View Full Version : CONQUEST (Ambitionz Az a Fourth Part of the Earth Ridah)

09-29-2008, 08:54 PM
I dont give a hot shit
I body emcees and watch them rot in a moshpit
the plots thick
lickin shots at pig cops in the Gaza Strip
lava rock spit
its hideous- whole cliques fossiled in iqneous brick
swallowed whole by the arsonist
my glock go pop- hollows dipped in toxic arsenic
I box with sick fists
deliver Cheick Kongo kicks
pistol-whip a Crip
OTB will split and cross the River Styx
skilled at robbery
clock gwap lotteries- the top-pick locksmith
I mock conflict
hypersonic phonics
the god will drop this written apocalypse at Mach 6
scythe chops shock tricks
insidious bane
brain got logic to decipher Spock's mix
hail and rains drip
stay with the force like Chewbacca and Siths
a quick hit like Pac got vicked
I grip the reins and bail on a horse pale like goth chicks

Yo Section 9 Brothers, STAND UP!!!


09-29-2008, 09:33 PM
Trisect cha tone deafer etch a touch cha vanquisher dark alley way
direct contact virus hypothesis told cha
it had to be broken down like a Cuban link chain/
Nest egg hobbling armed gobbling
Between U-N-I are you ready to flow yet deny the lines
I write pumping through your veins like blood to your heart/
Gumbo Dumbo hardly early i started rhyming so sick i had to change quick
dipped off to temple pop four through your sterilized mental/
capitol the marketing pain task force harvest lines through dope tactics
strategic thermoplastic open domes like I'm ripping though plastic packages/
staff meetings greet cha chick lings wit dubious methods evidently oblique
coming at cha dome so unique I got more sides than isosceles triangle/
people tend to crop thoughts on beta patterns hard fought rhymes i taught
catch cha pitchers throw him the right signs so y'all can win the game/
I'm an open road city boy speaking on topics so complicated
I am not a toy virgin gallows hollows ravishing when I'm rude/
collide cha scope dope a rope chain gang bang a hammer thing
romper room Thomson caliber edge cha out cha like valet driver/
Lee Major hold cha page i dump a load leave you folded up like lawn chairs
i pump no spare check out the newest dart i collapse when i decide to rap n abstract beta kap/

Guarded By Martyrs
09-30-2008, 12:51 PM
"its hideous- whole cliques fossiled in iqneous brick
swallowed whole by the arsonist
my glock go pop- hollows dipped in toxic arsenic"


Section 9 Up In This Bitch We Move To Swift Like Light Sabres Of Siths
And Bullets Sent From The Narrow Barrel
They Fly Like Possessed Sparrows Going At Your Bone Marrow
We Put You In Tombs Like Pharoahs Set You Alight Like Candles
Sprowt Mandibles Wolverine's Rage Is Too Much To Handle
Slicing Spleens And Ruin Dreams Between Here And The Chapel
Kneel Down In Prayer Just To Find The Right Angle
For My Weapons To Dismantle Your Statue
And Leave You Lost In The Bermuda Triangle

Nice dart O...some of your best work yet I agree.


09-30-2008, 01:14 PM
thanks whers-

i like that kneeling to find the right angle line-
makes me wanna write a verse off that-