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11-06-2008, 03:52 PM
"The Tree Of Life"

One bit from the tree of life at an early age
The bite small but the effects were enormous
From an early stage
The colorless fruit tasted bitter sweet
Once consumed, the seed traveled down to thy storage compartment
With the force of calamity
Suffocating the small & large organs, inevitably
The embryo sprouted with only one objective
To cultivate, fill thy infrastructure with an unknown virus
Effecting all characteristics blinding the retina
Visual optics impaired cardiovascular system ensnared
The reaper takes flight, only awakens at night
The sun covered in darkness, in actuality-- daytime
Transformed into hours of darkness catastrophic
Erosions surfaced to the hearts shore bringing a server
Forever more, calculating the distance between
Precipitation and malnourishment
While it continues to rain on ones soul externally
Internally the roots remain dehydrated
In search for the ultimate tide of modification
Thrown off track facing a form of derailment
Head on, collusions emerge
The train of thought releases noxious gases
Into all compartments from head to toe
The final epilogue concludes with a tag
Hung around ones toe
While management was overthrown
The advisories acquired immune deficiency syndromes
With no signs of vaccinations
The results lead to live a life full blown
This tree of life resembles a tree in the wintertime
No more green leaves only furled segments
Thirsting for rays of sunlight
The nights are colder
Wind blows through the legiments particles, sending chills on a daily basis
On the quest to ingest soul food
Now while searching the page, one can only imagine
If one never tasted, the pruned tree of life at and early stage.