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11-15-2008, 07:36 AM
if you're feeling any of this and want to follow up with something of your own, feel free. it would be most appreciated. if you're not feeling any of this, that's your right.

these are some lyrics i spit over some of my beats. i just ain't got that shit on audio yet, but my voice sounds similar to great leader megatron, with a flow like the mississippi when it ran backwards from the new madrid earthquake.

you see a beautiful woman?
you need to thank venus
i got a spanish mami
and she likes to spank my penis
i'm romulus, you're remus
i'll crush you like a communist does peacniks
it makes sense to put 'in god we trust'
upon the dollars we lust
because jesus was the bearded hustler
dealing drugs, pimping ho's, killing motherfuckers
on my tippy toes
reaching for the top shelf at the liquor sto'
here we go, hear ye hear ye, here we here we go

kick your sliding glass door in
without warning
about 20 masked motherfuckers pour in
they're packing baseball bats, axes, and gats
asking where the money is at and smashing cats
in the face
there ain't no fucking time to waste
either come up with the cash or get tased
have your best friends neck slashed and chest stabbed
we can leave empty handed or with a grab bag
it makes no difference to us you fucking fags
you talked shit so we came there to drag
y'all out into the street and put your teeth to the curb
this ain't no industry beef, you getting what you deserve
line em' up like st. valentines, that's my word
fire guns and watch the blood pump down the sewer
no sound of sirens, cuz this town is accustomed to violence
and it's better to pretend ya never heard those men dying
close your eyes and pull ya covers up tight
and say goodnight to the bad guys
pray you might live to see the morning light shine
but stay away from the scene of the crime
don't wanna be seen talking to the D.T.'s
or you'll be walking in your sleep, having bad dreams
barking up the wrong tree, definitely
me and my dogs'll maul you to death
then eatcha' flesh
this beat is blessed by a priest of the drowned god with salt water
i breathe life into the chest of a martyr
revenge is a dish best served cold to a firestarter

i breathe life into the chest of a martyr
revenge is a dish best served cold to a firestarter

resist the urges to rehearse these scripted verses
like hulk hogan ripping his shirt versus sgt. slaughter
i start flowing and can't stop, i got unholy ghosts in me
don't call the exorcist, that's how it is supposed to be
my rosary holds the prayers from a thousand roads i've traveled
doing battle with the inner and outer demons
a sinner from eternal regions, a hailstorm of eerie infernal legions of perkele
hear me deep from the depths of the hells, clearly
you can look in the mirror and see me
i am the spear of Longinus, bleeding ominous
fleeting towards the heavens
with a nuclear weapon
breeding dissent among men who were meant to be spent indefinite
at least until there is a spiritual deficit
the beast will feed and never have it's fill of death and pestilence

and peace will never be with you
and also with you
i walk a shepherd amongst a flock of wolves in sheeps clothing
a leopard cannot change it's spots
so judge not, lest ye be judged
but trust no one, the best of us is yet to come
a shogun's decapitator, who cut off the heads of a hundred-and-thirty-one lords
who cried now and laughed later
liquid swords extinguish flames of family names that thought they'd burn forever
yet never remain after the severance pay, memory lane is ever the same
ghost reveries wax and wane
september eleventh attacks are blamed on missiles instead of planes
bells and whistles decorate the graves of the slain
commemorate each day with a celebration of life
but pour out a little bit of liquor every night

commemorate each day with a celebration of life
but pour out a little bit of liquor every night

i saw the sounds of the four pound when i smelled the gunpowder
tasted the touch of missing nostalgia
reminiscing while the-
tears blurred my vision and wiped away the years
it became crystal clear
and i was once again the man that so many feared
a pistol in my right hand
and the voice of God in my left ear
the choice is hard
do as thou will shall be the whole of the law
naked as the day that i was born

i make my own way across the landscapes of fate
i have no home
i only have a heart to break
i laugh alone
i cry with the rest of the world
wherever tragedy roams you'll find my footprints
sadly no one's ever known me since
my death at the hands of the prince
and resurrection by his command
the question is: who am i?
the answer is: the prince.
the son of the king.
the king of man.
the prince.

ring around the rosie
pocket full of posey
while Josey wails in the microphone
niggaz mosey about
drinking Guinness Stout
it's my cologne
stinking like a trout
thinking i can pwn anybody in the joust
i broke my lance in the throat of the last champ
and can't stand to lose
the dead dance when i shoot at their shoes
a puppet master, bumping from your ghetto blaster
but i'm not geppetto, stomping on the pedals drumming faster
strumming the strings, while my fellow crows take wing
i write the songs that make you never even want to sing
and if you're clever, then you take my meaning
you must be dreaming
if you're plotting on scheming against my team of rotten demons
that'll freeze you in your tracks
with hot raps that need
no motherfucking hooks like Shaq
i fee-fi-fo-fum
when it's ya tea time, i need rum
i'm drunk and then my dick spits the spunk
all over dumb bitches tits and cunts
their lips sip my cum out of a pimp chalice, gettin' crunk
up in the Palace of Malice
in Washington, not Dallas
i'm cautioning anyone trying to start some shit
i'm the wildest motherfucker this side of the Mississippi
from the prairie a Harrier carried back to ol' Virginny
looking like a Pterodactyl, with my chariot of fire
ferried into battle by the 4 Horsemen in the saddle
don't bury me
i want a funeral pyre
in the middle of the Barents Sea
with flames high enough, Americans see
a Maryland Terrapin
red, white and green like christmas trees
caroling down Bourbon street
life's mysteries are wearing thin
i'm in the mood for a felony
not a misdemea,
since it's the whiskey in my belly that is keeping me grim
and warm in the blistering winter wind
listen and you can hear the swarm of killer bees whistlin' in

11-15-2008, 03:16 PM
yo nice dart

Welcome to the Temple

11-15-2008, 05:53 PM
i appreciate that, bronzefeet, especially having read some of your rhymes and been compelled to write or make a beat. that's usually how i get when i read great lyrics or hear something vicious. there's a lot of talent around here i can only hope to hold a candle to. it's good motivation.

11-15-2008, 07:42 PM
since back in the days
i been rappin' 'bout trapped in the maze
and how i used to call a spade a spade
i'm hacking away
at the beanstalk in a dream
i was seen sleepwalking down main street, talking insane
swinging a slingblade
the law came and made me too tense like a guitar string
i had to break in their face
i'm the blueprint for hate
hibernating in the depths of hell with satan
we're waitin' for it to chill
so we can fully awaken
you see, the thing about us devils is we relish cold weather
we're takin'
whatever's clever
and waging wars
against crusading hoardes, with pagan swords and agent orange

i flayed the satyr marsyius
for playin' poor in a contest
before the mt. olympus gods and goddesses
the solecism of politicians has got me nonplussed
looking up their definitions
see what the fuck's up
you must of
been the great-great-great grandson of custer
run up in the capitol and fill a buster
with as many shots as i can muster
then be out in a cloud of mushroom and mustard-
motherfucker i'll splash
ya face with a taste of the strange substance that
erases all facial features, in fact
it leaves a creature from the black
to meetcha' every morn' in the mirror crack

just a fuckin' warning that
you should never yawn when i rap
it may be boring, but it's important
to draw on my attack, like battlefield maps
we strategize over jedi mind tracks
and study necronomicon until we're bloody and hacked
that's the 2nd time the beat cut up
bitch you'll die for that
we're trapped in a psycho realm like duke and jack
we sold our souls for rock and roll
then stole em' back
lock and load ya gat
defend ya squad like the golem of prague
no holding back
there's no folding the cards
we roll in packs of direwolves
and spark a match to y'all stacks of firewood
then bark commands at the entire world

jormungands jaws tear through your skin like bear claws
the leviathan of the loch lomond
violins of violence spawn knives of silence
to write upon the flesh of your chest with a stylus
in rhymes that stymie the feds when they find it
reminds me that the zodiac sign killer resigned, kid
i'm about to free your mind like hannibal
your body's gonna follow to feed my pet cannibal
the red baron, joe
say hello to my little friend
bozo, the presacanario
AKA worst case scenario
taking 1st place, we're the best in show
on this earth and outer space
you're the next to know
rip off your face with a texas saw

the victim moans into the mic, like vic damone
i sit upon the throne of the metronome
carrion crows
rip the flesh off of ya bones
burying foes
up to their necks, like vegetables
heads of lettuce that beg for lenience
but never get it
obedience is the ingredient needed for my method of teaching
the medium of your dissection
and i am practicing what i'm preaching to perfection

i'll blast a .357 smith and wesson at your midsection then question intentions
laugh at your answers
hack off ya hands and
slap you in the face, do a little clap
you don't wanna dance
so tell me the name
who gave the command?
you'll walk away, at least able to stand
a changed man

Prince Rai
11-15-2008, 07:58 PM
yeah i like your flow, i see the mississippi link.

11-15-2008, 08:57 PM
Nice Darts Man Feelin Yall Flow

11-16-2008, 05:42 PM
mad preeeeeeeesh for the props fellas.

my raps is korn with a 'k' on the macabre
they last too long people say, but it's my job
i put in 8 hours a day plus overtime
i hope to get paid
did you know that only when a man is afraid-
can he be brave?
or go bananas with an AK
ya secret ain't safe
my oh susannah speaks from the grave
she needs me to stay and keep the faith
lead these jakes on a wild goose chase
across the continental states
with monumental stakes
central intelligence agents taste
the medicine that they motherfucking love to hate
beretta's fin' ta spin ya head like a microwave plate
i've been the red baron ever since the age of negative 8-
i came out the cunt
with razor sharp fronts in my mouth
blazin' a blunt
playing a harp amazing as prince rhaegar targaryan
and ready to rock, like thun da' barbarian
i'm settin' up shop like a gelato cart
serving up body parts
a presacanarian kind of heart
murder marks in the style of karl
the rottweiler
i'm the hip-hop version, a violent scott weiland

and this velvet revolver cannot be silenced
it spits hellavuh problems above ya eyelids
it gets to me, kids who rap shitty over pissy tracks
acting like they're making history, when in fact-
their destiny is to slang clack
or methamphetamine
to support their own habit til' they're dead from disease
or a bullet to the head
whoever gets on their knees for a hit
deserves to be fuckin' murdered for free
i don't want burger king, i gotta have the cash money
if ya low on currency then snatch a purse, sonny
call me the last to come and the fuckin' first to leave
the maximum overdrive in a hearse personally-
escorts me to the gates of the hades resort
reporting for duty to satan like the marine corps
consorting with saudi arabians
like the bush administration is
assassinating fat cats like shin bet israelians

it's fascinating to watch the flames
inside the crematorium
as it burns your carcasses remains
from the light to the darkness, insane the way i spark this-
chronic track with a dutchmaster rap
regardless of where the fuck i'm at i'm harnessed-
with a bandolier and strapped with a gat, honest
i pack the heat of a sauna
in my black leather bomber and gonna-
cock the hammer back, if you wanna
about to handle that, like radioactive material
very carefully, like a killer that's serial
prepare for me, believe in this realer than spiritual
apparently a deity is here in the physical
and fairly pleased with it's favorite rapper, that's me
we know i'm not the best, but i'm a beast as you can see
at least you can listen to the wisdom teeth that i'm spittin'
an epiphany of serendipity
this is the symphony of destruction, which is
a motherfuckin' veritable celebration, bitches
the ear delicious beats appear to be safe to eat
but they're poisonous to your mental, like tainted beef
call me M.C. disease, when i aim to please
an army couldn't stop my train of thought, watch me leave

rape you with mic like mister mistoffelees
my golden ax attack's similar to choppin' trees
motherfuckin' logs that bleed
i'll leave it stuck in your back
then crack a cask of the realms strongest mead
my devils helm is the last thing you want to see
a nightmare on elm street is my fondest dream
honestly, it ain't hard to tell it's me
when the smell of death surrounds you, ya best flee
cuz' there's nowhere to hide from ya destiny
i challenge you to a duel to the death today
a battle proven hooligan, bate ya breath and pray
crystal-meth from a dungenous lab is how we play

my pistols spits-
a plethora of hollow-tipped
moly-coated dipped missiles, that'll splitcha' wig bitch
kiss ya kids and wife goodbye
before you step foot outcha' house
you never know, but i do
you're gonna die
a killer breed, call me janjaweed
artillery shells the halls of v
paralyze the nations face like a case of bells palsy
when terror strikes to the heart from the base of hells army
al-qaeda reminiscent brown recluse spider
shine upon the desert like a mirage, the ghost riders
hide inside the caves of tora bora with their qur'an's
the freedom fighters, demonize em' treat em' like beat biters

11-17-2008, 10:24 PM
i'll cremate your re-arranged corpse
after i extort-ure the information that i so sought
and many more will try and enter my fort, and end up caught
dying on the cross, in a courtyard, covered in gore
buying the farm, takes a long time for some
but for others, they're dead before they hit the water
y'all utter fools, kick the bucket, sample the stool
i think you'll love it trampled in a stampede of running bulls-
shit, i can't believe that the rules apply to me
so they don't, you'll leave bleeding from the microphone sodomy
pleading not guilty, by the reason of insanity
my mind's filthy, leave it alone within it's vanity
schizophrenia's got me colmes and hannity
so call me oh
oh the horror
or oh the humanity
i'm older than your islam or christianity
hindu-, buddha-, and judaism too can't hang with me

my pseudonym is simurgh, the persian mythological bird
who's witnessed the destruction of the world
in 3 different versions
the 1st was a failed alien incursion
back when mother earth was still a virgin
the 2nd was the meteors immersion
the 3rd was the mountaintops submersion
counting the shots that popped the person of tony montana
droppin' the verses that only in anger
can you feel the emotion flowing over the banger

i'm throwing a boomerang here
and blowing poison darts to your ear
i'm the tarzan of the jungle, for real
chucking a spear, these motherfuckers crumble in fear
so cut your beard, cuz' you're not worthy of a career-
in puppeteering
i love appearing in the atmosphere
peering at this sphere that i've had for years
tap the glass and see the masses blaspheme
virginia cavalier casting
a horseman lure in the realm of the bass king
and catching a catfish the size of a tag team of fat kids
the fact is you drag queens are masters at acting like rappers
established savages'll bash ya motherfucking cabbages with a staff

so ravenous that the damage is outrageous
you're shitting out your esophagus
using your ass as a mouth like octopus
this is south park colorado, hip-hoptimus
with the future humans coming to take our jobs from us
but we ain't gettin' naked and gay
we're running up on day laborers with an AK, and gunning away
when all is said and done
motherfuckers done what i say
acknowledge atilla, king of the huns from the grave
they called him the scourge of god, on the verge of satan
i heard that you've been aching to learn the words we're making
claiming we've been sleeping since birth
we're hibernating
praying we'll emerge to a rude awakening

first of all, let's get this straight
once we exit the cave
you'll be dead the next day
don't take it personal
i hate your face
set it aflame
cuttin' to the chase
with a buck knife stuck in your brain
jump into the fray
tuck in your chain
these motherfuckers suck
gather 'round the firepit
while the storyteller explains of an environment of violence
where the mice play when the cat's away
an island where the wild things are, like ireland
fascinated by watching the flames
evaporating the oxygen in the air
while i'm chanting calls echo off the walls of the lair
and shadows fall before the sword of the night
as do all worshippers of the lord of light
the horsemen lure into a trap the cattle
herded around a calf
armored in faith for the battle against the wraith
a snake rattles on the path you're walking

11-18-2008, 03:24 PM
nice stuff man.

11-29-2008, 05:30 PM
good lookin out, preesh bruv

ayo my rhymes and beats are kinda' like the kite and key
these stormy times provide lightning strikes, ya nah' mean?
no, i think you don't
show i'mma show you the ropes
and hang you by the toes
like a tiger, feed for the crows
we're leading the wolves across the desert of eden
reading the book of demons
looking to the sky for the phoenix
cuz' that's the sign for the heathens to rise-
and start believing
not in god or in satan
but the in between em'
i was born waitin'
but now i'm ready to die
this fuckin' sword swangin'
takes more than hand-eye co-ordinatin'
i think about why, before hatin'
and let a lot of people live with a little patience
but i'll still splitcha' wig
if the information that you're a pig is accurate-
and you think you're the shit
i'll sink your battleship-
in the blink of a blip
then drink about a 5th of puerto rican rum and spit-
into the firepit
sort of speakin in tongues, denying it
because my speech is dumb
is it to each his own
or each one teach one?
the lion is awakened by the drum
why have you foresaken your only son?
your highness exited the loch ness riding leviathan
die dissected like a project in science one
my beat box is like a monster that eats rocks
it needs to feed on my heart to keep it's teeth sharp
i lead the wolves of the dawn
across the narrow sea
from albion and eireann
wherever it leads
the firebrand of the mac lir clan
get on your knees
if you think you can stand to me
napolean, born apart from the rest
suckle the milk from joan of arc's breast
the game's synonymous with saddam hussein's quest
for weapons of mass death
anonymous assassination squads
suicide bombers with bassonettes

12-01-2008, 08:01 AM
i make my own way across the landscapes of fate
i have no home
i only have a heart to break
i laugh alone
i cry with the rest of the world
wherever tragedy roams you'll find my footprints
sadly no one's ever known me since
my death at the hands of the prince
and resurrection by his command
the question is: who am i?
the answer is: the prince.
the son of the king.
the king of man.
the prince.


Ghost In The 'Lac
12-01-2008, 08:14 AM
you do realise GZAjector is the biggest homoerotic name ever created

Guarded By Martyrs
12-01-2008, 02:39 PM
Says the man called : GHOSTlaced

12-01-2008, 03:20 PM
ahahahahhaha good one^

12-01-2008, 09:31 PM
you do realise GZAjector is the biggest homoerotic name ever created
yeah, that's the whole point.

appreciate that bruv

if i can get my mic setup proper, i'm definitely trying to throw down on that w.e.i.r.d.

12-07-2008, 02:51 AM
i never can seem to stop writing once i start, it just keeps going and going and going

i started working on some shit the other night, mostly using the blue sky black death/holocaust instrumentals, and it's just spinning out of control.
i won't post it all on here, maybe when it's finished, but here is a portion. it's still in progress. kind of on some holocaust shit i suppose, i dunno, i just know i haven't been sleept, i've been drinking and eating some weird pills my wife got when she had a miscarriage and stuff


we're connoisseur's from the haunted sewers
and more than spores of the horsemen lures
since the dawning of the age of taurus
pages of papyrus rolled into these scrolls
hidden writings from the soul
dire tidings, what the present and the future holds
suture self to heal the wounds of sheol
putrid tombs were hell holes
whose gates are operational
by gravitational pull of the moon
lunacy is the key
the waves in the sea of tranquillity heave
like great beasts breathing armies in and out
upon the shores of enemies
devout priests and priestesses unleash
soldiers marching cross the beach
with more legs than centipedes
seemingly endlessly
overrunning cities relentlessly
no remorse, no repent in me
in this war, the only way to fight is to flee
but to live to see another day
you have to survive the night
and that is when and where the wights
and the others riding spiders made of ice
weave their sorceries
peace is just a porous memory
like when we used to see the forest for the trees
before the sonorous canorous chorus of fire writhed
and turned to ashes in our mouth
right before our eyes
the gnashing of the teeth
bore the passion of the christ
immaculately conceive these dreams with a deity's seed
and give birth upon awakening androgenously
words of the wise foresaken to a pagan sacrifice
in the afterlife
the laughter and the cries
of hermaphroditic spirits captured and then raptured to spurious skies
where myriad pyramids of curious splendor rise
however furious and jealous the enterprise
embarked by the arch-angelic prophets of the zealots of genocide
insolvent towards philosophical coffins of celtic annunaki
the icemen who melt in the sun and die
but leave behind sons on wives
to adapt in the mustard southern clime
their past evaporated above the surface over some time
but saturated deep beneath the earth in caves to survive
sublime secrets from the grave
only those alive remaining
can keep the blood that's flowing in their veins

it'll probably change i don't fucking know anyhting rigth now, i just know if i keep it here, i'm less apt to lose it if i crash, so


12-07-2008, 03:05 AM
i never can seem to stop writing once i start, it just keeps going and going and going

i feel you on that i'm the day way