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11-10-2008, 02:08 PM

A little man on the block told me he didn't belive he would achieve
He was hustling to fiends he said he didn't belive in dreams
Living life at high speed shooting dice and smoking weed
They don't want to reach for the stars due to low self esteem
i'm trying to help them cope lessons they need their lost seeds

Verse one

Mike was fourteen his pops overdosed a dope fiend
His mother a black queen that became a crack fiend
He walked the block with his head down said he's a let down
We exchanged pounds his peers around on his face a hopeless frown
Said he was thinking of hustling to some customers across town
I told him trying to be a king you'll get killed for the crown
He pulled up his shirt showed me a gat as we lounged
On the bench he said i got to do something my mother can't pay rent
and she's working two jobs at the end of the week her money is spent
Said she forced him to go to church every Sunday and repent
The other six days she smokes crack and drinks staying bent
I offered him a Benjamin he said he didn't want a cent
He said he robbed niggas that's how he represents
He said for 3 years every Christmas he didn't get a present
I told him breathing is a blessing and tried to teach him lessons
For a while we were building and he aced every question
But i had to go out of town my grandmother fell into a deep depression
i returned home a week later and rang his door bell
his mother came out sweating looking smoked out
i said where's Mike she said he got stabbed to death in a fight
and his funeral was yesterday we buried him last night..

Verse two

My queens sister Elaine was a quiet girl a honor roll student
Until she became fast with a fat ass we knew what she was doing
Screwing dudes like when the judges drops hammers
She even got caught on camera she practiced blowing bannanas
My queen tried talking but she got worse angrying her old earth
i gave her condoms and said your too young too give birth
Your just a baby yourself she said but this baby got skills
She offered me a blowjob and i told her to chill
She kept asking then she grabbed my crotch
I pushed her off me and we both fell on the couch
when my girl walked in and slapped me in the mouth
see i was on top of her sister but she wouldn't let me explain
My girl was crying and screaming so i walked to the subway caught the train
On my way home my girl called and apologized for overacting
She said her baby sister explained everything that happened
Anyways i saw her sister with this dude Moe from my block
he was a local cat known for rapping
But he was 10 years older than her so i approached him and slapped him
He said James you don't understand this girl is having my seed
i said your gonna catch a case your 28 and she's only sixteen

11-10-2008, 02:14 PM
God Damn JTS

straight real life, i aint even gonna ask if this is true stories cuz to me they is, just how you presented it brought it too life.

man you the realest, much respect to the God


11-10-2008, 02:24 PM
Peace to you Bronze!

Prince Rai
11-10-2008, 02:43 PM
what JTS brings here is fresh air,
I haven't read, as bronze recognised, real life stories for a while and what JTS does is to make the storyline open so that people can understand and relate.

don't stop dropping..

11-10-2008, 06:37 PM
damn son got the gza status locked down in giving detailed understanding knowledge and this some stuff that really hits home i truly respect cha style son keep shining

11-12-2008, 02:12 PM
Thanks Sheepish, and Prince.