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11-18-2008, 11:42 AM
I recently had to sell all my wutang cd's along with loads of other stuff coz I wont be able to take all my material shit wit me when I move away from where Im too now and its quite heartbreaking to see all my wu cd's go (I had over 50) but I discovered this site and can keep listening to wu and keep an eye on whats cracking wit da biggest legends hip hop ever saw.

Its very generous to have so much shit on offer for listening so much appreciated, jus wondering there could ever be a feature where we can add all our favourite tunes to some sort of list so that we can have easy access to da banga's. It coudl also show us when new ones are available so we can listen to them and decide if tehy shoudl go on da list. Till Im settled I aint gonna be able to buy stuff like cd's now so this will be my only contact wit da wu 4 a while so would be great if this feature was availble to keep my listening. Maybe its farfetched, I dont know what you techno wizards can do, and whats available already is pretty awesome so just a thought really. Peace and much appreciation for this awesome site, its aweome so credit where its due