View Full Version : What Would You Say ??

09-19-2008, 10:50 PM
just posted 5 new joints for your listening pleasure....

(1) What Would You Say ?? - this is one of my favourites

(2) Mad Trix (666 remix) - remake of a song i did with David Cox, i had this beat lying around, got bored & dropped the verses on it, dope shit, that Omen theme music

(3) The Storm - this shit was requested, had a lovely young singer lady called Janelle, from Florida wanting this beat, but unfortunatley i could'nt give it up, but hopefully we'll be working on something together in the future

(4) Ballad Of The Lost Soulz - this is basically a remix, i was unhappy with the original beat for it & had to change it

(5) Up In Smoke featuring Tommy Chong - i was weeded out of my fucking mind, i had the Cheech & Chong song on mp3, and i basically had to give it that Uncle Bungle hip hop treatment

enjoy them, love them & if you like em that much, go download em from www.soundclick.com/unclebungle that way you can put em on ya i-pod or burn em to cd & play em in the car.......and if you'd be so kind, any feedback would be very appreciated...

Uncle Bungle