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Young Gun
11-08-2008, 03:38 PM
Verse 1

People seldom see they are responsible for their actions/
Always blame the next man, say they're pressured from taxes/
Never living up to their responsibilities as people/
Never put themselves at fault so they're never truly equal/
It's a practice to be ignorant, the next fine art/
Pioneered by these confederate rednecks at large/
It only gets worse, incest kills brain cells before birth/
Creating the human curse, that built the Nazi church/
Crosses are burned, yet they preach in Jesusí name/
Stand at the pulpit and butcher his message day after day/
It's fuckin insane, an army using' skin as protection/
Till they're battered and beaten by mass mobs with all weapons/
Century 21, they act like its slave times/
Race makes no difference but they want races to die/
Their wicked ways, leave a path of destruction behind/
So through my words I will unbind and let their downward spiral wind/

Verse 2

United States, all I see is constant division/
Arrogant congress officials addressing our superstitions/
Presenting their supposed wisdom on various situations/
Broadcast on national TV, and radio stations/
Now a thousand mouths spit in the face of the White House/
Bush is a puppet on a string who can't do shit by himself/
Taking orders from Cheney, than he dishes em out/
But the truth has been unveiled, yeah the secret is out/
The People bit the hand that fed them nothing but bullshit/
Dug deep into 9/11 and found truth that was hidden/
They tried covering it up, placing the issue to side/
But it was brought to attention the government had ties/
Those who we had victimized off in the third world/
In our secret facilities we thought no one would unveil/
Had now struck back and the attack was devastating/
The end result two towers falling and incinerating/

Young Gun
11-10-2008, 09:13 PM
that 2nd verse is my view on the whole 9/11 drama.