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11-18-2008, 12:36 PM
Jus wonderin, why are people so judgemental towards people who like pop? Whoudln't it be there choice? I try not to judge now adays if poepl elisten to pop or clasical or rnb its there choice n why should I say anything? When I was younger I was more small minded and would always dis anyone who liked pop but now think its kinda gay to do that. Jus wondered what others thought???

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This thread is a fucking banger.

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This thread is a fucking banger.

^is that the new 'Neighbours'? :nonono:

11-18-2008, 03:23 PM
jazz was the blakk mans way to escape from that white devilish music which was pop, but now its goin backwards, every blakk hiphop artist wants to be pop again and entertain the white mass...because they got the money to buy records

11-18-2008, 03:51 PM
i swear pop nowadays is for 8 year olds

11-18-2008, 03:52 PM
or cause race relations in the 1930s if different from 2008 and black people getting money is better then black people getting internal fulfillment from not getting ppl to buy their records (i guess)

black people forgot long and hard to be acknowledged as part of america and the rest of america buying their bomb biggity music is part of it.

anyways as i get old i find that i fucking LOVE pop music from different eras

im becoming a beatles fanatic, Billy Sheers is the archtype of thugs.
on top of that i love 80s pop, michael jackson, all those glitter suit niggas, PRINCE, madonna

90s pop is beyond bomb, i wanna make a New Jack Swing album but idk talented producers

i want it to be a mix of New Jack Swing and Sgt Peppers

oh and the 2000 pop invasion was the shit. Toxic by brittany spears, that Christina shit with premo, FUCKING BACKSTREET BOYS

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umm ok, my point is that some people seem to try and make am oral standpoint of opposing pop. Like "oh Im so deep and brooding and dont listen to that commercial po music coz its 4 losers blah blah blah" but really, do you think wu tang haven't made money from music? I think if a grown man wants to listen to britney spears or spice girls or something, who the fuck are we to judge? There seems to be a lot of this in my generation (im 21 and everyone hates pop and your considered "sad" for listening to it). This is teh same generation that claims to "not care what anyone thinks" yet we all know tehre are those cheesy pop classics that we secretly like or find catchy. If you really dont care what people think, why not just staright up admit you like it? And why care if someone else listens to pop. The music industry makes shit loads regardless of genre. Pop is just stereotyped too much now. Fucked if anyone can gain my respect jus coz of their music tastes. people tryin to fit in WAAAAAAAY to much these days, forget about ur ego;s n jus enjoy da music, figa dealin me???

11-19-2008, 07:02 AM
I think if a grown man wants to listen to britney spears or spice girls or something, who the fuck are we to judge?

We're heterosexual males.

GTFO with your Spice Girls loving white boy ass, faggot.

11-19-2008, 07:37 AM
ur exactly the loser I was describing. ALl of my friends "hate" pop because they think like you, that it will gain them rep points if the bad mouth "uncool" things. But tell me, do you think anyone respects you in these forums? Do you think that people see you as some sort of cyber G? Bet ur some sort of momma's boy or something. Your defo about 14 years old. Anyways, I dont care what you've got to say, you obviously suffer from some sort of mental illness

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I suffer from "I hate faggot-itis", a mental illness that involves the hating of faggots. Youz a faggot, faggot.

KY Jelly all up in this bitch.

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The new Justice live shit is fucking bang your neck till you neck bone breaks type ill.

11-19-2008, 10:48 AM
dawood what's your ethnicity?

11-19-2008, 11:34 AM
Im white british

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you know what i agree with dawood to a certain degree because if people are into pop music it is their choice and nobody else's if you know what i am saying there is a real difference between listening to music to be accepted and to be cool and listening to music because you actually enjoy or dig the content of it i know a lot of people who just listen to music because they think it is the cool thing to do and shit and that is not cool in my humble opinion because being cool is being real with yourself and listening to music which you do not actually like very much but you think is cool is not actually cool at all i mean how can people actually do that shit i am not sure really but i think really the essence of being is nothingness in my humble opinion because everything that you do here is in the end completely inconsequential people should just attempt to harm no others and just try to do whatever makes them very happy because all the other shit is just an illusion and i think people tend to get caught up in this illusion and tend to think that it is reality when in actuality it is not reality it i actually just a figment of their own mentality you know what really confusing me is people who apply their own moral standards to other people and their situations because this is wrong and does not make any sense because everyone is trying to do what they think is right for them not what is right for other people if people did not try to project their own beliefs upon others i think that we would have a much better environment to live in where everyone accepted and respected other peoples perspective and beliefs without bringing into play their own preconceptions this would be the utopian society which i have been dreaming of for so long where no one is odd or strange and everyone's thoughts are equally valid and meritorious without the judgement of bigots and racist and sexists and the religious and the devote i think personally that this cannot be achieved because there are a lot of people out there who cannot comprehend that some one else may in fact has a different idea of what success or happiness is and it is from this that wars and conflict and violence and bitterness can be understood as humans have an inability to appraise a situation through the perspective of the void and cannot just be and they need to constantly think within their own spheres which is very much restrictive.

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see I dont even know if your actually aggreeing wit me or fucking around. Im very tempted to get myself banned so that I cant post anymore on this site

11-19-2008, 12:51 PM
I don't care for a lot of pop from the 90's on, its not that I hold that attitude cause hating pop is cool, its just the artist that make it seem to be a lot less talented

Love the Beatles, can't stand the Backstreet boys type thing

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love that green screen

you know the editors made a version where she isn't riding a horse