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10-28-2008, 09:17 PM
My People Who Laugh.. It Feels .. Like So Good.. Like Running .. Naked ..outside In The Sun.. Please Yes.. Go Ahead.. I Am No Gaf.. You Smoker... Cry .. If So You.. Think . . The Way Some Do.. Some Don't .. I Get .. A Boner.. From The Ones.. That Do.. So Why.. Do People .. Lose Elections.. A Poet No Supposed Rapper .. This Is The Way I'm Stuck ... And The Sounds And Grass.. If You Think .. You're Smart.. I Come Back.. You Stay Stupid.. I Have To .. Even If I Don't .. She Was Drinking.. Chocolate Milk.. I Was Drinking ... Chocolate.. Milk.. She Threw Her Chocolate Milk At Me .. I Left .. I Went To Go Cry.. Milk Was Coming.. Out Of My Nose.. I Say Good Afternoon.. I Got The City On Alert It.. Excuse .. Excuse.. Pizza .. Giving .. Me Shade... The Hollywood .. Bowl.. Hawaii.. All.. . That's The One.. Needing To Insert Farts.. Curly.. Through Air.. Ones.. Forces... Superstars.. Coming.. Soon.. A 4 Head.. Hi-fi Vcr.. My Mouth.. Is Closed.. And I Have Traps.. This Fan.. Not January.. I Press Three.. With A Guard.. Tower.. A Cannon.. Tower.. No Ballista... A Battleship... What Are You .. The Bell.. A Babe. .. A Paper .. Away Go.. A Newspaper.. Walking. .one.. Section.. The California . Raisins.. Raided.. A Shamrock.. Tossed.. Hoping.. The Navy Blue .. Bud Shirt. .my Its.. Starting To Rip.. Forgetting. To A.. Clean Floors.. At The Toy Store.. In The Girls Restroom.. Why Do People.. People.. Tenderness Me.. It Must .. Be The Mennen.. Gashing.. A Bad Custom...

I'm.. Turning West Coast.. Only Old School.. You On My Jock.. So You Talk... I'm Like.. What Do You .. Want.. Your Knees Move.. You Have Nice Shoes.. In The Middle You Look At Me... Then I Uppercut.. When I See Your Faces.. I'm The One In Pleasure.. That Was .. No One Has To Know.. To Send Around.. My Supermarket Fans.. To Who Think.. Who Know But No... If You Say Something.. Or Have Something To Say .. You Have To Talk To Me .. First.. Don't Just Assume.. I'll Yogurt And All Motor You.. Straight Out.. Then We Go .. A Handshake Or Pound.. It Don't Get More Real Than That.. Brown - Striped.. Pants. . To The Normal .. One Thing.. To Like Then .. Love.. A Big .. Dick.. My Difference... So Go On... .