View Full Version : US Military Contactor Accused of Human Trafficking

09-18-2008, 01:00 AM
Military contractor KBR Inc. and a Jordanian subcontractor are accused of human trafficking in a federal lawsuit filed in Los Angeles.

The suit alleges that 12 Nepali men were being transported to Iraq against their will when they were killed in an insurgent attack.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday by an attack survivor and family members of victims alleges that subcontractor Daoud & Partners recruited the men in Nepal to work in hotels and restaurants in Jordan.

The company allegedly seized their passports when they arrived in Jordan in 2004 and had them sent to Iraq to work on a U.S. air base.

A KBR spokeswoman declined to comment, saying the company had not yet seen the lawsuit. A contact number for Daoud & Partners could not be immediately located.


If this proves to be true, it would be a pretty shocking development. These contractors are already raking in millions for this "war" yet they feel they have to shanghai slaves from other countries to do work for them?

Killa BB
09-18-2008, 04:49 AM
Yo.... Them KBR cats make a GRIP!!! I almost proposed to a few of them... lol... There is no way this dude needed money... It's sad to know that people could be so greedy...