View Full Version : RAP CIRCLES (I dream I write I rhyme I type I fight I live I die)

09-21-2008, 01:56 AM
Its T-E crooked letter dead them better
Shred them up like noodles and rice/
Iím too tight re-write cha bars
My cards stay charged like a deck from Gambit/
Blaze bars lay niggaz out like hammocks
You canít even clam bake it let alone fake the funk/
I can take the flows and slam it like Michael Jordan dunks
Donít try n cross me over like AI do everybody else/
You emcees donít got no stake or claim to the throne
Until you work your ass of to ever get into the dome/
I donít need any pros and cons when I flow tighter
Than any writer trying to craft scenes from movies I spit so vividly/
Your imagery is surrounded by thick fog
I canít see too much into it/
Youíll need a movie screen
To even be that ill on the small screen/
You canít flicker to anything thatís slicker
Now you think of yourself is ďsickerĒ I am a ripper/
Never a photon flipper gripping pens leaving ends
Wit no means I smash words like atomic energy/
Emceeing to me is a constant remedy to negative energy
If you got rumors spread eím Iíll dead eím wit more blogs than Zappatero/
You donít need any deniro to use MAP QUEST
My YAHOO MAPS like GOOGLE EARTH it always works/

I dream I write I rhyme I type I fight I live I die
Never wonder why the circle of life is so wide

Donít verbalize the lies you write
View your mind in black and white/
Do you need to shine a light?
When you canít even shine that bright? /
Iím solar rays to you weak featuring other acts cause you know you canít hang on tracks/
Go back to running laps
Thinking youíre the next big thing in TRACK/
I got so many rhymes written down from binary to paper
I can make your whole catalog look sublime/
Just check the forums I rip in pure boredom
Think if I had a record deal people would kill for that kind of ethic and appeal/
Run through flows like a sex marathon
I donít need to gang bang a bunch of females to be on/
Iím a virtuoso blowing up you rappers when you get caught in my cyclone
I write for those that love flows, foes, oh wait does Bo Knows RAP/
Maybe I should SAMPLE some of that and give it right back
Call me a lyrical STD do you really want me to infect thee/