View Full Version : Drama Land (a Short Lyrical Story Check Out The Gory Details Hmm...)

11-08-2008, 02:46 AM
Swords of this caliber on every member
Seeing vicious cycles driven Michaels cyclone
Byline be each n every highlight/
Open lid driven kids kleptomaniacs my spit is let go
Check please etch reasonable spitting all visuals/
Now the drama begins saw a pair of twins
Rocking some sexual fantasy now I’m drugged on the floor/
Seeing white lights dry days became dark nights
Woke up from the brief comatose state wit covers draped/
Now for my sake I got to make it out alive thinking
I’m in some “SAW” dream I got my gear on and jetted/
Seen my wallet and celly was gone hoped from time hasten
Wasted no time saw nurses aiding in torture/
Caught it all in visual through a circular window
Ducked quick moved so fast I thought I had to shit/
Teeth chattering nerves gone hold my hands tight together
Clasping any ground and crawl to safety or maybe/
Hold up I heard noise sounded like screams from down the corridor
Hold up it looked like a whore jacked off the streets that she bout to be chop meat/

This is DRAMA land
Hands of the SAW man
Seen something out of a movie
Nope wasn’t being tortured?
Nope wasn’t water boarded?
WTF you think I was in the clink
It’s DRAMA land…

Crawled to the next room looked unoccupied
Saw something like a short wave device, peep the scene/
Tattoos chatting license now I’m scribing nothing but bad chatter
Could operate the radio it was more busted than a bloody vagina/
Heard screams still had to get it together
This wasn’t a “Spike Lee Joint” wit a happy ending/
This was a life or death situation affliction wit illicit Gibson
Running for all hell seeing heads rolling like minor coins in colons
Ducked from shots from the back kept moving wit the doors to a pier
Out here death lurks like I’m in a “City of Horror” most couldn’t navigate through/
Outside moonlight hood bright hindsight driven screws out the lever hopped in the boat
Took off SAW more hell than the “Tower of Terror” or the “Haunted HOUSE”/
Seeing in I was in a zombie infested world taken to save me or to offer me…..
As sacrifice didn’t know what to think so I took the boat far as it’ll go
Just hoping I don’t drown yo cuz I ain’t return to land unless it’s an island/

11-08-2008, 06:32 AM
Island of drama my persona walking calmer, my karma is bullet proof armor holding heavy metal like Tonka trucks, Heat tucked thinking I’m pressing my luck, by all means I’m fucked!, ready to buck whatever’s moving, sun down losing sun quick thinking dumb shit like imagine ifs, to it became reality shit!, Hearing screams through the fog & the mist, bloody chainsaws roar, Bodies hacked down to the bone raw, heads severed & sawed off, limbs tossed around the scenery building up the fear in me, Gun out running through woods I’m out… crossing murky waters, hollers of death, never thought I could be taking my last breath a dead nigga attacked me put two in his chest, The next shot took off his head, blood splatter my face a mess never thought I’ll turn out like the rest, infested with a virus from the blood that seeped through my iris, 28 Days later I'm captured & chained to a pole, waiting for some crazy nigga to let me go