View Full Version : Traffic Niggahs : Bonus Track from forthcoming album entitled 'Co-Conspirators'

09-02-2005, 04:38 AM
Traffic Niggahs : The Title

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I'm makin up words, traffic niggahs i'm makin yall merge
all in one lane yall niggahs rhymin like yall
all in one brain...
bling bling this and bling that
i'm here to bring back rap
to a nurturing habitat...
away from the jakes and fake to paks
might have tah dip in yah set
and set it on dudes
my environments made me angry
at these homo thugs and fake jay-z's
niggah is called theirselves apes b...

Conscious got goons too that will remove you from yah shoes dude
the who's who of niggah fu-
you uncapable uh knowin what a niggah would do
no threats i'll just show you the proof -
a pro with no booth just four walls and a roof not in a cell i ain't goin to jail
lost sight of yah goals had to scribe it in braile
niggah go unnoticed witha mop and a pail
why you start fights then you ready to bail

forget being deniro, I'm super hero -
usin nero to burn beats the irn speaks
you ihalin the ashes in halin yah own gases
aye yo lookin out the windows niggah
I hope yah dome crashes...
you fall right in the water
scuff up yah shoes and yah knee for messin with me
a.k.a. the people's emcee
useah a weaklin the people will see
eventually when the revolution's on dvd

what ever happened to knuckle game -
now it's automatics to brain to get yah to say uncle manye
useah a fake snake, rat fink gonna end up in drink
nother clone homes followin pink
now it's purple stupid, you lookin clueless cupid
curiosity killed the kat now he's leakin fluid
you thought you knowd but you didn't new it
art imitates life, and grown men imitate music

Hz Deep
09-02-2005, 07:07 AM
I'm feelin' this laid back flow of yours, nice work man, post some more.

09-02-2005, 10:54 PM
Good looking.

Co Conspirators album coming in October1