View Full Version : Necro Matching Banner + Avatar Set [Psycho+Logical Line]

06-14-2005, 03:48 AM
Hadn't made a banner in a while, so I decided to make one. I have a simple style, clean cut and paste [maybe on a diff background or some kind of effect], with an ill font for the text. Anyway, peep this matching set:



Gonna make a few more for my Psycho+Logical set. Anyways, I think it's looks pretty tight, but wanted to see what you all thought. Feeds please. ONE

06-14-2005, 03:54 AM
ILL G. you gotta hook me up with a goretex or a ill bill one. PEACE

06-14-2005, 04:12 AM
Shit doesnt even show up

06-14-2005, 06:06 AM
^^^What you cant see it??? I can. And yo akabobbyd, I can hook you up for sure. I'll get back at ya. ONE

06-14-2005, 01:08 PM

The Only Koz
06-14-2005, 01:32 PM
gzus! ha! thats tight! i was dropping DZA for a while, but i had to come back w- KOZ...

06-14-2005, 01:33 PM
Thanx man, and thanx to everyone for the feeds. Also, for those that wanna know, the pic is from the new Psycho+Logical mixtape - Street Villains Vol. 2. Cop that when it drops, the cover is a take on the movie Heat, illness. ONE

06-14-2005, 01:35 PM
gzus! ha! thats tight! i was dropping DZA for a while, but i had to come back w- KOZ...
^^^Haha, yeh man, thanx for the feeds, I checked out some of your shit a moment a go man, shit was off the hook man. Good work. ONE

06-14-2005, 04:46 PM
thats nice as hell.....

06-15-2005, 12:59 AM
thanks G. when you can hook it up get at me with a pm. PEACE

born invincible
06-15-2005, 11:38 AM
nice... and word thats a big gun!!

06-15-2005, 12:49 PM
Hahaha, yeh kinda. Thanx for the feedback. ONE