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War and Peace
10-29-2008, 11:57 PM
War and Peace featuring the god Bronze Feet
stompin streets
bombin e-emcees reachin for heat
stop it chief
you copped your weak-ass raps with your last wad of gwap at a swap meet
two prodigies who mob deep as swamp beasts
moms weep
hiphop geeks is wrong as Kanye's blonde Jesus piece
killa bee sting like Muhammad Ali
got beef?
we pop shots like Hamas in Gaza and Mazar-e-Sharif
a sneak jihad to leave squads obsolete
g'head and seek Nod's grief
Egypt sea waters, Compton blocks and Iraq's sod the meek reap
the greedy bleed sweet
got independants, elephants and donkeys on the edge of their seat like an elegant Barack Obama speech
mods please leak it
do not delete
this be the modest repeat of Mahatma Gandhi and El-Hajj Malik
hop on a beat like Nas, Cappadonna and Sean P.
already seen gold
yall can keep ya first week

Hi, its nice to meet, as mentioned im Bronze Feet
hes War and Peace, mental mashin emcee beasts/
straight lyrics yall wants schemes, check how we rob ya dreams
no freddy i rock much more steady, ready, set, go/
nitro flows. blood rush out nose holes, as it runs cold
i put yo shit on hold, leave you froze like models strike a pose/
light flashes, burnt bulbs cracked upon skulls, they have no weight
they have no pull, ate yall up and i aint even full/
keep em comin, all i can eat buffet, crumbled delicate as souffle
wound up in a grave, behave and live to see another day/
we slay, rhyme pattern sprays, insurgents of rap with AK's
wordplay plastic explosive, grimey dirty corrosive/
you hopeless, hang you by the rope shit, suicidal moment
homicidal covnant cover ups, throught ya ass out the bus
yall cant ride with us, in the Section We Trust/

in the Section we trust
step to us and get crushed by gifted weaponsmiths
touch heads in the left-chest with energy thrusts
re-adjust necks with whiplash like kickbacks when a four-fifth Wesson spits
teach lessons with a committed relentlessness
please mention this to ya mens and them, we aint no sh-t to be messin with
with daggers and scabbards I consistently slay Satan's dragons
mental-facility filled to capacity like inner-city citizens in paddywaggons
Bronze wields his signature flaming sword by its distinguished serrated steel-winged handle
rap miniatures kneel before the Lords or get extinguished like four great winds hittin your candle

Off the handle, stroll the universe in strapless sandles
vandels of the worlds scandel, machine gun bandolier dismantle/
sample the poisons from soil erosions, lakes of fire scould
seek lands higher, mechinized metal constently fires/
desire fulfilles no sweat to cold to prespire atop the spiraling spire
stand War and Peace, waiting to release atomic energies upon cities/
sites in commitees, launch at will at large and on the kill
fight to the death is the drill
all skill hunting with iron and steel
lead to penetrate the will
and chrome to flash on the side of my hip bone
hone in my vision, hyperscoptic fire through ya optics
the prophets never sold out it's a BLOWOUT!!!

Section 9 strikes again>


10-30-2008, 01:26 PM
oh shit man the more i read this the more it makes my head swell, WAP you came mad strong peace fam


10-30-2008, 08:41 PM
Dang Wap U Killed It Son But Both Yall Came Hard As Hell I Like That Joint It Was Lil Hard To Tell Who Was Spitting When

War and Peace
10-30-2008, 10:31 PM
thanks Sheep^

and yeah-
yo god, to me it doesnt matter whos who, you know?
1> just enjoy the jewels

and 2> if heads look close enuff, theyll see whos who


peace g-

and peace to all my Section 9 fam

11-06-2008, 01:59 PM
Nice combo Some Fraiser Ali punches in there semed kinda like a battle!