And I Wished I Ordered It But I Didn't But The Undertaker Streak 16-0 Continues And Now That He And Kane Own Both Titles On Smackdown And Ecw And The Lame Duck That Is Randy Orton Got His Title Back He Never Won Or Retain Twice Before Via Count-out But The Flair Hall Of Fame Speech Had Me Choked Up...and Shawn Michaels Did What He Had To Do But It Was Something For The Ages

netscape check two
03-31-2008, 11:53 PM
That was a real emotional ending on the Raw show tonight, anyone catch it?

03-31-2008, 11:56 PM
yeah am happy the wwe did that this will go down as one of the best endings to any wrestling show ever

04-01-2008, 12:28 AM
So Flair is actually retiring for good? Or just for some months to take some time off? I haven't kept up with the wrestling news much lately, but I do know how the wrestlers tend to retire and come back a lot.

he will come back here and there like foley.

Orion Nebulus
04-01-2008, 10:26 AM
Last night on Raw was the best send off I ever seen. Flair deserved it. He put so much in the business.

netscape check two
04-01-2008, 03:35 PM
That was pretty stupid of the WWE to have all those fireworks going off at the PPV, and then a bunch of people got injured from them. Even though they were minor injuries.I feel a lawsuit coming on.

Dirty Knowledge
04-02-2008, 12:13 AM
I heard about the fireworks incident at Wrestlemania, it was dumb and corny to even have them anyway.

04-03-2008, 06:21 AM
I snatched that shit, fuck paying more then $20 for a WWE PPV.

The set up looked sick, it reminded me of the FMW stadium shows from the 90es.

Best match was the money in the bank ladder match.

Weakest match was the Kane/Chavo match.

Overall it was good show.

There were a lot of good match'es & memorable moments but it lacked that classic match that Mania is known for.

By the way WTF was the purpose of having Kim Kardashian on the show & not showing her mean bubble? As uasual WWE drops the ball.}:T

04-03-2008, 03:29 PM

04-13-2008, 10:51 PM
Samoa Joe is TNA Champion!!!

04-14-2008, 01:01 AM
here's a recap of the rest of the matches from tna
got them from angrymarks.com

Written by Stevie J (steviej@angrymarks.com).

For many of the fans watching tonight Samoa Joe defeating Kurt Angle to finally become TNA World Champion is their last great hope of salvation for the TNA brand. Some of them are even willing to take a chance and spend $30 to see if TNA will make good on a stip that either sees Joe win the title or retire forever. In traditional pro wrestling the babyface wins the title in 99% of such matches. If Vince Russo screws them with a ridiculous swerve or Karen Angle interference though, it's likely to be the last $30 they ever spend on TNA. Click F5 or refresh throughout the night to see live updates on all of the action!
I may be alone in this but I miss the days when TNA would give away a dark match (or two) in the 30 minute preview before the PPV went live. These days it's just a hype video that repeats as many times in that span as possible. I hardly need the reminders at this point that Booker T hates Robert Roode, Christian Cage hates Tyson Tomko or Kurt Angle hates Samoa Joe. The only thing that redeems this waste of time is getting to hear Operator's adrenaline-fueled "Nothing to Lose." You've already got my money TNA, let's get on with the show!
Speaking of unnecessary reminders, Mike Tenay opens the show with a promo inside an empty venue and empty cage, reminding us that tonight is Samoa Joe's last stand - win or retire. Next we get a video package of blowing sands, roaring seas and flowing lava. "I have no heart, I have no soul, and you mortals cannot conquer me. Here I stand, TALL AND ERECT AND BRAVE MEN QUIVER and fall at my feet." (Yeesh.) Everybody I mentioned in the paragraph above cuts a promo full of anger and venom as the video narrator continues. "I am the devourer of men's dreams! Be afraid, be very afraid. God have mercy on their souls."
FINALLY~! Four minutes in we are live from Lowell at the Tsongas Arena. Now quite honestly, what fucking lamebrain decided to name an arena after Paul motherf'n Tsongas?! Speaking of lamebrains, Don West is in the crowd wearing a matching red tie and t-shirt interviewing the fans, and nearly all of them believe that Joe is going to beat Angle tonight. J.B. does interviews too and he is pretty far back in the audience. As the crane camera pans up I have to admit it looks like a very full and hot crowd tonight - I could speculate on how much they papered it to achieve that but I choose not to because it's time for our opening match!
* TNA XScape Match: Jay Lethal {C} v. five challengers
He's hot, he's spicy, he tastes great, he's CHRISTOPHER DA... I mean HE'S CURRY MAN~! The second participant to make his way down to the six sides is Johnny Devine. Is he still in Paparazzi Productions? He's definitely carrying a tripod with a camera over his shoulder. I thought they killed that gimmick back when Shelley and Sabin formed the Motor City Machine Guns and Devine aligned himself with Team 3D, shows what I know. Our third man out is Consequences Creed. Pretty meteoric rise for Creed in the last month considering he went from not even being on Impact to actually having a shot at the X Division title tonight. 'The Guru' Sonjay Dutt is the fourth man out. I wish they'd stop calling him The Guru now, the concept is long since dead. Here comes Shark Boy 24:7! He's the last man to enter the six sides of steel before our champion 'Black Machismo' Jay Lethal makes his way down with the belt, and SoCal Val seems very happy to see him. The cage is sealed and the referee calls for the bell - here we go!
As has been the case in Lockdowns past there are strategic holes cut into the cage for a camera man to stick his lens through and get us some unobstructed shots. Dutt and Lethal do a little double team work, putting Devine on the top rope, Shark Boy and Curry Man pull them off, while Devine holds onto the cage and survives only to be attacked by Creed. Shark Boy nearly gets an elimination with a Stunner but instead it's Dutt who gets taken out with a roll-up by Devine. SONJAY DUTT IS OUT. I would have thought for sure Stone Cold Sharkey would go first. Curry Man puts Creed in the ropes and hits him with a flying hip attack. Shark Boy and Curry Man knock noggins, Creed hits a hammerlock DDT on Sharkey and he's gone! SHARK BOY OUT. Creed nearly eliminates Curry Man with a clothesline but Curry Man walks across his back and gets a clothesline of his own. Curry Man to the top of the cage! Before he can do anything Devine shakes the cage fence to knock him down and he's left dangling with his feet on the outside and head on the inside. Several men go up after him only to come crashing back down. Lethal gets an incredibly high back bodydrop by Creed and Devine, but Curry Man finally finds his footing and moonsaults them both! If that doesn't prove Curry Man is the Fallen Angel to the skeptics, I don't know what will. Spice Rack on Creed for three! CONSEQUENCES CREED IS OUT. Devine tries to sneak in a roll up on him and only gets two. Curry Man and Lethal end up working on each other as Devine takes a powder, only making the save when Curry Man hits the Spice Rack on lethal. Devine then hits him with Divine Intervention to get the pin. CURRY MAN ELIMINATED.
It's down to Johnny Devine and Black Machismo in an escape the cage one on one match for the title. Devine unwraps the tape around his wrists and tapes Lethal up so he can't get out! Dutt runs over to the cage door and blocks Devine from going out, then tosses in a boxcutter so Lethal can cut the tape free. Devine is about to drop down from the top of the cage but the freed Lethal takes a suicide dive through the door and gets to the floor first! WINNER AND STILL X DIVISION CHAMPION: BLACK MACHISMO. I'm honestly surprised Machismo's "friend" Dutt didn't screw him here. Nice touch by TNA to show highlights from the match as Lethal celebrates with Dutt and Val instead of immediately going TO THE BACK. In fact we even get to see them high-fiving and hugging on the entrance ramp for a little bit AFTER the video package.
Jeremy Borash interviews Frank Trigg. Trigg puts over Angle as having been in the spotlight at the Olympics, under intense pressure, knowing how to win when it's all on the line. He says Joe may actually be better on the ground at this point in their careers but overall he doesn't believe there's anything Joe can do. He puts over Marcus Davis, saying they mashed a grueling 8 week training regimen into 5, and says it's POSSIBLE that Joe could win but it's also POSSIBLE he could be President of the US. He notes it's a shame if Joe gets retired given how much he's done for pro wrestling, but hopes they can at least have a nice bottle of champagne at the going away part.
* TNA 'Queen of the Cage' Match
Our first entrant tonight is Christy Hemme. Don West says to hide your microphones when she's around! Here comes the Big Titty Vampire herself Salinas! ORALE! ARRIBA LAS TA-TAS! Speaking of ta-tas here comes Jacqueline and her watermelon sized knockers. People are mad that WWE retired their Cruiserweight Championship, but it doesn't hurt to remember that "prestigious" belt was held by the likes of Jacqueline, Chavo Guerrero Sr. and Hornswoggle. Traci Brooks is the next woman out and has now almost entirely shed her Roode look in favor of a cheerleader motif. Next up are Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Rhaka Khan follows shortly after them and our last participant to come out is Roxxi Laveaux.
The ring announcer explains that in five seconds everyone has to fight to climb in the cage, and sure enough when the bell rings that's exactly what we DON'T GET. A halfhearted attempt at getting in is made by a few of the women before they start pairing off and brawling on the outside. Angelina Love manages to escape the fray and carefully... GINGERLY even climibing her way inside. Christy Hemme and Salinas stop Rhaka Khan from getting in. Velvet Sky makes her way up but Roxxi Laveaux stops her with a couple of punches to the back then overtakes her climb and makes it to the inside! ROXXI LAVEAUX V. ANGELINA LOVE FOR QUEEN OF THE CAGE.
Tenay tells us that the good news is the winner of the cage match gets a title shot, and the bad news is that title shot will be against Awesome Kong. All of the other women seem to have rapidly taken a powder as the match gets underway - I would have found it more believable if they cared enough to stay at cageside and watch. Angelina Love wraps a scarf around Roxxi's neck and tries to choke her out. Roxxi fights back but Love gets a big boot for two. Interesting booking here - they're making "the beautiful people" the heel and the goth voodoo chick the babyface - and I can't disagree with their assessment. Angelina Love gives her a faceplant move called Lights Out but Roxxi still kicks out just before 3. The crowd in Lowell is definitely siding with her - there's a loud RAWK-SEE chant. Laveaux knocks her into the cage and hits the Voodoo Drop, sending a shock straight down her spine and leaving her immobilized for the pin! YOUR QUEEN OF THE CAGE: ROXXI LAVEAUX.
Unfortunately this time they DO no sell the victory by IMMEDIATELY GOING TO THE BACK. TNA has yet another new backstage bimbo doing interviews - I didn't catch her name and I don't care. She interviews Joe and he cuts a promo full of shouting and phrases like "I'LL BE DAMNED KURT, I'LL BE DAMNED" and such. It's not bad really it's just not a surprise in any way to hear Joe shouting and foaming at the mouth with anger towards Angle at this point. Next we get the same BG James v. Kip James video package they showed all throughout the pre-show.
* Grudge Match: BG James v. Kip James
It's a little odd to hear BG James coming out to an instrumental version of the 3 Live Kru music, given that both Konnan and Ron 'The Truth' Killings have left the company. The largely unutilized rock guitars of the James Gang theme (underutilized since they almost immediately changed gimmicks to VKM) would have been much better. Kip overpowers BG inside the cage from even before the opening bell with a sucker punch. BG finally breaks free with an elbow and hits the ropes but Kip puts a knee square to his gut and takes him to the ground with a chinlock. There's some sort of crowd chant that can't be discerned - all I hear is the taunting "SHUT, THE, FUCK, UP!" from someone in response.
As BG's beatdown continues Don West needlessly reminds us that a cage has no give. Kip lazily makes a cover after the Lameasser and only gets two. Kip misses with a jump off the second rope and BG hits a shot to the nuts! (I didn't even know Billy Bitchcakes had a sack to begin with.) BG goes on offense with lefts and rights before throwing Kip headfirst into opposite sides of the cage repeatedly, finally landing a big overhand right and a drop knee for 2.5. Kip ducks a charging BG, he crotches himself, Kip sets up for a superkick but BG ducks that and gets a roll-up for three! WINNER: BG JAMES.
Wow, that was incredibly short and not nearly as violent as I had expected. I can't help but think this match was a letdown - not bad, just underwhelming. BG offers him a handshake, Kip accepts, Kip comes to the center of the ring and raises his hands then YES YOU SAW THIS COMING A MILE AWAY clotheslines him and stands over him hitting crotch chops. Kip smirks as we cut away to Kurt Angle being interviewed generic bimbo #23. Besides wasting time on a TNA PPV to put over WWE by name, he's even heard saying he had no good competition there so he HAD to start following TNA out of necessity. Of his match with Joe: "It's personal. It's DAMN personal!" Angle closes by staring at the camera and saying tonight is all about survival.
* 6 Teams, 12 Men, 11 Cuffs, 1 Idiot Named Vince Russo: Cuffed in a Cage Match
First team out are Rock 'n Rave Infection. The second team is supposed to be Eric Young and Kaz but Black Reign and Rellik Is Killer Backwards give Young a beatdown backstage. The referees insist Kazarian leave or get eliminated from the match while they tend to Young so Kaz comes out alone. He is shortly followed by RIKB and Black'n'Silverdust. Next up are the Motor City Machine Guns. For Cthulhu's sake, the more I think about it, the more Lockdown feels like the LET'S GET EVERYBODY ON THE DAMN ROSTER IN THE RING pay per view. LAX are out next. Our final team, complete with matching chain mail and muscular physique, are Big Poppa Pump and Little Petey Pump.
Just looking at the epic clusterfuck assembled in the cage I'm regretting the fact I chose not to drink during tonight's show. Kaz tries to stay outside and the officials insist he get in so the bell can ring. Calling this action is pointless - everybody's all over everybody. This retarded royal rumble only gets worse when RIKB and Black Reign handcuff Steiner first. Eric Young makes his way down to the cage but he's intimidated by the aforementioned duo and stops climbing up the cage. Of course you know this means he'll be coming back as Super Eric in a few minutes, which means it's now not a big deal whatsoever. The FIRST time we saw him during this entire match should have been with a couple minutes to go and ONLY with the Super Eric costume already on. It's going downhill quick as the Machine Guns are the next two to be cuffed. Some braintrust in the back thought that the way to go was to handcuff the most muscular and most popular wrestlers in the match first. Their only smart decision was to put this debacle in the middle of the show at the dead spot nobody could care about.
Hernandez crackerjacks Jimmy Rave into the cage in the most impressive moveofthe match yet. Rave is the bump machine for this match now as Kaz hits him off the ropes with a Flux Capacitor! Thank you Jimmy Rave. Don West, playing the role of Captain Obvious, states it's nearly impossible to follow this action. Really makes you wonder why they'd put something nobody could make any sense out of on an allegedly marquee PPV. Kaz gets a chokeslam from the top by Hoyt and is handcuff shortly thereafter. The only men not handcuffed now are the Monsters of Rock: Hoyt, Rave, RIKB and Golddust. That can mean only one thing and the crowd chant predicts it perfectly: NEVER FEAR, SUPER ERIC IS HERE~! He hits a crossbody from the top of the cage on all four men. Super Eric is double teamed by the monsters but avoids getting handcuffed and turns it around on Rellik, then slams BlackDust and cuffs him two. He breaks Kaz' handcuffs in half to set him free after the bell. WINNERS: SUPER ERIC AND KAZ, BUT REALLY JUST SUPER ERIC. Strawberry Letter 23 is backstage with Samoa Joe's family from the islands, with an elder statesman who looks AND sounds like Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka. After the interview she throws to a package for Kong and Saeed v. Kim and ODB.
* Grudge Match: Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed v. Gail Kim & ODB
Football players bump chests before a big game, but Gail Kim and ODB bump BOOBS. ODB has upgraded her flask gimmick, it's now camouflage. She and Kong start the match. ODB ducks a clothesline not once but twice and pounds her with fists, first to the chest, then to the rear! ODB tries to baseball slide through her legs but Kong grabs a handful of hair and tosses her aside. Gail Kim steps in and Kong tags out to Saeed. Kim gets a go behind but Saeed counters and starts slamming Kim's arm and wrist to the mat as hard as she can, all while wearing a full veil to disguise her identity. It's like she's having a blindfold cage match, only this time they're admitting the hood has eyeholes you can see through. Kim gives up on trying to outbrawl and starts hitting headscissors before a roll up for two.
As the ref is distracted Kong grabs Kim and slams her face into the cage. Saeed decides to make it even worse by kicking her head into the steel repeatedly before tagging in Kong. Kim is the face-in-peril times about one trillion right now, but she finally manages to knock Saeed down and crawl to ODB for the tag! Personally I would have let her beatdown go on a minute or two longer but they probably have to keep it short for the title match and Lethal Lockdown to use up the entire final hour. Kim starts climinb up the cage, Saeed cuts her off, but Kim turns it into a 'rana off the cage! The crowd goes crazy for it but Kong immediately decks her. ODB comes over to attack Kong and gets double teamed. Kong goes for a spinning backfist but ODB ducks and she cracks her own partner Saeed! Kong is knocked down by a missile dropkick off the ropes from Kim, and before she can get back up ODB jumps off the top rope with a splash and covers Saeed for three! WINNERS: GAIL KIM AND ODB. Unfortunately their celebration is cut short so we can go TO THE BACK with Jeremy Borash and Karen Angle. Yeuuuuch. Thankfully he throws to a video package for Booker v. Roode.
* Grudge Match: Robert Roode & Payton Banks v. Booker T & Sharmell
Payton Banks comes down with Roode, and Sharmell does with T. Was this SUPPOSED to be a mixed tag? I completely forgot but I guess it is. One thing is clear now - the entrances are getting shorter and they're spending much less time lingering in the ring before matches start. Clearly someone backstage feels they are pressed for time. Booker goes for a scissor kick but Payton provides a distraction and Roode hits a big spinebuster. There's no way in this situation that Booker is going to want to tag in Sharmell, even though in theory Roode would have to mutually tag out to Banks - but being a cowardly heel he wouldn't. Booker makes a comeback with a kick, works over Roode and gets a snap suplex for two. Floatover into a roll-up for two again and Booker follows it with a spinebuster of his own. SPINAROONIE TIME! He hits the spin but misses with the scissors kick, misses with the Book End, and Roode prevents any more attempts by ramming him into the steel cage.
Sharmell blind tags in! She starts slapping the hell out of Roode but Roode grabs her by the hair. The ref insists Payton tag in and she does. Roode holds her from behind, Banks goes over to mock Booker, Sharmell hits a blind kick to the balls that the cameraman misses, Banks turns around expecting to slap Sharmell only to hit Roode instead! She's stunned by what she's done! Sharmell rolls up the stunned Banks for three! WINNERS: BOOKER T & SHARMELL. Banks apologizes profusely as Roode berates her, threatens to do bodily harm to her, then waves a hand dismissively in her direction leaving the steel cage without her to in Tenay's words HEAD TO THE BACK. What do you know, the cameras are back there to with 23 Flavors in Dr. Pepper to interview 'Irish Hand Grenade' Marcus Davis, who says Joe will win tonight if he just stays focused.
* Lethal Lockdown: Team Cage v. Team Tomko
Christian Cage comes out first to a warm reception from the crowd in Lowell. Tomko is out second with his TNA Tag Title around his waist. Cage waits for him to step in but AJ Styles is already in the cage and jumps off the ropes bulldogging Christian to the mat! Tomko smirks and holds up his title as he backs up the ramp. Tenay "presumes" Styles climbed over the top of the cage while the lights in the building were darkened for their respective entrances. That means instead of the two captains starting this match, Cage and Styles are the opening duo for five minutes. On top of that we're informed that the heels "won the coin toss" so they get the next man out in the match as well. Holy fuck, somebody in TNA grew a freakin' brain and learned the right way to book War Games - give the heels the numbers advantage throughout! HUZZAH! Cage tries to reassert himself by going up top for a frog splash but misses. Styles tries to get a Styles Clash but Cage counters and hits a reverse DDT with one minute left. AJ counters an Unprettier attempt into a Pele Kick right as time expires.
BROTHER RAY IS THE NEXT MAN OUT. Just to add insult to injury Ray calls for Styles to throw Cage his way, then slams the cage door into his face. High back bodydrop by Ray on Cage. I think the crowd is chanting "3D SUCKS" but I can't tell for sure. The intervals have been shrunk to two minutes now. Brother Ray and Styles lay a big beating on Cage for that entire time.
HERE COMES RHINO! He hits a belly to belly suplex and prepares to clean house with the GORE but AJ Styles cuts him off with a dropkick to the head in mid charge. Rhino shakes it off and starts pummeling both men as Cage lays on the ground in a heap. One minute to go before the next man's in. Ray gets the better of Rhino and starts hitting him with knife edge chops, as Cage gets back to his feet and tries to choke Styles with a boot. He jumps on Ray's back with a sleeper but Ray shakes him off by falling straight backwards.
NEXT UP - COWBOY JAMES STORM. Storm immediately hits the Eye of the Storm on Cage. Heels with the numbers advantage up until the last man, plus the captain of the heels playing a chickenshit and coming out last out of all his men - DAMN GOOD BOOKING TNA, KUDOS. AJ and Cage work their way up to the top of the cage brawling with each other, and Ray headbutts the cage to make Christian fall to the ground outside hard!
KEVIN NASH COMES OUT. Instead of things being evened up the heels still have the numbers. Nash hits Snake Eyes on Styles but Storm and Ray corner him and work him over. Cage climbs back up to the top and crossbodies them both! Beautiful! Definitely worth the replay TNA showed, although I don't need Don West to tell me how un-freakin'-believable that was. We're only going to be even up for a few more seconds though. Our next man out is...
BROTHER DEVON. Team 3D spend the next two minutes double teaming members of Team Cage one at a time, including launching Cage high into the air straight into the fencing. Unfortunately for the Dudley Boyz they won't be able to keep this up for ever, because the next man out is genetically jacked and physically stacked.
HERE'S MATT MORGAN! Matt wastes no time charging down to the ring and gettin in to clean house. Ray and Devon try to double up on him but eat a double clothesline. AJ jumps his way out of a chokeslam but still gets thrown down on his face just moments later. 5-4-3-2-1... and here comes the captain!
YOU ARE, YOU ARE, TYSON TOMKO. He's trying to bring his title belt and a steel chair in with him but Earl Hebner disallows it since weapons aren't allowed UNTIL the top of the cage is lowered down. Somewhere in this mess Brother Devon got his forehead split open intentionally or on purpose and it's a crimson mask even with his superman suntan. Tomko and Cage go after each other "like cats and dogs" until our final man arrives.
HERE'S THE ICON STING! With the last man in it's time to lower the ceiling down onto this cage and make it a Lethal Lockdown. Sting throws AJ high in the air and punts him in the balls! For whatever reason they wait almost a full minute before announcing that the roof is being brought down. As it descends we see that some weapons are wedged into the top hanging down, and others are laid out across the top of the roof that's now in place, including tables and ladders (no chairs, oh my). Storm and Cage both go up topside to get some and while up there Cage hooks Storm for a suplex. Intentionally or otherwise the ceiling gives way and one of Storm's boots goes through. Cage drops him across the railing of the ceiling then beats him with a trash can lid while his leg is pinned.
Cage starts to set up a table on the roof but AJ comes up to cut him off and lay him out across it. Storm and AJ set up the ladder! Okay THIS IS FUCKING STUPID. AJ climbs to the top of the ladder, but Cage revives and gets over to the ladder, then cuts off Storm who was holding it in place. Cage climbs up the other side of the ladder, Storm recovers, tips over the ladder MERCIFULLY TOWARDS THE TABLE INSTEAD OF AWAY FROM IT and both Cage and Styles crash through the table... nearly going through the ceiling in the process! Wisely Storm climbs back down as the crowd chants THAT WAS AWESOME. Storm grabs a beer bottle and cracks Matt Morgan in the head with it! The stack of genetically jacked just got whacked! Before Storm can celebrate his dastardly deed he eats a GORRRRRE from Rhino and he gets the pin for three! YOUR WINNERS: TEAM CAGE. Okay I must admit that was one hell of a spectacle. I'm not sure that was the greatest War Games, or even the greatest Lethal Lockdown, but it definitely helped make Lockdown worth the price of admission. Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle are up next!
* Kurt Angle {C} v. Samoa Joe (TNA World Championship + career-threatening match for Joe)
Frank Trigg comes down to ringside to join the commentary team. Joe's entrance is heralded by his Samoan fire dancers and he comes out screaming at the top of his lungs, looking as pumped up and intense as he has in his entire TNA career. We see Angle walking backstage with two security guards before a video package is shown. The champion Angle comes out next with the belt around his waist. Incidentally Karen was shown sitting in the crowd a few minutes ago. Believe it or not from the time Lethal Lockdown ended until this match started they managed to stall for almost 15 minutes. Long entrances with video packages, in-ring introductions with the presence of Marcus Davis inside the cage, and on top of all that when we were finally done with the "big match intro" by Jeremy Borash we stall for a few MORE minutes as Kurt spots his wife in the crowd and insists that security remove her. She throws a hissy fit, yells at her husband that she was here for him, he insists security do as he asks and she yells "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME" as loud as possible on live PPV at them. Man I wish she had never shown up, she's dragging a full star rating out of this match before it's even begun. Mercifully she leaves and we finally get underway.
The crowd is as hot as they've been all night for this one, as we aregetting dueling Joe and Angle chants sporadically throughout. Angle is showing off his Olympic credentials early, and Trigg is putting him over like a million bucks on commentary. Angle unloads on him with suplexes, uppercuts, takedowns, you name it. Angle even sweeps Joe off his feet and goes for a figure four leglock! Joe winces in pain and the ref keeps checking on him over and over but Joe refuses to tap. Trigg keeps saying Joe needs to use his weight advantage to turn Angle over and put the pressure on him, and after struggling for a couple of minutes he finally does, but Angle immediately grabs the ropes. I like the fact they're doing a slow build in this match.
Angle goes for a belly to belly suplex but Joe boxes Angle's ears and hits a clothesline that turns Angle inside out! He's selling having his vertical base damaged by Angle but manages to get to his feet and hit a running knee, a pele kick, he goes for a muscle buster... and Angle counters it into the ankle lock! It's too soon though, Joe gets out, and Joe is solidly on offense now. He does everything he can to Angle submission wise, including putting him in a Boston crab and applying a wicked looking crossface. Angle manages to get out of the crossface by hooking his ankle, and Joe counters it right back into another crossface. It's amazing how little they are doing yet how much of a reaction they are getting from the crowd, including JOE IS GONNA KILL YOU chants. Now that's two PROFESSIONAL wrestlers for you!
Well it's taken me forever to upload these updates because so many people are refreshing this post, but here's how it broke down at the end of the match. Angle came close to submitting Joe several times, Joe nearly submitted Angle several times, it was back and forth all the way to the end. Joe pulled Angle out of an ankle lock by rolling and yanking on the back of his trunks, and Angle fell into a rear naked choke. Angle grabbed a handful of the referee's shirt trying to escape and the ref let it go because he ruled Angle was going for the ropes. Angle got the rope break but it wasn't long after that before Joe managed to stun him, hit the muscle buster and absolutely SMOTHER Angle with his entire body weight to ensure he wouldn't kick out before three. Joe has done it! Joe has finally pulled it off! YOUR WINNER AND NEW TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: SAMOA JOE!! G'night everyone and stay tuned for a new K4D show on AngryMarks in a little bit!

04-22-2008, 01:00 AM
yes yes william regal is the 2008 wwe king of the ring. raw was awesome tonite.

04-22-2008, 04:16 AM
raw was really good tonight from regal to the divas promo to the 8 man tag tonite i was happy it was good tonite

04-22-2008, 05:07 AM
If they aint have me rollin' wit' Barrack vs. Hillary..........

netscape check two
04-22-2008, 03:27 PM
I said this before, but did Regal get a facelift, or a wig or something? Why does he look so different?

04-22-2008, 07:44 PM
I said this before, but did Regal get a facelift, or a wig or something? Why does he look so different?

i never noticed anything wrong with him. well he is like 40- 42. I think thats his real hair. he just grew it out.

04-23-2008, 09:30 PM
I don't see the point in him winning the king of the ring but maybe there will be a story line that makes it worth it

the new ecw announcer is fucking horrible

netscape check two
04-23-2008, 11:42 PM
I haven't been keeping up with wrestling as much lately. What happened to Joey Styles?

04-24-2008, 01:55 AM
the took him off ecw and replaced him with some guy who just plan sucks

Dirty Knowledge
04-24-2008, 02:06 AM
I remember watching Regal in WCW in the Blue Bloods when I was like 7 and this nigga's winning KOTR wtf? LOL @ WWF

Dirty Knowledge
04-24-2008, 02:07 AM
I haven't been keeping up with wrestling as much lately. What happened to Joey Styles?

I hope he walked.

I love vintage ECW and the mockery on Tues' is bullshit!!!!

04-24-2008, 09:29 AM
Joey Styles got some job where hes a higher up for the WWE website. I read something like that somewhere. Basically Vince didn't like the way he called the action because Vince wants more of storyline soap opera style instead of actually calling wrestling moves and shit.

But its all about TNA right now, Samoa Joe is champ, Sting is back. Shit is ill.

TNA World Heavyweight Title rematch tonight on Impact: Samoa Joe VS. Kurt Angle

Shit should be ill, these two always put on great matches together.


04-24-2008, 04:25 PM
vince likes this new person cuz he sucks and he thinks people are going to watch ecw cuz he sucks so bad I bet tazz wishes he could go back to smackdown

netscape check two
04-24-2008, 04:56 PM
So did Sting sign a new contract with TNA?

I forget, does the winner of King of the Ring(Regal) get a heavyweight title shot in the near future?

04-24-2008, 06:09 PM
So did Sting sign a new contract with TNA?

Yeah, Sting signed a new contract, but most likely this will be his final stint in wrestling. Although TNA wants to keep him around in a backstage role because they say hes a class act backstage, a role model to the younger wrestlers, and doesn't care about his own success and looks to help other guys and the younger wrestlers garner the success.


04-24-2008, 09:09 PM
Yeah, Sting signed a new contract, but most likely this will be his final stint in wrestling. Although TNA wants to keep him around in a backstage role because they say hes a class act backstage, a role model to the younger wrestlers, and doesn't care about his own success and looks to help other guys and the younger wrestlers garner the success.


yeah i'm glad to sting back he got me back interested in tna. but my problem with tna is there turning into the wwe by having all these old guys and not truely cultivating new stars and they weaken guys like AJ Styles & others.

04-24-2008, 10:01 PM
yeah i'm glad to sting back he got me back interested in tna. but my problem with tna is there turning into the wwe by having all these old guys and not truely cultivating new stars and they weaken guys like AJ Styles & others.

Well I think they made a stand by making Samoa Joe the champ and I think he'll be champ for awhile.


04-24-2008, 11:46 PM
did u hear michael haywes got suspened for telling mark henry, that he was more of nigger then mark was.

netscape check two
04-25-2008, 12:33 AM
did u hear michael haywes got suspened for telling mark henry, that he was more of nigger then mark was.

WWE Smackdown writer Michael Hayes is currently serving a 60-day suspension for using a racial slur during WrestleMania 24 weekend. Hayes was at a public gathering and used a derogatory term while speaking with Mark Henry, who took offense and reported the issue to either Vince McMahon or Stephanie McMahon.

Hayes and MVP had been using the word while joking around together earlier in the night. It was a party setting and Hayes had been drinking when he approached Henry. A pair of sources confirmed that Hayes told Henry, "I'm more of a n----- that you are." One of the sources claims that it was a play on something MVP jokingly said about Hayes earlier in the night because of the white suit that he wore to the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. Hayes then headbutted Henry in what one source described as a playful manner. Henry and Hayes exchanged words, and the former reported the issue to WWE officials.

Hayes, who normally goes on vacation the week after WrestleMania, was eventually informed of his suspension. Sources are unaware whether the suspension kicked in before or after his vacation was scheduled to begin. Either way, he has not appeared at any WWE functions since WrestleMania weekend.

Although a well-placed source told Dot Net that he believes Hayes was joking, multiple sources say he has a history of using the word and has been warned by Stephanie McMahon in the past. "On the surface they did the right thing, but this has been going on a long time," one colleague told Dot Net. However, the same source said that while Hayes has flippantly used the slur during creative sessions, he has never known him to use his power to bury a minority wrestler.

Powell's POV: One source explained to me that Hayes feels comfortable using the word around African Americans because he doesn't mean any harm. Of course, even if the word is accepted in some of his social circles, Hayes has to realize that he's working in the corporate world for a publicly traded company, not to mention how offensive that word is to many people. He's also in a position of power and I've heard from multiple sources that there are some wrestlers who laugh off these outbursts in front of Hayes, yet privately complain to others about his use of the word.

There are some people within the company who feel like Henry overreacted by reporting the incident and did so mostly because he was concerned about how it came off in front of others who witnessed the exchange. Again, though, I've heard from more people who felt like WWE officials should have addressed the problem with Hayes years ago. Furthermore, some sources are concerned that Henry will eventually pay a price politically, particularly if he remains on the Smackdown brand with Hayes. "Michael holds grudges," one source noted. "I'm talking for decades. You're his enemy for life."


04-25-2008, 01:30 AM
so do u think henry will go to raw maybe they will trade him for youmanga

04-25-2008, 01:32 AM
hayes sounds like a racist

04-25-2008, 08:50 PM
Hayes headbutted Mark Henry. HAHA. HA.

04-27-2008, 01:15 PM
edge vs cm punk was an awesome match on friday nite smackdown.

it reminded me of a wcw type of match; real wreslling.... arm locks, working on the arm, and reversals.

04-28-2008, 12:08 AM
I dont believe it! People still look at wrestling??

04-28-2008, 12:57 AM
here's the results for baclash thanx to angrymarks.com

* MVP {C} v. Matt Hardy (United States Title Match)
I can slap a tor-na-dohhhhhh! Hardy comes out first to a sizable pop. Foley runs down the history that MVP and Hardy had together as a tag team, and Cole tells us the injury from MVP when the team split cost Hardy a long period of time on the shelf. MVP gets an equal mixture of cheers and boos from the crowd at DJ's Dugout when his music hits. We get the big deal introductions before the match for both challenger and champion. HAR-DY, HAR-DY. Foley suggests that MVP formed a tag team with Hardy simply to keep him from challenging for the US title. Bell rings and we're underway! Collar and elbow tie up and the HAR-DY chants are much louder now. MVP tries to get a single leg takedown several times and Hardy jumps out of the way. MVP goes on offense for a bit with a kick to the gut and a club to the back, Hardy goes on offense and MVP rolls out to the floor, Hardy chases and throws him back in. Knockdown and an elbow to the chest for a quick two count. Takeover into a side headlock and MVP quickly gets back to his feet. MVP pushes him into the corner and gets a warning from the ref. To the other corner but it's Hardy with the advantage as he goes up to the second rope, yells and jumps off with a blow to MVP. Pretty back and forth so far.
Hardy hits MVP with a series of elbows, but MVP counters with a belly-to-belly throw. MVP continues to target Hardy's injured mid-section. MVP hits Hardy with a gorilla press drop, and then goes for another move, but Hardy counters with a desparation clothesline. Matt gets a clothesline in the corner, followed by a bulldog with a cover, but only gets 2. MVP goes for the Playmaker, but Hardy counters it and hits the Side Effect. He covers him, but again only gets 2. Hardy goes to the top rope, but MVP hits him with a dropkick. Matt hits a Side Effect from the second rope, but is too tired to go for a cover. The ref counts both men down in the ring. Schoolboy when they get back up by Hardy for 2. MVP knocks Hardy to the floor with a dropkick to the head. Ref starts the count and gets up to at least 8 before Matt gets back in. It's all MVP now as every time Hardy gets up he gets kicked again. MVP goes to the corner and waits to deliver the knockout yakuza kick but Hardy steps out of the way at the last second, hits the Twist of Fate and covers him for three! WINNER AND NEW UNITED STATES CHAMPION: MATT HARDY!!!~!!!
Woo-hoo! So good to have VEE-ONE-AH as the champ! So good to have Foley calling it! FUCK YEAH MATTITUDE FOREVER MATT HARDY WILL NOT DIE!! Ahem. Anyway, we go to Lawler and Ross shilling for the cell phone text voting on who will win the Elimination Match, and actually mentions it's for AT&T customers only. Random backstage interview girl is with Hardy. "You know I've been European Champion, Hardcore Champion, Cruiserweight Champion, 8 time tag champion, but this is the biggest win of my career so far. I had to work SO so hard to get here. The MVP attack, the injury, all this time until I got this shot, and this is the biggest win of my career and the best day of my life. MVP, I only have one thing to say to you....... I, AM BETTER, THAN YOU!!!!" We go to The Adamle and Tazz for our next match.
* Kane {C} v. Chavo Guerrero (ECW Title Match)
Chavo tries to run away at the start, putting the ref between him and Kane as much as possible. He shoots in to grab the leg that was worked over on ECW and gets punched right in the face. For the next few minutes it's all Kane, throwing him from one side of the ring to the other, giving him a military press and straight dropping him on his back. Chavo finally makes a comeback which at first goes badly when they go to the floor and Chavo tries a crossbody, only for Kane to catch him and spear him into the apron. Some well timed kicks to the knee though take him down, and then just for good measure Bam Neely sneaks in a shot of his own when and wherever he can. Kane finally kicks Chavo off with a right boot in the ring but Chavo hits him in the bad knee again. He goes up to the top rope and jumps onto Kane's head, possibly thinking DDT, but Kane just electric chairs him straight down. Chavo gets up first though. Chavo walks over to attack him, Kane sits up and Chavo is immediately goozled, he escapes but gets a boot to his face for the trouble. Side slam by Kane and Chavo kicks out at 2.9. Hiiiiigh back bodydrop by Kane. Top rope and Kane goes airborne and nails him. Chavo tries to do the same but can only get a two count. He signals for Kane to get up, kicks him in the gut, Kane tries to counter out but Chavo hits the knee from behind. To the top rope, possibly a frogsplash, Kane cuts him off, headbutt to knock Kane down, frogsplash connects... right into a chokeslam!! Kane covers for three. WINNER AND STILL ECW CHAMPION: KANE.
Nice to see Kane win clean and no post-match attack by Neely and Chavo afterwards, although he does limp a little bit on his way to the back to sell the knee attack. Orton promo backstage saying that no matter what the odds are against him he still seems to retain, the Age of Orton is a fact, and it will remain a fact tonight after he walks out of Backlash still the WWE Champion.
* Big Show v. The Great Khali
Khali comes out first, then Showkishi. Foley on commentary says he doesn't expect a lot of scientific wrestling or short arm scissors in this match! Khali clubbers Show and finally knocks him down with a clothesline. Foley describes Show's drubbing as being like Zeus running out of thunderbolts. Show tries to pick Khali up for a slam but Khali counters and clotheslines him out to the floor. Khali throws him back in and locks both hands around Show's neck in an attempt to choke him our or make him tap. Show survives but ends up eating a brain chop. Two count. Show finally gets Khali off his feet for a slam and makes the cover. Two count. Test of strength. Show finally gets the advantage and manages to chokeslam him for three! WINNER: THE BIG SHOW.
John Cena is having a little chat with Jimmy Wang Yang backstage, Orton comes up and interrupts him. Cena: "Win lose or draw, whatever does happen, tonight you're gonna go home a broken man." Ross reminds AT&T customers to vote on who will win tonight, and that standard text messaging rates apply. It looks like HBK v. Big Dave is next!
* Shawn Michaels v. Batista (Chris Jericho as the special referee)
Promo package of the feud between HBK and Batista airs which highlights all of their promos on each other over the last month, including Shawn saying he had "closure" with Flair, and Batista telling him he did the wrong thing instead of the right thing, even though HBK says he gave Flair exactly what he asked for. Jericho is out first wearing his ref shirt. Big Dave comes out next and someone actually manages to get a neon green sign with TNAWRESTLING.COM written on it during his entrance. I'm sure security tracked that guy down quick! Shawn Michaels comes out last to a very large reaction and signs like "PUT THE ANIMAL DOWN." Dave uses his strength and power early, then resorts to just socking Michaels in the face, and HBK bails out to the floor.Dave signals for a test of strength when HBK gets back in, Michaels tries to kick Dave'slegs out instead. Eventually this results in Dave whipping him to the corner for a big clothesline. Michaels opts for a chop block to the knee to go on offense, then when Dave charges him he tries to use his legs for an armbar. Dave escapes but Shawn goes for it again with his arms and Dave managers to counter it into HBK's shoulders being on the mat for two straight two counts. Dave finally picks him up even though HBK still has it on and they both end up toppling over the ropes, with Dave selling his arm being hurt from the dead weight of the short arm scissors coming down. HBK slams the left arm into the ringpost on the outside to do further damage.
Shawn keeps working over the arm when they get back in the ring, then goes up to the second rope and purposefully falls through the ropes with Dave's arm scissored, until he finally falls off to the floor. Shawn goes up top again and lands an elbow to Dave's back. Jericho is laying out and just letting the two of them scrap. Shawn tries to pull Dave up but he counters with one arm into a Samoan drop. Slobberknocker of a clothesline knocks Shawn down to a chorus of boos. Dave with the short spears to the gut, scoop slam on HBK, 2.5. Dave seems to be in control now. He pulls Shawn up by the hair and sets up for a Batista bomb but HBK counters it into a CROSSFACE! Dave wriggles inch by inch towards the ropes, so Shawn gets off and goes for a cover for two, then pulls him away and locks in the crossface even tighter. Dave finally crawls to the ropes and when HBK refuses to break Jericho throws him off by force. Shawn gets in his face for a second then goes back to pounding on the left arm of Dave, but he gets a side slam for 2. Both men are slow to get up. Dave misses a clothesline when Shawn ducks and he gets the knockdown and kip up, but his kip up is right into a spear!! One, two, no Shawn kicks out! Lawler says he popped up like a pimple on prom night.
Dave starts pounding on Shawn in the corner, Y2J warns him, Shawn knocks him down and hits the flying elbow! HBK backs up and starts tuning up the band for the superkick, but Dave counters it into a spinebuster! He pulls Shawn up, tucks the head, Shawn escapes from the Batista bomb but falls down on his knee. Dave tries to come over to get him and Jericho pushes him off, trying to check on the injured man. Dave comes over again and Shawn suddenly pops off the Sweet Chin Music for three! WINNER: SHAWN MICHAELS.
Shawn is still hobbling as Jericho holds up his arm in victory, then he rolls out of the ring and starts limping to the back. We get a replay of Shawn landing the kick before we go back to ringside, where Jericho is helping Shawn limp to the back. A second ref comes out to help. Even if it is a fake injury he's definitely selling the hell out of it, but given his well known knee problems it may not be entirely fake, although Ross certainly feels it's ambiguous. Dave stands in the ring looking frustrated as we go to a commercial for the WM24 DVD set.
* 12 Diva Tag Match (six-on-six heels v. faces)
I'll be perfectly honest here, I got up for a piss break before this one even started. Mickie hits a DDT on Beth, but Victoria hits the Widow's Peak on Mickie. Melina does a rocker dropper, Kelly Kelly gives some blond e abulldog, Cherry gets suplexed by Neidhart, Maria does something to her, it's a huge clusterfuck of women in the match. The Glamazon picks up Ashley for a lengthy fisherwoman suplex and finally drops her and makes the pin for three. Utter trainwreck of shit. WINNERS: THE DIVA HEELS. Thank Cthulhu that's over with. Promo for JUDGMENT DAY ON MAY 18TH IN OMAHA is on the screen next and J.R. says that'll be three weeks from tonight! We throw to Michael Cole and Mick Foley, who put over the fact that some of the Baltimore Ravens are sitting front row.
* Undertaker {C} v. Edge (World Heavyweight Title match)
As you would probably expect, Edge comes out first so Undertaker can have his long entrance last. Title match introductions for both men. I stood up and applauded when they said Edge was from Toronto. O SHOW BABY, THA O SHOW~! In fact given the cheers and boos in DJ's Dugout when both men are introduced you'd feel like you were at the venue itself and not just sitting in a bar sipping Diet Coke out of a plastic cup. Undertaker dominates early but Edge finally gets a boot up and follows with a clothesline. Foley says that Edge needs to get his mind right and remember that he's beaten Undertaker before and can do it again. It's simply amazing how much better the Smackdown announce team is as Foley and Cole. Speaking of which, Foley notes that Taker is "one of the best pure strikers in WWE" and that he "defies the laws of nature by getting stronger and faster as he gets older." VIVA MICK FOLEY! Edge takes a beating for a bit, then clotheslines Taker out and dropkicks him into the barricade. Edge goes out to follow up and Taker slams his spine into the ringpost. Headbutt by Taker, snake eyes onto the barricade, roll in to break the count and back out to beat up Edge some more. Edge is dropped face first on the apron as Lil' Naitch makes another ten count. Taker lays him across the apron, does a running kick, rolls in and out to break the count then does the running leg drop but I believe Edge may have avoided all of the blow as Taker sells his back a little bit. Cover for two.
Now it's Edge's turn to go on offense with blows to the lower back. Edge wraps a body scissors around Taker and pulls on the back of his ring gear and even his hair for more leverage. Taker slowly spreads the legs apart so Edge rolls to his side to keep Taker from escaping. Taker powers up and does ground 'n pound GSP style! Edge is pulled back up by the hair but he ducks a clothesline and hits a dropkick to the small of Taker's back, then kicks him out to the floor with a baseball slide. When Taker is brought back into the ring Edge locks in a full choke from behind, but Taker almost manages to stand up out of it. Edge has a body scissors when he does but Taker gets to the ropes for the break. Edge goes right back to the modified camel clutch but Taker stands straight up this time and does a sitout to drop him straight down onto his back. Both men collide and Taker is the first to get up. Both men on their feet now throwing punches, and we get the dueling "BOO" and "YAY" spot with a huge "YAYYY" when Taker knocks him down.
Snake Eyes by Taker in the corner! Taker knocks him down and goes for a cover for two. Taker to the corner, Edge kicks him in the chin, then climbs up to the top rope. Edge nearly gets a Last Ride, blocks it, but still gets shoved off to the canvas. Taker to the top rope and MISSES with a huge senton, coming down right on his back! Edge crawls over and covers for 2.9. Chokeslam blocked, Russian leg sweep, another near fall for Edge! Edge to the top rope, Undertaker goozles him and throws Edge down hard on HIS back. Cover by Undertaker is broken up by Edge getting his left boot on the ropes. Taker signals that it's all over with the throat slash. Edge grabs the ropes when Taker picks him up, bullrushes Taker into the corner, rips the cover off the turnbuckle and while the ref is replacing itone ofthe Edgeheads cracks Taker in the back of the head. Edge makes the cover for one, two... NO! Taker kicks out. Taker blocks a spear into a DDT and covers for 2.9. What a match! The other Edgehead jumps to the apron to help him, Edge bonks into him, Taker attempts to finish Edge off, Edge counters being picked up nearly gets a roll up from full guard sunset flip style, but Taker smoothly transitions the near fall into a gogoplata and chokes Edge out. WINNER AND STILL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: THE UNDERTAKER.
Teddy Long immediately rolls Vickie down to the ring, where Edge is coughing up blood. She lays on top of him with a look of concern on her face as Lil' Naitch and a couple of WWE officials try to check on his condition. The stretcher team comes out to cart Edge away. Even though the fake blood is even faker than usual Vickie is selling it really well, screaming, crying, holding her head in her hands, the whole nine. The crowd is of course ecstatic over the whole thing, and Foley and Cole laid out to sell the severity of it all, not offering any comment. Blood continues to pour out of his nose as he's wheeled to the back. Foley and Cole discuss Taker saying "I'm going to hurt you" before the match and it's safe to say in storyline he lived up to that promise. Orton lingers outside JBL's door backstage with the title over his left shoulder, CM Punk walks up with the briefcase, puts it in Orton's fae with a smile and says "Good luck tonight!"
* Randy Orton {C} v. JBL v.HHH v. John Cena (The Contradictory Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match)
Let's get it straight people, this is an elimination match plain and simple. The results of the text vote are shown and Cena is the favorite to win, followed by Triple H. The order of entrants is Triple H, JBL, Cena and the champ Orton last. From the DJ's Dugout crowd Trips got the best pop, JBL got the most heat other than Orton, and Cena got the mixture of boos you'd expect. As Orton stands on the corner posing the bar spontaneously breaks out in a dueling chant of "LET'S GO CENA" and "CENA SUCKS!" Garcia introduces all four in the order they came to the ring. Orton is quickly knocked out to the floor, where he grabs a steel chair from the crowd. JBL starts punching the hell out of Cena but Triple H cuts him off for a suplex. It's not a save per se though as Hunter ends up whipping Cena into the corner hard. Cena goes down to the floor while JBL and Hunter duke it out. Cena charges Orton on the outside and gets the better of him, then throws him back in. While he's on the apron Orton knocks him off and he splashes into the announce desk, then JBL and Orton work together to give Hunter a beatdown. Cena sells his hard fall on the floor. I don't know what happened to the chair Orton had but he certainly doesn't need it at the moment.
Double clothesline by Trips stars his comeback. JBL gets knocked out to the floor and Hunter goes to work on Orton. He ducks a spear from Orton and shoulder hits ringpost. Hunter goes outside to brawl with JBL and throws him into the steel steps so hard they completely turn over. Bradshaw responds by sweeping his head into the steel entrance ramp. Meanwhile Orton and Cena are going at it in the ring. Bulldog, top rope attack, and the STFU is cinched in. JBL considers making the save but instead smirks at Randy Orton, getting down on his knees and into his face, yelling at him to tap. Triple H jumps on the back of Bradshaw and locks in an STFU of his own! Clusterfuck in the ring which finally results in Orton throwing Cena out to the floor and nobody tapping out. JBL gets a big boot and an elbow on Orton but he kicks out before 3.
Orton tries to go top rope, JBL jumps out and throws his weight into the ropes to force Orton to crotch himself. Bradshaw follows up with a punch as Orton hangs there, climbs up, but both Hunter and Cena come over and turn it into a human pyramid superplex. Cena and Hunter both make covers, on Orton and Bradshaw respectively, and both men kick out. BOO YAY punch spot between Cena and Hunter and it's WrestleMania 22 in Chicago all over again. Suplex by Cena on Hunter for two. Cena powers him down again and holds out a hand for the YOU CAN'T SEE ME but before he can hit the five knuckle shuffle Trips jumps up and hits a BIG SPINEBUSTER. Pedigree time, but JBL tries to stop it with a clothesline, both men duck, JBL gets an FU, Hunter gets tossed over the ropes by Cena, JBL is locked into the STFU... and taps out! BRADSHAW IS ELIMINATED FIRST. An opportunistic Orton jumps on top of Cena with a head stomp as he holds onto the STFU then makes the cover for three. CENA ELIMINATED TOO.
Garcia confirms they were both eliminated so it's down to Orton and Hunter, who after a little stalling start punching the hell out of each other. Hunter hits a suplex and a knee drop then makes the lateral press for two. Orton is dumped out to the floor and Hunter slams his head into the Raw announce table. He tries to whip Orton into the steps but Orton reverses it and it's Triple H who up ends the steel steps a la JBL. The brawl continues in front of Foley and Cole. Orton catapults Hunter over the barricade right into the crowd! Loud crowd chant in Baltimore for Triple H, but Orton strikes a triumphant pose. Orton gets him back in the ring and covers for two, then continues the assault. Orton stomps on his midsection and grinds in a heel for good measure, and Hunter sounds like he's coughing up a lung. Orton with a knee to the small of his back and more stomps in the corner. He stands on his chest using the ropes to balance and tells Hunter to give it up! Hunter won't quit. Orton waits for him to crawl to his feet then knocks him down with ease. It's one near fall after another for the champ.
Hunter starts a comeback with punches, but Orton hits an inverted backbreaker to knock Hunter down and covers for 2.5. Orton scissors the body of Triple H and locks in a chin lock, then gives up the scissor to apply the choke even tighter. Hunter gets back to his knees as Orton has it locked in, and keeps cinching it up tighter. Hunter sells like he's going out. Hunter manages to get free with his last gasp of air but Orton snaps off a hard suplex and Trips is down face first on the ground. Orton slithers around like a snake looking to hit the RKO the minute Hunter stands up. He's swaying back and forth in anticipation but as he goes to hit it Orton throws him off in mid-air! Both men are down and the referee starts a double count.
Orton ducks a clothesline when they get up but can't avoid a knee right to the throat. Facebuster for a near fall! Orton goes out to the floor and Hunter follows. Trips throws Orton right over the announce table as Lawler and Ross look on. Trips drags him over to the Smackdown announce table, yanks him off of it, and Orton trips him into the barricade right next to it. Randy pulls apart the steel steps and sets up for something big, which J.R. says is totally legal since there are no countouts or DQ's in an elimination match. Orton sets up for a piledriver on the steel steps but Hunter counters it and Orton's spine smacks the steel hard! Orton rolls back into the ring with his hands wrapped around his head and neck, selling like he's in great pain. Spinebuster, Pedigree blocked into a high back bodydrop, RKO! Orton is writhing in pain, slow to make the cover on the RKO, Hunter kicks out. Orton goes for a soccer kick or possible another RKO, counter, re-counter, counter into a Pedigree for three! WINNER AND NEW WWE CHAMPION: TRIPLE H.

well at least cena didnt win this time lol

04-29-2008, 12:16 AM
so what do u think of the ending of raw?n good idea or bad?

netscape check two
04-29-2008, 12:22 AM
I saw most of the show, but not the last match. What happened at the end of Raw? What was up with Trevor Murdoch singing that song? lol

04-29-2008, 12:26 AM
hahahah I have no clue maybe there doing another homo story line and at the last match king William was pissed so he made the production end the show so no one knows what happened it just faded to black

netscape check two
04-29-2008, 12:37 AM
When Murdoch started singing a country song, I thought they might start up like a Brokeback Mountain type storyline. lol I think that might be pretty funny.

That sounds cool about how Raw ended. It's about time they ended a Raw show with something different(The Raw shows usually end really predictible). It sounds kinda like how Nitro would end the shows sometimes before the match was over. lol

04-29-2008, 12:42 AM
hahahaha I remember nitro always ending that way; I remember one time when the giant(big show) and hollywood hulk hogan had a match and when nitro went off they showed i during the commercal breaks of what ever show came on after

04-29-2008, 12:48 AM
hahahaha I remember nitro always ending that way; I remember one time when the giant(big show) and hollywood hulk hogan had a match and when nitro went off they showed i during the commercal breaks of what ever show came on after

I used to love that shit, it was real suspenseful, you be sitting there waiting like I wonder what thefuck is happening, lol.


netscape check two
04-29-2008, 12:51 AM
I remember when Sting and Hogan had a big match, and it went off the air. I was on the edge of my seat. lol Tony Schiovanne would be yelling real loud when the shows were about to go off. lol

04-29-2008, 12:57 AM
I remember when Sting and Hogan had a big match, and it went off the air. I was on the edge of my seat. lol Tony Schiovanne would be yelling real loud when the shows were about to go off. lol

LOL, I wonder what the fuck Tony is doing now.


04-29-2008, 06:39 PM
so what do u think of the ending of raw?n good idea or bad?

considering that the triple h and randy orton match was a snooze fest and brought torture among my eyes. I would say it was a good idea. william regal should have pulled the plug once the match started. the only reason why I watched the match cuz my sister asked me to record it for her. that was one boring ass match.
hahahaha I remember nitro always ending that way; I remember one time when the giant(big show) and hollywood hulk hogan had a match and when nitro went off they showed i during the commercal breaks of what ever show came on after

yeah i remember that show it was the seris pilot of robin hood. tnt probally did it to have nitro fans watch robin hood

04-29-2008, 07:58 PM
What Happened After RAW Went Off The Air

"Orton got the rope during the Crossface. William Regal came out and said the crowd disrespected him so the match was over. As Orton was leaving, Triple H grabbed Orton and Pedigreed him. Triple H posed (to end the show)."

I don't like HHH anymore he has lost his game. I hope Orton wins it back if not Regal as champ/gm would be good.

04-29-2008, 08:01 PM
I actually cant stand Orton, so I'm glad HHH is champ. I like the champ situation right now HHH, Undertaker, and Kane, I cant remember the last time I liked all the champs.


04-29-2008, 08:02 PM
I remember when Sting and Hogan had a big match, and it went off the air. I was on the edge of my seat. lol Tony Schiovanne would be yelling real loud when the shows were about to go off. lol

hahahahha yeah he would yeah "FANS WERE OUT OF TIME"

04-29-2008, 08:13 PM
What Happened After RAW Went Off The Air

I don't like HHH anymore he has lost his game. I hope Orton wins it back if not Regal as champ/gm would be good.

regal as champ is music to my ears

04-29-2008, 08:27 PM
I actually cant stand Orton, so I'm glad HHH is champ. I like the champ situation right now HHH, Undertaker, and Kane, I cant remember the last time I liked all the champs.


i hate orton he thinks he's the "tom brady" of wrestling when he just comes off way too arrogant and very imature plus he sucks as much as a wrestler just like John Cena does and Triple H is better "wrestler" period

04-29-2008, 08:56 PM
i hate orton he thinks he's the "tom brady" of wrestling when he just comes off way too arrogant and very imature plus he sucks as much as a wrestler just like John Cena does and Triple H is better "wrestler" period

Thats the same reason I cant stand him.


04-30-2008, 01:38 AM
why did the ecw announcers leave b4 the last match?

netscape check two
04-30-2008, 01:47 AM
Isn't it Orton's gimmick to be arrogant though? I don't like his character much. Though I'm just saying that heels do tend to be arrogant sometimes.

When Gonzo H gives another one of his long, boring 20 minute promos to open Raw with, then Regal should stop the show again.

04-30-2008, 10:51 AM
Isn't it Orton's gimmick to be arrogant though? I don't like his character much. Though I'm just saying that heels do tend to be arrogant sometimes.

When Gonzo H gives another one of his long, boring 20 minute promos to open Raw with, then Regal should stop the show again.

Nah, but I've read where he's that way in real life and the push that they gave him made it worse. A lot of people said backstage he's an asshole and everything, but who knows maybe he cleaned up his act I don't know.

I don't care about the character like theres some heels I love like Carlito, Santino Marella (funny as fuck!), but Orton just has that vibe to him, its just like John Cena the way he vibes with his character is annoying to me.


04-30-2008, 12:45 PM
so I hear the undertaker was stripped of his title on smackdown this Friday

04-30-2008, 08:16 PM
Nah, but I've read where he's that way in real life and the push that they gave him made it worse. A lot of people said backstage he's an asshole and everything, but who knows maybe he cleaned up his act I don't know.

I don't care about the character like theres some heels I love like Carlito, Santino Marella (funny as fuck!), but Orton just has that vibe to him, its just like John Cena the way he vibes with his character is annoying to me.


GONZO h THATS funny i havent heard that one in years.

05-01-2008, 10:00 PM
Nah, but I've read where he's that way in real life and the push that they gave him made it worse. A lot of people said backstage he's an asshole and everything, but who knows maybe he cleaned up his act I don't know.

I don't care about the character like theres some heels I love like Carlito, Santino Marella (funny as fuck!), but Orton just has that vibe to him, its just like John Cena the way he vibes with his character is annoying to me.


i heard that too about Undertaker but i hate orton he's just so arrogant cuz he's 3rd generation wrestler. and john cena needs to learn to wrestle slightly better allot vets have expressed this in magazine articles such as bret hart. i remember reading article on a wrestling website where they asked him about thoughts on the wwe then and now and some guys he likes and dislikes he mention triple h was good wrestler, etc. great article.

Fatal Guillotine
05-03-2008, 09:06 PM
Any news on Rey Mysterio? Do any of you guys like lucha libre

05-04-2008, 07:15 PM
its alright i just dont like that 3 on 3. why cant it ever be one on one. I heard mistico is one of the best wrestlers in the world. whats better emll or AAA.?

Fatal Guillotine
05-04-2008, 07:28 PM
ooh man i say aaa man. but i like wrestlers from both federations. the main reason i like lucha libre is because well its more fast paced. nobody wants to see a wrestler what 5 minutes before he perform a grapple, to me thats nonsense. but majority of my favorite are luchadors

rey mysterio, psicosis/psychosis(or whenever he calls himself), juventud guerrera, dr. wagner, ultimo dragon, little dragon, dragon kid, vampiro, cibernetico, mr. aguila.

im just kinda pissed that these guys dont get the same exposure as someone in tna or in wwe

05-05-2008, 03:57 AM
ooh man i say aaa man. but i like wrestlers from both federations. the main reason i like lucha libre is because well its more fast paced. nobody wants to see a wrestler what 5 minutes before he perform a grapple, to me thats nonsense. but majority of my favorite are luchadors

rey mysterio, psicosis/psychosis(or whenever he calls himself), juventud guerrera, dr. wagner, ultimo dragon, little dragon, dragon kid, vampiro, cibernetico, mr. aguila.

im just kinda pissed that these guys dont get the same exposure as someone in tna or in wwe

i actually love grapplling and also armlocks and submission holds, thats why dean malenko is one of my all time favorites

05-12-2008, 12:58 AM
i didnt even know that tna had a pay per view but here are the results, they came from angrymarks.com:

Written by Stevie J (steviej@angrymarks.com).

TNA Sacrifice 2008 PPV Results

* Deuces Are Wild Quarterfinals: Team 3D defeated Sting and James Storm; Brother Devon pinned James Storm after Sting tossed Storm off the top turnbuckle through a table.

* Deuces Are Wild Quarterfinals: Rhino and Christian Cage defeated Booker T and Robert Roode; Rhino pinned Roode after a Gore. Booker lays out both men with a chair afterwards to turn heel.

* Deuces Are Wild Quarterfinals: Latin American Xchange defeated Kip James and Matt Morgan; Hernandez pinned Kip James after Matt Morgan accidentally hit a bicycle kick on James.

* Deuces Are Wild Quarterfinals: AJ Styles and Super Eric defeated BG James and Awesome Kong; Styles pinned James with a roll-up.

* Welcome to the TerrorDome match: Kaz defeated Jimmy Rave, Johnny Devine, Shark Boy, Curry Man, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, and Consequences Creed.Kaz won by climbing out of the cage and thus became the number one contender to the TNA X Division Championship and took Kurt Angle's place in the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match (Angle is out due to injury).

* Deuces Are Wild Semi-Finals: Team 3D defeated Christian Cage and Rhino; Brother Ray pinned Rhino after hitting him with a kendo stick.

* Deuces Are Wild Semi-Finals: LAX defeated AJ Styles and Super Eric; Homicide pinned Styles after Hector Guerrero reversed the pin, switching from Styles pinning Homicide to Homicide pinning Styles.

* TNA Knockout Makeover Battle Royal: Gail Kim defeated O.D.B., Traci Brooks, Christy Hemme, Velvet Sky, Salinas, Angelina Love, Roxxi Laveaux, Rhaka Khan, and Jacqueline. Gail Kim won by climbing the ladder and grabbing the contract, so Roxxi Laveaux had her head shaved. Gail Kim receives a TNA Knockout Championship match.

* Deuces Are Wild Finals: LAX defeated Team 3D to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship! Hernandez pinned Brother Devon after a frogsplash. VIVA LA RAZA~!

* Triple Threat Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Samoa Joe {C} vs. Scott Steiner vs. Kaz

Kurt Angle was injured in Korea last week, and was taken out of the main event during the beginning of the show. Jim Cornette announced during the show that the winner of the Terrordome match would take Angle's place, thus Kaz is in the triple threat tonight. Results forthcoming. SAMOA JOE WINS AND RETAINS THE TNA CHAMPIONSHIP. Steiner threw Kaz out to the floor, Joe hit Steiner with an enzuguiri and a muscle buster then pinned him for three. Said to be a good match on the whole.

05-12-2008, 01:11 AM
damn that sucks no kurt angle how long is he out for

05-12-2008, 02:19 AM
I've slept on TNA for a LOOOONG time (only peeped a few of the X Division matches, but that was back in 2003). But, given the fact that most of my favorite wrestlers in the WWE are either dead (Benoit,Guerrero,etc), retired (Hart,Rock,Foley,etc), or in TNA (Angle,Christian,etc) I had no choice seeing as how much of WWE disinterests me at this point (only people I care for in that promotion are Michaels,Edge,Matt Hardy,CM Punk, Benjamin, Rey and Jericho).

I have to say, after downloading about 10 of their PPVs over the last couple of weeks from the last year and this year, color me impressed. Even the women's division is interesting in TNA.

Anyone else feeling TNA more than WWE these days.

05-12-2008, 10:30 AM
I've slept on TNA for a LOOOONG time (only peeped a few of the X Division matches, but that was back in 2003). But, given the fact that most of my favorite wrestlers in the WWE are either dead (Benoit,Guerrero,etc), retired (Hart,Rock,Foley,etc), or in TNA (Angle,Christian,etc) I had no choice seeing as how much of WWE disinterests me at this point (only people I care for in that promotion are Michaels,Edge,Matt Hardy,CM Punk, Benjamin, Rey and Jericho).

I have to say, after downloading about 10 of their PPVs over the last couple of weeks from the last year and this year, color me impressed. Even the women's division is interesting in TNA.

Anyone else feeling TNA more than WWE these days.

TNA all day! I have to watch the Sacrifice PPV, I was watching the NBA playoffs so I just let it record, going to check it out today.


05-12-2008, 10:22 PM
I've slept on TNA for a LOOOONG time (only peeped a few of the X Division matches, but that was back in 2003). But, given the fact that most of my favorite wrestlers in the WWE are either dead (Benoit,Guerrero,etc), retired (Hart,Rock,Foley,etc), or in TNA (Angle,Christian,etc) I had no choice seeing as how much of WWE disinterests me at this point (only people I care for in that promotion are Michaels,Edge,Matt Hardy,CM Punk, Benjamin, Rey and Jericho).

I have to say, after downloading about 10 of their PPVs over the last couple of weeks from the last year and this year, color me impressed. Even the women's division is interesting in TNA.

Anyone else feeling TNA more than WWE these days.

I still watch both but have been interested in TNA more of the last year or so. Beacause the only wrestlers in WWE that interest me are Shawn Michaels, Matt & Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Triple H & Undertaker. and my other favorites are either dead or retired plus WWE isn't grooming new talent to replenish their roster and TNA is slightly bugging me cuz they keep adding guys you've seen and dumb down some guys like AJ Styles and fired others like "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. but i have to admit their womens division is growing and now that the shows are two hours long it doesn't seem like a car wreck.

05-17-2008, 02:48 PM
You guys cant be serious TNA is on par with WCW 2000. WWE is way better. TNA has no heat the crowd is a gimmick and more into there self and no wrestlers are really over.

05-17-2008, 05:05 PM
^^^^ I dont think wwe is way better. I perfer tna wrestling better. although as of late tna impact has been more of a stupid entertainment show . eric young gimmick is stupid. the only person worth watching in the backstage is aj styles. that dude is funny. I remember when impact use to have great matches. yes tna impact aired a grerat samoa joe vs angle match but seems like a rare treat for the tna fans.

I once thought tna was the true wrestling show but smackdown is a wrestling show. smackdown has that wcw scientific type of wrestling.
the weak point of smackdown is that it can boring, for it has crappy no talented wrestlers. edge, finlay, and jesse. matt hardy and mvp.

ecw i only watch it for layla. bitch is hot. They usaully have one good match.
since they have cm punk chavo or shelton.

raw is all about the entertainment. as of now with the exception of regal . raw sucks . is dead boring show. i only like raw cuz of regal and mickie james.

I could see why you perfer wwe over tna. I only perfer tna cuz they have the better wrestlers like aj styles, samoa joe, curry man. sting. bookert , lax, etc etc.. while wwe may have good wrestlers like regal finlay matt hardy and jesse but are they being used properly. No!!!. why does the wwe give the belt to no talents like cena and orton

jay lethal merchandise has been selling like crazy

05-19-2008, 12:56 AM
here's the results for judgement day

Event: WWE Judgment Day Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, May 18th, 2008 (Live On PPV)
Location: The Qwest Center in Omaha, Neb.
Results by Richard Gray of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Dark Match Result:
Prior to tonight's Judgment Day pay-per-view, Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes defeated Santino Marella & Carlito to retain the WWE (http://www.wrestlezone.com/article.php?articleid=213172690#) World Tag Team Titles in a dark match. Thanks to our good friend Derek Severt for calling in the match result.

Opening Segment:
We are live from the Quest Center in Omaha, Nebraska! The pyros explode and the official theme song of Judgment Day plays throughout the arena. Jim Ross gives us the official welcome and lets us know that four championships will be decided. JR hands it over to Jerry Lawler and JBL's (http://www.wrestlezone.com/article.php?articleid=213172690#) music plays on the loudspeakers.

JBL vs. John Cena
John 'Bradshaw' Layfield is out first. His limousine pulls out to ringside and he gets out with his trademark cowboy hat and towel around his neck. Lots of heat on JBL as usual. We cut to Lawler and Ross who discuss the forthcoming bout. John Cena's music hits as he receives a huge pop from the live crowd. Cena is wearing his Nintendo inspired 'You Can't See Me' t-shirt. He gives his salute and makes his way to ringside. Raw referee Marty Elias is the official for the match. He calls for the bell as Cena and Bradshaw lockup. Loud Cena chants throughout as Cena pushes JBL in a counter. Elias calls for a break. A stare down endures. Cena applies a headlock on JBL. Bradshaw counters by pushing Cena into the ropes, the referee calls for the break. JBL applies a side headlock of his own. He gets Cena on one knee. JBL goes off the ropes, Cena bends over but gets an elbow. Cena counters with a drop toe hold and goes for a submission maneuver. Rope break as JBL goes to the outside and pulls Cena down from the apron. JBL throws Cena through the turnbuckles into the steel ring post.

Bradshaw gets out of the ring and works over Cena who is still in the ring. JBL gets back in to work on the left arm of Cena. JBL uses right hands to his advantage. JBL takes Cena down to the mat with authority. JBL locks a submission maneuver on the left arm of John Cena on the mat. The crowd cheers Cena back to his feet. He tries to break the hold. JBL kicks him in the midsection. Bradshaw brings him back to the mat and puts Cena's left arm in a mat submission hold. Marty Elias checks for submission. Cena reverses the hold on JBL and gets an early two count. Cena uses brute force to get the break. Cena tries to regroup but is kicked in the head by Bradshaw. JBL gets him to his feet and gives him some right hands. He follows with boots. Bradshaw gets the first near fall. Another right hand from JBL in the corner onto Cena. John Cena starts to counter with stiff right hands. Cena goes upstairs and down on Bradshaw. Cena uses his right arm and left shoulder to finally take Bradshaw down to the mat. Cena is selling his left arm but he goes to the top rope. He misses on a huge leg drop on JBL on the mat.

Cena is dazed as JBL regroups to his feet. JBL kicks Cena in the midsection. He works over the former WWE Champion. JBL works on Cena who is basically sitting on the apron. JBL tries to get a suplex on Cena, Cena blocks. Cena goes for a suplex off the apron onto JBL, JBL counters. Eventually JBL breaks it and takes Cena down on the mat. JBL is in the ring waiting on Cena or setting him up. JBL knocks Cena to the outside. Marty Elias starts the count out and Bradshaw works over Cena on the outside. Bradshaw roles him back in the ring. Bradshaw gets a two count, he follows with two stiff kicks. Another near fall for JBL. JBL applies a bear hug on Cena in the middle of the ring. Both men are on their feet. Elias checks Cena for submission. Again, Cena is selling his left arm. JBL brings Cena to the mat with the bear hug still applied. Elias checks again for submission. Big shot from JBL onto Cena with his elbow, then another right on the spine of Cena. JBL goes from a bear hug to a body scissors submission hold on Cena in the ring. Referee Marty Elias checks for submission again. Cena tries to counter but JBL violently slaps Cena in his 'injured' left shoulder.

The crowd tries to cheer Cena back to life. He is able to get to his feet with the body scissors by JBL applied. JBL locks in a full nelson, bringing Cena back down to the mat. Referee Elias checks Cena. Cena is able to use strength and power to break the full nelson, he went for the FU but he couldn't lock it. JBL sends him to the mat and connects another stiff boot to Cena's face. JBL locks the body scissor submission back on Cena on the mat. Marty Elias checks Cena once again. Cena is able to break the hold on the mat again as he uses his strength to pick JBL up. He connects what looks to be a half of a powerbomb (I guess that's what you can call it?). The referee starts the double countout. JBL to his feet first, Cena follows. There is an exchange of right hands. Cena goes for a splash on JBL in the corner, but nobody is home. JBL delivers a knockout kick to Cena. He follows with four elbows to Cean on the mat. JBL taunts Cena who is laying down on the mat. JBL sets Cena up in the center and gives him a clothesline from hell. Cena is down on the mat, JBL above him, taunting. JBL stomps away on the former WWE Champion. JBL goes to whip Cena into the ropes but Cena hits the FU out of nowhere and gets the three count.

Winner - John Cena

John Morrison & The Miz vs. CM Punk & Kane
The upcoming match is for the WWE (http://www.wrestlezone.com/article.php?articleid=213172690#) Tag Team Championships with The Miz and John Morrison defending against ECW Champion Kane and MITB winner CM Punk. Morrison is out first followed by The Miz. CM Punk comes out as the first of the two challengers. ECW Champion Kane is the last participant to ringside. Tony Chimmel does the formal introductions inside the ring since this match is for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Scott Armstrong is the referee, he calls for the bell. CM Punk and The Miz starts things out. Punk hits a suplex on The Miz, lots of fast paced action to start things out. Punk tags in Kane. They double team The Miz. Kane lifts The Miz on his back and sends him to the mat. He whips Miz into the turnbuckles. Miz counters, backs Kane into the corner and tags in John Morrison. Morrison goes to work on Kane but is whipped off the ropes and into a powerslam. Kane gets a quick cover and a tag to Punk. Kane hits a backbreaker on Morrison as Punk jumps in to take on one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. Punk locks a submission hold on Morrison in the ropes. After the hold is broke, Punk gets a quick two count on Morrison with his feet up.

Morrison is able to counter and get the tag to The Miz. Miz applies a submission hold on Punk in the middle of the ring on the mat. The crowd cheers Punk back to his feet. Miz backs him down but Punk connects a big kick. Punk tags in Kane. Kane hits a huge back body drop on The Miz. Kane goes off the top rope onto Miz. Scoop slam attempt by Kane but Morrison is able to tag himself in. Morrison hits a neck breaker on Kane and gets on top of him. He connects with several right hands. Morrison makes another tag. Quick tag back to Morrison back to The Miz. They are using team work to make this look as believable as they can with Kane. Miz uses several right hands to wear down the Big Red Machine. Kane finally lands a stomp on Miz, both end up getting tags. Punk hits a nice drop kick then a spinning heel kick. Punk gets a powerslam on Morrison and a two count. Punk mounts some more offense with his kicks followed by a two count. Punk goes over the top ropes onto The Miz. He nails a cross-body on Morrison for another two count. Punk picks Morrison up for GTS, Miz gets in the ring. Punk sends him to the outside. Morrison tries to capitalize but Punk goes for GTS again. The Miz trips him. Kane choke slams The Miz on the outside. Punk looks on from the outside, he turns around to eat Morrison's finisher as he is able to get the three count.

Winners - John Morrison & The Miz to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships

Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels
They show a video package detailing this bizarre program. Lilian announces the match is set for one fall but does not indicate that this is for the Intercontinental Championship which is something that was never really clarified by WWE. Jericho is out first. The bell rings and Michaels and Jericho stare each other down. Jack Doan is your referee. Jericho goes right after the leg of Shawn Michaels but HBK does not allow him to get the opening control. Back to a lockup. Michaels comes out of the lockup with a side headlock on Jericho. He takes Jericho down to the mat with the submission maneuver. Loud chants for Michaels. Jericho gets back to his feet with the side headlock still applied. Jericho counters out but Michaels flips him over for a cover. Jericho gets a cover, another cover from HBK. A few more similar exchanges. Very good back and forth fast paced action. Michaels applies the Figure Four leglock early. Jack Doan checks for submission. JR keeps saying that you can never predict what Shawn Michaels is going to do. JR seems like he is trying to put HBK over as a heel or at least that's how I am interrupting it.

Michaels slaps Jericho. Jericho flies off the handle as they finally lock back up. Michaels reapplies a side headlock. Jericho counters out with right hands to the face of Michaels. Jericho whips Michaels into the ropes. Michaels counters with a hold on Jericho's arm. Arm bar takeover by Michaels onto Jericho followed by an arm breaker. Michaels continues to work on the shoulder of Chris Jericho. Jericho whips Michaels so hard into the ropes it hangs him upside down in the corner. Jericho follows with right hands. Jericho sets Michaels up on the top turnbuckle. HBK hits an elbow on Jericho, sending him down to the mat. Jericho counters, sending HBK to a sit down position on the top turnbuckle. Jericho looks for a suplex but HBK battles out, sending Jericho to the mat. HBK off the top with an elbow drop, Jericho gets his knees up to block it. HBK sells the block as Jericho gets up slowly. Jericho works over Michaels. Jericho continues his assault by working on the ribs on Shawn Michaels. Suplex from Jericho onto Michaels. Jericho kicks Michaels in the midsection and locks in an arm bar submission on Michaels in the middle of the ring.

Jericho wrenches back on the abdominal stretch which is now applied on Michaels. Michaels tries to counter but Jericho counters and gets a two count on HBK. Jericho hits HBK with a right hand in the corner. Jericho whips HBK hard into the turnbuckles. Finally HBK is able to mount some offense by using Jericho's own momentum against him. HBK hits some chops but Jericho counters and applies the Walls of Jericho. Referee Jack Doan checks for submission but HBK is able to get to the ropes. Jericho breaks the hold and assaults HBK who roles onto the apron. Jericho tries some acrobatics but eats Sweet Chin Music on the apron off to the outside. Doan starts to countout Jericho. Michaels goes outside and gets him. He roles him back in. Michaels pulls Jericho to the center of the ring and goes for the cover. Two count! Jericho remains down in the middle of the ring. HBK goes off the top rope with an elbow onto Jericho. HBK is selling his ribs as he is slow to follow up. HBK finally tunes up the band, calling for Sweet Chin Music. Jericho gets up and falls back down. The crowd boos.

HBK tunes up the band some more, Jericho gets up and falls back to his knees before Shawn can hit the superkick. Michaels does it again but goes for the superkick this time. Jericho hits a Code Breaker with a counter, both men are down in the middle of the ring. Doan starts the double countout. Not surprisingly (given that Jericho kicked out of Sweet Chin Music) Michaels kicks out of the cover. Jericho goes back to work on HBK. Out of nowhere HBK locks a cross-face on Jericho in the middle of the ring. Doan checks for submission. The crowd is hot and Jericho looks like he might tap but he gets to the ropes. Great sequence and the crowd reaction showed it. Michaels gets up, still selling his ribs. He takes down Jericho, goes for the cross-face again. Jericho counters and drops HBK on the ropes. Jericho works on Michaels, setting him up in the center of the ring. Lion Sault, HBK blocks with his knees. Jericho counters with a Walls of Jericho attempt. HBK is able to get a roll up out of nowhere for the three count.

Winner - Shawn Michaels

Beth Phoenix vs. Melina vs. Mickie James
The forthcoming match is a triple threat match and is for the WWE Women's Championship. The Glamazon Beth Phoenix is out first. We go to a video from Raw last week with Melina confronting Beth about leaving her on Raw. Lilian gives the formal introductions in the ring because the match is for the WWE Women's Championship. Chad Patton is your referee. The bell rings but Beth Phoenix tells Melina to get out of her ring. Melina assaults Beth. Mickie nearly gets the win off the distraction via pinfall. Mickie James ends up getting thrown to the outside. Beth hits a stiff clothesline on the outside. Phoenix gets in the ring to go after Melina. She is feisty and goes after The Glamazon. Mickie gets back in the ring and gets a roll-up cradle on Beth who was trying to mount offense on Melina. Mickie gets on the back of Beth Phoenix, taking her down the mat in what appears to be a modified sleeper hold. Melina pulls Mickie off of Beth.

Beth gets knocked silly and Melina goes to work on Mickie. It doesn't take long for Mickie to counter. She goes to the top but Melina knocks her off. Good crowd reaction. Melina sets Mickie up on the top but Beth puts her on her own shoulder. She hits the electric chair. Mickie goes off the top and hits a cross-body into a pin onto Beth for a two count. Mickie nails a huge dropkick on The Glamazon. Melina goes to work on Mickie in the corner. Back to her feet, Beth comes over and gets BOTH Mickie and Melina on her back. Beth hits a double back breaker on both of them. Amazing strength. Beth ends back up in the background and Mickie is able to hit her finisher on Melina for the three count.

Winner - Mickie James to retain the WWE Women's Championship

Edge vs. The Undertaker
The following match is for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Edge comes out first, The Undertaker's (http://www.wrestlezone.com/article.php?articleid=213172690#) spectacular entrance is next. Michael Cole notes that The Undertaker has only beat Edge twice - once at WrestleMania and once at Backlash both times in which he used the Gogoplata (which is still not being named). Justin Roberts gets the formal introductions since this match is for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Charles Robinson is your referee as he calls for the bell. Undertaker is all business as he squares off against Edge. Undertaker pushes Edge down to the mat, Edge goes to the outside to quickly regroup. Edge connects some right hands on Undertaker. They do not have much affect as he puts Edge in the corner and hits right hands of his own. Undertaker chokes Edge and uses the ropes for leverage. Charles Robinson calls for a break at five. Undertaker gets Edge to the outside. He slams Edge's shoulder into the steel ring post. Undertaker puts Edge back into the ring. Undertaker works Edge over in the corner.

Undertaker 'rope walks' with Edge but Edge counters perfectly knocking Undertaker off the ropes. Edge stomps away at Undertaker, causing him to retreat to the outside. Edge uses right hands from the apron onto Undertaker on the outside. Undertaker throws him off the apron onto the crowd control barrier. Undertaker works Edge over on the outside connecting a big head butt. Undertaker clears his count and goes back to work on Edge. Edge throws Undertaker into the steel ring steps. Edge gets back in the ring. Edge goes off the ropes and hits a baseball slide on Undertaker who is on the outside. Undertaker falls down on the outside. Edge roles Taker back in. Edge heatbutts The Undertaker in the corner. Undertaker counters with headbutts of his own. Undertaker whips Edge into the turnbuckles, Edge counters. Edge goes right for the cover for a two count. Edge stomps Undertaker in the midsection. Edge uses several right hands but Undertaker counters with his own right hands. Edge finally gains the advantage with a kick to the ankle of Undertaker. Edge is on the outside, working on Undertaker in the ring. Edge pulls Undertaker into the turnbuckles, wrapping his legs around the steel ring post. Edge gets back in the ring, lands several right hands.

Undertaker counters but Edge is able to build a counter of his own. Undertaker goes for the banned choke as Edge goes for the cover. Edge climbs to the top, attempts to 'rope walk' with Undertaker. Taker counters, sending Edge to the mat. Undertaker looks to build momentum with right hands. Edge gives rights of his own. Undertaker goes off the ropes onto Edge. He follows with a splash times two in two separate corners. Undertaker tosses Edge into the corner and gets a two count. Undertaker 'rope walks' with Edge, he connects. Undertaker goes for the Tombstone but here come Ryder and Hawkins. They distract Taker, he drops Edge. The Edgeheads distract Charles Robinson as Edge exposes the turnbuckle by removing the cover. Undertaker counters and goes for the Last Ride but Edge counters with a DDT. Edge gets a near fall at 2 1/2. Edge goes for the spear but Undertaker side steps it. Undertaker goes for the Last Ride, he gets a modified version in the corner on Edge. Undertaker gets a two count.

Undertaker picks up Edge, looks to go for the Tombstone. Edge counters Undertaker into the corner of the ring where the turnbuckle is exposed. Edge nails several rights on Undertaker, Taker hits Edge with Snake Eyes in the exposed turnbuckle. Charles Robinson starts the double countout. Undertaker goes off the ropes right into a Spear from Edge. He gets a two count. The crowd is heavily behind The Undertaker but Edge is in control. Undertaker starts to fight back, it's a slug fest with both men on their feet exchanging right hands. They have the crowd as Undertaker grabs Edge by the throat. Edge counters but Undertaker ends up hitting the chokeslam after another attempt. 2 1/2 count. Undertaker kicks Edge to the outside. Undertaker clotheslines Edge over the crowd control barrier. Charles Robinson goes outside to check on them, then back in the start the double countout.

Now it's a race back to the ring, they fight all the way back, basically crawling. Robinson is at 9 but Undertaker is in. Edge is counted out at 10.

Winner via countout & new World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker

As Undertaker is being announced, Vickie Guerrero interrupts. From a wheel chair on the ramp with Hawkins and Ryder on the ramp she tries to quiet the crowd.

Vickie finally says that it is common knowledge - she is interrupted by a tremendous amount of heat. This is great, she is the most hated person that I have seen in WWE in a LONG time. You should hear the heat she is getting! She says that it is common knowledge that a title cannot be won via DQ or countout therefore the World Heavyweight Title remains vacant. She tells The Undertaker he is not the new Champion. Taker looks on with the belt in his hands. Undertaker pulls Edge back in the ring from over the top rope. He hits the Tombstone as Vickie begs him not to do it. Vickie stands up and calls Taker an SOB (which is blurted out).

MVP walks out and gets on the mic. He complains about being left off the card for Judgment Day tonight. MVP said the last time he checked he was the highest paid entertainer in Smackdown history and the longest reigning U.S. Champion in WWE history. He said this goes past disrespect. MVP calls it bad business. He said he will not be denied a match on Judgment Day and said if there happens to be any "top talent" backstage, he will give them an opportunity. MVP begs for some one to come out who thinks they are on his level. Nothing happens until WWE U.S. Champion Matt Hardy's music hits. MVP said the wrestling gods answered his prayers and tells Matt to come down and bring "his" title with him. Matt said he already proved he was better, so instead of doing that again there is someone else here tonight that is going to prove he is better than you as well. Jeff Hardy's music hits and he slaps hands with his brother.

MVP vs. Jeff Hardy

Michael Cole announces this as an inter-promotional match between Raw and Smackdown. The bell rings and here we go. MVP goes after Jeff right away and lands a big forearm to the back. MVP with a quick cover, but Jeff kicks out. Jeff with a big flying clothesline on MVP. Jeff kicks MVP in the chest and MVP bails to the outside to regroup. Mick Foley mentions Jeff going through some hard times recently, including his house burning down. MVP returns to the ring, gets a quick takedown on Jeff, covers, but only gets a two count. MVP keeps the action on the ground until Jeff elbows MVP in the gut. Jeff takes MVP's back and works on his left arm. MVP with a cheap shot with an elbow to Jeff's head. Jeff pulls down the ropes when MVP charges and MVP crashes to the outside. Jeff attempts a big flying dropkick through the ropes to MVP, but MVP blocks it, grabs Jeff by the legs and launches him onto the ground back first. MVP throws Jeff back in the ring, cover, but only a two count. MVP drops his knee over the left arm of Jeff, covers, but gets another two count.

MVP goes back to work on Jeff's left arm. Jeff attempts a comeback, but MVP pulls him down by his hair. MVP goes back to work again on Jeff's left arm. MVP knees Jeff's arm and then drops Jeff's body over the arm with force. MVP applies pressure to Jeff's arm on the ground. MVP sends Jeff into the corner. Jeff catches himself and tries to float over, but Jeff lets go and falls to the ring in pain favoring his left arm. MVP drops Jeff down over his left arm, another cover, but only a two count. MVP with forearms to Jeff's face, cover and Jeff puts his foot on the bottom rope to break up the pinfall. MVP with a kick to Jeff's shoulder, puts Jeff on his shoulders and drops him back with force. MVP with a big boot to Jeff off the ropes that sends Jeff through the ropes to the outside. MVP follows Jeff out and sends him into the ring barricade. MVP throws Jeff back in, quick cover, but Jeff kicks out. MVP with some big rights to Jeff's shoulder and goes back to work on the arm. MVP goes for the Playmaker, but Jeff counters out of it and takes MVP down with a clothesline.

Jeff with a few rights on MVP. Clothesline by Jeff, irish whip and charge into the cornero n MVP. Jeff with a big dropkick to the jaw of MVP in the corner. Jeff goes up top, jumps, goes for the Swanton Bomb, but MVP moves out of the way. MVP goes for a charge in the corner, but Jeff counters into a drop toe hold. Jeff with a Whisper in the Wind on MVP, connects, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, the referee raises the hand of Jeff Hardy and MVP quickly rolls out. We then see highlights of the match leading into the finish. Back live, we see another shot of William Regal watching from up top in his suite.

They air footage of Sylvester Stallone talking about the new "Rambo" film which is now on DVD.

A video package runs highlighting the events between Triple H and Randy Orton leading into tonight's match for the WWE Title inside a Steel Cage.

They showed Sylvester Stallone talking about "Rambo." They said he is a big WWE fan.

They lowered the steel cage.

They aired a highlight package of the Orton-Hunter saga.

WWE Title Match/Steel Cage Match: Randy Orton vs. Triple H.

Orton once again came out to his new ring entrance music. Before the match started, Triple H climbed to the top of the cage, and sat there with the WWE title belt. Mike Chiota is the referee. As the bell rings, Orton tried to escape through the cage door before it was closed. Pinfall, submission or escaping the cage are the only ways to win. This match is being fought under no-DQ rules. Before the match, JR actually talked about Bruno Sammartino winning the WWE title 45 years ago at Madison Square Garden from Buddy Rogers. As Orton worked over Hunter, they showed Regal once again watching the action. Orton touched the floor with his hand, but Hunter was able to pull him back in. In his second attempt, Orton pulled in a steel chair. Hunter went to use the chair, but Orton countered with a low blow. Orton DDT-ed Hunter onto the chair, but Trips kicked out. Orton was unable to RKO Triple H onto the chair. Orton attempted to climb out of the cage, but Trips rammed his head into steel structure. Hunter climbed over the cage, but Orton was able to pull him back in. Orton got one leg over the cage, but Hunter pulled him back in. Orton once again climbed the cage, but again Hunter pulled him back in despite getting both legs on the outside of the cage. Spinbuster by Triple H. Orton countered the pedigree, and Hunter landed on his back on the chair. Hunter gets back to his feet and it leads to....

Triple H wins via the pedigree at 21:10 to retain the WWE title. Replays to end show.

05-20-2008, 01:59 AM
^^^ sounds like a horrible ppv.

netscape check two
05-21-2008, 12:37 AM
I haven't seen much of Smackdown and ECW lately. If Morrison and The Miz are in ECW, why are they the tag champs on Smackdown?

Where is the angle going between Cade and Murdoch?

That Beth Phoenix(Glamizon) is one tough chick.

05-21-2008, 06:20 AM
I haven't seen much of Smackdown and ECW lately. If Morrison and The Miz are in ECW, why are they the tag champs on Smackdown?

Where is the angle going between Cade and Murdoch?

That Beth Phoenix(Glamizon) is one tough chick.

they made some kinda of agreement were smackdown and ecw wrestlers can fight on each others brand

I guess murdoch was singing and cade did not like it but am not sure am not really paying any mind to that story line

05-21-2008, 10:24 AM
You guys cant be serious TNA is on par with WCW 2000. WWE is way better. TNA has no heat the crowd is a gimmick and more into there self and no wrestlers are really over.

your serious right

Kurt Angle was injured in Korea last week, and was taken out of the main event during the beginning of the show. Jim Cornette announced during the show that the winner of the Terrordome match would take Angle's place, thus Kaz is in the triple threat tonight. Results forthcoming. SAMOA JOE WINS AND RETAINS THE TNA CHAMPIONSHIP. Steiner threw Kaz out to the floor, Joe hit Steiner with an enzuguiri and a muscle buster then pinned him for three. Said to be a good match on the whole.

damn i didn't know that

05-22-2008, 09:57 AM
TNA is still a joke to me. They have some good talent and some big names, and they try hard, but in the end I don't think anybody gets the six-sided ring, I know I don't, and their production value and the whole feeling of their shows in below that of WCW when they were going down the tubes in early 2001. I don't think they will ever be able to compete with the WWE and they might not even be around for too much longer.

05-25-2008, 11:41 AM
Why does TNA matches mainly PPV always gimmicky matches? The announcers sucks hard, the girl who does the backstage interviews,she sucks too. The only reason i tune in is to see LAX, Angle, and Steiner.

netscape check two
05-25-2008, 03:13 PM
Mike Tenay is a good commentator, and he has a vast knowledge of wrestling history. The other commentator's voice(West) on TNA can get annoying though cause he talks so loud all the time.

netscape check two
05-27-2008, 12:25 AM
How many times are Jeff Hardy and Umanga going to wrestle each other? lol

05-27-2008, 01:07 AM
Mike Tenay is a good commentator, and he has a vast knowledge of wrestling history. The other commentator's voice(West) on TNA can get annoying though cause he talks so loud all the time.

i hate don west he's kind of a lame commentator but Mike Tenay has always been great since his WCW days

05-27-2008, 01:11 AM
TNA is still a joke to me. They have some good talent and some big names, and they try hard, but in the end I don't think anybody gets the six-sided ring, I know I don't, and their production value and the whole feeling of their shows in below that of WCW when they were going down the tubes in early 2001. I don't think they will ever be able to compete with the WWE and they might not even be around for too much longer.

man they'll be around for a while but the only problem is they are signing too many former wwe guys instead of cultivating newer talent from the various development terroitories

05-27-2008, 01:11 AM
so vince is going to give away money hmmm trying to buy views?

05-27-2008, 02:01 AM
tna should lokk for wrestlers from the indies,mexico and japan

True Father Allah
05-28-2008, 11:27 AM
so vince is going to give away money hmmm trying to buy views?

Last Raw was fresh! I'm trying to get some of that Vincent Kennedy McMahon money? $1 million every week!? What kind of cruel joke was that? Cryme Tyme makes WWE so not boring, the Jimmy Kimmel part with Piper had me weak and I am happy to say that one of the main reasons I tune in now is the divas, McMahon has done it, he got people caring about that division, doesn't hurt most of them are hot. Gotta respect Lita, Stacey (Legs) Keibler and Trish and all them that paved the way. Really bugged off at Dibiase's son. Remember seeing dude at a movie theatre in Mississippi when I was still in high school, he was small as hell.

05-29-2008, 09:12 AM
You know what's crazy is i think the 1 million every week will be Ted Dibiase son? Or maybe the Million$ man himself. It's the WWE after all.

05-29-2008, 10:45 AM
Why does TNA matches mainly PPV always gimmicky matches? The announcers sucks hard, the girl who does the backstage interviews,she sucks too. The only reason i tune in is to see LAX, Angle, and Steiner.

I would tune in to see Steiner and Angle if I knew exactly when they'd be on so I could avoid the other garbage TNA puts out. I always liked Steiner, especially his promos.

06-02-2008, 12:49 AM
You know what's crazy is i think the 1 million every week will be Ted Dibiase son? Or maybe the Million$ man himself. It's the WWE after all.
good point it does sound like something they'd do

06-05-2008, 11:51 PM
D-lo brown is coming back to the wwe

06-05-2008, 11:59 PM
I would tune in to see Steiner and Angle if I knew exactly when they'd be on so I could avoid the other garbage TNA puts out. I always liked Steiner, especially his promos.

TNA is great when their wrestling but when they cut promos,ect. they worst than the WWE

06-06-2008, 01:02 AM
^^^^ I agree. lax is tight

06-08-2008, 05:25 PM
Hope D'Lo still doing the head movement thing he does, that's some funny shit. Hope he goes after Jericho's I.C. Title if either 1 of them are on RAW after the draft.

netscape check two
06-17-2008, 01:17 AM
Did anybody in here enter that Million Dollar giveaway thing on Raw last week, or this week? I entered for this past Raw, but I didn't win. I plan on winning some big money next Monday though. lol That was funny last week with Mae Young, she's my girl.

What was up with Cade at the end of Raw tonight? Is he going to get a push now?

06-17-2008, 03:34 AM
Hope D'Lo still doing the head movement thing he does, that's some funny shit. Hope he goes after Jericho's I.C. Title if either 1 of them are on RAW after the draft.

GREAT, I was always digging D'Lo back in the day. Too bad the whole Droz incident destroyed his push (he was getting really over at one point). He was a talented wrestler with unique promos. That chest protector gimmick (I'm still not entirely sure if he did initially really get injured) was priceless.

I hope with him back they actually, ya know, push him. WWE has a habit of signing a bunch of names without actually using them in a meaningful way.

06-18-2008, 11:56 AM
Did anybody in here enter that Million Dollar giveaway thing on Raw last week, or this week? I entered for this past Raw, but I didn't win. I plan on winning some big money next Monday though. lol That was funny last week with Mae Young, she's my girl.

What was up with Cade at the end of Raw tonight? Is he going to get a push now?

I hope vince calls me next Monday unless it is just for $1 all though I hear u also win a trip to nyc too and it must have sucked to be the person who did not answer there phone

06-21-2008, 01:25 PM
Mcmahon Million$$$ Mania is fine if you're on the other end of the phone if called. However it's taking too much time on RAW it's almost like watching some corny Game Show or something... He's doing it Monday on a 3hr. episode on RAW it's gonna take away from the Draft or even worst the wrestling. I'm just bitching cause he hasn't called me yet lol...

06-30-2008, 01:10 AM
results from night of champions taken from angrymarks.com

Written by Stevie J (steviej@angrymarks.com).

We'll be covering the Night of Champions from DJ's Dugout tonight so be sure to hit F5 or refresh for the LIVE updates as often as you like. Before we get rolling shoutouts to Lady J, Dustin, Killa Kev, DJ Complejo, Big D, all contributors to and fans of AngryMarks.com and subscribers to our podcasts. Don't forget there will be a new Kayfabe 4 Dummies tonight on the site after the PPV is over, and if they're still on live when it ends you can listen at blogtalkradio.com/K4D (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/K4D). Thanks everyone!
Incidentally this pre-show is the first time I've seen Umaga's debut on Smackdown let alone heard JR and Foley do Smackdown's commentary due to the fact the power was out at my house on Friday. I like the new announce duo but I have to wonder why they would have Umaga face Batista in his very first match on the brand, only to end with a DQ finish. Couldn't they have built him up with some squash matches first? Even on a new night and time they're still making sure to not let him look goo
d. Here we go! Night of Champions is on the air. Yes sir we promised you a great match, ANDRE THE GIANT, WrestleMania! Hulkamania is runnin' wild. If you SMELLLLLLLLLL. Gimme a hell yeah. The entire world is watching!
J.R. welcomes us to the sold-out American Airlines Center, saying there are over sixteen thousand fans on hand. He's sitting next to Mick Foley, who shills the fact that every match has the potential to crown a new champion tonight.
* The Miz & John Morrison {C} v. Fit Finlay & Hornswoggle (Tag Team Title Match)
Slow-mo' hair blow as usual for the champs, Irish music and good times for the challengers. The bell rings at 7:08 and we're underway as J.R. reminds us many fans may be watching on Sky Box Office in Europe. Finlay and Morrison to start. Finlay knocks him down with authority and lays into him with forearms, drops him with a clothesline and makes the first cover of the contest. Finlay gets posted and rolls out. Morrison tries to give chase but Finlay yanks the apron out and Morrison splays his legs on either side of the Night of Champions banner. Hornswoggle comes over to help Finlay, the champs chase after him then throw him in the ring, he bows up to them by throwing down his coat, then padre Finlay and him start running wild and the father throws his son into each one before they do a double sitout to the chests of their respective opponents. Finlay is still legal though and he takes a dropkick and a double gutbuster. Miz is legal for his team and is working him over with Morrison's help, and it's all quick tags to cut off the ring and wear Fit Finlay down. Hornswoggle gets the tag and actually manages a headscissor and a bulldog on Miz before Morrison makes the save with a cheap blow. Miz pulls up Horny only to punch him down. Finlay comes over to make the save and the ref kicks him out. J.R. and Foley call it "schoolyard bullyism" as Morrison tags back in. As Horny gets double-teamed he starts to make a comeback by punching each man before Miz clotheslines him. The ref ushers Morrison out so apparently Miz got the tag. Miz sets up Horny in the corner and goes for a flying splash to the corner, but Horny jumps out of the way. He crawls for the tag but Morrison is tagged in and cuts him off before he can get there. Morrison picks him up, walks over to Finlay's corner, taunts Finlay, and Horny starts to elbow Morrison in the face to get free. He dives under Morrison's legs and makes the hot tag! "BUSINESS IS PICKING UP." Celtic Cross. Tadpole splash coming from the now legal Horny... oh no. Finlay gets knocked down off the apron by an elbow from Miz, Morrison throws Horny off the top and covers him for three. WINNERS AND STILL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: MORRISON AND MIZ.
The retaining champs gloat as Finlay checks on his son in the ring. J.R. throws the commentary over to Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole. The two discuss the "historic" implications of Cena and Triple H facing off and we get highlight clips from WrestleMania 22 (and happily I was there for that match) before throwing us to a text messaging poll and the next match.
* Matt Hardy {C} v. Chavo Guerrero (United States Title Match)
Bam Neely comes out with Chavo and Sign Guy holds up a sign that reads "BAM HELPS CHAVO WIPE." Why his signs weren't that good at Judgment Day I'll never know. Matt Hardy comes out to the usual tremendous pop. J.R. and Foley are doing the commentary again as Foley tells us Dallas is very nostalgic for him as he won his first ever professional wrestling title here 19 years ago. Chavo tries to lock up with Hardy early, but he turns a side headlock into a shoulder tackle. Chavo backs off and offers him mock applause. The two lock up again and Chavo gets a basic side headlock takeover, but Matt is quickly back to his feet. Matt takes an arm, whips him to the corner, hits a scoop slam and drops an elbow for a one count. High back bodydrop gets a big pop but Chavo uses a low blow to take control and start to pick apart a leg. Not surprisingly a CHAVO SUCKS chant breaks out. Chavo is in control now and continues to "dissect the left leg" as noted by good ol' J.R. Chavo snaps his neck off the top rope but Hardy recovers quickly and goes for a swanton - nobody home. Chavo goes right back to the attack but Hardy recovers quickly again and hits clotheslines. Elbow and a two count. Foley says that a lot of Hardy's offense involves the leg that Hardy has been working on. Backslide attempt misses and Hardy hits a Side Effect for 2.8! Hardy climbs the ropes, wobbles a bit, hits an anvil for a two count. Chavo goes back on offense and puts the injured leg in a half Boston crab to try and make Matt tap. Hardy gets to the ropes. DDT and a kickout. Hardy is tripped up and put into the half Boston crab again right in the middle of the ring. Hardy once again escapes, getting a right hand on the ropes. A chorus of boos as Chavo starts the 3 Amigos, but Matt finally counters out with a Twist of Fate and covers for three! WINNER AND STILL UNITED STATES CHAMPION: MATT HARDY.
We go back to Lawler and Cole who throw to highlights from Monday night Raw, including McMahon giving away the million and the set collapsing on him at the end of the show. It was quite obvious that McMahon had a big pocket of the stage to fall into during the live show and that no part of the set came close to hitting him, but they're laying it on thick and heavy in the editing to make it look as realistic as possible. It's ironic that McMahon told J.R. that he "risked his life" and "ruined his son-in-law's life" by moving him to Smackdown when neither thing is in any way true. He made HIS life better by not having to give away a million of his own money every week and made Triple H's life better by giving him Tuesday tapings so he could travel with Steph. Time for another title match!

* Kane {C} v. Mark Henry v. The Big Show (ECW Title Match)
Henry comes out first. I'm calling it right now, Henry is your new ECW Champion. Big Show comes out next and Mike Adamle says he needs no introduction - certainly not from Adamle anyway! Raw's only world champion (currently) comes out last with his usual pyro and ballyhoo. Tazz notes that the ring should be reinforced with that much weight in it at one time. We get the official championship introduction from Tony Chimel, who puts over Big Show first, Henry second (claiming he's only 392 pounds) and the champion Kane last. Kane starts slugging both men before Henry splashes Big Show in the corner. Big Show eventually recovers to clothesline Kane, then give him a headbutt. Big Show works him over in the corner with punches. Show charges and Kane gives him a snap DDT for two. Adamle compares the action to Jurassic Park. Kane spills out to the floor and Henry stalks him as the ref starts his count. Replay shows Show tossing him over the top rope and Kane is selling his left knee on the floor. Henry and Big Show lock up and try to push each other in a test of strength before breaking apart. The two circle each other and charge in again for a lock up. Show shoves Henry into the ropes but the two collide on the rebound and neither move an inch. Third lockup and Show quickly takes a side headlock. Henry shoots him off and Show knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. Scoop slam by Show! "HAVE MERCY" screams Adamle. Officials on the outside are checking on Kane's injury to make it look legit. Kane is slowly crawling towards the apron as Show is in full control of Henry, and Adamle tells us that Kane waved away the help of the doctors. Show goes for the chokeslam but Henry fights it off. Double clothesline! Kane finally gets back to the apron and goes up to the top rope! Flying punch to Henry. Blows to Show. Kane shoves Henry into the corner then starts running back and forth between corners with clotheslines to both men, before Henry catches him in a bearhug. Kane fights him off into a straight boot from Show, and then both Kane and Show hit Henry with a double chokeslam. Show goes for the cover and Kane fights him off, then vice versa. Kane and Show duke it out as Henry is down and out. Kane goes to the top rope but jumps off straight into a chokeslam from Big Show... but Kane kicks out at two!!! Henry is still out as Show hooks the leg for another near fall. Show goes out to the apron and heads for the top rope as Kane sits up. Kane comes over, hooks Big Show for a superplex and connects, but Mark Henry jumps on with a 400 pounds splash and steals the pin! WINNER AND NEW ECW CHAMPION: THE WORLD'S STRONGEST MAN, MARK HENRY.
Henry shows off his title belt to Tazz and Adamle and walks up the ramp with a huge smile on his face, holding the belt up in victory. Congratulations to Mark Henry on his first ever world championship and for becoming the new #1 man on the ECW brand. Adamle promises that more champions will be crowned tonight as he tosses the commentary back to J.R. and Foley. We go backstage for an interview, and Batista says he plans to bring a title back to Raw because he's not leaving empty-handed tonight. "I'm gonna be the MAN, on Monday night Raw." John Cena walks up and welcomes him to the program, but says after tonight he won't be the only championon the brand. CM Punk welcomes them BOTH to Raw, holds up the briefcase, and says he's finding it awfully heavy... suggesting he might lighten his burden by cashing it in.
* Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes {C} v. Ted DiBiase Jr. & TBD (World Tag Team Title Match)
The champions come out first. "BOB'S CHOPHOUSE: SO GOOD IT HURTS." Thanks Sign Guy. Next out comes Ted DiBiase! Automatic love in DJ's Dugout for any man named DiBiase (Omaha is his father's hometown y'know). Before Garcia can introduce his partner, DiBiase asks if they can postpone the match for ten minutes, or reschedule it for later tonight. The crowd boos him again and again. Mike says he won't forfeit, so go ahead and start the match without his partner... he'll go solo for a bit. Mike still has the mic when the bell rings, Cody comes out, and DiBiase says NO... I want Hardcore Holly. Rhodes motions for him to come in... then he clotheslines his own partner! DiBiase welcomes his officialpartner CODY RHODES. DiBiase throws him around, makes the cover, and picks up the win. YOUR NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS - TED DIBIASE AND CODY RHODES.
I love it. I called this on the podcast. I said Rhodes should turn on his partner and join up with the new blood! Replay shows Rhodes wiping out Hardcore Holly, tagging DiBiase, and DiBiase hitting the Russian leg sweep and covering for three. THE NEW GENERATION MAKING A STATEMENT AT NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS BABY. We go to Todd Grisham in a luxury suite with JBL. Bradshaw: "We're in MY luxury suite at the American Airlines Center, and the audacity of holding a PPV and calling it Night of Champions in a state that has yearned for a champion since I left, explain that to me. Explain why JBL would not have a match on this PPV." Grisham: "That's because you're not a champion." JBL is incredulous. You suck chants follow. Bradshaw: "In a failing economy where people are too stupid to realize you can't buy what you can't afford and are losing their own homes, JBL owns his own home and is the CEO of a successful company. With Mr. McMahon being incapacitated, I am the richest man in World Wrestling Entertainment. That makes me a champion, a champion in life. No one else can say that, except maybe for Mark Cuban. As I look around I don't see any championship banners. When JBL left Texas, championships stopped being produced. Dallas has produced nothing but massive failures. The Dallas Cowboys, the so-called America's Team, go to the playoffs and... choke. They choke for a reason, because they choke to the city of champions, JBL's city, New York City. My New York Giants! As far as me being a champion goes, it's not a matter of if, but when."
* Chris Jericho Promo
Jericho: "As the record holding eight time and current IC champion, I was told to come out here tonight and defend against a surprise opponent. Much to your chagrin and I'll tell you who it's not going to be - HBK, Shawn Michaels." Jericho lets the crowd heat for him build. "Chant it all you want, he's not going to be here. He can't be bothered to take a 30 minute flight here because he has some sort of eye injury. As a role model to millions, I show up every night. I show up injured or not. I perform with a broken arm. I've missed my own children's birthday parties to perform for you people. You don't deserve it! You don't appreciate it! Unlike all of you, I'm an honest man. No matter who my opponent is I will have vindication. I'm not here to Save Us any more, I'm here to Save Me from all of you." KOFI KINGSTON'S MUSIC HITS.
* Chris Jericho {C} v. Kofi Kingston (Intercontinental Championship Title Match)
The bell rings and Jericho has no idea what to make of Kingston's unorthodox stance, but after a moment he shoves him into the corner and gives him a slap. The normally jovial Kingston has a sour look on his face for a moment, but only a moment. He charges Jericho's corner and Y2J ducks under the ropes. Jericho gets a side headlock takedown and Kingston pushes him off to get back to his feet. Kingston breaks the grip but Jericho knocks him down coming off the ropes then puts a boot in his face on the canvas. Kingston slumps in the corner as Y2J gives chase. Kingston makes a comeback with uppercuts and Jericho bails out to the floor. Kingston throws him back in and goes for a high cross lateral press that gets two. Lawler says Jericho's eyes got wide when he saw Kingston flying on Air Jamaica. Jericho recovers and dumps Kingston over the ropes to the floor when he was trying to punch Y2J on his shoulders. Cade is over by Lawler and Cole, watching the match, wearing a sharp suit. Jericho is in control now and is working over Kingston in the corner. Jericho tries to hook him for a suplex over the apron back to the inside. Kingston nearly reverses it but Y2J gets the upperhand and hits it, hooking the leg for a two count. Y2J stretches him out over a knee and the crowd wills Kingston back into it, but it doesn't last as Jericho nails him with a beautiful dropkick. Cole puts over Pat Patterson as the first IC champ. Jericho lays Kingston on the rope and jumps on, and Cole says he buried a knee into Kingston's neck. Kingston tries to hit the ropes but Y2J catches him in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH. Love that ab stretch! After holding it for a long time, Kingston finally fights out of it with a desparation hiptoss. Jericho is still in control though, putting Kingston on the ropes, clubbing his back. Jericho goes up behind him. Kingston reverses and jumps off and covers Jericho for two. Kingston's big comeback begins! Lawler says he's wobbly on his feet from Kingston driving his head into the mat. BO! BO! BO! No! Jericho reverses into the Walls, but Kingston nearly reverses it into a schoolboy for three. Kingston makes another quick cover for 2.9. Big boot to the face by Jericho and Kingston is down briefly, but Kingston hits a head scissor and makes another cover for 2.9999. Jericho takes control again, hits the Lionsault, and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Kingston is struggling... Shawn Michaels hits the ring and superkicks Cade! Michaels jumps up to the apron and Jericho knocks him off, but Kingston nails Jericho with his trademark headkick and covers for three! WINNER AND NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION: KOFI KINGSTON.
An elated Kofi Kingston makes his way up the ramp with the belt, but Shawn Michaels is down at ringside. Officials are helping him up. Lawler says he didn't see how Michaels landed. A replay would be helpful. Cole says he smacked into the announce table when he was knocked off by Y2J. Michaels eye is all taped up. Jericho follows him up the ramp and four officials come out to get in his way and keep the two men apart. Jericho breaks through them and hits Michaels right in the injured eye. Michaels rolls around on the entrance ramp, writhing in pain. Another heavy post-match angle to build up the HBK injury even further and add fuel to the fire of an eventual blowoff match between the two men. The replay finally shows that Jericho speared him off the apron, gloated at the injured Michaels, and that's when Kingston hit him with the Jamaican buzzsaw for the win. We go backstage to Edge and Vickie and the crowd in DJ's Dugout loudly boos. Edge cuts a promo on Hawkins and Ryder and says he won't need their help to win tonight. "With that, I'll leave Batista beaten and empty-handed!" Don't believe it for a second - the Edgeheads will come out in the match, I guarantee. Cole puts over their official sponsor Gilette Fusion when we go back to the announce table, and Lawler throws to a commercial with Vince McMahon and John Cena. McMahon demonstrates how comfortable the razor is by laying across some folding chairs, then Cena takes a chair and whack McMahon in the stomach, posing at the end with a foot on McMahon's prone body.
* Mickie James {C} v. Katie Lea (Women's Title Match)
Interesting that they're dropping her last name, even though her "brother" Paul is still accompanying her to the ring. Katie is all over Mickie to start, going for a series of quick near falls. Mickie wraps around her waist and takes her down to the mat, and the two roll for a second before Mickie tries to bridge a pin and only gets one. Mickie blocks a blow, boots her in the gut, and eventually flips her across the ring. Katie has finally had enough and takes a powder to the outside to get advice from her brother as the ref starts the ten count. Katie gives Mickie a low spear when she comes back in but Mickie responds with a low dropkick coming off the ropes. Mickie tries to grab a handful of her hair as Katie rolls out but she comes right back in and picks up Mickie for a suplex. Katie starts kicking and punching her as Mickie writhes around on the mat, then Katie chokes her on the ropes until the ref breaks it up. Katie posts her left arm into the turnbuckle and makes another cover for a near fall. Paul pounds on the apron as Katie takes the left arm and works on it. Mickie gets to her feet and jumps on her opponent, but Katie recovers and faceplants her. She hooks the leg but Mickie kicks out. The ref backs Katie off as Mickie sells the arm in the corner. Katie comes in and starts hammering her in the head. The ref pushers her away. Katie whips Mickie to the corner, Mickie gets a boot up, then hits a head scissor. Series of clotheslines by Mickie as Lawler says her left arm is just hanging limp. Mickie tries to cover but she can't hold her down. Katie grabs the arm and puts Mickie into an armbar! Mickie escapes but Katie posts the arm again. It's not enough though as Mickie manages to quickly hit a DDT to retain! WINNER AND STILL WOMEN'S CHAMPION: MICKIE JAMES.
The post-match celebration is short as we immediately go to a plug for Shinedown's "Devour," the theme song for tonight's show. Next the announce team of Foley and J.R. returns, and Foley says that despite Barack Obama's call for change the remaining champions would like things to say the same. 32% of the text poll think that Batista will bring a title to Raw, 30% think Cena will, and 31% believe that BOTH will. We go to a promo package highlighting the Edge v. Undertaker feud, and setting up the Batista match to take place tonight. "You better hope that you win, because you'll never get another title match against me... AGAIN!"
* Edge {C} v. Batista (World Heavyweight Championship Match)
Edge comes out first with the belt around his waist, as J.R.and Foley put over the fact that Edge was in the crowd in Toronto when Warrior faced Hogan at WrestleMania. Foley: "No superstar brings more intensity to a match than that man Edge." He should know - I watched Edge spear him through a flaming table at WrestleMania live. The boos for Edge are loud as soon as his music stops playing, and Edge yells at them to rile them up even more before hitting a victory pose. Batista's music hits and the crowd ROARS with approval as he comes out to the top of the ramp and poses for his machine gun pyros. Chimel does the big match intro and welcomes the challenger first and the champ next. A surprising amount of people at DJ's applaud for Edge (and I approve) as the match gets underway. Batista is overpowering him to start no matter what Edge tries to counter his strength. Big Dave finally throws him out to the floor and gives chase. Edge gets back in the ring first, but Batista grabs a leg to keep him from getting away. Batista posts him into the barricade and throws him back in, then whips him into the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder tackle for two. It's all Batista here - whip into the corner sternum first, boot to the face, near fall, another power move and near fall, clothesline over the ropes to the outside. Batista wastes no time throwing him back in but Edge takes advantage of being the first man in by throwing Dave into the steel steps and ringpost. Batista crawls up to the apron but Edge hits a running baseball slide and Big Dave takes a hellacious bump, rolling backwards until he crashes over the ECW announce table to the floor in front of Adamle and Tazz. He's covered in their run sheets for the show when he gets up, but manages to get back to the ring before Mickie Henson makes the ten count. Edge is solidly in control now. When Batista gets a mini-comeback Edge hits a drop toe hold and a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Edge puts him in a chinlock as Sign Guy tries like heck to start an EDGE SUCKS chant with his sign, even putting a bouncing ball over it to show how to sing along. The crowd is more interested in clapping Batista back to his feet. Edge tries to rear naked choke him, Batista walks backward into the turnbuckle with him, but when he comes charging over to follow up Edge hits another drop toe hold and plants Batista's face into the turnbuckle. J.R. notes the effectiveness of inanimate objects in Edge's offense. Well Ross, I'm glad they're not ANIMATE objects, it would be kind of hard to throw someone into them. Edge continues to grind away on his opponent as the crowd once again tries to will Batista back up. Edge cranks on the chinklock for all he's worth but Batista swings his elbows to get out then throws Edge into the corner. Batista charges and Edge jumps over him to hit a Jack Brisco rollup for the near fall. Edge goes top rope, Big Dave knocks him off, but Edge snaps the neck off. Batista responds with a running clothesline that leaves both men down with the ref starting a ten count. They get up at 9 and Batista charges Edge into the corner, whips him to the other one for a clothesline, but Edge ducks the next clothesline. Batista knocks him down on what might have been a spear attempt but Edge kicks out before three. SPEAR!! Edge kicks out at 2.9999. Batista tries to set up the Batista Bomb, Edge counters, so Big Dave hits a scoop slam. Batista signals the thumbs down, picks Edge up, but Edge counters into a DDT! Batista kicks out at 2.9999999. Edge sets up in the corner looking for a spear, but Batista blocks it with a big boot to the face. Big Dave goes top rope, but Edge counters with a dropkick in mid-air! Both men are down and Henson starts a double count again as Hawkins and Ryder wheel Vickie Guerrero down to ringside (told you they'd show up). Edge misses a spear as Batista jumps over him, hits a spinebuster, and then Vickie grabs the referee's leg before he can count to three. Edge was looking to capitalize on this but Batista threw him out. Henson starts a ten count again and Edge pulls the ref out and punches him in the face. Vickie: "Send me another ref!! Send another referee!!" HERE COMES CHAVO IN A REF SHIRT, SAUNTERING DOWN TO THE RING. Batista grabs Vickie by the hair and pulls her up into the ring! Chavo sends Bam Neely running down to help and Batista throws Vikcie over the top rope onto La Familia. EDGE CLOCKS BATISTA WITH THE BELT. CHAVO MAKES THE THREE COUNT. YOUR WINNER AND STILL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: EDGE.
Foley and J.R. discuss Edge being the ultimate opportunist as they show replays of the finish and put over Batista coming SO CLOSE but still not being able to overcome the stacked odds against him. The camera gives us a long lingering shot of Batista hanging onto the ropes, dripping with sweat, disappointment and disgust written all over his face. The crowd roars for him as he steps through the ropes to the floor as Jim Ross tells us he gave everything he had and then some tonight; pointing out it took all of La Familia to ensure that he didn't win. Foley questions how and why Vickie Guerrero still has a job. Commercial for Great American Bash airs, highlighted by car crashes and vehicles exploding. Video package airs putting over past WWE champions including Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero, Stone Cold Steve Austin and more. Cena says that tonight is a moment that will transcend time as Triple H holds up the belt in his face. Our main event is just moments away!
* Triple H {C} v. John Cena (WWE Championship Title Match)
Cena comes out to his usual mixture of cheers and boos, although the boos seem to have a small upper hand tonight in Dallas - or maybe that's just people in DJ's Dugout. Either way I hear more boos than cheers. Nope - it's official - when Cena hit his pre-match pose that was a definite audible boo in Dallas. TIME TO PLAY THE GAAAAME! Triple H is shrouded in darkness as he walks out with the title around his waist, water bottle in hand. It's time for the spit take. As Santino would say, you can throw pennies at him and make a wish. Hunter is definitely stalling, taking a long time posing on the ropes as the crane camera pans out to show us the venue is packed to the rafters with WWE fans. Garcia is here for the big match introduction and gives us the challenger first, and the boos are even MORE audible without his music playing. Not surprisingly, Triple H gets a nice pop from the Dallas crowd (but not nearly as loud as I would have expected). Mike Chioda is our referee in charge. The bell rings at 9:23 and we're underway!
Triple H scores with a shoulder tackle and Cena looks up at him in frustration. Lawler puts over Cena's "bulging muscles" and the impressive physique of Triple H. Hunter grabs a side headlock and another thing evident besides his physique is how much more tan he is than Cena. Trips gives him a hip toss followed by a CROTCH CHOP. Cena clamps on a headlock, Triple H shoves him to the ropes, Cena powers out and punches him in the face to a chorus of boos before giving him a military salute - an obvious rebuttal for the crotch chop. Cena tackles Hunter with a press, whips him to the ropes, boot to the gut and a fisherman suplex for a two count on the first cover of the match. The Cerebral Assassin hits Cena with a low blow and he rolls out to the floor in pain. Hunter is quick to give chase and spear him into the ring apron, then grab the head and throw him back in. Triple H is overpowering Cena as one lone fan in the crowd holds up a "CENA NATION" sign. I'm not sure whether the "YOU SUCK!" is directed at Trips or Cena. Triple H whips him into the corner for a near fall. Trips works him over in the corner with punches, but Cena retaliates with a few of his own to a chorus of boos on each one. Cena charges but Trips gets the boots up. Triple H comes off the ropes but Cena has a boot up of his own. Cena picks Triple H up for a slam and the boos are even louder still, but he looks at the crowd and nods. Before he can do the "YOU CAN'T SEE ME" Triple H does an upkick and cuts him off. High knee by Triple H rings Cena's bell. Cena whips him to the ropes and ducks down, and that's a mistake - Hunter easily hits a facebuster with the knee. Triple H goes for the Pedigree, Cena counters and bulldogs him to the mat for cheers AND boos. Cena to the top rope, hits a leg drop to the back of the neck, and Cena tries to grab a leg to hook the STFU but Triple H kicks him away. Cena ducks a clothesline and hits another slam, and NOW it's time for the YOU CAN'T SEE ME. Triple H cuts him off before he can hit the five knuckle shuffle with another knee. He's ready for the kill but Cena throws him over the ropes to the floor. Hunter is selling his knee as the camera man gives us a replay which clearly shows Hunter jumping backwards over the turnbuckle. They try to give us another angle just to show him hitting the floor as opposed to leaping over the ropes. Hunter is struggling to get to his feet but Cena comes out and picks up Hunter to drop his knee right on the steel steps, then wraps his leg around the ringpost to do more damage. Cena throws him back in and he's all over the injured leg, but Hunter wiggles to the ropes before he can hit the STFU and forces Cena to break off. Cena opts to work on the leg some more, Hunter tries to shove him off, but Cena tenaciously holds onto it and manages to hook the STFU for JUST a second before Hunter gets another rope break. Cena hurks up the champ for the FU but Hunter reverses it into a PEDIGREE! Hunter crawls over for the cover but he's too late as Cena kicks out at 2.9. Lawler says that may be all that Hunter had. The ref starts a double count. Both men get up after a long count and Cena manages to hit the FU! 1... 2... NO! Triple H kicks out. Both men are down again for another double count. Cena starts to stand up first at 8 but both men are up at 9, although Triple H wobbles and goes back down to a knee selling his injury. It's a slugfest now with both men exchanging blows, a real SLABBAKNAWKKA. Time for the BOO and YAY spot! Cena ducks a clothesline and slams Hunter to the mat! He's weary and wincing on the apron and walks over to Hunter slowly to hit another YOU CAN'T SEE ME, and this time the five knuckle shuffle finally connects. Hunter crawls away as Cena stands behind him waiting. Cena tries to pick him up for an FU but Hunter hangs onto the ropes and blocks it. Hunter comes over for a Pedigree but Cena trips him and puts him into the STFU! Hunter struggles and struggles trying not to tap, trying to get to the ropes, trying to do anything to stop him as Cena pulls and pulls with all of his might. Hunter's fingers reach out... grab the ropes for a second... and Cena pulls him right back to the center of the ring. Cena counters out of the STFU... into a crossface! Now it's Cena struggling with all his might to survive. Cole says Cena is fading fast. Cena may be getting his first real crowd pop of the night. He stands up with Triple H on his back, tries to get out of the crossface and does, but when he goes for the FU, Hunter elbows him in the face repeatedly and hits ANOTHER PEDIGREE. This one finally finishes Cena off! WINNER AND STILL WWE WORLD CHAMPION: THE GAME, TRIPLE H.
No titles are coming to Raw! Raw has no World Champion now, not even Kane! Quite the turn of events this week! The ref raises Triple H's arm and Cole notes the obvious - Hunter's keeping that belt on Smackdown. A weary and dejected Cena heads to the back as Hunter poses triumphantly on the ring ropes, celebrating his moment of victory as Lawler puts over a tremendous main event match. The PPV goes off the air at 9:45. A very good show tonight - not perhaps the best I've ever seen but at least worthy of ordering a replay or buying on DVD when it comes out. Thank you for joining us and stay tuned for a new edition of Kayfabe 4 Dummies later tonight on the website

06-30-2008, 09:25 PM
cm punk just cashed his money in the bank contract on raw and beat edge for the world title which is now back on raw

07-16-2008, 06:06 PM
Anyone been watching TNA? What the fuck are they doing with Abyss?

Hollow Dartz
07-23-2008, 01:29 AM
I just came from ECW/Smackdown tonight. Vicki is gonna have Edge vs. Undertaker in a hell in the cell match for summerslam.

07-23-2008, 01:45 AM
undertaker vs edge in a hell in the cell should be good

07-24-2008, 09:07 AM
Anyone been watching TNA? What the fuck are they doing with Abyss?

Waiting for Scott Steiner to come back. The original plan was for him to beef with Steiner, but Steiner got injured.


07-24-2008, 09:33 AM
the wwe is going to pg

07-25-2008, 11:14 AM
Damn, hope with Vicki bringing Taker back it wont turn her into a face. I love booing her and we get the EXCUSE ME! Can't wait to see the Deadman return. TNA, also was pretty good the womens division way better than the 'E" ODB she's off the rocka and the Sting thing is getting very interesting too. Wondering if Sting is gonna attempt another heel run? It can't be no worse than his last heel run in WCW.

netscape check two
07-29-2008, 12:38 AM
Mike Adamle as the new Raw GM? lol

By the way, whatever happened to Coach? I wasn't following the news too much around that time.

07-29-2008, 12:51 AM
there keeping him of tv until his contract runs out and adamle the gm is wack

netscape check two
07-29-2008, 01:19 AM
So Coach doesn't want to stay in the WWE any longer? Was there a disagreement?

Concerning Adamle, I don't see ECW that much. So apparently he accidently messed some things up early on in his commentating, and now they made that into part of his storyline?

07-29-2008, 01:53 AM
he just sucked so they had no choice to make it part of the story line and I have no glue why they don't want to resign him

Fatal Guillotine
07-29-2008, 07:27 PM
Ron Killings is suppose to make his return debut on Smackdown.

07-29-2008, 07:34 PM
yeah good to see him back in the wwe now if only kurt would do the same

07-29-2008, 09:40 PM
Freddie Prinze Jr. Is The New Member of the WWE Creative Team


As reported earlier, actor and life-long WWE fan Freddie Prinze, Jr. of I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scooby-Doo and She's All That fame is now a member of the WWE creative team. Vince and Stephanie McMahon are hoping that the addition of Prinze, Jr. to the company will open up more doors to Hollywood. Also, they're interested in using wife Sarah Michelle Geller for an angle at some point. Prinze, Jr. was introduced to everyone backstage at last night's show in Washington D.C. He impressed people with how excited he was and willingness to contribute to WWE. Some entertainment news outlets are working on brief pieces about the story.


The hell? That's interesting. I hope he does a better than the creative team that was hired before Freddie Prinze Jr. Cause WWE has really sucked for about the past 3 years.

Fatal Guillotine
08-04-2008, 08:49 PM
who would you guys say the most extreme wrestler is?

i would say sabu

Sabu's wrestling style is unorthodox, consisting mainly of aerial and grapple moves performed with the aid of tables (which he is famous for smashing opponents through) and chairs, which he uses as weapons and as launching pads for some of his more death-defying moves. He is also famous for the invention of his triple-jump techniques, which involve jumping from a set-up chair onto the ring ropes and then springing off onto an opponent with a flying attack of some sort.

Sabu is also notorious for continuing to wrestle matches even though he has suffered serious injuries that require medical attention. An example of this was during the Stairway to Hell match with The Sandman where Sabu's jawbone was broken when he landed face-first on the steel guardrail outside the ring. Rather than ending the match early, Sabu actually duct-taped his jaw shut and continued to wrestle the match to its scheduled conclusion. During the aforementioned "Born To Be Wired" match with Terry Funk, Sabu legitimately tore open his biceps on the barbed wire. He taped it up on the spot and continued the match. Afterwards, he super-glued himself together to drive to the hospital where it took more than 100 stitches to close the wound. He refused to miss any matches because of that injury.

08-04-2008, 08:57 PM
yeah I say sabu too but there are others who are close

Fatal Guillotine
08-05-2008, 05:53 PM
like who i hope like hell you dont think tommy dreamer is extreme?

08-05-2008, 06:02 PM
nujack, mankind, like 78% of the wrestlers who wrestle in Asia

08-05-2008, 06:05 PM
and why is tommy dreamer not?

Fatal Guillotine
08-05-2008, 06:05 PM
mannnnnnnnn what the hell happened to new jack?

you ever heard of yoshitune aka takuya sugi? he's like rey mysterio on speed

Fatal Guillotine
08-05-2008, 06:06 PM
i just dont see beating people upside their head with a kendo stick extreme

Fatal Guillotine
08-05-2008, 06:19 PM

this is the guy im talking about.

some of his moves


08-05-2008, 06:23 PM
yeah but I have seen him go throw some tables and stuff I cant forget about the old scholars such as Abdul the butchered, bruiser Brody and terry funk but man unless u seen the type of matches they have over seas then u really have not seen any thing yet

Fatal Guillotine
08-05-2008, 06:25 PM
ive seen a couple. i also heard that their are some lucha libre wrestling that includes barberd wire and the whole shit. dont know how true it is

ultimo dragon was always a favorite of mine.

netscape check two
08-06-2008, 12:19 AM
Yeah, I was going to mention Abdullah the Butcher. Look how long he's been doing his thing for.

08-06-2008, 12:41 AM
yo do u ever watch awa on espn classic?

netscape check two
08-06-2008, 12:44 AM
lol, I don't get ESPN Classic with my standard cable. But I have seen AWA before a few times when I went to my friend's place(she has a different cable service). Do they usually have it on at night time?

netscape check two
08-06-2008, 12:52 AM
I saw a little of it the other day, and I didn't even recognize Eric Bischoff at first, with his mullet. lol

08-06-2008, 12:58 AM
yeah it is crazy how wrestling was b4 and seen people like scott hall when he was a cowboy lol

Dough Snatcher
08-06-2008, 12:44 PM
I wish ESPN Classic would show the older episode of "WWF"...

Just found these...
"You want some ketchup with that ass whoop'n"
Reminds me of that scene in American history X when all the skin heads ran up in the grocery store.


08-07-2008, 05:37 PM
hahaha I remember that when Booker said that

I wish there still was a wcw and ecw then the wwe would not put rubbish out

08-07-2008, 05:48 PM

skip to about 1:50

Fatal Guillotine
08-09-2008, 11:40 AM
i heard that tajiri is in talks with the wwe to return as a ecw superstar

08-10-2008, 12:25 AM
I am posted up watching TNA Impact and I just saw this fine ass mami Salinas... I had to youtube her. DAMN!!

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/MQSfDsKQrTU&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/MQSfDsKQrTU&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

08-10-2008, 12:53 AM
i heard that tajiri is in talks with the wwe to return as a ecw superstar

I hope so I loved tajiri

08-10-2008, 03:43 AM
I am posted up watching TNA Impact and I just saw this fine ass mami Salinas... I had to youtube her. DAMN!!

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/MQSfDsKQrTU&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/MQSfDsKQrTU&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
hell yeah shelly martinez is hot.

her tits fake shes still hot

Fatal Guillotine
08-10-2008, 05:51 PM
anybody ever heard of dragon kid?

CgqFHMcwBEg(part 1/2)
h8hPCILl0Wc(part 2/2)

08-11-2008, 12:57 AM
here's the results for tnas ppv taken from angrymarks.com

Written by Killa Kev (kam@angrymarks.com)

TNA Wrestling's Hard Justice PPV Recap
We start Hard Justice tonight with Leticia intercepting Sting in the parking lot, asking why he's here, what' his involvement has been over the last several weeks, etc etc. Sting answers no questions and goes inside. F.I.L.T.H.E.E., Grandmaster Kaz and Mellie-Mel then walks into the arena and starts rapping the TNA Hard Justice PPV theme "AyeAyeAye". We're live in Trenton, NJ tonight, shout out to "the Sexiest Voice in Internet Podcastery" Dani D'Adamo, who is live in attendance tonight. Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to the Garden State, and immediately start speculating on why Sting is here. Don west then goes into the rundown for tonight's card.
TNA X Division Championship: champion Petey Williams (w/ Rhaka Kahn) vs. Consequences Creed
Consequences Creed won this title shot in a three-way match on TNA Impact a week ago, it was a good match, not the usual clusterfuck that has become the signature style of the X Division. Slick Johnson holds up the belt after the introductions are made. We get a bell, Rhaka Kahn gets on the apron to try to distract. Creed with a side headlock, Williams shoves him off, Creed recovers and applies a front facelock. Williams tries to roll out, Creed holds on, Williams escapes bounces off the ropes, armdrags by Creed, elbow drop to the back of Williams, cover, two-count. Creed puts Williams in a fireman's carry, Williams with an armdrag, tries for the Canadian Destroyer, Cree escapes, pin attempt by Williams. Creed stands up and shoves Williams off, Williams goes to the ropes. Creed with the gorilla press slam, drops Williams and nails him in the guts with his knees. Williams rolls out, Creed with a swanton over the top rope onto Williams, Creed cracks his head on the apron, Williams cracks his head on the ring barrier. Creed recovers, tries to pick up Williams for a powerbomb on the outside, Williams grabs the ropes and kicks Creed, rolls into the ring to break the count, and goes back out to get Creed.
Williams with a pin attempt on Creed after throwing him back in the ring. Williams pulls up Creed by his 'fro, Creed with left and right jabs, winds up, does the splits, and Williams just makes him pay for it by dropkicking Creed in his head. Williams shows off with a push-up or two. Fans are starting dueling chants of "CREED! CREED!" and "PE-TEY! PE-TEY!". Creed runs out of the ring, Williams follows up with a leap over the top rope into a huracanrana on the floor. Williams rolls Creed back in the ring, tries to headbutt him on the turnbuckle, Creed fights him off, double-leg takedown, flips into a pin attempt, two-count. Williams with a drop toehold on the middle rope, followed by the hesitation dropkick to the back of Creed's head. Williams tries to pick up Creed, Creed shoves him off, Williams with an eyerake, Creed is blinded. Creed blindly swings as Williams sidesteps it. Williams throws Creed chest-first into the corner, goes to bounce off the ropes for a bulldog, Cree with a blind superkick out of nowhere to even the odds.
Both men scramble up, trade forearm shots with each other, they're stiffing it for sure! Creed gets the upper hand, whips Williams into the corner, Williams reverses, hits a lariat, tries for another but Creed answers with a pair of lariats of his own, rushes Williams in the corner, Williams lifts him over the ropes, Creed grabs the ropes and holds on, then springboards back in, wind up punch, splits, comes back up and delivers a KO punch to Williams! Creed covers, 1.. 2... kickout! Creed picks up Williams by his legs, tries to slignshot him, Williams grabs Creed's head on the way over and converts it into a DDT! Williams calls for the Canadian Destroyer, tries to execute, Creed rolls out, Williams catches him with a jawbreaker, Creed no-sells it and hits Williams with a clothesline. Williams rolls out to the apron, Creed charges, Williams witha shoulderblock, tries to slingshot in, Creed catches him in a fireman's carry, drops him, cover, two-count. Creed tries for a crucifix, Williams drops him on his head, cover, two-count. Creed with a enziguri, Williams is barely fazed as Williams flips Creed over and locks on a Sharpshooter. Creed crawls to the ropes, almost gets it, Williams snatches up Creed's arm to try to stop him, but Creed overpowers and grabs the ropes - fans are BOOING creed! Fans are chanting for Petey Williams. Amazing.
Williams slaps Creed in the face, poses for the fans, another slap, Creed on his knees, knife-edge chop to Creed's chest, another one, Creed demands another one! Williams delivers it, and Creed is hulking up, "is that all you got, punk?" Williams clotheslines Creed, another no-sell. Creed with a release-suplex, puts Williams in the corner, delivers a Superman Punch, a high knee to the head, and the Creed-DT! Creed goes to the top turnbuckle, flies with the legdrop and nails it, covers, hooks the leg... 1... 2... KICKOUT! Rhaka Kahn gets on the apron, gets in the ring, tries to slap Creed, he puts her on his shoulders and delivers a F-5! Williams rushes Creed from behind, tries for the Canadian Destroyer, but Creed blocks it, drops Williams on his head from behind, reaches back to hook the legs, but Williams kicks out.
Sheek Bashir walks down to the ring, Creed bounces off the ropes, Bashir hits him in the back with something. Williams picks up Creed's body, delivers the Canadian Destroyer, and we're done!
WINNER: Petey Williams, by pinfall. This was a good match, the run-in was kinda out of place, but who knows what statement they're trying to make with Shawn Daivari. Well, we're about to find out, he gets in the ring with a mic and demands a cmeara man gets in the ring, demands the camera be aimed at Creed's body. "Red. White. Blue. Battered. Broken. This is a perfect example of the American Dream! You want to be the American Dream? You were just destroyed by the Middle Eastern Nightmare!" Petey Williams and Rhaka Kahn look on, not sure what to make of it, then depart the arena. Bashir throws down the mic and walks off.
Backstage Jeremy Borash interviews Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash. JB asks Samoa Joe if Sting's presence is going to be a distraction. Joe says he's more focused than he's ever been, and now that Sting is here, Joe knows what he needs to do. He tells Sting he doesn't give a damn about whatever issues Sting has, he now has an issue with Joe. Nash stands up and tells Joe to think things out, tonight Joe has to focus on Booker T. If Joe trusts that Kevin Nash has his back, he'll go talk to Sting right now and Nash promises that Sting will not be at ringside. Nash leaves, Joe says that he's right, he's got to focus on Booker T tonight. Samoa Joe says he's taking his belt back tonight and proving he's not just a paper champion or some indie worker, but he's the TNA Champion.
TNA Women's Champion Taylor Wilde, Gail Kim & ODB vs. The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Angelina Love) & Awesome Kong (w/ Raisha Saied)
Special guest referee Traci Brooks makes her way out first, the Beautiful People are introduced next, followed by Kong & Saied, ODB, Gail Kim and Taylor Wilde (all individually). While I'm waiting to get this started, I get a call from Stevie J and Lady J making sure I'm covering this shit, they're on the road home from an AWESOME UFC 87 PPV. Velvet Sky and ODB are going to start it off, but Love thinks ODB stinks and has to spray her down with some perfume. ODB clotheslines Sky, picks up the purfume and sniffs it a few times, SPRAYS IT ON HER CROTCH AND ASS! Nice. She throws the bottle at Angelina Love, tags in Gail Kim. Kim with forearm shots on Sky, throws her in the corner, lariat, whips off the ropes, reversal, Kim take the top turnbuckle, grabs Sky's head, rolls her over into a pin attempt. Kim with an armdrag on Skye off the top turnbuckle, Angelia Love tags in, Kim puts an armdrag and armbar on her, tags in Taylor Wilde. Love slaps the taste out of Wilde's face a few times, Wild with some forearm shivers, whips Love off the ropes, reversal, Wilde floats over, armdrag, dropkick, Love scrambles to her corner for a break.
Awesome Kong is starying down Taylor Wilde like a piece of meat, Love tags her in, Kong rushes, Wilde ducks a clothesline, kicks her legs, tries for a clothesline of her own and Kong knocks her down. Wilde tags to Kim, tries a rapid-fire offense and a cross body block, Kong throws her aside. ODB tags in, and tries big overhand chops on Kong's chest, bounces off the ropes, Kong knocks her down with a clothesline. ODB scrambles to a corner and holds her titties. Wilde and Kim get in the ring and double team Kong, whip her off the ropes, Kong takes them down with a double clothesline of her own. ODB is back with the slaps to the chest, tries to whip her off, Kong reverses it, ODB grabs the ropes, Kimg ducks behind Kong, Wilde with a dropkick and Kong falls over Kimg. Kong tries to rush them both, they pull down the top rope and Kong falls to the outside.
Kong tries to get back in the ring, ODB cuts her off and clubs her in the back a dozen times, bounces off the ropes, Raeisha Saied trips her. Kong pulls up ODB by the hair while Traci Brooks goes out of the ring and throws Saied out of the arena. Kong is having her unfettered way with ODB, but tosses her aside after she realizes that Brooks just tossed her manager out. ODB catches Kong from behind, spits some booze in her face, which only pisses Kong off. Kong throws her in the corner, the Beautiful People hold her, Kong with a giant smash, tags in Velvet Sky, covers ODB, two-count. Sky with an octopus-style abdominal stretch. HOLY SHIT SKY JUST FLASH YER COOZE WHYDONTCHA? Sheesh, that's a bit graphic, not that I'm complaining. Sky tags in Love, ODB scrambles and tag in Kim, they trade blows and shit, it's clusterfuck wrestling right now, Kim tries to go to the top turnbuckle, Love knocks her off, then kicks her from the apron onto the ring barrier. Love gets out to throw Kail back in, rolls back in herself, elbow drop on Kim, cover, two count.
Love grabs Kim by her hair and tries to choke her with it, Traci Brooks warns Love to not do it again, they get in each other's faces. Love mounts Kim and starts punching her in the face and ch oking her. Brooks physically pulls Love off of Kim and they are back in each other's face. Love gives a finger poke or two to Brooks, returns to Kim, throws her hard into the corner and then stomps a mudhole in her guts, finishes off with a choke by the boots. Brooks pulls Love off again, love with a shove-off or two on Brooks, Brooks shoves back, Kim tags in Taylor Wilde, who runs roughshod over Love with some clotheslines, dropkick to Velvet Sky, tilt-awhirl slam on Love, cover, broken up by Awesome Kong. Kong picks up Wilde for a powerbomb, Kim runs in, leaps off of Wilde's back and hits a dropkick, Kong with a chop to the shoulders, everybody's in the ring now fighting. Kim and Kong go outside to brawl, Kong throws Kim into the barrier and then chokes her. in the ring, Angelina Love just hits a vicious dropkick to the face on Taylor Wilde. Kong puts Kim on the ringpost, charges with a clothesline, Kim moves and Kong hits the ringpost - OUCH! in the ring, Love tries for a suplex, but Taylor Wilde rolls through, rolls up Love and hooks the legs for the pin.
WINNERS: Taylor Wilde, Gail Kim & ODB. Half this match was good, half of it was a clusterfuck. We go backstage with Leticia and Team 3D, who are apparently going to visit Sting. Brother Ray tells Leticia to just shut up and follow them. They climb into the rafters, and Brother Ray suddenly starts getting sick, Leticia laughs at him being afraid of heights. Brother Ray shakes it off, calls out to Sting and says that Team 3D has his back. Brother Devon says that they're behind him 110% for whatever he wants to do. Ray says that Sting can feel free to interfere in their match tonight, because they got each other's back. Ray says that they're leaving now because Devon is afraid of the dark. Devon tries to deny it, Leticia hollars out "BOO!" and Devon about jumps out of his skin. Leticia laughs at them as we go into promos for the other matches tonight.
TNA Tag Team Championship: champions Latin American Xchange (Homicide & Hernandez, w/ Selinas & Hector Guerrero) vs. Beer Money, Inc. (Robert Roode & "Cowboy" James Strom, w/ Jacquelin)
Jacquelin, Miss Texas, Jackie Moore, will TNA PLEASE make up their mind what they're going to call my future ex-wife? Beer Money hit the ring, LAX c ome out next, F.I.L.T.H.E.E. comes out with them to rap LAX's new theme song. Hernandez goes to the outside and attacks James Storm, whips him around, Homicide does the same with Robert Roode. We finally get Roode and Homicide in the ring to start the match, dropkick by Homicide on Roode, Hernandez gets in, they whip him into the opposite corner, laria by Hernandez, followed by a big shoulderblock. Hernandez catapults Roode into Homicide's clothesline, followed by the Drive-By. Strong gets in and Homicide nails him with a swinging neckbreaker, Hernandez follows up with an elevated delayed suplex. Roode gets on the apron, Homicide knocks him off, Hernandez is STILL holding that suplex, Storm was up there a good 45 second before Hernandez drops it.
Storm tries to crawl off for a tag, Homicide snatches him by the hair, nails a butterfly suplex, cover, two-count as Homicide pulls him up early. Homicide tags in hernandez, then grabs Storm by the hair, runs him over to his corner and throws Storm head-first into Roode, knocking them both to the floor. Himicide tries to go for the baseball slide, Roode pulls him out, him and Storm clotheslines him from the front and the back, but Hernandez leaps over the top rope and takes them all out. Homicide recovers, throws Roode into the ring, whips him off the ropes, double-arm suplex into a pin attempt by Homicide, but Homicide again pulls him up, wanting to lay in more punishment. Roode is thrown into the corner, Jackie Moore gets on the apron to distract the ref. James Storm spits in Homicide's eye to blind him, Roode goes for a quick pin.
Roode pulls off Homicide's shirt, rakes the back, tags in Storm and they double-team Homicide, ending with Roode hitting a snap mare on Homicide. Storm with a quick pin attempt, Storm pulls off Homicide's bandage and starts raking his injured eye. Storm puts Homicide on the middle rope and chokes him, referee pulsl him off, Robert Roode comes over and gouges the ey as Homicide screams "My eyes! My eyes!" Roode tags in, chops on Homicide, whips him off the ropes and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker over the knee, Roode with a pin attempt. Roode pulls up Homicide, whips him to a corner, charges, Homicide with a boot up, charges out, cross body block on Roode, two-count, Roode nails Homicide in the gut, runs over and knocks Hernandez off the mat, tags in Storm. Storm with a choke, tags in Roode, they execute a double-team suplex and then they gloat in the ring.
Roode does a Ric Flair style strut to fire up the crowd, Homicide getsu p, tries to fight Roode, Roode overpowers him, paintbrushes his head, front facelock and goes to his corner, tags in Storm. Storm with Homicide up on his shoulders, hangs his feet off the top rope then executes a DDT, covers, 1... 2... kickout. Storm goes into a sleeper hold in the middle of the mat on Homicide. Surprisingly no interference from Salinas or Guerrero sofar. Storm with a high kneedrop on Homicide off the ropes, covers, two-count. Storm tags in Roode, deliver a wishbone on Homicide, Roode with a reverse chinlock on Homicide. Homicide gets to his feet, elbows out, fires up with some rights, bounces off the ropes, Roode with a reverse elbow to take him back down. Roode puts Homicide in a front facelock, sets up and executes a snap suplex, ooh! he's going for the Three Amigoes, and the fans boo the piss out of Roode, who follows up with a snot rocket! What a Chris Benoit / Eddy Guerrero tribute!
Storm tries to follow up with a frog splash, but Homicide rolls out of the way, makes the hot tag to hernandez who then cleans house, finishes with wrapping the Mexican flag around Roode's neck and whipping him across the ring. Storm is on the mat, Hernandez goes for a pin, Roode breaks it up. Roode tries a sunset fip on Hernandez back into the ring (don't ask me how he got out, we're bck to clusterfuck wrestling), Hernandez blocks it, but Storm naisl hernandez from behind, Roode with a pin attempt. They try to doubleteam him again, Hernandez clotheslines them both at the same time, tags in Homicide, Homicide goes to the top turnbuckle, he flips them both off, naisl a dropkick on the both of them. hernandez goes outside after Roode Homicide with a snap suplex on Storm, goes to the top turnbuckle, Jackie gets on the apron to block it, Homicide kicks her down, nails a frog splash, covers, but Storm kicks out.
Roode gets in and attacks Homicide, Hernandez follows up and takes them out again, Storm takes a Gringo Killer by Homicide on Storm, Beer Money rolls out. Homicide and Hernandez then start arguing with each other, Homicide shoves Hernandez, then points to himself... Hernandez picks up Homicide and uses his body as a weapon, executing a Border Toss on Homicide over the top rope, hurling him into Beer Money on the floor! Jackie and Salinas start brawling at ringside. James Storm has recovered in the ring, gets the upper hand on Storm, goes for the Gringo Killer, Robert Roode runs in with the beer botltle while the ref is outside taking care of the brawl, Roode smashes the bottle into Homicide's injured eye, Storm covers for the pin.
WINNERS, AND NEW TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, BEER MONEY INC. Hernandez rolls in to check on Homicide, we recap the highlights then show Beer Money escaping with the belts in hand. We immediately go backstage where kevin Nash has caught up with Sting. Nash starts waxing poetic about the old days, then says that there has to be another way for Sting to accomplish what he wants, Sting says there's no other way. Sting walks off, Nash asks Sting if he can have another minute. What's this about? We'll find out soon!
Black Tie Brawl & Chain Match: "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal (w/ SoCal Val) vs. "The Guru" Sonjay Dutt
Apparently both men will be chained together, and they're both wearing tuxes, first to strip the other out of their tux wins, or you can pin your opponent. HOLY FUCK! Wanna talk about CREEPY? What is THIS shit? Did Ed Ferrera dream this gimmick match up? Slick Johnson pulls out the chain and tells them to hook on. Dutt rolls out of the ring and doesn't want to put the chain on. Johnson threatens to declare Lethal the winner of Dutt doesn't get in the ring and strap on the chain. Lethal gets cuffed first, Johnson puts the cuffs on Dutt, but Lethal takes his off and hooks it on the rope behind Johnson's back! Johnson starts the match and doesn't realize what Lethal has done! Dutt realizes he's caught and lethal takes advantage of the moment to beat up on Dutt, then clotheslines him with the chain. Johnson keeps trying to hook it on Lethal, Lethal keeps taking shots, finally hooks it on, Dutt realizes where the chain is, and uses it to crotch Lethal as the bell rings.
Dutt strips Lethal's cumberbun off, then lays out Lethal with a punch to the forehead. Dutt tries to pull off off the jacket, lethal fights him. Dutt wraps the chain around his fist, tries for a fist drop, Lethal rolls out and then catches Dutt with the chain. Lethal grabs Dutt's shirt and rips it open. Lethal whips Dutt off the ropes and hits a reverse elbow, pulling him in with the chain. Lethal pulls a sleeve off, throws Dutt over the top rope, then leapfrogs over the rope with a slingshot right into Dutt. Lethal grabs another sleeve and rips it, picks up Dutt, whips him into the ring barrier, throws him into the steps, picks up Dutt but he punches Lethal in the midsection, then climbs over the barrier and tries to walk off. Lethal stands up and yanks the chain, pulling Dutt back over the barrier.
Lethal stands Dutt up next to the ring post, then gets in the ring, goes around the post and out the other side, pinning Dutt to the ringpost! Lethal rips off Dutt's shirt, tries for a punch ot the head using the chain, Dutt is able to duck and lethal busts his knuckles on the ringpost. Dutt loosens the chain, escapes, climbs back into the ring to unwrap the chain, then starts punching lethal in the head using the chain. SoCal Val is terrified at the sight of it all. Dutt throws Lethal into the ring, whips Lethal into the corner, lethal reverses, Dutt sidesteps it, Lethal eats the buckle, but he turns around and nails Dutt to the apron, Lethal uses the chain to choke Dutt over the ropes with the chain! As the ref tries to break it, SoCal Val gets on the apron and begs Lethal to stop the insanity, lethal ignores her, SoCal Val breaks out in tears and goes to the back. Lethal tries to go after her, Dutt yanks the chain and pulls Lethal head-first into the ring post.
Dutt takes up the slack in the chain and does it again, lethal is stunned. Dutt gets back in the ring, puts Lethal in the Tree of Woe upside-down in the corner, uses the chain to secure his feet. Dutt pulls Lethal's shirt off his back, stomps him in the head, pulls him out of the corner, mocks Lethal with the Macho Man-esque pose. Dutt throws lethal outside right in front of lethal's own family, mocks them and then chokes Lethal with the chain to draw their ire. Dutt rolls Lethal back intothe ring and tries to remove Lethal's pants. Lethal sits up and rakes Dutt's eyes, tries to bounce off the ropes, but Dutt yanks him back with the chain and delivers a clothesline. The fans start a "BOOR-ING!" chant. Dutt with a backbreaker on Lethal, leaps over the top rope, tries to springboard off the rope, but Lethal yanks the chain and pulls Dutt down from mid-air! Lethal uses the chain to whip Dutt from pillar to post, then knocks him off with a flying knee.
Lethal tries for the Lethal Combination, Dutt blocks it, but Lethal follows up with a front-face slam, covers, two-count for Lethal. Lethal is favoring his shoulder that was rammed into the ringpost earlier. Dutt catches Lethal with a kick to the midsection, followed by a inverted DDT, covers, two-count. Dutt drags Lethal by the chain, goes to the top turnbuckle, takes up the slack in the chain, tries for the Hindu Press, Lethal rolls out of the way, pulls Dutt into a DDT, covers, two-count. Lethal mounts Dutt and lays in a few shots, tries to go to the corner, Dutt yanks the chain, Lethal returns and pounds Dutt in the face, picks him up, taunts him, and executes the Lethal Combination. Lethal goes to the top turnbuckle, goes for the elbow off the top, nails Dutt right in the chest, covers, hooks the leg, stick a fork in 'em he's done!
WINNER: jay Lethal, by pinfall. Johnson unhooks the chain, Lethal picks up the win but apparently no longer has SoCal Val's respect. Backstage Jeremy Borash is interviewing Booker T, brings up Sting's presence. Booker T starts complaining about his locker room conditions again, but says he'll address it later. Booker T says that he knows what Sting's agenda is, they are both the crown jewels of TNA, they think alike so he knows what is on Sting's mind. Booker T then looks at the camera and tells Samoa Joe that he doesn't respect him, and neither does Sting. Booker T & Sting have paid their dues in professional wrestling to clean up the crap, and calls Samoa Joe a "backyard, trailer park wanna-be independent worker". Booker T says that he will prove why he is the REAL TNA World Heavyweight Champion.
New Jersey Hardcore Street Fight: Team 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon) vs. Christian Cage & Rhino
Team 3D try to attack before the bell, but Rhino and Cage are ready for it. Rhino goes after Devon in the ring while Cage goes out to brawl with Ray. Rhino takes down Devon with a clothesline, goes for a pin, Devon rolls out and Rhino follows. Ray throws Cage into the ring, nails him in the head, bounces off the ropes and goes for a splash, Cage side steps it, Cage with some chops, goes off the ropes and a big clothesline, Christian tries again, Ray picks up Cage and throws him HIGH in the air with a back body drop. Cage rolls out, Ray follows with a street sighn, cracks him in the head with it. Rhino and Devon go into the crowd in one direction, Cage and Ray go into the crowd in another direction. They're basically brawling with whatever they can find, too hard to keep up with the action that is now split into two screens.
Rhino is telling the fans to move as he beats up on Devon, then throws a beer on him. we switch to Cage dragging Ray into the crowd as well. Somewhere along the way Ray gets the upper hand on Cage, they're going up to the top of the arena, Devon apparently has the upper hand on Rhino as well. we switch back and see Cage throw Ray into a concrete wall at the top, Devon punches Rhino and watches him fall down the stairs. Cage apparently leaps onto Ray from the steps as well and they both tumble down. Devon punches on Rhino until they're back at ringside. Ray is choking Cage on the steps, then wraps his leg on a stair rail and wrenches it. Rhino whips Devon into a street barrier. Ray finally gets Cage back near the ring. Rhino finds a ladder and takes it to the ring. Cage has the upper hand on Ray now, throws him in the ring. Christian grabs a sign that says "Christian, use my Sign!"... and he does, nails Ray right in the head with it. \
Rhino throws Devon in the ring, puts him in the corner, shoulder block. They double-team Ray and execute a back bodydrop, then set up and execute a double-team suplex on Devon. They curb stomp Devon in the corner, Ray takes htem both out with a road sign from behind. Ray goes outside and grabs the steel ringsteps, throws them in the ring. Devon picks it up and knocks Rhino in the head with it, Rhino rolls out, Devon follows. Ray picks up the steps, sets them up in the middle of the ring, Cage scrambles to his feet, Ray throws Cage face-first into it, lays him out on the top step, chop to the chest, Ray goes to the middle turnbuckle, Christian cuts him off, climbs up to meet him, grabs the head and throws him face-first into the steps. Devon tries to get in the ring, Cage picks up a road sign and cracks him in the head with it, then lays out Ray on the steps face-down. Cage climbs up the steps, straddles Ray's body, tries to nail him in the head with the sign, but Ray moves and Cage hurts his hand. Ray grabs Cage into a full nelson and executes a full nelson drop! Ray covers for a pin, 1... 2... KICKOUT.
Ray picks up cage and puts him in the corner, then creams Cage with a road sign. Devon finds a construction zone barrel, the fans start chanting "WE WANT TABLES!" Rhino gets in the ring and takes Ray out, Devon clocks Rhino from behind, tries to charge Cage, but Cage puts up a stop sign, Devon stops himself, but Rhino with a GORE GORE GORE! from behind! Ray takes out Rhino, but Cage with a cross body block from the top turnbuckle on Ray, covers, two-count. Cage picks up Ray and tries for the Unprettier, but Ray powers out, picks up cage on his shoulders and executes a fallaway slam. Ray goes up to, Rhino cuts him off, Devon cuts Rhino off, but Rhino turns around and headbutts Devon's head into Ray's crotch a dozen time, covers, for a pin, two count. Both men are up, charge, they take out each other with a clothesline.
Cage rolls back into the ring, catches Ray on the top turnubckle, climbs up, tries for the hurracanrana, but Ray grabs the legs and executes a sit-out powerbomb! Ray pulls himself up, rolls Cage over, covers, hooks the leg, gets a two count. Cage rolls out as Ray attacks Rhino with a sign. Devon rolls out looking for plunder. Fans again cant "WE WANT TABLES!" Devon... GETS THE TABLES! The fans go nuts, Ray takes out Rhino with another stopsign shot. Devon sets the table in the corner, they pick up Rhino, whip him into the table, Rhino stops himself, turn around, takes them both out with a clothesline! Rhino calls for a ladder, Cage provides one, and Rhino uses it to clothesline Ray & Devon with it. Rhino grabs Cage and puts him on the top of the latter... WOAH! Cage files with the frogsplash and nails Ray! Rhino follows up with a gore on Ray through the table! COVER... 1... 2... 3!
WINNERS: Christian Cage & Rhino, by pinfall. The fans are actually booing Rhino for the win? Wow, heel crowd tonite. Johnny Devine runs in and kendos Rhino from behind, then takes out Cage on the apron. Devon is up, takes on Rhino with punches to the back of the head, chokes him on the bottom rope. Ray recovers, raises the kendo. The lights go dark... it's Abyss! Ray tosses a sign at Abyss, he no-sells it, gets in the ring, takes out Ray & Devon, then dares Johnny Devine to attack him with the singapore kane. Devine swings, Abyss ducks it and then nails the Blackhole Slam. Abyss picks up the kendo as the fans chant "DO IT! DO IT!" as Ray stands up. Abyss looks at it and then throws it down, poses off to the fans, who boo him too! The fans want some more hardcore action here, and are not satisfied that they're not getting it. Abyss walks back up the ramp.
Leticia interviews AJ Styles backstage, asks if he got a chance to talk to Sting. Styles said that they talked, they cleared everything up and will talk more after tonight's show. Leticia asks Styles about tonights' match. Style says that this is a purely personal issue, he wants to hurt Kurt Angle, Angle wants to hurt him, and tonight they're going to settle things in the ring. Angle may end up being the better wrestler, but Styles will always be the better man, but Styles will guarantee that Angle will not get up tonight.

Last Man Standing Match: Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles

Styles charges at Angle as the bell rings, Angle bails to the floor. Angle gets back in the ring, Styles rushes him again, Angle again bails, this time with a cocky smile, knowing that Styles is already getting frustrated. Angle gets back in teh ring, Style charges again, again Angle ducks out, Styles follows him though, and we run around the ring, Angle slides back in first and is able to cut Styles off, club to the back. Styles pulls himself up in the corner, but Angle unloads with rights, then chokes Angle with the boot. Angle sets up and executes a snap suplex, covers, gets a quick pin attempt, Angle rolls into a side headlock. Fans are chanting "Let's Go AJ!". Styles gets to his knees, then his feet, elbows out, a stiff right, a chop on Angle to put him in the corner, then Style sbeats Angle downand stomps his guts out, finishes with a boot choke until the referee breaks it. Angle with a eyerake to reverse his fortune, then an European Uppercut. Angle whips Style soff the ropes, drops, Styles floats over then catches Angle with a clothesline, then clotheslines Angle out of the ring.
Styles bounces off the ropes and flips over the top rope, diving onto Angle. Styles covers angle, 1-2-kickout. Style sslams Angle's head into the apron, followed by a a straight righ, then throws Angle into the barrier. Angle is thrown back in the ring, Styles is right on him, scoop slam, bounces off the ropes, HIGh kneedrop on Angle's head. Styles covers a pin attempt, Angle escapes and tries to beg off, Styles approaches, Angle grabs the tights and pulls Styles through the ropes. Angle rolls out and rams Styles' head into the barrier. Angle looks around the ring, picks up Styles, whips him across to the other side of the barrier, Styles stops himself, leaps up ont o the barrier, tries a cross-body block, Angles catches him and throws him right back into the guardrail with a suplex. Angle with an arrogant cover, using his feet only.
Angle throws Styles head-first into the steel ringsteps, does it again, Styles flops to the floor. Angle picks up Styles, but Styles counters immeidately with chops to the chest and a few punches to the head. Angle staggers off to the ramp, styles pursues him, Angle with a kick to the midsection, sets up Styles on the ramp, tries to execute a suplex, Styles blocks it and reverses it with a snap suplex of his own! Styles covers, hooks a leg, but only a two-count. Both men get up, holding their backs. Styles punches Angle in the head, they're heading to the stage area, Style takes some tough rights, several in a row on Angle, he's reeling, but he ducks the last one, catches Styles and throws him off the stage with a belly-to-back suplex, Angle follows up with a somersault onto Style sfrom the top of the stage!
Fans start a "Holy shit!" chant, Angle leaps down, covers Styles, gets a two-count. Angle grabs Styles in a side headlock and drags him back towards the ring, punching him in the head as they go. Styles is thrown face-first into the announcer's table, then thrown back in the ring. Angle kicks Styles in the ribs and starts to taunt him. Angle with a backbreaker, covers for a pin, putting his forearm across Style's face, but Styles kicks out. Angle with a reverse chinlock to wear Styles down, keeping him grounded. Styles works his way to his feet, waistlock on Angle, Angle still holding the headlock, Styles drives Angle into the corner, but Angle still has the upper-hand. Styles pulls off and snaps off an enziguri from nowhere! Angle falls to the mat, dazed, Styles follows up with a kick to the ribs. Styles tries to whip Angle into the corner, Angle reverses it, Styles floats over and hits him with a clothesline. Styles tries to whip Angle off the ropes, Angle reverses the whips and executes a Greman release suplex on Styles. Angle follows up with a scoop slam, cover, two-count, and Angle goes back into the side headlock. Styles works his way up again, puts Angle on the ropes and throws haymakers followed by knees! Styles whips Angle off the ropes, Angle ducks a clothesline, they take each other down with a cross body block.
Both men get to their feet, Styles takes Angle down with three clotheslines, whips him into the corner, Angle reverses it, Styles floats over the top rope, singshots back in with a shoulder block. Styles picks up angle on his shoulders, applies a backbreaker! Brilliant! Styles finishes him off with an airplane toss, covers, two count. Both men look spent. Styles pulls up Angle, goes for the Styles Clash, Angle with a double-leg takedown, rolls Styles over into an ankle lock, Styles kicks him off. Angle charges, spinebuster by Styles! Styles goes to the top turnbuckle, Angle charges him, Styles tosses him down, Styles tries for a dropkick, Angle swats him down, tries to use the Styles Clash on Styles himself! Styles rolls through and grabs a leg, applies the ankle lock on Angle! Angle taps out!
The referee starts the 10-count, Angle gets to his feet. Styles triess for the moonsault off the middle turnbuckle, but Angle swats him down! Angle wraps up Styles and execute a belly-to-back suplex, holds on, rolls through another, and a third, and then a German release suplex! Angle tries for a cover, but Styles kicks out. Angle tries for the Olympic Slam, Styles pulls out the Pele Kick from out of nowhere! Both men are down, referee starts a standing 10-count, Styles rolls over onto Angle, hooks a leg, two count. Styles collects his wits, slowly climbs to the top turnbuckle, Angle recovers and cuts him off, climbs up for a belly-to-back suplex, Styles throws elbows until Angle falls down. Styles gets to his feet on the top turnbuckle, Angle recovers again, waistlock, belly-to-back suplex, covers, 1-2-3!
Rudy Charles now starts the standing 10-count on Styles, 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... Styles is up, Angle with the Olympic Slam, covers, pinfall! Referee starts the standing count again, Angle is celebrating... 6... 7... 8... 9... Styles uses the ropes to help himself up, Angle is ready for him, Angle goes for the Olympic Slam, Styles rolls through, STYLES CLASH! HOOKS THE LEG! 1-2-3! Both men are down as referee Rudy Charles starts counting Angle out... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... Styles is on his feet... 8... 9... ANGLE POPS UP! Styles spears him in the corner! He puts Kurt up on the top turnbuckle, Styles goes up, going for a superplex, Angle fights him off with punches, Angle with a waistlock, Styles with a waistlock, Styles headbutts Angle! TOP ROPE DDT!! Angle falls on his neck! OMG! Styles rolls over and lays an arm on Angle, 1-2-3. Another count, both men are down as the count starts... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... Styles is up! Angle is not... 10!
WINNER: AJ Styles, by stipulation! Angle finally starts moving after about 30 seconds, he's moving his arms, so that's good. Styles celebrates for a few moments, leaves the ring. Rudy Charles is checking on Angle, then calls for the TNA Trainers to get in the ring, they bring a neckbrace and a backboard with them. AS Styles look on with concern from the top of the ramp, starts to come down to the ring, then runs down, clears out the paramedics, picks up Angle, DDT! Again! Styles straddles Angle's body and taunts him. Styles then leaves the ring area.
The lights go off! They come back up, STING! He's got AJ Styles in a inverted DDT and plants him on the ramp! The fans boo, kevin Nash walks out of the pipe, he asks Sting what just happened, Sting brushes him off and walks to the back, Kevin Nash follows him back. Referees help peel AJ Styles off the ramp.
Don West and Mike Tenay are just floored, Tenay suggests that Sting is trying to send some sort of message by attacking certain individuas. We recap the highlights of this match, including the SICK DDT on Angle, and Sting's apparently unprovoked attack on Styles. Tenay says that the more Sting does, the more questions come up.
TNA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - Six Sides of Steel Match:
champion Samoa Joe vs. Booker T (w/ Sharmell)
After the extended introductions in the cage, the fans start chanting "Joe is gonna kill ya!" as our two opponents circle the ring. Booker T signals he wants a test of strength, but then backs off. We finally get a collar-and-elbow tie-up, Joe shoves Booker T off, runs over, chops him a few times, puts Booker T in the corner, more chops, whip to the corner, Joe charges, Booker T with a reverse elbow to catch Joe. Booker T with forearm shots, then grabs a kendo. Joe kicks Booker T in the midsection, knocks the kendo away, Joe shoots him off into the buckle, charges and delivers an elbow, then a high kick to the head that knocks Booker T off his feet. Joe pulls down a trash can, sets in the middle of the ring, snapmare on Booker T, puts the trashcan in his lap, kick the back, kick in the traschan into Booker T's nuts, off the ropes and a senton on the trashcan onto Booker T! Booker rolls over, holding his guts.
"JOE IS GONNA KILL YA! JOE IS GONNA KILL YA!" Joe picks up a kendo and lays out Booker T with it. Booker T pulls himself up in the corner, Booker T comes over and lays in the jabs to the chin, the body shots, back to the face. Joe whips Booker T off, reversal, Booker T with several reverse elbows to get the upper-hand. Joe staggers out of the corner, Booker T crushes Joe's head with a trashcan shot. Booker picks up the hockey stick, Joe gets to his feet, ducks the shot, dropkick by Joe catches Booker T off-guard. Joe pulsl himself up, grabs a trashcan lid, goes across the ring, grabs another one, waits for Booker T to get up, rings his bell by boxing his ears with the lids, then hits him in the back of the head, then in the face, covers, 1-2-kickout. Samoa Joe picks up a chair, swings, Booker T ducks it and follows up with a spinning heel kick right into the chair, right into Joe's face.
Booker T picks up the chair, Joe is face-down on the mat. Joe gets to his feet and Booker Ti with a Superman-style swing with the chiar, and Samoa Joe is busted open! Booker T puts the trashcan lid on Joe's head, follows up with a legdrop on the lid. Joe gets to his feet, Booker T hits him with a cookie sheet. Joe staggers to the ropes, Booker T picks up an axe handle and chokes Joe with it over the ropes. Booker T climbs up the cage to escape, but Joe recovers, cuts him off, grabs Booker T by the neck and hits a diamond cutter off the top turnbuckle! Both men go down... stagger to their feet, Joe grabs Booker T by the dreads, nails him with a trio of right hands, then drives Booker T face-first into the cage. Joe puts Booker To in the corner, then tries to climb the cage. Booker T runs over, belly-to-back suplex, Booker T covers, hooks the leg, two count.
Booker T applies a front facelock, then wraps his legs around Joe's body and applies a guillotine choke. Joe hooks his feet on the ropes, but it doesn't matter. Or it does?? Uh, this is a no-holds-barred match, why is Earl Hebner breaking the hold? DUMB. Joe gets to his feet, finds a trashcan lid, Booker Ti spots it and kicks Joe in the face, with the trashcan lid between them. Booker T stomps a mudhole in Joe's body. Booker T tries to climb over the cage, Joe gets up and pursues him, they're on the top rope, Joe with rights, Booker T with chops and rights of his own, Booker T throws Joe's head into the cage. Joe leaps up and kicks Booker T in the head! Joe falls to the mat, Booker T is hanging onto the cage, then loses his grip and falls on his head! Joe follows up with a lariat, irish whip off the ropes, powerslam! Joe covers, 1-2-kickout.
Samoa Joe picks up Booker T, POWERBOMB! Joe doesn't release it, instead he flips Booker T over and goes right into an STF! Joe grabs the arm and tucks it between his legs, it's now a Crippler Crossface! Booker T is literally hurling his body to the ropes to find a break, reaches out a leg to touch the rope, Hebner breaks the hold. Samoa Joe grabs a chair, plants it in the middle of the ring. Finds a second chair and stacks it on the first. Joe picks up Booker T on the top turnbuckle, sets up for the Muscle Buster, Booker T fights him off, Samoa Joe with a kick to the head again, Joe tries it again, gets him on his shoulders, but Booker T wiggles out, Joe charges, Booker T snatches him up with the Book End and plants him on the stack of chairs! Booker T follows up with a cover, two-count. Booker T flips over, SPINAROONI! Joe is up, Booker T off the ropes, AXEKICK! The lights go out! STING?? The lights come up, Samoa Joe has a guitar, nails Booker T with it from behind! COVER! 1-2-3!
WINNER: Samoa Joe, by pinfall. WAIT?? Guitar?? Uh... there wasn't a guitar in the ring! WOAH! Idea light! Samoa Joe leaves the cage, picks up his belt and leaves, but does this mean.... could it be? We'll find out on Impact next week! I'm outta here!

netscape check two
08-11-2008, 02:39 AM
So Jeff Jarrett is going to be wrestling again?

This explains what Coachman will be up to, according to Jim Ross's blog:

'Great to hear that Jonathan Coachman has started his new gig for ESPN with his first assignment being on ESPN News. I expect to see Coach’s career advance nicely on ESPN after he gets his feet wet reading the sports on ESPN News. Coachman can do play by play and has done college football along with men’s and women’s hoops which will help him move up'.

08-11-2008, 02:45 AM
I seen him on espnews on Friday

08-11-2008, 02:45 AM
hmmm i wonder if jeff jerret will be coming back how interesting turn of events and i'm glad they took the title away from booker t i hate to say but he's past his prime he was great in wcw but the is annoying with his whole "king booker" gimmick is lame just so lame.

netscape check two
08-11-2008, 02:46 AM
lol, did he do pretty good?

08-12-2008, 01:14 PM
RAW is not RAW now until I see Santino Marella on Monday nights! The guy is just flat out GOLD on the mic and entertaining in the ring also. The guy has been in the ring now with Beth, Kelly, and the beautiful Mickey James the guy just has it made lol.... Has anyone checked out Santino's Casa on the WWE board it's also good for a laugh!

08-14-2008, 07:41 AM
Report: Mick Foley Headed To TNA Next Month


The Sun out of the UK is reporting a close friend of Mick Foley has informed them that the hardcore icon is headed to TNA Wrestling when his WWE contract expires on September 1st.

Foley’s friend told the Sun, “Mick's body cannot handle a full time schedule, even in TNA. But he's hell bent on doing everything he can to further his legacy and put them on the map.

The friend added, "Mick's plan is to wrestle select dates, like Sting currently does. He feels he will legitimately make a big difference in the way TNA Wrestling is perceived by the public!"

Back in 2005, Foley was in talks wih TNA and was very close to signing with the company before he wound up back in WWE. He did not work this week's SmackDown! tapings.


Well, WWE is going lower and lower. They lost one of the great legends in Wrestling to an up and coming Wrestling company in TNA.

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08-14-2008, 04:52 PM
Yeah, but it's not like Foley really wrestles much anyway, just on special occurences.

08-14-2008, 11:40 PM
right and it was only to job to todays top stars

08-18-2008, 12:54 AM
here's the results for Summer Slam taken from angrymarks.com

Written by Stevie J (steviej@angrymarks.com).

We're covering SummerSlam LIVE tonight beginning at 8:00 PM EST, 7 Central so be sure to visit the website and refresh the results page as often as you like for the updates!

In the category of the Best Host of the WWE Free-For-All, some jerkwad whose name was never even mentioned. Seriously. The guy on the PPV preview took an envelope out of his own jacket, said "And the winner is... ME" and somebody threw him a tiny little trophy. He thanked the "Academy" and Howard Finkel before the camera panned away to one last preview of the Hell in a Cell match. Our PPV starts NOW!
The following trailer has been approved for all audiences by Raw, Smackdown and ECW. "No Hollywood stand-ins, no second takes. It's the biggest blockbuster of the summer - SummerSlam! And it's coming, RIGHT NOW." Vickie cackles. Edge destroys Mick Foley. Edge tips over Vickie's wheelchair and vows to take her down to hell with him. And now, Street Kings presents WWE SummerSlam! Jet Flare Black blares over the air as 15,997 are live from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN. Six years in the making, Batista will take on John Cena. JBL looks to strengthen his portfolio by beating the champ CM Punk. Triple H takes on the 7 foot 3, 420 pound Great Khali.All of this and our opening match too!
* Jeff Hardy v. MVP
Good ol' J.R. can't resist saying that Hardy gets a "Michael Phelps-like welcome" as the camera pans around to all the Hardy fans popping for his entrance. After he gets in the ring we pan over to see Tazz and Ross at the announce table, right before MVP's pyros go off and he heads ringward with the 305 chain swangin from left to right. Ross professes to not know what "off the hook" means and says he'll ask Tazz later. MVP tries to give Hardy a running high kick right as the bell rings, Hardy avoids, MVP gives chase and a second attempt lands his boot on the ropes, so Hardy yanks him out to the floor to beat him up then throws him back in for a two count. Scoop slam and a flying leg drop for another two count. Ross notes the "unique enigma" known as Jeff Hardy has not wrestled at SummerSlam since 2001. MVP finally gets a rope break as Hardy was working his arm. Now it's Hardy with kicks to the gut and elbows to the face as Lil' Naitch insists they get out of the corner. Hardy whips MVP across and charges in but MVP catches him flush with a snap belly to belly suplex for two. The replay looks even nastier with Hardy's legs getting tied up in the suplex. MVP grounds Jeff to work him over and we get a close-up of the rubber bands in his braided hair, and of the juggalo and his hatchet warrior sign sitting ringside. Hardy tries to escape and MVP grapevines the leg. Hardy finally gets a rope break but MVP just gets up to stomp and kick at him. Hardy tries to go to the apron for a springboard but MVP smashes him in the face when he tries to go airborne. The beatdown continues and Hardy is put into a tree of woe, with MVP bouncing his head off the canvas.
Hardy fights his way out of a powerbomb attempt and snaps MVP's head and neck to the canvas. MVP mule kicks Hardy in the chest as he tries to jump onto Porter. MVP covers Hardy and gets two. He prepares to charge Hardy and again Hardy counters and hits his neck into the canvas. Russian leg sweep and a cradle with legs for leverage gets a two count for Hardy. MVP tries to pick up Hardy but he counters into a sunset flip for two, then hits the whisper in the wind. SWANTON TIME! Shelton Benjamin is on the outside and Hardy decides to wipe him out instead, which costs him when MVP rolls out of the way of the swanton. MVP does a running driveby kick to the head and makes the cover for three. WINNER: MVP.
Tazz puts over the idea that it was "Jeff's risk taking" which indeed cost him the match with MVP, which is what Porter has been saying about Jeff all along. I can't be mad at the result - this was a good three star match and definitely sets up a rematch in the feud. Santino and Beth Phoenix interrupt Maria explaining the intergender match backstage. "I'm doing just great, thank you for asking. The tabloids, they call us Glam-arella. It's a phenomenon." Maria: "A phenomenon just like your UNIBROW." Santino: "Thank you for noticing! It drives the Glamazon crazy. But enough about my manscaping!" Enough indeed, but a funny segment all the same.
* Mickie James {C} & Kofi Kingston {C} v. Beth Phoenix & Santino Marella (Intergender Winner Takes All)
Mickie and Kofi come out first in that order. Our announce team for the second match on the card is Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole. Lawler tries to claim the place is electric for Kofi Kingston but as for myself I think they're all "standing" for James. Santino and Phoenix come out together to Santino's "La Vittoria E Mia." Santino's wearing a singlet like a weightlifter - perhaps he's feeling a little self-conscious about the Glamazon being stronger than he is! Beth and Mickie start off the match. It's all Beth early until Mickie dropkicks the leg and boots her in the face for a near fall. Santino tags in and tries to work over Mickie, which backfires comically as he gets monkeyflipped through the air before Mickie tags in Kofi. More comedy as Santino bails to the outside, Kofi teases a suicide dive, and Santino jumps into Beth's arms for protection. The heels finally take control and cut off the ring with quick tags, each working over Kofi. Santino before applying a chinlock: "HOW ABOUT THIS AGAIN!" Kofi struggles. Santino: "C'MON REF, RING THE BELL!" Man he's too much. Kofi finally escapes and tags in Mickie. Mickie dropkicks Santino off the apron, hits Beth with a 'rana, and does a flying Lou Thesz press for a near fall. Santino hits the ring for the save and Mickie gives him a DDT for the trouble. Unfortunately (or in my case happily) this enables Beth to chickenwing her and slam her for the three count. EXACTLY AS I PREDICTED - BETH PICKS UP THE WIN FOR HER TEAM! NEW WOMEN'S AND INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION: THE GLAM & SLAM CONNECTION.
Santino rides her shoulders up the ramp, holding up both titles, as we go to replay footage of them picking up the win, then return to see she's put Santino down and they are both celebrating at the top of the ramp with their belts. Promo for "Twist of Fate: The Matt & Jeff Hardy Story" playing all month on PPV before we go back to Lawler and Cole at commentary, throwing to a promo package for the feud between HBK and Y2J. Shawn teases retirement in the footage.
* Shawn's Big Announcement

Shawn Michaels makes his way down to ring in a sportcoat, with his lovely (and man do I mean LOVELY) wife Rebecca at his side. Shawn: "First of all, I wanted to come out here and thank everybody who has supported us through this difficult time. Let's get right to it. I recently, had an appointment with my doctors for a re-evaluation of my eye. Due to complications with my eye, compounded with knee and back surgery, and the other countless injuries I've had with my career, his recommendation to me and to us was to walk away." Loud booooo. "Now ultimately he said it was my decision. And, after talking it over with Rebecca and my family, we've decided for the first time in my professional career, it's time for me to heed the doctor's advice and walk away." Another BOOOOOO. "I want you to know I have had a wonderful career and I regret nothing. I came here in 1988 and I can remember my first SummerSlam. From that one to this one, each and every one of you gave me the opportunity to be the Heartbreak Kid, the main event, the icon, the Showstopper - even Mr. WrestleMania. I've also been known for some other things, such as the guy who screwed Bret, and as the guy who formed D-Generation X. I innovated the ladder match, I'm the guy who lost his smile, and I'll forever be known as the guy who retired Ric Flair. I now have the opportunity to be known as something else - full-time husband and father." Applause. "Ultimately this will not be a popular decision but I know it's the right one. So from the bottom of my heart I want to thank..."
Cue Jericho's music. He's looking very dapper in a suit and tie, but not at all happy. He's glaring at Jericho as he comes down to the ring with a mic in hand. Jericho shakes his head. "No." Shawn: "Excuse me!" Jericho: "You heard me, I said no. You can't go out this way. I won't let you go out on your own terms, that's not going to happen. You're leaving this business because of me and I want you to admit that to my face right now." HBK: "If you have even the SLIGHTEST amount of human decency you'll get out of this ring right now." Jericho: "No. I'm not leaving until you admit it's not your doctors or your family or anything else. You need to admit what I did to your eye ended your career. You need to admit it to your family. You need to admit it to me because I deserve to hear it. I've earned the right to hear you say I put you out. I want the last moment of your career to be you looking at me, saying Chris Jericho put you out for good. It doesn't matter, all of your accomplishments, all the championships you won and fans you made. The epitaph for your life will read Shawn Michaels, the man who was forced to walk away from wrestling by Chris Jericho." Shawn: "Okay Chris, I'll admit it. I'll go home and tell them the reason I can't wrestle any more is because of the actions of a vile, worthless, selfish human being. Do me a favor though, go home and sit YOUR wife and kids down, look them in the eye, and tell them that daddy will never, EVER, be Shawn Michaels." Loud H-B-K chant.
Oh shit! Rebecca was trying to pull Shawn away as he and Chris got nose to nose, Jericho reared back for a punch, Shawn ducked and Jericho CLOBBERED Rebecca! Even if he pulled the punch, Rebecca is selling it like a million bucks. Jericho is walking away, stunned, visibly upset at first, but second by second you can see a cold emotionless pall drawing over his face. He backs up the ramp as a stunned and angry Michaels looks on, and the crowd boos Jericho's actions. More officials run down past Jericho as he backs up the ramp to the gorilla position. Shawn cradles his wife as officials try to pull him away so they can check on her. She's finally helped to sit up and the crowd roars with approval at seeing she's okay. We get a replay of Jericho loading up a hard right just as Shawn was starting to walk away, him avoiding it again, and Rebecca getting walloped. Rebecca is slowly and carefully helped to the back.Shawn takes off his sportcoat so he can help her down the steel steps. Lawler and Cole are speaking very little, and entirely in hushed tones. Rebecca keeps rubbing her jaw, and Lawler says her lips are all swollen up from the punch. In fact, they are - so either they loaded up something in them while she was laying down or Jericho really did drill her. We go to Todd Grisham and Matt Striker at commentary previewing their lone title match of the evening.
* Mark Henry {C} v. Matt Hardy (ECW Championship Match)
Hardy comes out first to a raucous pop, much like his brother got earlier. Henry comes out looking confident and strong. We get the big title match introductions from Tony Chimel before the match begins. Hardy gets a Twist of Fate right away, hooks the leg and makes a cover, but Tony Atlas grabs Hardy's leg to pull Matt out! The ref calls for the bell. MATT WINS BY DISQUALIFICATION IN A SHITTY FINISH.
Jeff Hardy comes out to attack Tony Atlas and gives him a swanton on the floor. Henry comes out of the ring and tries to attack Hardy, but the Hardy Boyz double team him and give him a double suplex on the floor! They hit the ring and Jeff Hardy's music plays as the crowd pops, with Atlas on the outside getting up slowly. Tony Chimel finally makes the announcement. I hope you didn't get up for a leak or to make some popcorn between HBK's segment and this match, because if you did you probably would have missed the whole thing. We go back to Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler on commentary, we see CM Punk warming up backstage, and then go to a video package for the champ.
* CM Punk {C} v. JBL (World Heavyweight Championship Match)
Lilian Garcia is our announcer for this match. JBL comes out in his stretch limo with the bullhorns on the front. Remember kids, JBL = EPIC FAIL~! There are a lot of CM Punk signs and Pepsi logos in the crowd at the Conesco Fieldhouse. There's also someone who think he's Batman, and another guy who thinks he's one half of Run-D.M.C. (the Darryl McDaniels half). The ref takes a cue from DREAM, points at both men, and then points at the timekeeper to ring the bell. JBL pushes Punk into the corner with his bulk and the ref calls for a clean break. Bradshaw starts to punch away at Punk and then puts him into a side headlock. Punk ducks a clothesline, hits a few kicks, does a flying elbow into Bradshaw's face, knocks him out of the ring and then does a suicide dive to the floor! JBL thrown back in for a crossbody and covered for one. JBL knocks him down with a shoulder and it's time for Bradshaw's heat segment. Long slow minutes go by with Bradshaw's "smashmouth" offense on display, including whipping Punk hard into the turnbuckle, and putting him into a reverse bear hug. Lovely.
Time literally grinds to a halt when JBL is on offense, and I should know - I sat ringside for 20 minutes of it to open Judgment Day here in Omaha. At least the crowd keeps cheering for Punk to make a comeback, which he finally does get with a running knee and a bulldog. When Punk tries to pick up JBL for a Go 2 Sleep though he sells it as though Bradshaw injured his ribs too much, drops the challenger, and said challenger levels him with a clothesline. JBL drops beefy elbows on him for about a minute then covers him for a near fall. Punk tries to get a cover off a headkick to no avail. Punk tries to springboard off the ropes and is caught in mid-air for a slam and another near fall. Bradshaw tries to hit the ropes for a clothesline from hell but Punk leaps up to kick him in the face coming off the ropes. Somewhere along the way the knuckles of Punk's right hand got bloodied up, and he's also got some sort of scalp laceration bleeding through his hair to boot. Bradshaw once again hooks the leg for a near fall. Bradshaw tries to hit a clothesline again, Punk ducks and picks him up and HITS THE GO 2 SLEEP FOR THE CLEAN PIN! PUNK WINS! PUNK WINS! PUNK WINS! WINNER AND STILL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: CM PUNK.
We get a long post-match celebration in the ring, Punk's on top of the world, and we see highlights from the match (including the noggin knocker which split his head open when JBL's head collided with his) before going to a highlights package for Triple H v. The Great Khali.
* Triple H {C} v. The Great Khali (WWE Championship Match)
Justin Roberts is our announcer for this title match, and Great Khali is the first man to enter as good ol' J.R. puts him over as a man with an 85 inch reach, size 18 boots, and "much like you Tazz a sixty inch waist." They note that Khali won the world title once before in a 20-man battle royal and that he's the most popular sports entertainer in his native country of India. Runjan Singh stands with his man in the ring as The Game's music plays and the fans come to their feet. I love how the spinner belt has become the official title now, even though Cena hasn't worn it for ages and it never even spins any more. Tazz describes Triple H as being one step ahead of you in the ring at all times. Probably doesn't hurt that he gets to read the script and know what's happening on page two before page one's even done. Smarky comments aside I'm looking forward to this match, as apparently is my cat Tango since he just pwnzered my hands before parking at my feet to watch the telly.
We get the big announcement, the bell rings, and Triple H stares up at his opponent. He goes for a pedigree early but Khali blocks it and his a big tree slam. He throws up his arms in celebration like the match is already over, and signals for Hunter to get up to be finished off. Khali puts Hunter's head in a vice grip, Hunter aims a well placed kick at his midsection to get free and chops down one of Khali's legs. Khali rolls to the outside for a breather, Hunter gives chase, and Khali catches him with a BRAIN CHOP before throwing him chest first into the security wall. Mickie Henson gets to 7 on a 10 count before Khali steps over the ropes and back into the ring, where the Punjabi Punisher drives one elbow after another into his face. "His offense may be bowling shoe ugly, but it's very effective." Cthulhu bless J.R., he calls it exactly like he sees it (and often exactly how it is, as in this case). Body slam, leg drop, cover for a near fall.
Triple H finally gets his comeback with a facebuster that knocks Khali into the ropes, where he gets his arms tangled up Andre the Giant style. Or... maybe this isn't the comeback. Hunter charged in and Khali put a big boot in his face. As Khali gets free Triple H recovers and tries to go for a pedigree, but Khali elevates him over the ropes to the floor for a 7 foot 3 tall backdrop. Hunter recovers again and drags Khali to the apron, then snaps his leg into the ringpost. Ref starts his count again and as Hunter starts to run the apron to attack Khali, the Great One chops him hard in the chest to level him. Khali gets back in the ring and puts Hunter into the vice grip again. He sinks to his knees briefly but manages to recover, kick Khali in the gut, hook both arms for the pedigree and roll Khali over for three! WINNER AND STILL WWE CHAMPION - TRIPLE H.
Damn, that match wasn't nearly as much of a trainwreck as I was hoping for. I mean don't get me wrong, it could have been much worse, and with Khali in the ring it probably couldn't have been much better, but a colossal cluster would have in some ways been more entertaining. As it was Trips got the most out of him that he could and probably got a ** match out of the affair. It was - there. Not horrible, not brilliant. Just there. Trips celebrates in the ring for a long time before we go to a Cena and Big Dave video package.
* John Cena v. Dave Batista (Six Years in the Making)
The camera pans the crowd as Cena's music hits to show everybody rising to their feet, and there's a loud pop when he finally hits the ramp. Cena seems pumped up by the crowd reaction as he hits the ring, looking around with satisfaction at all the pro-Cena signs in Indy. Say, I wonder where RD Reynolds is tonight. I haven't seen any Wrestlecrap signs in the crowd, so I wonder if he got that "luxury suite" he was talking about on WrestleCrap Radio. Batista gets a pretty big reaction in his own right when he comes out, as a fan in the crowd holds up a sign for both men reading "The Ultimate Showdown." An on screen graphic reminds us that Unforgiven will be September 7th in Cleveland, Ohio even though neither Cole or Lawler mention it.
The bell rings and we're underway! Batista quickly takes the center ground, and Cena circles looking for an angle. We finally get a collar and elbow tie up which Batista wins, putting Cena into a headlock, but Cena escapes, leapfrogs over his opponent and armdrags Batista. The two size each other up again before locking up, with Cena knocking him down with a shoulder tackle, but Batista hits a clothesline and a vertical suplex. There's a vocal anti-Cena contigent in the crowd that are booing loudly when he gets any offense, though it was much harder to hear them earlier when John came out. Cena tries to go for the FU but Batista chops the leg a la Ric Flair and goes to work on his opponent. Speaking of Flair, Batista puts him in the figure four leglock! Cena tries at first to remove a leg with his arms, then opts to get a rope break. He tries to get the FU, Batista grabs the ropes, so Cena dumps Batista over the ropes instead! Batista gets back in the ring and Cena hits him with a series of shoulder blocks, even as he sells the leg Batista worked on earlier. YOU CAN'T SEE ME. Five knuckle shuffle connects!
FU is locked in, Batista escapes and hits a big boot to the face that knocks both men down. Batista gets up first and throws Cena into the corner for some shoulders to the gut, then follows up with a spinebuster! Batista decides to SHAKE DEM ROPES and pull Cena up for the Demon bomb, but Cena reverses it and goes for the STFU! Batista gets a rope break and escapes. Cena goes for the FU when Batista gets up but he counters it into a rear naked choke! Cena is fading and the ref is checking on him to see if he's out. Cena hammer's Batista's left knee with elbows to escape, but still eats a spear from Big Dave! Cena kicks out at 2.999. Counter, double counter, FU! Both men are down. Cena crawls over for the cover and Batista kicks out at 2.5. Cena tries to go top rope, Batista catches up to him, the two exchange haymakers on the ropes for a classic "BOO" and "YAY" spot. Cena knocks Batista off, goes to the top and stands up, he comes flying off and Batista catches him in a powerbomb for a near fall! Batista is all psyched up now. He picks up Cena for a big Demon Bomb, connects, and nails it for the three count! WINNER OF THE MATCH SIX YEARS IN THE MAKING: DAVE BATISTA.
Sweat is pouring off Batista as he walks away, while Cena lays on the canvas selling the pain of Big Dave's offense. There's only one match to go! That means we go back to J.R. and Tazz at their announce position, with Ross putting over the Conseco Fieldhouse being sold out, then shows us the results of a poll saying 78% of people think Edge and Vickie will get divorced.
* Edge v. The Undertaker (Hell in a Cell)
The cell lowers down, but before the match gets underway we get a video package putting over the drama between the leaders of La Familia, focused on Vickie reinstating Undertaker, and Edge going absolutely nutsoid as a result afterwards. It's 9:04 CST when Edge comes out for the main event. I realize his walk to the ring will take a minute, and Undertaker's will probably take five, but even if they have a half hour long match this still ends at 20 to the hour. You're telling me they couldn't have given Hardy v. Henry at least five minutes? They still would have finished with a quarter hour of time to spare. The crowd is already chanting "UN-DER-TA-KER" as Edge's entrance music ends and he waits inside of the steel cage. GONG. Lights go out. GONG. The crowd is buzzing. GONG. The spotlights come on and the pyros go off. HERE COMES THE PHENOM! The hat comes off, the eyes roll up, but Edge doesn't seem intimidated - he's SMILING like a man posessed. Undertaker slams the cell door shut and steps in, ready for war. Sure enough, it's 10 after as Taker's music fades and the bell rings. Here we go!
Edge tries to brawl with Taker early, not once but twice, and when the Dead Man finally gets tired of it he puts a boot into Edge's face. The action spills to the floor and Taker picks up Edge to run him into the steel hard. It's all Undertaker early as he disassembles the steel ring steps, lays Edge on the apron, and we get a shot of La Familia looking on and watching the match backstage. Undertaker does his running leg drop onto Edge on the apron, which we get a better replay of once the camera is not on backstage. Edge throws the bottom half of the steps into the ring and props them up in the corner. He picks up Edge and comes running at them to drop Edge into the steps, but Edge saves himself and reverses the fortunes, putting an elbow into Taker's face when he charges, then hits a drop down spear into the steps for good measure. Edge goes out of the ring to bring in a table. One table isn't enough so Edge gets another as we get a replay of the spear.
Edge tries to suplex Taker over the ropes onto a double stack of tables, Taker blocks with a goozler for a chokeslam, but Edge snaps the neck off the ropes to save himself. Not long thereafter Edge blasts him in the throat with a steel chair, then goes under the ring for another table and another chair. Edge starts setting the table up in the ring, cracks Taker with the chair to keep him down, finishes getting it upright then goes under the ring to pull out two ladders. He puts one of the two ladders into the ring, blasts Taker with the chair again, then sets up the ladder in the corner. He grabs a chair that he left laying on the table, wallops Taker in the face with it, then stops to rest for a moment on the steel steps. He pulls Taker up and puts him on the table (it nearly buckles under his weight), goes to the top of the ladder with the chair, says "I understand" then drives Undertaker through the table with the chair! Edge covers for two.
Edge readies a one-man conchairto but Taker sits up right before Edge can pull it off and goes on offense. Edge tries to recover on the apron and Taker hits a big boot that sends Edge flying off it back first into the fencing. Taker picks up some steps and blasts Edge in the head with them, then puts Edge on his shoulder to possibly spear him into the fence. Edge counters and knocks Taker into a ringpost, then SPEARS UNDERTAKER RIGHT THROUGH A CELL WALL! The cage wall is now laying on top of the Smackdown announce table. Undertaker and Edge are now brawling outside, and Taker bounces Edge's head off said table like a basketball before whipping him hard into a barricade. Tazz notes that hell is now worse OUTSIDE the cell than inside. Taker tries to clock Edge with a TV monitor, only to find that fate reserved for himself. RUNNING SPEAR ACROSS TWO ANNOUNCE TABLES THROUGH THE THIRD! Incredible. Edge and Taker are putting on a freaking war. I assume that was the spanish announce table but the announcers are nowhere in sight - I think their chairs were empty even before the move occured. It certainly looks that way on the replay. Cameras do show the announcers that are at the other tables, along with ringside personnel looking on in shock and awe.
The action goes back into the ring and Edge has Undertaker laid out before he goes under the ring for a video camera, and blasts Edge in the face with it a la shades of Survivor Series last year. Edge covers and Taker kicks out at 2.99. Taker recovers and goozles Edge, bringing him up HIGH in the air for a monster chokeslam, but Edge also kicks out at 2.99. Taker goes to finish him off and the crafty Edge hits a low blow! Impaler DDT by Edge gets a near fall as Scott Armstrong makes the count. Taker sits up as Edge tries to get a ladder, hits a body shot that doubles Edge over, tucks the head and picks him up for a last ride, but Edge escapes it and hits a BIG SPEAR that is only 2.99999. So close! Edge tries to go for punches in the corner. Taker counters into the last ride, and it's ANOTHER near fall. Damn!
Taker drags Edge over to the steel steps, stands up on them, picks up Edge for a possible tombstone but Edge counters with a leg sweep and Taker goes down flat back first on the steel. Ross puts over the pain Taker's back has to be in, and Tazz questions the condition of his spine. Edge covers for a near fall. Since Ross hasn't called this one a slobberknocker yet, I will! It's one hell of a brawl. Edge tries to go Old School to a chorus of boos, and Taker cuts it off by dropping his crotch on the turnbuckle, then chokslamming him through the double tables Edge set up earlier! HOLY SHIT. Edge crawls to his feet and gets back into the ring but TAKER SPEARS EDGE. Unreal. Taker grabs the camera Edge used earlier and clocks HIM with it. Taker grabs a chair and puts it under Edge's head. Taker's going to do a one-man conchairto! HOLY DAMN, CONCHAIRTO SPLIT EDGE'S BACK OPEN! He's bleeding as Undertaker pulls him up, hits a NASTY looking tombstone, and FINALLY after all of this makes the cover for three at 9:38. WINNER: THE UNDERTAKER.
INCREDIBLE. AWESOME. COLOSSAL. AMAZING HELL IN A CELL MATCH. I could have watched Edge and Undertaker do that for 10 more minutes. Taker starts to walk away up the ramp, gets to within visual range of the blockbuster marquee on the stage, then sees Edge rolling around in the ring and realizes he hasn't been finished off yet. Taker gets back in the ring, sets up a ladder, hurks Edge up, and sets him on the top of the ladder. Taker goes outside the ring to get another ladder. Taker climbs up the ladder, talks smack in Edge's face, slashes his throat... looks down at his prey... grabs a handful of his hair and throws him OFF THE LADDER THROUGH THE RING. As if that wasn't enough, pyros go off in the hole! THE HOLE IS BURNING AND SMOKING. UNDERTAKER SENT EDGE ALL THE WAY DOWN TO HELL. That's the end of the show at 9:42. Thanks for reading our recap and be sure to tune into http://www.blogtalkradio.com/k4d (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/k4d) for a live edition of Kayfabe 4 Dummies called BEERFEST IV going on right now. We'll have the replay up on AngryMarks after the live show is done!

08-18-2008, 03:30 AM
good look silvafistz appreciate the update man gonna have to catch the summerslam replay

netscape check two
08-18-2008, 05:13 PM
That Mark Henry vs Matt Hardy 'match' was dumb. HBK ducked on purpose so his wife could get knocked down. lol

08-27-2008, 05:47 PM
So Whos excited for the "The Brawl to End it All" - WWE Women's Championship - Fabulous Moolah vs Wendi Richter Tonight on MSG's WWE Classics? I cant wait! When the clock strikes 8 im going be watchin the match and sippin on a nice cold beer

08-28-2008, 04:29 AM
Mick Foley Agrees To Terms With TNA, Set To Debut Soon


TNA and Mick Foley have come to an agreement. He will able to debut in TNA as soon he is contractually permitted to. His current contract with WWE expires by September 1.

Spike TV helped TNA in landing the deal with Foley, and he may have a subsidized contract. Foley could end up being involved in other projects with Spike TV.

WWE dropped Foley from television a few weeks ago after they found he was unhappy with his status in the company and likely not renewing his contract.

There was a lot of buzz among the wrestlers in the locker room this past, but TNA officials are keeping quiet on the situation. Although, they were hopeful that TNA President Dixie Carter would get a deal done with Foley.

Good luck in TNA, Mick. With WWE losing more star power. WWE will sink even lower.

netscape check two
08-28-2008, 04:15 PM
So Whos excited for the "The Brawl to End it All" - WWE Women's Championship - Fabulous Moolah vs Wendi Richter Tonight on MSG's WWE Classics? I cant wait! When the clock strikes 8 im going be watchin the match and sippin on a nice cold beer

Nice first post. lol :beer:

09-01-2008, 06:45 PM
HBK has A torn triceps muscle and could be out for 6 months and he could miss his upcoming match with Jericho; I guess he received this injury on raw that will air later tonight, and it has been said this could push him closer to retirement which I guess he has been thinking about over the last year or so

09-05-2008, 06:47 PM
Mick Foley Says "See You At The Impact Zone"


Mick Foley posted the following on his MySpace.com blog:

I'm really thrilled at this recent development. Believe it or not I have actually learned how to access a computer - not necessarily use it just access- and I have been reading many of the comments from my friends on myspace. I know some of your feelings are mixed, and I will look forward to addressing your concerns with my next entry which I promise will be soon.

See you at the Impact zone.



09-05-2008, 06:58 PM
Foley Reveals His TNA Start Date, Being Removed From WWE, Vince's Yelling, More


Mick Foley called into the Opie and Anthony radio show today, reports ProWrestling.NET. Foley had a lot of interesting things to say during the interview.

Foley confirmed rumors saying he left World Wrestling Entertainment due to Vince McMahon yelling at him over the headset during his announcing. It really got to him. Tension had been building between the two individuals for a few weeks and the final straw came during the Edge and Vickie Guerrero wedding reception back in July. The wedding singers had been going on for nearly three minutes and then he decided to say, "What a special moment." Vince became incensed and yelled, "Layout damn it!" Foley said he wanted to walk out of the building right then and there.

Foley said some people told him McMahon was actually being nicer to him than most announcers. JBL told him it wasn't going to get any easier.

Foley acknowledged the news of his bio being removed from the alumni section on WWE. He also said his character has been pulled from the upcoming "Legends of WrestleMania" video game.

The discussion moved on TNA and the hosts gave him a hard time by saying that he's working for a company that nobody watches. Foley said he could show up in TNA at any time. He was then pushed for a start date and Foley gave in, saying in three weeks. Foley may have misspoke when he said, "I'm gonna be in Long Island..." He then corrected himself and said TNA would be holding a show in Long Island over the weekend (which is actually scheduled for tonight). Foley also said TNA hasn't figured out what they're going to do for his debut appearance in the promotion.

Foley talked about his family being flmed for an A&E reality television show a few months ago for two weeks and 16 hours per day. Foley said the project was scrapped when network officials told him the footage shot was boring. The hosts suggested to Foley that he develop a drug problem or sleep with a friend of his children.

The hosts, who are big fans of WWE, told Foley that they would boycott WWE for one month because of the way Vince McMahon treated him.

-- Rajah.com -- Foley Reveals His TNA Start Date, Being Removed From WWE, Vince's Yelling, More (http://rajah.com/base/node/13455)

There's the reason why Mick left WWE. Good job, Vince. That's the way to treat one of your great WWE superstars.

09-06-2008, 01:21 AM
undertaker might lose next Wm but I doubt it

09-06-2008, 01:21 AM
it seems like vince wants to do the commentary him self

Fatal Guillotine
09-07-2008, 01:49 PM
What you guys thoughts on ron killings so far wasnt there a beef between him and cena

09-10-2008, 11:17 AM
I always like him since back in the days I hope they give him a push.

I wish they let Shelton Benjamin win the smackdown title to me there is no one better in the ring

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09-10-2008, 02:46 PM
How long is Charlie Haas going to be in the doghouse for? lol I think he's a talented wrestler, and now he's showing off his comedic side. Give the guy a push.

09-19-2008, 08:39 PM
Messaege To McMahon - Paul Heyman's Got Some Good Advice For WWE!


An audience of one

THERE is going to come a time, and it needs to be sooner rather than later, when the professional wrestling industry realises we've reached that dreaded recurring period in history.

That time when one generation is moving on to other forms of entertainment and a new generation needs to be enticed to sign on and join the "sports entertainment fan" culture.

When the era of the territorial local stars gave way to the Hulkamaniacs, a new generation of fans replaced the older ones.

When the Hulkamaniacs started chasing girls or went off to college, the new era of Attitude and nWo and ECW came into vogue.

When that genre of sports entertainment ran its course, some of the fans stayed on, and a different crowd, attracted by new hot young stars like John Cena replenished the ranks.

That's why Cena is such a polarising figure with today's crowd.

Half the audience - who were probably fans in the pre-Cena era - hate him.

The other half, a younger crowd probably lured into watching the product specifically because of new characters like Cena, think he's the embodiment of a new generation of professional wrestling.

That's the generational divide, and it's now even affecting the Cena crowd.

WWE is especially at the crossroads. Their United States PPV revenue has not grown by any noticeable margin and while the international PPV, live event, and merchandising sales have picked up the slack, the core product itself has grown terribly stale.

Raw, for example, is just an over-produced, plodding show. Even the good episodes tend to drag right now.

This is not a knock on the "PG-themed" WWE. The days of dangerous stunts and unprotected chair shots are over, especially in a concussion-conscious, post-Benoit pro wrestling industry.

Yes, believe it or not, this Extreme Promoter understands the limitations in today's environment of the style he popularised.

However, that doesn't mean the show can't be fast-paced and exciting to watch.

Nothing feels young and vibrant. Even Ted DiBiase Jnr and Cody Rhodes, who are in their early 20s and are already fantastic in their roles, have haircuts and ring attire that can be worn by people in their mid-30s.

Randy Orton? Best young talent in the industry today, and yet if he were 40 years old, he'd wear the same clothes and style.

Even when WWE ushers in a youth movement, it's negated by the fact that no one in WWE appears to be playing to a younger audience.

The reason is because too many people inside the organisation are not concerned with the reaction of the ticket buying crowd, they're instead trying to solely appease WWE chairman Vince McMahon.

A few years ago, Vince came to the creative team and said: "What band should open WrestleMania?"

none of them that would help brand WWE as being on the cutting edge.

When I suggested System Of A Down, only one other member of the creative team even knew the band I was suggesting.

I would submit to you that if WWE wants to attract a new generation of fans, they need to understand what's moving pop culture today, and who is on the horizon for tomorrow.

In the same light, how is a roomful of people who only understand what it takes to avoid Vince's irritability going to pitch ideas that break through today's Attention Deficit Disorder viewing habits?

How is a group that as a whole is trained to shift gears the moment Vince doesn't relate to the concept going to be able to introduce a new, youth-oriented movement?

If WWE wants to truly shake up the system, here's a suggestion...

Find three people within the ranks who can identify with today's youth, or who at least keep up to date on the trends.

If someone says "The Jonas Brothers are hot," show them the door.

The Jonas Brothers may get 17 gazillion views on their MySpace or Facebook pages, but they don't appeal to a male audience.

What would it hurt for Vince to sit down with Rey Mysterio and say: "Come back to me in a week with an outline for the top three storylines all the way to Royal Rumble."

How can it be bad for Vince to offer someone like The Miz, who obviously keeps his finger on the pulse of today's contemporary beat, and offer him a small bonus to come with new ideas for names, instead of this moronic, counter-productive movement to rip-off other genres like Kenny Dykstra and Dolph Diggler.

Why not go out on a limb and try some creativity and unique branding so the audience can really get behind someone as their own?

Is it inconceivable that Cody Rhodes or John Morrison would have some suggestions on how to spruce up a new persona with some creative fashion designs?

Once Vince gets some ideas from Rey or the Miz or whomever, then he can take these ideas to the creative team and challenge them, indeed charge them with embellishing on the new, youthful, non-traditional concepts.

The problem is that WWE, from the conception to the implementation of all ideas is in a rut because everything is based on AN AUDIENCE OF ONE.

And that "one" is Vince McMahon.

Get some ideas from people who don't know what Vince likes and doesn't like and you may just get an opinion that shakes up the system.

Otherwise how is the current stagnant product going to evolve into a fun commodity to watch and follow and spend money on?

What's the catalyst that's going to usher in some new wave of WWE Universe-friendly fandom? Everything in the current system is "in the box".

Time to go outside that box, rope in some really radically different, exhilarating concepts and pour that WWE magical promotional formula all over it...

And end this era of the yawnfest that has now become today's product.


Vince should have never fired Paul Heyman. He is Wrestling's genius.

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09-19-2008, 09:36 PM
What are people's thoughts on Evan Bourne? I don't get to watch ECW much, but I've seen him more on Raw lately, and I think he's a good wrestler. Rey Mysterio and him make an entertaining tag team. And once again Charlie Haas continues his weekly impersonation of another WWE wrestler/character. lol

That was funny when that new Dolph Diggler guy kept introducing himself to everyone. lol That's Nicky from the Spirit Squad I heard, right?

09-20-2008, 03:58 AM

Vince should have never fired Paul Heyman. He is Wrestling's genius.i agree with every word heyman said same goes for tna as well...they are startung to get a bit lame too

09-22-2008, 09:12 PM
Undertaker Appears To Aggravate His Injured Knee At Last Night's SD Taping


According to a fan in attendance at last night's SmackDown tapings in Columbus, Ohio, Undertaker appeared to aggravate a knee injury during the dark match main event.

He was attacked by Curt Hawkins, Zach Ryder and Bam Neely during his match with Big Show, but eventually cleared the ring. He posed for the crowd and walked for a few minutes before momentarily sitting down on the ring steps before heading to the back.

"Honestly, he looked pretty bad off," the fan in attendance said. "He was sitting there like he was so exhausted he couldn't make it up the ramp. He finally walked up the ramp, but he was limping pretty badly. It wasn't a little limp, it was very noticeable."

Of course, he could be selling the injury, but he was playing to the crowd before sitting down.

As reported earlier, he recently had his knee checked by doctors and WWE has been limiting his involvement in the ring since his match with Edge at SummerSlam. Taker has been appearing on television in non-wrestling segments and has been working tag matches for the most part so that his partner could handle most of the work in the ring. Undertaker has been telling friends that his knee is still tender and that there is some soreness.


09-22-2008, 09:18 PM
Ric Flair To Accept His NWA Hall Of Fame Award Next Month


Back in June, World Wrestling Entertainment prevented Ric Flair from making an advertised appearance at the 2008 National Wrestling Alliance Hall of Fame ceremony, where he was to be inducted. With Ric Flair no longer under WWE contract, the NWA has announced the Nature Boy will now get his chance to accept the honor. The NWA issued the following release this afternoon:


Charlotte, NC (September 21, 2008) – On June 7, 2008 at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA the National Wrestling Alliance® installed The Iron Sheik, Tommy Rich, The Midnight Express, The Corsica Brothers, Nikita Koloff and Ric Flair into the NWA™ Hall of Fame. All but one living member of the class of 2008 was present to receive the NWA Hall of Fame Medal and today we are pleased to announce that “Nature Boy” Ric Flair will be presented the honor on Saturday October 4th at the RMB Fairgrounds in Robstown, TX.

“I’m happy that we are able to present our Hall of Fame honor to Ric in person. We were worried that he would never be able to display our medal with the rest of his accolades. It also pleases me to know that Ric is very enthusiastic to accept it. I’d also like to thank the Gillespie Agency for their cooperation in making this presentation a reality,” said NWA Executive Director Robert K. Trobich.

The Ceremony will take place during the NWA 60th Anniversary Tour stop at the RMB Fairgrounds. Currently scheduled to appear on the card is NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce, King V (formally Big Daddy V), Sean Waltman, NWA Worlds Tag Team Champions Los Luchas, Rob Conway, “Shooter” Brent Albright and NWA North American Champion Mike DiBiase. The event is scheduled to being at 7:30 PM following the Ric Flair Meet and Greet benefiting the area’s Boys and Girls Club.

Tickets are on sale now at the Fairgrounds Box Office, www.rmbfairgrounds.com, Taqueria Jalisco 829 Industrial or by calling 361-387-9002. This special event is a presented in association with Big Vision Entertainment, Inc.


Congratulations to "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair!

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09-23-2008, 01:00 AM
Randy Orton seems to be feuding with just about everybody. lol Do you think they might turn him face not long after he comes back?

09-23-2008, 05:36 PM
the raw brand has been real down there is not too much going on raw that has me interested

09-23-2008, 05:38 PM
The undertaker is going to have to retire soon, I hope they don't make him lose at WM

09-23-2008, 07:27 PM
Y2J has become wack they need to let him be like he was and I also agree with what Paul said

what happened with the whole trying to kill vince thing lol they are just acting like it never happened

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09-24-2008, 11:35 AM
I like Jericho's current gimmick better than when he first came back into the WWE as a face, with the Chef Gordon Ramsey haircut. I assume that Cade and him will start feuding down the line. But Cade needs to get pushed more for that to happen. I'm glad that Cena won't be on Raw for a while and that Triple H is on Smackdown. It gives some other guys a chance. I think the Priceless team is doing a pretty good job so far.

10-02-2008, 06:48 PM
Kevin Nash Has Still Not Agreed To A New TNA Contract, Latest Update


Daytona Beach News-Journal Online is reporting that Kevin Nash has still not agreed to terms on a new deal with TNA Wrestling as their is still a hang up on merchandise issues. Nash revealed to the publication that his current deal with TNA is up on October 10th and that he will not be on TNA television until a new agreement is reached.

Nash did confirm that he has had talks with WWE as he said, "I talked to Vince (McMahon)... He offered me a contract, but he wanted me to dye my hair."

Nash prefers the lighter TNA Wrestling schedule as opposed to that of WWE.


10-02-2008, 06:54 PM
Rob Van Dam's New Radio Show "RVD Radio" Debuts 10/8


A spokesperson from from RobVanDam.com sent in the following press release:

Former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam is launching a brand new online radio show, *RVD RADIO*

- The debut episode will be at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific on Wednesday, October 8th

- There will be a new episode every Wednesday night

- To listen to the show and get more information, visit the show's profile at www.blogtalkradio.com/rvdradio

- RVD Radio's debut episode will include Chris Mordetzky (Masters) and Shawn Stasiak as guests. The topics of discussion will be individualism, censorship, RVD TV, and pro wrestling. Rob is excited to be taking calls from his listeners on a weekly basis.

- This show will be hosted by RVD himself, and will include various guest appearances, hot discussion topics, RVD's favorite music, and weekly updates on what's happening in the life of The Whole F'n Show!

- Listeners can call in to join the conversation during the show by dialing (347) 308-8753

- This show is gonna be HOT, so join in on the action by listening to *RVD RADIO*!!!!!


10-06-2008, 01:02 AM
Taken from angrymarks.com

Written by Killa Kev (kam@angrymarks.com)

WWE "No Mercy" Pay-Per-View Recap

We start the show with a video montage highlighting all of the feuds coming into the PPV tonight. Light the fires, open up the throttle because here we go! Todd Grisham welcomes us to Portland, OR this evening as we go right into the first match, joined by Jerry "the King" Lawler for color commentary, subsituting for Matt Striker.
ECW CHAMPIONSHIP: champion Matt Hardy vs. "the World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry (w/ Tony Atlas)
We get formal in-ring introductions out of the way. Henry backs Hardy up to the corner, clean break for the referee. Matt Hardy locks in a side headlock, Henry shoves him off, Hardy tries again, another shove-off to the ropes and a shoulder block from Henry, followed by a few punches to the head. Henry takes his time to measure out a kick into the ribs. Henry puts Hardy in the corner as the fans chant for Hardy, but to no avail as Henry lays in some knees. Hardy is able to duck out of the way, tries to kick the legs out from underneath Henry, Henry retaliates with a stiff short-arm clothesline. Henry then takes to choking Hardy with his boot, then measures out another kick to the ribs.
Henry with a headbutt, tries to set up Hardy for the Snake Eyes in the corner, but Hardy rolls out, tries to work on Henry's left knee with chop blocks and kicks, Hardy is again taken down with a short-arm clothesline, but Henry is now limping. Henry takes a moment to recover, tries for a gorilla press slam on Hardy, Hardy rolls off, chop block to the back of the leg, and is now working on it, getting Henry down on the mat, putting the leg on the bottom rope and stomping on the knee. Henry tries to roll outside, Hardy follows, this only allows Henry to throw Hardy into the ringpost. Henry starts to roll into the ring, Hardy recovers, grabs the left leg and wrenches it over the edge of the apron. Hardy rolls in, tries for a Figure Four leglock, Henry kicks him off and sends him into the turnbuckle. Henry gets to his feet, kicks Hardy in the face, covers for our first pin attempt of the night.
Henry drags Hardy over to the corner, climbs to the first buckle and slams down on the knee, cover and another two count. Henry then drags Hardy into the middle of the ring, attempting to wear him down with a grip on the trapezius. Hardy takes it for a minutes, uses his legs to kick Henry in the head to break the hold. Hardy is up quickly, bounces off the ropes, ducks a clothesline and tries for a Thesz Press, but Henry catches him in the bearhug. Henry picks up Hardy and tries for the Snake Eyes again, Hardy rolls out and tries for a Sunset Flip. Henry is too strong, he blocks it, tries to jump on Hardy from the corner again, misses as Hardy rolls out. Hardy with some punches, tries for the Bulldog out of the corner, nails it, covers but only gets a two count.
Henry tries to take out Hardy with a splash off the ropes, he nails it, covers, two count. Henry lands on the injured knee, he's limping. Henry pulls Hardy up, whips him off the ropes and grabs him for a big powerslam... TWIST OF FATE BY HARDY! Out of nowhere! Hardy covers and picks up the win!
WINNER: Matt Hardy. Mark Henry quickly rolls out of the ring and bails to the back to lick his wounds. Hardy greets the fans and leaves. We then switch over to Tazz and Jim Ross, who take us to the AT&T Mobile Vote for tonight, "Who are you rooting for in the WWE Championship Match?"
We then cut backstage to Eve Torres, who is interviewing both Jeff Hardy and Triple H backstage. Eve asks Hardy if he thinks he can win tonight, Triple H pulls the mic over his way and shows Eve that he's participating in the mobile voting, and as an act of good will, he voted that he's pulling for Hardy to win. Jeff says Trips needs to worry less about texting and more about bringing his best. Triple H says that he's a huge fan of Jeff Hardy, and he hopes that Jeff Hardy bring everything and has it all put together tonight. "I want to know that when I win tonight, I didn't beat Jeff Hardy, I beat the best Jeff Hardy." Hardy finishes the segment by saying he'll be glad to take Triple H's title from him tonight.
WWE WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP: champion "the Glamazon" Beth Phoenix (w/ WWE Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella) vs. Candice Michelle
We now flip over to Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler as we get ready for the first Raw match of the evening. Both are surprised that Phoenix is allowing Marella to come out with him, after comments made on Monday night by Phoenix that she felt Marella was hurting her ring performance.
We get a bell, Michelle puts the dukes up, Phoenix comes over and gives her a finger poke, Michelle retorts with a dropkick, quick pin, shoving Phoenix into the corner, roll-up, cover, dropkick, another cover, an enziguri! Michelle is on fire as she puts Phoenix into the corner, tries to whip her out, but Phoenix stalls and reverses it, injuring Michelle's shoulder. Snap mare takeover out of the corner, Phoenix covers and gets a two count.
Phoenix flips Michelle over and goes for an MMA-style armbar submission. Michelle tries to roll out of it, Phoenix isn't letting her go. Candice eventually gets to her feet and stomps on Phoenix's face to break it, goes on a roll on the offensive, finishing it with a spinning heel kick and a cover for two. Michelle tries for a side Russian legsweep, Phoenix counters by blocking it and taking it the other way, Michelle goes face-first into the mat. Phoenix goes to the top turnbuckle for a splash, Michelle rolls out of the way, Michelle goes for the cover but Marella pulls Phoenix out, saving her from the loss. This pisses Phoenix off, she decks him and rolls back in. Michelle tries for the Candy Shop, but Phoenix blocks, counters and nails her with the front-face slam, covers and gets the win.
WINNER: Beth Phoenix. Marella gets in and raises Phoenix's hand, she doesn't look very happy with him, though. We go backstage for a promo with Kane somewhere in the bowels of the arena, bathed in red light, another rant about the masks and hiding and all that other crap.
Rey Mysterio vs. Kane
Mysterio tries to attack Kane as the bell rings, he gets shoved off. Mysterio goes on the offensive again, puts Kane in the corner, delivers a dropkick that sends Kane outside. Mysterio tries for a baseball slide, but Kane is too quick, gets back in the ring and boots him in the head. Mysterio runs outside to catch a breather, Kane gives chase, Mysterio cuts him off back in the ring, kicks and punches, Kane throws him out of the ring. Mysterio hangs on to the ropes, missle dropkick after the launch from the ropes that connects. Mysterio tries for the 6-1-9 but Kane recovers and takes him down with a clothesline, cover and a two count.
Kane starts to methodically try to wear Mysterio down, but Rey isn't ready to quit yet, he gets a break, tries for a hurracanrana off the top turnbuckle, Kane catches him and tries for a powerbomb, Mysterio grabs the ropes and pulls Kane over and out, follows up with a plancha. Kane catches him, but Mysterio resorts to a sleeper hold out of nowhere. Kane grabs Mysterio by the head and flips him over into the crowd, throws Mysterio back in the ring. Kane throws Mysterio around a little, throws him outside, runs him into the ring barrier, then the ringpost, then rolls him back in. Kane gets on his hands and knees and taunts Mysterio.
Kane picks up Mysterio for a body slam, plants him in the mat, then lays in slow, methodical punches and kicks meant to punish the luchadore. Kane grabs Mysterio's face by the eye holes in the masks, tries to rip it off. Kane applies a chinlock, then quickly turns around and kicks Mysterio in the head, covers, two count. Kane pulls Mysterio up by the arm, picks him up and executes a backbreaker from the side, then bends Mysterio over his knee. Geez, Kane, don't you learn that this doesn't work? Mysterio's going to kick you in the head. OOPS, okay, no he's not, Mysterio delivers four punches to the head to break it this time. Kane responds with a kick to the heads, whips Rey into the ropes, Mysterio grabs them and holds on. Kane charges, Mysterio with a boot up to stop him. Mysterio charges Kane, Kane tries for a side slam, Mysterio flips over the arm and works it into a inverted DDT! Mysterio covers, two count.
Kane recovers quick enough, puts Mysterio up on the top turnbuckle, lays in some punches to the back of the head, Mysterio with a few reverse elbows, gets to the top turnbuckle, hits Kane with a moonsault, covers, two count. Mysterio with a low kick to the kneecaps, another dropkick to the head, Mysterio goes up top, big splash, cover, two-count. Mysterio bounces off the ropes, Kane catches him with the side slam th is time, cover, two-and-a-half. Kane sets up for the chokeslam, grabs Myterio, Mysterio escapes! Mysterio launches himself off the middle turnbuckle with a moonsault into a DDT! Mysterio looks like he tweaked the knee, though. Mysterio goes outside, slingshot over the top rope into a diving headbutt! Mysterio covers, one... two... kickout!
Mysterio goes to the top turnbuckle, flies as Kane gets up and nails Mysterio with a clothesline. Kane covers, two-count. Kane puts Mysterio into the corner, charges with the big boot, Mysterio moves out and Kane eats the buckle. Mysterio connects with a 6-1-9 on a standing Kane, connecting in the back. Kane staggers out of the ring. Mysterio bounces off the opposite set of ropes, charges to the corner, leaps into Kane ... KANE PLANTS A CHAIR IN HIS FACE! HOME RUN! DQ!
WINNER: Rey Mysterio, by disqualification. Rey just got KNOCKED DAY FUGGOUT! The referee sends Kane to the back, then checks on Mysterio. Kane laughs and walks to the back, we go back to the referee and Mysterio is saying he can't feel his legs. Another referee comes up and pulls down his pant leg, he may have injured his right knee in a earlier spot.
We cut backstage as MVP is walking around in back, talking on his phone. He comes up to the offices for WWE SmackDown GM Vickie Guerrero and pounds on the door. Big Show answers the door and asks what he wants. MVP starts bitching about what he's been going through, Big Show tells him to shut it, himself and Guerrerro are too busy focusing on the Undertaker, and tells him to get lost, slamming the door in MVP's face. MVP walks off, pissed off.
We run a promo for the next WWE PPV, Cyber Sunday. MVP then hits the ring to cut an unexpected promo. MVP says that he's a superstar and he doesn't like sitting out. He says that Vickie Guerrero taking a tombstone from the Undertaker isn't the first or last time, and that isn't important. MVP reminds us, "... the WWE Universe revolves around me!"
Apparently former WWE Champion Randy Orton disagrees. He comes out and introduces himself, and tells MVP that everything MVP claims to be, Orton actually is. MVP responds and says that he is the main event player on SmackDown, but they just don't "give me the ball." Orton says that if MVP ever had a ball, "you should drop it." MVP reminds Orton that he's a WWE Raw star, MVP is a SmackDown star, and the Raw locker room would not only love it if MVP knocked him out, but MVP doesn't have to face any repercussion for his actions.
For some reason this brings out Cody Rhodes, Manu and Ted DiBiase, Jr. They come in and basically shove MVP aside to address Orton. The fans start a "boring" chant. Rhodes tells Orton that they finally figured out who Orton is, and compares him to the cool high school jock who is coasting on his reputation after graduation. Orton tells Rhodes to ask CM Punk if he feels that Orton is coasting. Manu takes the mic and reminds Orton that the only reason he got one over on Punk was because the three of them took out Punk first, "allowing you to pick up our scraps." Orton tells the trio that he can see they're working hard to impress him, but they have to work harder to impress him. Orton throws down the mic and walks off.
MVP picks up the mic and taunts Orton as he leaves, suggesting that he's not going to be fully healed until 2012. MVP then tells the Priceless team that he appreciates them and likes how they roll. DiBiase cuts MVP off and tells him that he isn't even in their class. MVP reminds them that he makes more money thant he three of them combined. DiBiase with the quick retort, "I don't know who your father was, but my father is THE MILLION DOLLAR MAN! I haven't had to worry about money in... well, ever!" DiBiase tells MVP that he can hit the road and they'll see him at the next PPV he's shut out of.
MVP walks out of the ring shouting, "I'll remember this conversation in the future!" CM Punk's music hits, and he walks out with Kofi Kingston. They come up to MVP and suggest that the three of them go take on Rhodes, Manu and DiBiase. MVP strips off his sh irt and says, "I want some of this!" and the three rush the ring... and them Punk & Kofi hang back, letting MVP hit the ring all by himself, and thus get completely beaten down! DiBiase throws MVP out of the ring, but Punk and Kingston are right there to clean up, throwing the trio of heels out of the ring. Kingston & Punk celebrate in the ring briefly and bail, MVP staggers around the ring and throws up his fists, acting like he's still ready to fight.
John "Bradshaw" Layfield vs. Dave Batista
Batista backs JBL into the corner, JBL with the cheap shot out, tries to go for the Clothesline from Hell early, Batista nails him with a spear that sends Layfield to the outside. Batista follows up, rams Brandshaw back-first into the apron, rolls him back in. Layfield catches him with a shot to the head and puts Batista back on the outside. Layfield follows up, a few more punches, rolls Batista in, cover, hook the leg, kickout at two.
Layfield pulls Batista up, hits a swinging neckbreaker, follows up with an elbow drop, cover and a two count. Layfield goes for a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring, Batista gets to his feet, picks up Layfield and executes a belly-to-back suplex to break the sleeper. Both men take their time getting back to their feet, when they do they start trading rights, Batista gets the upper-hand with a forearm shot, though, followed up with a clothesline into the corner. Batista with the shoulder blocks to the midsection, whips Layfield out, catches him out of the corner with a scoop into the powerslam and the fans go wild!
Batista sets up for the Spear in the corner, charges, Layfield catches him with a boot. Layfield goes for the Clothesline from Hell off the ropes, Batista catches him with the Spinebuster. Batista then sets up and finishes Layfield off with the Batista Bomb, 1-2-3 stick a fork in JBL he's done!
WINNER: Dave Batista. We run the highlights, and now Batista is the #1 Contender to whoever walks out of tonight's PPV with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Batista walks out, Layfield is asking for a microphone... rolling on the mat, he says, "This has to be the most unbelievable week of my life!" Layfield says he thought he would have beaten Batista easily, but he came up short. He says he hates to admit this to the fans, it hurts him, but his heart wasn't in this match tonight. "After the week on Wall Street, I gotta say that this is the most traumatic week of my life, and I gotta tell ya, from the bottom of my heart, I'm the happiest and most blessed man alive! I want to thank you and the Congress for shoving out billions and billions of dollars so that people like me can keep all my money!"
FUCKING FANTASTIC! KILLA KEV APPROVES! Layfield cutting a promo using the financial crisis just re-affirmed that he's the biggest dick on the roster, and the fans are eating it up!
Layfield finishes up his promo, starts to leave... but apparently Cryme Tyme isn't going to let him! They're live on the TitanTron, Shad Gespard says, "Just like the Congress bailed you out, we're going to bail out... YOUR BRAND NEW LIMOUSINE!" We now see that they're in the parking garage with the limo, and JTG says that they're taking the limo out on the town for the night with a gaggle of hot hunnies! And Sergant Slaughter! And Mickie James! MONEY MONEY, YEAH YEAH! MONEY, MONEY, YEAH YEAH! Ya gotta get it! Ya gotta want it!
BRINGIN DA HOOD 2 U ! God I love it. We run a huge promo for the Undertaker's return and his subsequent feud with Big Show.
Big Show vs. Undertaker
We spend almost 10 minutes for promos and ring introductions, and it's still only 9:25 pm ET! We got a LOT of time to fill up here tonight! We finally get a bell, Big Show tries for a big left to end it quick, Undertaker ducks it, but Big Show throws Undertaker out of the ring. Taker is back up on the apron, Show comes over to meet him, and they trade punches until Undertaker hits Big Show with a choke over the ropes. Undertaker tries to get back in the ring, Big Show headbutts him back to the floor, gets out and starts hitting Undertaker with punches to the ribs, then whips him into the security barrier. Big Show tries to throw Undertaker into a ringpost, Undertaker reverses it.
Big Show tries to get back into the ring, but Undertaker doesn't let him, punching him in the head, hanging his head over the apron and kicking it, then getting up on the apron and executing a legdrop on the overhanging head. Big Show somehow crawls up into a corner, Undertaker nails him with two big clotheslines. He tries to whip Big Show to the opposite corner, Big Show blocks it, whips Undertaker into the corner, Undertaker with a boot up. Undertaker tries to bounces off the ropes, but Big Show charges and hits a lariat, cover and a two count.
Show puts Undertaker in the corner, kicks him down, scoop slam out of the corner, Big Show off the ropes with a big elbow drop, cover and a two count as Undertaker barely gets the shoulder up. Undertaker cowers to a corner, Big Show follows up with punches to the ribs and chest and midsection. Show pulls Taker out and executes a side Russian legsweep, hooks the leg and gets a near pinfall. Big Show taunts Undertaker to fight back, Taker fires some punches to the midsection, Big Show just kicks him in the stomach. He pulls Undertaker up, but Undertaker wails with punches, Big Show shoves him off, Undertaker tries for a swinging neckbreaker off the ropes, Big Show shoves him into the corner and takes him down with a big headbutt.
Big Show is going to the ropes... climbing up... GIANTSAULT??? No, just a Vader Bomb, and he misses as Undertaker rolls out of the way. Aww, damn. Undertaker lays in punches, puts Show in the corner, tries to whip him out, reverses, Show charges, Undertaker with a boot up. Undertaker bounces off the ropes, ducks a pair of wild clotheslines from Show and hits a shouldertackle. Undertaker with a leg drop, cover, two count! Undertaker grabs the arm, he goes to the corner, he's walking the ropes, goes for the hammer Big Show grabs him in mid-air and executes a choke slam! Big Show covers, hooks the leg, KICKOUT!
Big Show sets up for the big right hand, he swings, Undertaker blocks it and goes for the chokeslam! Big Show blocks the execution, locks in his own chokeslam, they're struggling, fighting... Big Show comes out on top, raises up Undertaker for the chokeslam, Undertaker converts it into a DDT! Undertaker covers, Big Show kicks out! Show goes to the corner to recover, Undertaker comes over to lay in rights, referee tries to break it up, Undertaker shoves the ref off and then goes after him. This gives Big Show the opportunity to pulls the cover off the top turnbuckle. Undertaker comes back over, Big Show sidesteps him and throws him head-first into the exposed buckle! Big Show follows up with the kockout right... Undertaker is still standing! Big Show reels back and hauls off another big right, and this time the Deadman goes down! Big Show picks up Undertaker by the head and lays in one more, and that's it, the referee doesn't let it go on any further!
WINNER: Big Show, by referee stoppage. We replay the highlights, go back to see Big Show walking backstage, switch over to see Undertaker staggering to get to his feet, and failing. He stumbles a few more times, then manages to just barely sit up, his back to the ropes. He stares around like he's dazed as the fans chant "UN-DER-TAKE-ER! *clap-clap clap-clap-clap*". Taker finally pulls himself up in the corner, the fans cheer him, until Undertaker falls again.
Well, that fills up 15 minutes, it's 9:40 pm now and we only have two more matches. We run a promo for The Greatest Matches of the 80s, we come back and Undertaker is STILL trying to get out of the ring. Wow... can we do something with this dead time, please? Undertaker finally gets out of the arena.
Triple H is seen backstage heading to the ring. We see the results of the AT&T WWE Mobile poll, and 72% of fans are pulling for Jeff Hardy. We then go to the promo package for the semi-main event.
WWE CHAMPIONSHIP: champion Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy
After another five minutes of promos and five minutes of ring introductions, we finally get these two men into the middle of the ring. Triple H offers a handshake, Jeff Hardy accepts, turns his back, and Triple H takes him out from behind, tries to get a quick pinfall on him, Hardy wiggles out and then challenges him to some catch-as-catch-can until they are at a Mexican standoff. They then trade some hammerlocks and headlocks, back to another standoff. We try for a third time, Triple H with a side headlock, Hardy shoves him off, Triple H takes him down with a shoulder block, bounces off the ropes, Hardy tries for a hip toss, Triple H blocks and throws his own hiptoss, but Hardy counters with a pair of armdrags into a side headlock on the mat.
Triple H gets to his feet, shoves Hardy off into the ropes, but Hardy stops it and re-applies the headlock. Triple H back on his feet again, whips Hardy off and this time follows up with a reverse elbow that takes Hardy off his feet and chewing his teeth. Triple H pulls Hardy up, whips him to a corner, Hardy tries to float over, Triple H catches him, Hardy with a headscissor takeover that sends Triple H out of the ring. Hardy tries for a running clothesline off the apron, Trips tries to sidestep it, both men hit the floor. Hardy recovers first, rolls Trips into the ring, slingshots in with a legdrop over the top rope, covers, two count.
Hardy re-applies the side headlock on the mat, resting for a moment. Triple H gets to his feet, slowly, whips Hardy off the ropes, ducks down, Hardy delivers a kick to the face. Hardy charges Trips, Trips backdrops him over the ropes, Hardy hangs on, nails Triple H with a shoulder block. He goes for a second one, Triple H snatches him up in the Pedigree, but Hardy powers out and backdrops him over the ropes and to the floor. Hardy tries to follow up with a tope over the ropes to the outside, Triple H sidesteps it, Hardy crashe sand burns. Referee starts a count, Triple H barely makes it back into the ring to break the count up. Halfway through, Triple H exits the ring again, pulls Hardy up and throws him in. Cover, hook of the leg by the champion, Hardy kicks out at the last second. Triple H with a high-impact backbreaker over th knee, follows with an elbow drop to the small of the back, then a second, then a third with a small boost off the ropes. Triple H covers, Hardy barely kicks out.
Triple H pulls up Hardy, Hardy fires away with some rabbit punches, Triple H drops him again, high kneedrop, cover and Hardy kicks out at two. Fans are chanting for Hardy now as Triple H pulls him up again and dishes out a right hand to the head, Hardy staggers over to a corner. Triple H follows up with a pair of shoulder blocks to the midsection, whips him to the opposite corner, charges, Hardy gets both boots up to block it. Triple H catches Hardy out of the corner and steps him right into an Abdominal Stretch. Hardy tries to break it, Triple H resorts to holding the ropes, and doesn't care that he gets caught at it. He's just that cocky of a heel about it!
Triple H whips Hardy off the ropes and wraps him up with a sleeper in the middle of the ring. Hardy quickly gets to his feet, shoves Triple H off and catches him with a lariat that brings both men down to their feet. They get to their feet, Hardy with the reverse mule kick, double legdrop, covers and hooks the leg of the champ, Triple H kicks out. Hardy bounces off the ropes and nails a low dropkick to the head, cover, two count. Hardy pulls Triple H up, Triple H tries to whip him into the ropes, Hardy reverses and throws him to the buckle, Triple H sails over the top to the outside. Hardy follows up with a somersault over the top rope into Triple H! They rest for a few seconds, Triple H is thrown back into the ring.
Hardy goes to the top turnbuckle, delivers a clothesline, covers, two count. Both men on their feet, Hardy tries for the Twist of Fate, Triple H shoves him off and takes him down with a clothesline, drags his body on top of Hardy's, cover and a kickout. Triple H pulls up Hardy, tries to whip him to a corner, Hardy reverses, charges, Triple H gets the boot up to block it. Triple H to the middle turnbuckle, tries for a double axehandle smash, Hardy cuts him off, executes a facebuster suplex, cover, two count! Hardy pulls up Triple H, Trips tries to whip him into the corner, Hardy climbs the buckles and tries for the cross body block, Triple H side steps it and throws him to the mat, cover, two count.
Triple H executes Hardy with the Spinebuster, sets up for the Pedigree, kick to the midsection, hooks the arms, Hardy counters with a double-leg takedown and then slingshots him up into the turnbuckle. Hardy with Whisper 'O the Wind, cover, TWO COUNT! Both men take their time recovering, Triple H crawls to a corner, Hardy follows with a dropkick to the back. Hardy strips off the shirt, goes up to, Swanton Bomb... MISSES! Triple H recovers, kick to the gut, Pedigree, NO! Hardy blocks it, kick, Twist of Fate, and he goes back up for the Swanton Bomb, nails it! Hardy rolls backwards on the champ, hooks the leg, 1... 2... Triple H hooks the arms and reverses it into a pin, 1... 2... 3!
WINNER: Triple H. The champion retains, just barely! This was, quite honestly, possibly the best match EVER of Jeff Hardy's career. We run through the highlights, go back to the ring, Triple H is clutching his belt, walking off, Hardy gets to his feet, stops the champ and shakes his hand, showing respect for his better. Triple H exits the ring and poses off at the top of the ramp.
We run a promo for WWE Cyber Sunday, then go backstage where Arn Anderson comes up to Triple H, shakes his hand and congratulates him on the win. Triple H turns around and runs face-first into Vladimir Kozlov, who rattles off something in Russian, then says "Congratulations" in English. We cut out to Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler for them to segue into the promos for the main event.
champion Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels
Chris Jerico enters the arena, and walks underneath the ladder to sh ow that he harbors no fears of bad luck and feels that he will walk out with the title. He steps into the ring and takes a long, hard look at the title suspended over the ring. After nearly two minutes, Shawn Michaels finally makes his entrance, the crowd building in suspense. Both men meet in the middle after the formal in-ring introductions and stare each other down as the fans slowly build their cheer for Michaels. Referee finally rings the bell.
We get a collar-and-elbow tie-up, Michaels with a side headlock into a hammerlock, Jericho reverses, Michaels elbows out, bounces off the ropes, shoulder block. Micheals tries for the superkick early, Jericho bails, then tries to charge. This only lands him in the corner and he eats a knife-edge chop from Michaels. Michaels whips him to the opposite corner, charges and Jericho sidesteps it, Michaels eats the ringpost. They trade some fists, Jericho tries for a Northern Lights suplex, Michaels rolls through it and they continue to trade blows. Jericho throws Michaels out of the ring, springboards off the middle rope and knocks Michaels down with a shoulder block on the outside.
Jericho slaps Michaels around, taunting him. Jericho whips Michaels towards the ladder on the outside, Michaels scales it and uses it as a platform to launch himself into Jericho. Michaels tries to whip Jericho into the apron, but Jericho reverses and and sends Michaels into the ringpost. Jericho folds up the ladder and charges Michaels with it, Michaels drops to his knees, drop toehold on Jericho and Jericho falls face-first into the ladder. Michaels finds a second ladder, comes over to Jericho with it, Jericho with a double-leg takedown that has the ladder falling on Michaels. Jericho quickly stretches his opponent out with a Boston Crab. Jericho then grabs a ladder and pulls it into the ring, Michaels gets up to block it, then smacks the ladder into Jericho's face, stopping his momentum. \
Michaels gets into the ring and grabs the ladder, setting it up. He tries to go up, but Jericho recovers and blocks him. Jericho tries to slingshot Michaels into the ladder, but Michaels leaps onto the ladder and scales up to the top. Jericho pushes the ladder over to stop him, folds it up and rams Michaels in the stomach with it, then crashes it into his back. Jericho is bleeding already as he goes to the outside to grab another ladder, propping it up into the corner. Michaels has pulled himself up face-first into the opposite corner, Jericho lays in some punches, whips him out, Michaels attempts to reverse it, Jericho stops him, throws Michaels back into the corner. Jericho attempts to bulldog Jericho out of the corner, but Michaels puts the brakes on and Jericho goes sailing into the ladder, Michaels throws the ladder on him afterwards.
Michaels sets a ladder up across the bottom ropes in the opposite corner. Michaels tries to throw Jericho into it, but Jericho stops it, Michaels counters with a Figure Four leglock. Jericho desperately kicks one end of the laddder, sending the other end into Michael's right orbital eyebone, the one he injured two months ago. Jericho composes himself, positions Michaels under the ladder, then slingshots him straight up into it. Jericho pulls the ladder out, then throws Michaels face-first into it. Jericho pulls Michaels off, opens up the ladder, lays Michaels inside it, slams the ladderon his head. Jeriicho sets the ladder underneath the belt, climbs up, Michaels shakes the ladder and knocks it over, but Jericho lands on his feet. Jericho runs over and kicks Michaels in the head, then positions the ladder on the top turnbuckle.
Jericho walks over to Michaels, tries to run him head-first into the ladder, but Michaels reverses it and launches Jericho into the ladder, Jericho lands on top and t hen falls out of the ring. Michaels picks the ladder up and throws it on top of Jericho. Michaels rolls out and grabs a new ladder, sets it up at ringside. He grabs a second ladder and rams it into Chris Jericho's back several times, throwing the ladder aside afterwards. Michaels goes over to the announcer's table, pulls off the top, throws the monitors out and clears the way. Jericho staggers to his feet, Michaels drags him over, clubs him in the back several times, then ascends the ladder! Fans are going nuts, but Jericho recovers, climbs up the ladder after him and cuts Michaels off. Jericho climbs up further, grabs Michaels from behind, and then peels Michaels off the ladder in a belly-to-back suplex into the table below, Jericho falling with him!
Both men are down for about a minute, but it is Michaels who recovers first, dragging himself out of the wreckage and back into the ring. Jericho is crawling on his knees, pulls himself up by the apron. Michaels goes outside and grabs a ladder, sets it in the ring and sets it up in the corner. Michaels then climbs to the top turnbuckle, looks like he's going to leapfrog over it onto Jericho, but Jericho sees it happening, dropkicks the ladder and sends it into Michael's head, Michaels thend rops into the top turnbuckle. Jericho climbs up the leadder, pulls up Michaels to his feet on the top turnbuckle, setting up for a suplerplex. Michaels fights him off, then just shoves the ladder, sending Jericho crashing to the mat! Michaels is on his feet still, re-adjust himself, and goes for the flying elbow drop! Michaels connects... with the ladder! OUCH!
Both men are rolling on the mat, Michaels finally pulls himself up by the corner, signals for Sweet Chin Music. Jericho staggers to his feet, Michaels charges, Jericho picks up a ladder and quickly nials Michaels in the face with it. Jericho picks the leadder up, slams it into Michael's body and leaving it on top. Jericho then impulsively runs to the ropes, springboards off the middle rope and nails the Liontamer... into the ladder! OUCH!
Jericho picks up a ladder, sets it up, and positions it right over Michael's neck. Jericho taunts Michaels and shows that Michaels will be watching Jericho climb to the top! Jericho scales his way up, Michaels is attempting to wiggle his way up, he catches a foot underneath a ladder rung, and uses that to rock the ladder away from him, freeing himself and launching Jericho fifteen feet out of the ring! Jericho lands on his feet but then crashes to his knees. Michaels sets the ladder up, climbs to the top, he almost has the belt... Jericho scrambles back into the ring, knocks the ladder over, Michaels racks himself on the top rope and gets entangled!
Jericho re-sets the ladder and scales to the top. Michaels frees himself, climbs up the other side. Jericho grabs the belt, Michaels slaps his hands away, and they're trading blows. Michaels slams Jericho's head into the top, Jericho falls back and gets hung up the the ladder rung. Michaels reaches up for the belt, but Lance Cade runs in and grabs Michaels' leg, pulls him off, but Michaels delivers a clothesline ont he way down, then takes Cade out with a superkick. Jericho is climbing his way up, Michaels scrambles up to meet him, both men grab the belt, trade blows... the belt comes loose, each man has one end of the belt. Michaels headbutts Jericho, Jericho is reeling back, hanging on to the belt. Michaels pulls him back in and punches him in the face, but Michaels takes an inadvertant headbutt and falls off the ladder! Jericho clutches the belt, steadies himself and removes it. Jericho then falls off the ladder face-first, falling to the mat, retaining his title.

WINNER: Chris Jericho. We recap the last few minutes of the match and then cut out as Michaels, his face smeared with his own blood. Lance Cade comes in to help him out of the ring and back up the ramp.
WRESTLING FANS, quite possibly we have seen two of the best championship matches of the year, in the same night! That's it for the broadcast and our recap, thank you for reading, thank you for the support, now head over to Kayfabe 4 Dummes at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/k4d (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/k4d) and join The Cancer and MRob for the last hour and a quarter of the show, I'm sure Stevie J and Big D will be along shortly! PEACE!

netscape check two
10-08-2008, 12:03 AM
So the Sandman announced his retirement?

10-08-2008, 12:23 PM
I use to love sandman's ring intro until he came out to the wwe generic bullshit it did not have the same feel

Dirty Knowledge
10-08-2008, 12:41 PM
His best match was Sandman vs Sabu Stairway 2 Hell..they tore eachother up. Sad to hear Sandman is calling it quits. Even sadder that neither WWE or TNA didn't want to use this legend and keep him on one of their rosters.

I hope he gets to finally kick back, chill with his girl and enjoy life for once. From what I've seen of this guy's career..his life has been nothing nice the past 40 years or whatever. He deserve some chill time.

netscape check two
10-14-2008, 07:42 PM
I missed Raw last night. Can someone give me a summary?

Also, what has been going on in TnA lately?

10-15-2008, 09:54 PM
Paul Heyman Praises Hulk Hogan, Says WWE & TNA Need Major Changes


Paul Heyman has posted a new column at the UK Sun website, which can be read here in its entirety. Some highlights:

Regarding Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff's new project, Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Wrestling, Heyman says, "No matter what, the Hulkster will emerge as a big time winner on television. This guy could fall into an ocean of manure and find the one diamond at the bottom of the heap. With all the controversy surrounding Hogan's personal life - from his son Nick's incarceration and imminent release from jail ... to daughter Brooke's barely clothed body popping up and out on every Hollywood blog ... to The Hulkster's divorce from wife Linda and her public antics with a teenage paramour - Hogan has been in the headlines in ways he could have never imagined two years ago."

On whether "Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Wrestling" is the next big concept in sports entertainment, Heyman says, "I doubt it. But it's different. It's new. It's an alternative that's not trying to be WWE, or WWE-Lite, or the next ECW, or some storyline-driven version of UFC."

Heyman also thinks WWE and TNA need to revamp their television formats. "Well, let me rephrase that. WWE needs to revamp its television format, and the copycat WWE-Lite mentality that prevails in TNA will simply follow suit. The formula still being used has worked wonders for the billion dollar warchest owned by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, but Vince needs to change his product with the times. The audience is screaming not only for new characters and new storylines, but simply a new way of presenting the product."


netscape check two
10-17-2008, 01:15 AM
Did you hear about the incidents involving Scott Hall? The police were called three different times within 24 hours for incidents involving a drunk Scott Hall. lol In one of the incidents, Hall got into a fight in a bar and apparently some people posted some of it on you tube. This was one of the other incidents:

---Jimmy Graham, the comedian who Scott Hall attacked at the Iron Sheik roast for the Owen Hart joke, posted on his MySpace blog what happened at the event.

"Last night while roasting the legendary Iron Sheik, I told a fairly off color joke. I'll let you be the judge!

I said, "After the Sheik and Hacksaw Jim got caught sniffing coke in the parking lot his career fell faster than Owen Heart"

This didn't go over so well!

Scott Hall otherwise known as Razor Ramone rushed the stage, threw the podium and grabbed me by the throat. He jammed me into the wall, the whole time I was smiling (although I wasn't sure if it was schtick or not).
Who am I kidding I pooped myself!

My good buddy King Kong Bundy came to the rescue, along with several security guards and pulled the drunken bohemoth off of me!

I had some fans there to see me tear the sheik up and they were screaming from the audience to run roundboy run!

Even my buddy Scotty Schwartz (Flick from A christmas Story) was trying to help get the beast off of me.

About 10 minutes later the cops showed up and hauled Ramone away after tazoring him outside the lobby of the Crowne Plaza.

The whole thing will be on DVD and I'm sure youtube.

I just want to say the joke was pure evil but I was paid to write a ROAST!

I loved Owen Heart as a wrestler and a man. I think he would have laughed!"


10-17-2008, 10:47 PM
holy shit it doesnt surprise me that he would react like that but damn!! lol!

10-18-2008, 12:25 AM
I like Jericho's current gimmick better than when he first came back into the WWE as a face, with the Chef Gordon Ramsey haircut. I assume that Cade and him will start feuding down the line. But Cade needs to get pushed more for that to happen. I'm glad that Cena won't be on Raw for a while and that Triple H is on Smackdown. It gives some other guys a chance. I think the Priceless team is doing a pretty good job so far.

yeah i do agree, i think the wwe needs to go younger with guys like cade, priceless, cody rhodes and some of the other guys they're allot more exciting. i like cena but sometimes i think he's overdone and not a good wrestler. even though he beat kurt angle the 1st match he ever did when he was on smack down before he got his gimmick and he was just a jobber.

netscape check two
10-18-2008, 12:49 AM
Cade was recently released by the WWE. I think he'll be back in the future though.

netscape check two
10-19-2008, 04:09 PM

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/8891eQ7MDLs&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/8891eQ7MDLs&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

10-19-2008, 05:19 PM
^^^^LMAO.......and after that i fuck your ass!!!!!!

iron sheik is priceless

10-21-2008, 03:08 PM
I heard Chris Jericho is doing like a reality tv thing...anyone know anything about that? I mean I liked him a lot since his old school days so ill give him the benefit of the doubt...

10-24-2008, 11:01 PM
are u talking about this?


10-27-2008, 03:03 AM
batista is the new world champ. boo! boo. raw definitly and wwe sucks.
well it has been sucking for a long time. I only watch raw for santino. he is funny.

10-28-2008, 04:03 PM
hahaha I hope jericho doesnt retire from wrestling, but I heard some good things about his show

netscape check two
10-28-2008, 04:25 PM
I heard that there is a new heel group in TnA called the Main Event Mafia? So far, it's comprised of Sting, Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, Booker T, and Scott Steiner. Is it kinda like the NWO? I'll have to check it out, cause I've always been a fan of stables, especially heel ones.

R.I.P. to S.D. Jones.

bad boy T
10-29-2008, 11:16 AM
Smackdown and raw are fuckin fake

netscape check two
10-29-2008, 03:25 PM
Main Event Mafia:

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/Pu7Qoi0iyGg&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/Pu7Qoi0iyGg&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

10-29-2008, 04:22 PM
hahaha I hope jericho doesnt retire from wrestling, but I heard some good things about his show

I'm pretty sure the show's already been filmed... He'll probably keep doing wrestling... It premieres tonight on Fuse, I know that.

netscape check two
11-05-2008, 11:38 PM
Did anybody see Raw last Monday night? Mae Young took a pretty hard fall in her match, but she seems to be alright. Jericho captured the heavyweight title once again. Unfortunately, Cena will be back at Survivor Series to challenge Jericho. Who's going to be the new general manager?

netscape check two
11-12-2008, 03:03 AM
A drunk Scott Hall showed up at the TnA PPV the other night? lol

-----The PWTorch.com Newsletter is reporting that Kevin Nash recommended that TNA officials kick the intoxicated Scott Hall out of the building at the Turning Point PPV on Sunday night. Nash even went so far as to suggest that police should escort Hall off the property. Hall was upset with Nash, but eventually left without incident.

Hall was not scheduled to be included in the storylines, nor was he allowed at ringside. Hall simple showed up with the Insane Clown Posse, who were granted permission to sit in the front row in their JCW shirts as part of a friendly promotional deal. Jeff Jarrett personally gave ICP permission to appear on camera, but was unaware that Hall would be accompanying them. There is no heat between TNA and ICP, but management didn't want Hall to distract fans from the in-ring action so they had them removed after a couple matches.

12-01-2008, 06:22 PM
hall is claiming that there going to be at the royal rumble it is sad what has happened to him

netscape check two
12-10-2008, 02:27 AM
Joey styles punched out JBL in a real backstage fight recently? lol

Word is coming in about a major backstage altercation that took place while the WWE crew was overseas in Iraq for Tribute to the Troops. Former ECW personality and WWE.com writer Joey Styles punched out former WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield, busting him open under the eye.

JBL is one of the senior members of the WWE lockerroom and has a reputation for being somewhat of a bully. According to several sources, JBL picked out Joey Styles to be the target of his hazing during the Iraq tour. JBL was messing with Styles all week, including calling him condescending names in front of other WWE employees and spilling a drink on him intentionally.

After a few days of abuse, Joey Styles had enough abuse and confronted JBL, who had been drinking at the time. The altercation turned physical and Styles dropped JBL with a punch to the face. Several wrestlers had to step in and break it up.

At last night's RAW tapings, JBL was unusually quiet while Styles tried to play down the incident and did not want to talk about it. While some companies would fire an employee for an incident like this, there are actually some people within the company that feel Styles standing up for himself might actually score him some points with Vince McMahon.


12-15-2008, 12:54 AM
Armaggedon Results Taken From angrymarks.com

Written by Stevie J (steviej@angrymarks.com).

Our coverage of the WWE Armageddon PPV will be LIVE tonight so hit F5 or refresh for all of the latest updates! The show begins tonight at 8 PM EST, 7 Central. PWI (http://www.pwinsider.com/) is reporting that Mae Young is in Buffalo and backstage at the PPV, but I REALLY hope that doesn't mean she's doing a Khali Kiss Cam. F4W (http://www.f4wonline.com/) reports that Goldust may be there as well as he left a show in Coral Springs, Florida early last night to catch a flight to Buffalo. Also for what it's worth if you want to kill a few minutes before the PPV (his entrance takes longer than the fight) you can watch Bobby Lashley's pro MMA debut last night at this link (http://www.purefight.org/videos/coverage/view_video/234389-there-will-be-blood/96908-joshua-franklin-vs-bobby-lashley). The actual match begins at the 3:25 mark of the clip. As for Armageddon there are seven matches and two title bouts scheduled for tonight, so let's get it started!
One last promo for Cena v. Jericho before we go to air with the usual federal warning and "Hulkamania is runnin' wild" clip. Next we get a promo promising that Armageddon will be an epic war at the end of days pitting the kings of earth against each other, where opposing armies stand on the frontlines in a quest for immortality. Cue the G'n'R "Chinese Democracy" music because WWE Armageddon (sponsored by Prince of Persia) is live from Buffalo, New York! Good ol' J.R. is the first voice we hear live.
* Matt Hardy {C} v. Vladimir Kozlov (Non-Title Match)
Hardy comes out in a purple "Unlock Your Destiny" shirt with the title belt around his waist as the camera pans over to Todd Grisham and Matt Striker on commentary, with their Slammy Award prominently positioned on their desk. We go to a clip of Kozlov beating up Hardy on Smackdown. Kozlov comes out in some uncomfortably small and drastically plain white trunks, and not much else. Hardy jawjacks with him as the ref gives instructions and the crowd chants U-S-A before the bell gets things underway.
After a minute or so stalemate Kozlov picks up Hardy and throws him into the corner. Hardy counters being picked up into a quick rollup, and then a second one for a two count. Kozlov responds with a release back suplex as Striker puts over Kozlov's background in sambo competition. They want this guy to be Fedor so bad, but he's not even close. Case in point Kozlov puts Hardy in a keylock but he's nowhere near tapping. Kozlov works over the left arm and shoulder and asks the ref to check for a submission. Hardy screams in pain but refuses to quit. Kozlov picks up Hardy by the shoulder and throws his entire body, then gets a two count. Hardy makes a comeback with a jawjack and some punches, but Kozlov gives him multiple headbutts to knock him back down for two.
Kozlov continues to work over the left arm every way he can from knees to the shoulder to wrenching the arm back and forth. A "let's go Har-dy" chant can be heard echoing throughout Buffalo as we hit the 10 minute mark of the show. Hardy gets to the apron, snaps Kozlov off the ropes, climbs the corner for a double axe that connects then Hardy throws Kozlov out to the floor. Hardy goes for a crossbody to the outside, Kozlov catches him, but Hardy escapes him and shoots him into the steel ringpost. They get back in the squared circle and Hardy hits the Side Effect for two. Hardy signals for a Twist of Fate, Kozlov blocks it once, Hardy dives off the ropes, Kozlov hits a chop to the throat, Kozlov goes for the cover but Hardy gets a hand on the ropes before three. Roll-up for a near fall. Kozlov shoots him off, Hardy ducks his splash in the corner, then climbs up for more punches. Kozlov escapes and Hardy is dropped on the top of the ringpost. Kozlov drags a groggy Hardy back to the center of the ring for a power slam and three count. WINNER: VLADIMIR KOZLOV. Hardy retains the ECW title. Striker calls Kozlov's finisher a combination of chokeslam and spinebuster.

Edge and Vickie suck up to each other backstage as Chavo looks on. Chavo leans in to ask Vickie a question when Edge leaves to get ready for his match. "How did you two do it? How did you take Hardy out in that hotel before Survivor Series?" Vickie proclaims innocence. Chavo: "You can tell me, we're familia!" Vickie: "Stop asking me all these annoying questions and get me that cup of coffee I asked for five minutes ago." He looks pissed. "Two sugars." She stops him. "Wait Chavo, I'm sorry... TWO SPLENDA. I'm trying to watch my figure." 44993 - A for Edge, B for Triple H, C for Kozlov and D for OTHER if you want to vote on who you think attacked Jeff. Next we see Hornswoggle chasing a diva backstage. Finlay: "Listen son, I need you to stay back here tonight. I don't want you getting hurt and the safest place for you to be is back here, okay?" Horny looks disappointed.
* Rey Mysterio v. CM Punk (Intercontential Tournament Finals)
William Regal and Layla London are already front and center with Regal's IC belt, reminding us that a shot at the title is on the line for the winner of this match. Rey comes out first wearing a hood that's half pink, half La Parka. He takes it off to give it to a fan and has a more traditional Mysterio mask on underneath, although it's still half black and half pink with silver trim. CM Punk comes out with his double X fist t-shirt, the same one PeachMachine from The DRUNKCAST (http://www.angrymarks.com/news/View.php?ArticleID=5801) gave me for Christmas. Thanks Peach! We also see photographic evidence of the title change at last night's WWE Ontario house show (http://www.angrymarks.com/news/View.php?ArticleID=5809), which Cole and Lawler continue to discuss on commentary as the match gets underway, suggesting it may have effected Punk psychologically. Mysterio and Punk shake hands in a show of respect and the match gets underway. Rey gets the first near fall of the bout but it's only a one count. Punk hits a deep arm drag to avoid being sent to Rey's area code. Rey hits an arm drag of his own to block a Go 2 Sleep before being thrown out of the ring by Punk, right in front of a watching Regal and Layla. Ref starts a 10 count. Punk launches himself over the ropes to splash Rey, then throws him back in for two. Tilt-a-whirl for another near fall. Punk puts a body scissor on Rey to wear him down as a SIX-ONE-NINE chant is heard throughout the building. Punk rolls Rey to his shoulders for another near fall - so far this match is almost all Punk.
Punk hands Rey up in a tree of woe, but Rey escapes and Punk's knee hits the ringpost charging in. Rey hits a moonsault to knock Punk down, but Punk comes back with a scoop slam for a near fall. Cole claims Mysterio has an injured wrist with strained ligaments, and Punk appears to be taking advantage of it. Rey tries to get a rope back and Punk puts him in a crossface. Rey finally gets the clean break, ducks under a boot, hits a tilt-a-whirl into an armbar lucha style and Punk is stretching out with his fingers to reach the ropes for a break of his own, which he finally gets. Rey hits a springboard dropkick which sends Punk through the ropes to the floor. Rey goes up to the top, stands up tall and jumps off to splash Punk on the floor, leaving both men down as Regal looks on. When they both come back in Rey hits a senton and a crossbody into a lateral press for two. Rolling near falls for two by both men. A group of rowdy fans in the front chant REGAL SUCKS as Punk hits the knee in the corner and a running bulldog for two. Punk stands up slow.
Punk picks up Rey, he floats over to a go behind then ties up Punk like a pretzel for a near fall. Leg trip into the ropes, six one nine is missed, Punk goes for a G2S, Rey escapes it and Punk falls into the ropes, the SECOND six one nine hits, but Punk sits up right before a splash! Mysterio tries to get a back bridge pin but Punk kicks out at 2.9. Damn good match! Rey jumps to Punk's shoulders, but Punk counters him into a G2S and gets the three count! WINNER AND #1 CONTENDER TO THE IC TITLE: CM PUNK. The bridge of Punk's nose is bloody as is Rey's nose and face, so they both got a little stiff in this one. Cole claims the G2S may have broken Mysterio's nose. The two show each other respect as Regal mocks Punk with a golf clap in praise at ringside. Punk gets a prolonged celebration in the ring afterwards as the crowd roars with approval. No TO THE BACK on a WWE PPV, thank Cthulhu.
Jeff Hardy promo afterwards, with facepaint on, bathed in green light - and he notes it's been one of the worst years of his adult life. "It's easy to say Jeff's a screwup, he's just going to fail again. I've broken my own walls down though and tonight is a new chapter in the career of Jeff Hardy. You will see with one imag-Eye-nation, and tonight I will answer all the questions. Does Jeff have what it takes? Is he willing to change? I am who I am - Jeff Hardy - WWE Champion!" Cole and Lawler discuss it afterwards before we go to a promo for the HBK and JBL storyline. The video package includes JBL taking Shawn's 2008 Slammy Award (http://www.angrymarks.com/news/View.php?ArticleID=5761) that he won for Match of the Year with Ric Flair. Shortly afterward JBL's limo music plays for the live crowd.
Bradshaw is in the ring with a mic. "Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to my newest employee... Shawn Michaels." HBK's music hits. A dejected looking Shawn walks down to the ring in khaki pants, a leather jacket and t-shirt. JBL hands him the mic. Loud H-B-K chant. Michaels: "I'm just going to get right to it. The economy has hit all of us very hard and unfortunately I am not immune to it. I am in a very tough spot right now, I've heard all the whispers though believe me - he's a superstar, he's on TV, he's rich, there's no way this could happen to him. I wish that were the case. Like a lot of 20 year-olds, when I came into money I lived the high life. I bought houses, cars, motorcycles and gave a handout to every high school buddy who needed it. In the 30's the injuries mounted up and I paid for all the knee surgeries and back surgeries because I wasn't about to be beholden to anyone for the rest of my life. 10 years ago I met my beautiful wife, we had two children, and I did what I thought was a grown up thing to do. I called an investment broker, I invested in the stock market. I did all the things I was supposed to do, and I had and they didn't so I gave. Then the roof caved in. Now 20 years ago this wouldn't be a big deal, but I'm not gonna come out here and lie to you - I don't know how much time I have left." Long dramatic pause follows giving us time to soak this in.
"I have a wife and two kids who depend on me. I have family and relatives who depend on me. That's why I took JBL up on his offer. I don't like him any more than you do. He's smug, he's a bully, and personally I find him reprehensible, but the man is very good financially and that's what I need right now. I WILL put my children through college and won't let my family lose their homes. More importantly I will not become one of those guys, we hear you sayin' it, did you hear about HBK he's bagging groceries at the grocery store! Did you hear about HBK, he was limping into a high school gym to wrestle! I will not become one of those guys, I won't let it happen. Judge me if you want. If being booed or called a sellout is the price I have to pay, then I'll pay it." YOU SOLD OUT chant follows. "This is not something I want to do... this is something I have to do." JBL looks over his shoulder. Shawn turns to him. Bradshaw puts out his hand. Reluctantly Shawn accepts the handshake to a chorus of boos. Bradshaw leaves the ring, walking away smugly, leaving Shawn to wallow in his remorse in the ring.
Backstage interview with Randy Orton follows. Orton glares at the interview girl when she asks about strategy. Cody Rhodes interrupts. "Randy Orton was the crown jewel of Evolution. Batista was just hired muscle. There's a reason for that. Batista isn't on our level, and doesn't posess the God-given abilities of a second or third generation star like myself, like Manu, like Randy. We grew up around this. It's in our blood." Manu: "In other words, he's been waiting for four years, so this man tonight is going to expose Batista for the fraud that he is. TONIGHT Randy Orton cements his legacy." Interview girl turns back to Orton. Orton glares at her and walks away without saying a word. If only TNA backstage segments could be that good! (We all know they never will be though.) Jim Ross and Tazz put over the Buffalo Bills in attendance and the AT&T Mobile Poll again.
* Belfast Brawl: Mark Henry v. Fit Finlay
Three Six plays as Mark Henry walks down to the ring, flanked by Atlas in a suit and tie, as we go to Striker and Grisham on commentary again. Striker reminds us that Henry has threatened his family, and Grisham throws to a clip from ECW on Sci-Fi last week (http://www.angrymarks.com/news/View.php?ArticleID=5771). Finlay comes down to the ring alone and Striker says he admires Finlay's choice to leave his son safely in the back, then puts over "the dangerous war-torn streets of Belfast" as the inspiration for this match. Weapons are legal and only a pinfall or submission can stop the fight. Finlay is dumped out early. Henry gives chase and Finlay throws him face first into the announce table. Henry recovers before Finlay can shove him into a ringpost, then shoves Finlay chest first into the apron. The two continue to clubber each other as the ref looks on. Finlay gets to the apron but Henry sweeps his legs and he bounces off the edge of the apron hard. Henry comes back into the ring but misses with the victory splash.
Finlay lays into him with kicks then goes underneath the ring to start throwing in some PLUNDAH. Kendo sticks, three garbage cans, a plethora of garbage. Striker suggests a bottle of Johnnie Walker may be next. Atlas hits him with a trash can lid from behind, so Finlay hits a reverse boot that knocks Atlas on his keister. The momentary distraction was enough for Henry to crack Finlay with a can, then hang Finlay up on the ropes. Henry does an amazing 400 pounds slide through the ropes and lands nimbly on his feet. He grabs Finlay by the head and screams "YOU WANTED A FIGHT, YOU GOT A FIGHT!" We see a replay of Henry's body raking Finlay's face across the ropes. One of the most impressive moves Henry has ever done.
Henry may have spent too long mocking Finlay. He gets clocked with a trash can, waylaid with kendo sticks, he's given a DDT to the canvas and another trash can to the head before a cover for two. Finlay pulls Henry up, Henry nails him with a series of head to head headbutts, puts him in the corner for a 400 pound butt bomb but Finlay managed to roll away at the last second. He crawls to his corner for a shilelagh but Henry puts a big boot in his face to knock him down, then snaps the shilelagh in two over his knee. They put over the fact a shilelagh is made out of strong blackthorn wood, but he snapped it like a #2 pencil. He takes a bamboo stick Finlay tried to hit him with and snaps that too. Hornswoggle runs out to help! He's knocked off the apron and disappears under the ring as Atlas tries in vain to find him. Henry puts a trash can on Finlay's face in the corner then crushes it against him like "a human trash compactor." Henry tries to bring in steel steps but Finlay dropkicks him in the legs and his head bounces off the steel. Hornswoggle comes out from under the ring and throws in another shilelagh to Finlay, who clonks Henry with it and gets the three count! WINNER: FIT FINLAY. Finlay and Hornswoggle embrace in the ring afterwards as Finlay continues to sell his injuries. For a match I expected almost nothing from, it was actually quite enjoyable to watch.
A promo for Tribute to the Troops (in just over a week) follows. The next segment involves "Santa Haas," the divas, Santino, Beth Phoenix, the Boogeyman and Goldust. A recap simply won't do it justice. Ken Kennedy glares at the camera, jaw agape, then tells everybody not to drink and drive (OR DO DRUGS) this holiday season. He gives a reminder for the release of "Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia" before we go to a promo for Evolution's history with Orton & Batista. The two superstars cut promos on each other as the segment comes to an end with Batista promising there's "a score to settle" between them.
* Dave Batista v. Randy Orton
Batista comes out first all by his lonesome, whereas Orton comes out flanked by The Legacy on either side. Both Manu and Rhodes remain at ringside on opposite ends as Orton jumps up to the ropes to pose for the crowd, turning to look at Batista stalking the ring like a caged animal behind him. The ref asks both men if they're ready and calls for the bell, and we're underway! Official start time for the fourth match was 9:20 PM EST by the way. Orton and Batista fight each other to no advantage on either end for the first minute or two. Orton finally manages to spin to a drop toe hold and take Batista to the mat, but he quickly gets back up and the two face off to a crowd pop. Orton kicks him in the gut but is shot off on a side headlock attempt and hit with a shoulder tackle. The ref backs Batista off to let Orton back to his feet, but Orton trips Batista out to the floor where The Legacy both jump him. This causes the referee to throw Manu and Rhodes out. In fact signaling THEY'RE OUTTA HERE isn't enough - he actually jumps out of the ring and gets in their face to let them know. Orton comes out to give Batista an uppercut, throw him back into the ring, then post him into a turnbuckle to work on his left arm and shoulder. Dueling BA-TI-STA and R-K-O chants from the Buffalo crowd.
Batista finally gets free and clotheslines Orton from one corner to the other before picking him up with the right arm for a jackknife. He jumps up and down, shakes the ropes. looks for a Batista bomb but Orton escapes and hits a neckbreaker which leaves both men down on the canvas. Orton follows up with a knee lunge for a two count then applies a side neck crank. Batista powers out to hit shoulders to the gut in the corner, then throw Orton out to the floor, where Randy grabs his shoulder and winces in pain selling the injury. Batista quickly follows him out and throws him back in. Orton manages to catch Batista coming back in, string him out feet first from the ropes, and hit a faceplant DDT for a near fall. Orton starts stomping a mudhole in him and walking it dry. Knee lunge to the face follows. Orton rolls out to the floor to pummel Batista as he lays on the apron. Batista falls out headfirst from a punch and Orton finally heeds the ref and comes back in. A near fall follows shortly thereafter before Orton tries to crank the neck again.
One more time Batista gets back to his feet, but he misses with a clothesline attempt and Orton takes him right back down to the ground. The ref is checking to see if Batista's going to go out cold. Orton tries to take the back for a rear naked choke, but Batista falls backwards into the turnbuckle to break him loose then hits a side slam. Ref starts a standing ten but neither man gets close to the whole of it. Orton runs into a huge clothesline and gets dumped out to the floor. One drunk in the crowd yells "THROW HIM OVER HERE BATISTA! GIVE ME A PIECE OF HIM!" Back in the ring Batista goes to the ropes, Orton cuts him off and hits a superplex. Orton rolls over onto the cover and gets a 2.8. Orton tries to run the ropes for a move but gets cut off by a spinebuster for a near fall. We're about 14 minutes in now. Batista bomb blocked. RKO attempt blocked. Orton slammed down awkwardly for another near fall. Batista is countered into a neck slash backbreaker, then Orton coils up to strike with the RKO. Batista gets up slowly, the RKO is blocked and Orton is powered into a slam for 2.999! Orton with a kick to the gut and another DDT. They're making Batista's neck the focal injury of the match. Orton charges over for a soccer kick but Big Dave blocks and puts Orton in the corner for five punches, then pulls away from the corner for a BIG spinebuster and a three count. WINNER: DAVE BATISTA. I'm shocked The Legacy didn't run out from the back - they were ejected from the match, not the building. We see a replay of the Batista bomb as Dave celebrates in the ring. Orton walks up the ramp slowly, an evil glare at Batista in his eye the whole way. Footage of the 2008 Slammy Awards (http://www.angrymarks.com/news/View.php?ArticleID=5761) follows.
* Santa's Little Helper 8 Diva Match
If you need to take a piss break, now is the time. Our two teams are Michelle McCool & Maria & Mickie James & Kelly Kelly in red vs. Victoria & Natalya & Jillian Hall & Maryse in green. We have a mixed commentary team for this match - I've heard everybody but Striker giving their two cents and this isn't even underway yet. Oh wait, there's Striker. In short this is as much of a clusterfuck on the mic as it is in the ring. Natalya tries to punk out Mickie James until she responds with a Lou Thesz press. Kelly Kelly comes in to work with Natalya and Striker says she celebrates channukah. "Kelly Kelly is one hot hebrew!" Actual line on commentary that ONLY Striker could get away with. Ross teases Lawler about only caring about the photos on WWE.com AFTER the match. It turns into a slobberknocker and Ross says we've got HOT WINGS IN BUFFALO. Michelle McCool hits a finisher, possibly on Maryse but I wasn't paying that much attention, but thankfully the match is now over. WINNER: THE DIVA FACE TEAM.
The Great Khali and his translator Ranjan Singh are on their way down to the ring before the heel divas can even get all the way up the ramp. Singh says it's time for THE CHRISTMAS KISS CAM. Oh shit, sweet merciful Cthulhu, my prediction from the start of the PPV is about to come true. The kiss cam heart focuses on McCool and she bails out and goes up the ramp. Singh says don't worry about it, kissing three divas is better than kissing one! Singh wants to know who will go first. Singh says it's okay they're reluctant, because Khali is too much woman for any man, and that he still has a backup plan with a diva tonight. "SHE'S BEEN HELPING SANTA FOR A LONG, LONG TIME." Sure enough the piano music hits and here comes Mae Young. Those of you with a weak constitution are advised to not watch this segment, and certainly you don't want to drink during it... although Khali may need one to get the taste out of his mouth afterwards. "Great Khali says you're looking hot tonight." Young: "I would like to say this is the greatest night of my life!" Young snogs him with so much gusto I think she's trying to shorten his life AND hers. Ross even asks Khali if he wants a Junior Mint afterwards. Lawler says Mae Young plays spin the bottle with Mylanta. I think WWE owes me $10 back just for having to watch that shit. Another promo for Chris Jericho v. John Cena mercifully cuts the whole thing short.
* John Cena {C} v. Chris Jericho (World Heavyweight Title Match)
Chris Jericho comes out first. Jericho glares with scorn and disdain at all of the fans in the building for about a minute before Cena's music hits, with the M.O.P. BRRRRRR-RAP-A-DOO sample from "Ante Up" still intact. Lawler is happy to proclaim "THE CHAMP IS HERE" when he arrives in the ring and says everybody in Buffalo is on their feet. Cena hands the belt to the ref, runs the ropes, then waits patiently for Lilian Garcia to make the title weight introductions. I can't say I'm shocked that the match involving Triple H is going to go on last. Cena and Jericho jawjack and the ref finally rings the bell at 10:04 EST. Jericho gets the early advantage and pounds, stomps and kicks on Cena's neck. Cena gets a takedown in retaliation. Jericho bails out to the floor to escape, Cena gives chase, and Jericho catches him coming back through the ropes. Headbutt and forearms by Y2J. Cena gets one clothesline before Jericho catches him in a sleeper hold and pulls him to the ground. Cole actually calls Jericho 'The Narcissist.' That's not a gimmick we need to revive. Jericho counters an FU attempt into a face hitting the canvas. Jericho fights off another on the apron and bulldogs Cena's face right into the steel steps. Y2J throws him back in to hook the leg but it's only a two count.
A light Cena chant breaks out as Jericho continues the assault. Jericho lays Cena out on the ropes, stands on his back, and leans backwards for extra leverages while holding the ropes. Jericho grounds Cena for a submission and asks the ref to check if he submits. Cena of course does not. Jericho misses a spear into the corner and Cena hits some flying shoulder tackles to start a comeback. You Can't See Me and a five knuckle shuffle soon follows. Cena picks him up for the FU but Jericho squirms out and starts to turn him over for the Walls of Jericho, but Cena powers out and tosses Jericho for a near fall. Jericho responds with a missile dropkick off the ropes for 2. Jericho counters a bulldog and hits a Lionsault for 2.8. Jericho puts Cena on the ropes for a suplex but Cena throws him off and hits a leg drop to the back of the neck for 2 and change. Cena stands up and yells "YOU WANT SOME, COME GET SOME!" Jericho gets up slowly. Cena misses on an FU attempt and Jericho counters into the Codebreaker for 2.95. Jericho yells at the ref, charges at Cena in rage, and Cena hits him with the FU clean but both men are down. Cena crawls over slow to make the cover and Jericho kicks out before 3. Standing ten count starts and Jericho stays down the whole time.
Cena gets back up at five or six but Jericho nearly rolls him up for three by playing possum. Cena tries to go for the STFU but Jericho counters it into the Walls and Cena's in the center of the ring. Lawler is convinced he'll have to tap but Cena starts crawling towards the ropes, but when he reaches out Jericho drags him right back to the middle. Cena can't get a rope break so he muscles up, reverses it, locks in the STFU and Jericho taps out almost immediately! WINNER AND STILL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: JOHN CENA. Seems that Cena lived up to his promise to teach Jericho the meaning of the word RESPECT all over again. We get replays of the counters, the finishers, the FU attempts and the finishing sequence as Cena celebrates in the ring. Cena even goes over to pose with the Buffalo Bills players in attendance. One more time, at least for tonight, THE CHAMP IS HERE. Promo for the Royal Rumble follows. To my friends in the D, I'll see you there on January 25th, and I can't wait! 65% of the text poll picked Edge as the man who attacked Jeff Hardy, but in second place 23% picked OTHER. I prefer to think those 23% were all in their hearts voting for Christian. A promo package for tonight's triple threat main event follows.
* Edge {C} v. Triple H v. Jeff Hardy (Triple Threat WWE Championship Match)
I suppose it's appropriate that Triple H come out first in a triple threat match. As much as I miss seeing Smackdown (thanks to the fact DIRECTV DOESN'T CARRY MYNETWORK) I can't say I'm sad I haven't had to see this guy do a spit take with his bottle of water every single week. Whether you love or hate Jeff Hardy's current entrance music, he's so over that his music gets a pop before he even comes out to the crowd. Triple H tries to stare a hole through him as he comes down the ramp. Edge has the belt around his waist when he comes down, which I always like to see. It's a belt after all, not a shoulder dangle strap. Hardy and Hunter are introduced first, leaving the Rated R Superstar and YOUR WWE Champion to be given his introduction at the end. Chad Patton holds up the belt, hands it to an official at ringside, asks all three men if they are ready and calls for the bell.
Jeff Hardy immediately charges Edge and starts pummeling him with punches, but it's not long before Triple H gets involved. Jeff stacks both of them up like cordwood in one corner, then the opposite corner, then splashes them both! Trips falls to his knees and Jeff uses him as a launching pad to splash Edge in the corner, then makes a cover for two. Triple H gets dumped out to the floor but before Jeff can launch himself at Hunter, Edge yanks him down hard. Edge goes out to the floor too and Jeff seizes the opportunity to launch himself at both, but Trips gets out of the way and Edge takes the brunt. Hardy stands up and Hunter runs him down with a clothesline. Hunter and Hardy brawl on the ramp until Trips throws him into the barricades. Edge attacks Hunter when he tries to come back in and appears to be shaking out some cobwebs.
It's not long before Edge goes for a pinfall that only gets two, and Hunter responds with a Harley Race high knee and a neckbreaker. Ross and Tazz keep refering to Edge as "The Ultimate Opportunist." I can think of far worse nicknames. Hunter is about to Pedigree TUO, but Hardy knocks him away before he can execute. Nobody in the crowd was buying that as a possible finish anyway because it was far too early in this match. Whisper in the Wind knocks down both men. Jeff goes for his whacky rollup legdrop pin and gets two. Hardy slips going up the ropes and Edge takes advantage, but then Hunter comes over and gets under Edge to pull him off. With Edge in the electric chair position, Hardy jumps off and knocks them over like dynamite to a leaning tower. Edge definitely looks like he got the worst of it. Hunter whips Jeff into the corner, hits a boot to the gut when he comes off, tries to Pedigree him but gets catapulted into the corner. Swinging rope assist dropkick follows, but Edge gives him a neckbreaker before he can follow up and covers for 2.8. Edge is speared and knocked out to the floor, Hardy hits a Twist of Fate and a Swanton, but Edge drags him off the pinfall by the leg all the way to the floor. Edge attacks Hardy mercilessly as Hunter takes a breather in the ring.
Hardy finally gets his mojo back by sending Edge into the barricade, at which point he tears off his shirt and takes apart the spanish (or perhaps ECW) announce table preparing to finish Edge off. Hunter of course can't abide this and breaks it up, then starts stripping down the Raw announce table with the same intentions Hardy had in mind. He pulls Hardy up by the hair and drags him over to the announce table, so I'm just waiting for Edge to break this one up too. Hunter stands up on top of the table, starts to pull Jeff up for a Pedigree, but Hardy escapes. Hunter blocks a Twist of Fate attempt and suddenly Edge runs across the table and spears Hardy through the third table! Brief HOLY SHIT chant follows. Tazz is convinced it's lights out for Hardy. Edge and Hunter work their way back to the ring and Edge counters a Pedigree with an Impaler DDT.
Edge waits for Hunter to stand up so he can hit a spear, but Hunter counters it into a double leg spinebuster. Hunter hits the Pedigree, but before he can make the pinfall Kozlov comes out to pull him off. Matt Hardy runs out to attack Kozlov. Jeff Hardy goes up to the top turnbuckle but gets shoved off and spills all the way down to the pretty black mats. Edge is still in the ring and Hunter is slowly crawling to his feet and back into the ring. Edge finally hits the spear but Hunter kicks out at 2.99999. A frustrated and enraged Edge rolls out, grabs two steel chairs, comes back in the ring but Jeff grabs the second chair before Edge can hit the conchairto and clocks him with it! Jeff goes to the top rope to hit a move but Hunter pulls on the ropes before he can do it and Hardy comes down crotching himself. Hunter stumbles to his feet and Edge staggers to his recovering from the chair shot. Hunter sets him up for the Pedigree and connects but Jeff Hardy hits a Swanton before he can make the cover and gets the three count! WINNER AND NEW WWE CHAMPION: JEFF HARDY.
The announcers are stunned into silence, so all we see and hear is Jeff and the crowd celebrating. Hardy puts the belt on and turns it around to face forward to show the crowd, then continues dancing and celebrating. He rolls out of the ring but he's not done yet! He's going around ringside high-fiving the crowd, limping and selling all the way, as fans hold up their signs like CONGRATS JEFF and WE BELIEVE IN YOU JEFF. All of those Jeff Hardy fans around the world have finally been rewarded tonight. Hardy even stops to give a young fan some of his ring gear on the way up the ramp, as we finally hear the voice of Jim Ross again at 10:52 PM EST. We see the finishing sequence on replay. Hunter hits the Pedigree, Hardy hits the Swanton that knocks him off the pinfall, covers Edge for three and wins the belt. The PPV goes off the air at 10:55 with Hardy standing on the top of the castle for the Armageddon set, still celebrating, with Ross and Tazz laying out and letting the moment speak for itself. Thanks for reading the recap!

12-15-2008, 10:07 AM
it was at the HSBC Arena in buff, I should have went.

netscape check two
12-15-2008, 11:52 AM
Yeah, it was nice to see Jeff Hardy finally pick up that Heavyweight title.

netscape check two
01-23-2009, 12:38 AM

Scott Steiner is said to be in pretty rough shape, but then again he has been that way since the final year of WCW. There was a point in time where he would warm up for a full hour before going out for a match, and another time when after a 10 minute match he couldn't pick up a napkin he dropped in a hotel, but when he finally did manage to get down on one knee to pick it up he grabbed his back and had to lie down on a couch to relieve the pain. Steiner’s days in the ring may be numbed, as he had made it clear to friends he has no interest in appearing on camera if he looks feeble or injured. He was once working through back pain so bad that he couldn’t do any flat-back bumps and had to fall to his side or to his knees, and explain later to the wrestlers that he wasn’t trying to no-sell their moves but he simply couldn’t do the back bumps.

Steiner is said to be pretty hard on himself, and most of the locker room feels bad for him at times despite his reputation as an absolute lunatic who has threatened people’s lives over booking decisions. In WCW, Jeff Jarrett was always known as the guy who could keep Scott under control and calm him down.

Says one fellow wrestler regarding Scott‘s health: "He can't bend over and tie his shoe because of his lower back pain. His stretching routine before matches is barbaric just so he has the mobility to get through a match because he's wound so tight. His back is so bad watching him go through a 12 step process to sit in a car seat is excruciating. It's so not a secret that his back causes him tremendous pain and is an overwhelming concern in his life every day"

Friends continue to encourage Steiner to back off on his muscle-mass, but Steiner continues to be stubborn and prioritize being as big as possible over all else. He never misses a work out and fans said they saw him at a gym in Hawaii while he was there on his honeymoon. Steiner is still financially set from his WCW days and real estate ventures with his brother, but there is tremendous pressure for him to retire due to his physical condition. With so many TNA wrestlers on the shelf, the loss of Steiner would be a major blow to the company.


Dirty Knowledge
01-24-2009, 08:40 AM
The fans in Chicago chanted On Your Knees when Jericho was told to apologize to the fans last week on RAW. That shit was G.

01-24-2009, 08:56 PM
i loved the steiner brothers in the "varsity club " faction ...

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01-24-2009, 10:54 PM
Besides justin.tv, which sites are going to have Royal Rumble live Sunday night?

01-24-2009, 11:26 PM
thats a great site 2 check it out..
alot of peeps do alot of good on there

01-24-2009, 11:28 PM
who do you think is going to win and who do you wish would win?

Christian Cage is going back to the wwe. I don't know if they will drop the cage part, and from what I heard they are going to reunit him with Edge; I hope they do put him and edge back together, I would like to see them vs the hardys in a TLC match, maybe at WM.

01-25-2009, 08:38 AM
i think cage wil come back in the rumble as #30 2night..
an his presence will be felt during the wwe champ match..
i think orton or undetrtaker win the rumble..

01-26-2009, 12:40 PM
wut an ending last night

netscape check two
01-26-2009, 06:26 PM
I got back later than I thought, and didn't get to catch any of it online. I read the results. How was the picture quality of it at justin.tv? Do you know if that site does any replays of Royal Rumble?

01-26-2009, 10:49 PM
raw is nothing special either 2night..
other than jerico hyping a match between him an
Mickey Rourke

@ wrestlemania 25 with ric flair in rourke's corner./.

01-26-2009, 11:07 PM
actually 2 b honest..
there was this kid in the crowd rockin the "w" on his shirt all night long..

netscape check two
01-26-2009, 11:09 PM
So do you know if justin.tv or any other sites are replaying Royal Rumble?

Shane McMahon beating everybody up at the end of Raw. lol How many of those soft punches did he miss?

01-26-2009, 11:15 PM
i thought i counted 25 in all..
diabiase or rhodes needs 2 learn the "shaolin handlock"

vote dopium 09

01-27-2009, 12:05 AM
the first half of RR it was pretty crappy on justtv, but then I changed to a better one and it was pretty good.

01-27-2009, 06:48 PM
not gonna lie tho...i did not expect matt to turn on jeff like he did...mad cain and abelish son!!!!

01-27-2009, 06:55 PM
i really dont know how you^ didnt see that coming.

i swear i can tell how the story is going before the wrestlers do. i downloaded the RR yesterday... and rey mysterio should have won.

first time i watched wwf(e) for a loooong time, i only recognised the oldies... circa 2000

01-27-2009, 07:25 PM
age of orton

01-27-2009, 07:29 PM
i really dont know how you^ didnt see that coming.

i swear i can tell how the story is going before the wrestlers do. i downloaded the RR yesterday... and rey mysterio should have won.

first time i watched wwf(e) for a loooong time, i only recognised the oldies... circa 2000truthfull ive been behind so i dont really know the whole story...i just found out jeff was champ at the time. i try to catch most on youtube but u know how that goes

netscape check two
01-27-2009, 08:13 PM
Here's a link to the Royal Rumble replay, in case you missed it. Though, I watched some of it, and it was buffering a lot for some reason?


01-27-2009, 08:28 PM
no way kofi wins the elim chamber

01-27-2009, 11:20 PM
he should even be in the match imo.

01-28-2009, 03:01 PM
i stop watchin wwe back when they split it into brands i think that idea is so stupid. any fool nowadays can be world champ. wwe has 3 world titles. ony reason to watch nowadayz is jericho he's still the man.

01-28-2009, 04:32 PM
break the walls down

netscape check two
01-28-2009, 06:13 PM
So who do you think is really on Orton's side? Shane or Steph?

01-28-2009, 08:34 PM

01-28-2009, 09:01 PM
i dnt think either..
the legacy groups needs a jj dillion..
an another mem or 2

01-28-2009, 09:20 PM
it could be vince, he is perhaps the greatest second generation person in the wwe history; he took a local wrestling business his father owned, and made it into a empire

01-30-2009, 11:04 PM
if it has to be a second generation person who joins Legacy, it can't be Steph or Shane as they are 4th as Shane said a couple of months ago.

Rumours are is was going to be DH Smith but i'm not sure about that one.

I watched the RR on the following site:


maybe on the next ppv, you can check it out to see what it's like.


netscape check two
01-30-2009, 11:19 PM
Thanks for the input Ironmantis. Our user group should be starting soon... Tomb hasn't been around for a while

netscape check two
01-30-2009, 11:51 PM
<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/h6RqqYuDGHM&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/h6RqqYuDGHM&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

01-31-2009, 12:34 AM
Here's a link to the Royal Rumble replay, in case you missed it. Though, I watched some of it, and it was buffering a lot for some reason?


Cheers for the link. I don't think I've watched a RR since the Rock and Stone Cold started doing each others moves

Why has Cena got the fuckin title again?