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10-28-2008, 09:47 PM
Prince Rodreeg.. What Is It About .. All Musicians.. That Liquid .. Nitrogen.. Doesn't Get... This Is Shakira.. Isabel.. The Freeway .. A Prisoner.. Kurupt Made Me That Song.. A Buffet.. A Plate .. In Your Heavy D.. The Chronic.. Intro.. Loafers.. Like Double - Six.. Dominoes.. I Torch... Don't Wilt.. My Kismet.. With Rush.. The Family Tree.. A Feign.. Interpretation.. A Completion.. Uncombed.. Mush.. A Handful.. Sentient.... Terse.. Your Innuendos.. And Wimpy Hitler Hats.. Purified . .spaghetti.. Ms.. Jolliff.. I Think.. With An S.. Apple... Bed Bugs.. Solidity.. Crystal.. Gazing... Cuck-old.. Solid Geometry.. The 1st President... Respect .. Gets .. You Far.. Next Employing.. Trenchant.. Yes.. Yes. . Cease - Fire.. Veritable.. Still Out.. Enough.. Ample.. Maple Mixed.. Around.. Barbecuing.. Grand.. To The Gregarious.. Poppycock.. Your Pouch.. In Speedos.. Possible.. Untimely.. Or Married.. Present.. Intent.. Near Personal.. Clever.. A Turn About.. Whoop... In A Squall.. I Want To Rise.. The Immoral.. Pesimism.. And Despite.. Your Desire.. Not For Me.. Farewell.. Right.. A Hulking Binge.. Build.. Penis.. With A Cutter.. .

9:30 .. 9:40 .. Butt.. My Pepperoni.. Showerless Fungus.. Braces.. Are The Tip.. In Two ... Amble.. Attitudes... Party... Like A Rockstar.. Mawkish... I Way .. I Way.. Like A Flip.. Hi Irene... Amorphous.. Correlative.. Well-formed.. Biting.. F F Forward.. Foremost... Mr Lincoln.. The Mexican.. Fulsome.. The Real World.. Full -grown.. Unripe.. Full- Blown.. I Mex.. My Intimacy .. Fray.. Me Lee.. Elementary.. 3 .. Bothering.. Coming.. Unrestraint... Bone Thugs - N - Harmony.. Foxy.. A Graft.. Solace.. Outstanding.. Egyptian.. Lover.. Heart-sick.. Buttery... Hail.. 105 Degrees.. Tan Hothouse.. Show Up.. Dawdle.. Tress.. Neptune.. Knee Colton.. Sad Fairness..

food for thought
10-28-2008, 09:49 PM
do u care to explain?

10-28-2008, 10:26 PM
The First.. I Think.. Im Talking About Old Experiences.. Then Towards.. The End.. I Think About Haters.. Also Before The End End.. About Women.. And How I Felt.. For One The Day I Seen Her ..

The Second One Is Pretty Crazy... It Gets.. Me.. I Had A Girlfriend Once.. With A Big Booty.. Killer Booty .. She Was A Dark Skinned Mexican Chick.. When We Hooked Up.. Like 6 Yrs Ago.. It Came Out Of Nowhere... It Was Love I Think.. It Was Great.. Mack After Mack... Slapping .. Booty Every Day.. Just Rubbing It... Her Heavy Breathing.. Damn.. She Was Short Too.. Like 4'9 ... We Were Together For Only ... 3 Months.. After Being With Her.. For That Much.. I Was Like. . Damn.. . Some Other Girl.. Started Jocking.. I Thought I Could Have Both.. Cuz Im Not A Player .. I've Never Been.. So The Girl That Started Jocking.. Me.. Started Flirting .. With Me.. And My Cute Ass Bomb Ass Booty Girlfriend.. Took It The Wrong.. Way.. She Was Hurt.. I Seen It In Her Face... I Thought She Hated... Me.. We Never Really .. Broke. Up... So I Started Being With The Girl That Was Jocking... Deep In My Heart.. I Would See My Ex ... When Being With The Other Girl.. Me And The Girl That Was Jocking.. Broke Up After 2 Weeks.. It Didnt Meant Shit To Me.. But What Gets To Me.. Is That.. I Never Made Up With The Big Booty One.. I Thought She Hated Me... I Think She Still Liked .. Me.. I Would Say Hi To Her.. And She Would Keep Looking.. At Me. .. I Should Of Macked Her . And Apologized To Her.. I Didnt .. Years.. Later.. At A Party... For Her Graduation,... I Went But I Ended.. Up .. Fucking.. Up ..i Got Drunk With Some Tequila.. And My Actions.. Were Not What I Wanted.. Also.. I Think She Was Being With Some One Else. .. I Didnt Care.. I Wanted Her Still.. She Made Me .. Feel Good.. So I Ended Up .. Looking Like A Whino .. In Front Of Her And Her Friends.. I Guess I Made A Scene.. I Left.. Then I Found Out .. She Never Wanted To Talk To Me.. It Got.. Me.. Like 2 Months.. Later.. I Found.. Out.. She Was Pregnant... I Thought That Was Her First Fuck... Damn.. I Was Out Of It.. Really.. , Time Passed. . And I Was Like Damn... I Do Miss Her.. As A Friend.. And As A Hot Ass Booty.. Like 3 Yrs After .. The Party.. I Seen Her.. At A Store Called Target.. Outside.. Waiting For Her Ride... I Was Like What.. It Looked Like Her.. But I Didnt Think It Was.. I Kept Breaking My Neck.. I Think She Noticed.. Me.. But I Didnt Hit Her Up.. My Breath.. Kicked.. I Had Eaten Doritos.. And I Was Raggedy.. With A Fro.. I Was Mad.. I Left.. I Had Told My Dad.. Hey.. ! That Was My Ex Girlfriend.. I Noticed It Was Her.. Cuz Her Ride Got There.. And It Was The Same Ride As When She Would Leave.. After My Sessions With Her .. Back In The Day..

Like A Couple.. Of Months.. Ago.. I Seen . . Her.. And This Time.. With A Fade... And Gum.. I Hit.. Her .. Up.. She Was In The Same .. Spot.. Oh Yea.. I Didn T Get To Fuck Her.. Fuck.. So Of Course I Was Jocking. . After All That We Have Been Through.. I Still Got A Good Feeling.. Knowing .. I Pimped Her Once.. We Talked... But Then She Was Leaving.. She Said To Call Her To Get Her Number.. But Me An Idiot.. I Didnt Have A Pen.. Fuck... She Said To Get Her Number.. From.. Her Friend That We Both Know.. But I Dont Want To Ask Her.. I Want To.. ,, But I Dont Want Her Friend To Know.. I Seen Her On My Space Too.. The Big Booty.. Ex.. She Said... To Hit Her Up On My Space.. But I Dont Have One.. I Hate Pictures.. . I Look Like A Mexican .. Kobe Bryant.. Looks Wise.. I Think.. I Would Still Fuck Her.. Just 2 Days.. Ago.. I Fucked A Bomb Ass. Dark Skinned Big Booty .. . Chick.. Who Looked.. Like Lil Kim... At The End Of The Crush On You Video.. And Her... My Ex... That Bitch.. The Lil Kim.. One .. Was Bomb.. That Booty..damn So Now . .for A Fact.. I Know .. My Ex's . Big Booty.. Was.. Bomb.. Especially In Her Prime.. Damn.. 2 Days.. Ago.. That Was My First Dark Skinned Mexican.. Chick... I Fucked.. And It Was Great.. . Killer Booty.. . That Shit.. Got Me.. I've Been Horny.. For The Past 2 Days... Really.. I Love Dark Skinned Mexican. Chicks.. I Guess I Got It From My Ex...

Also The Braces Part... Is Some Other Chick.. Who Was Cute As Fuck That I Fucked.. Who Had Braces.. What Got Me.. Is That She Had Braces.. And She Sucked.. My Dick.. If You Read This.. Now U Know..

Head Aches..

food for thought
10-28-2008, 10:29 PM
man smoke some weed or something. u need a life.

10-28-2008, 10:37 PM
I Blaze .. I Do Need Some.. But Im Not .. Home..