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Sgt Holly Wood
11-19-2008, 10:06 PM
Song You Believe Your Parents Conceived You To

Song That Best Makes The Soundtrack of Your Childhood Neighborhood Theme

Theme Song To Your Closest Sibling

The First Album You Ever Purchased

The First Single You Ever Purchased

Album Cover That Scared You In Your Childhood

Song That Scared You In Your Childhood

The TV Theme of Your Childhood

Favorite Song From Sesame Street

Favorite Song From Mister Rodgers Neighborhood

Favorite Song From The Electric Company

What Were You Banned From Listening To In Your Childhood

Rock Song That Rocked Ghetto/Ghetto Song That Rocked The Suburbs (as a kid)

Song You First Slow Dragged To

First Cassette You Got For Your First Walkman

Best Cosby Show Theme

Favorite Soundtrack Of Youth

Song That Played When You Got In Trouble And Grounded At Home

Song That Played When You Thought You Was About To Get Some

Song That Played When You Got Some

The Theme To Your First Break Up In High School

The First Compact Disc You Ever Brought (not Album/Cassette)

Album That You Stole From A Friend

Your Favorite Album You Think Your Friend Stole

If Ever In Car Accident....What Song Was Playing?

5 Songs You'd Put On A Mixtape For A Potential Love One

Song To Best Describe Your Best Relationship

Song To Best Describe Your Worst Breakup

First Concert You Ever Went To

Magical Concert You Ever Went To

Worst Concert You Ever Went To

Coolest Celeb Ever Met

Assholish Celeb You Ever Met

Godlike Celeb You Ever Met

The US Weekly "Oh They Just Like Me!" Celeb You Ever Met

Song So Hype You'd Run Your Moms Over With A Trash Truck Going 100 mph

Song That Has The Ability To Make You Cry

The One Song That Has The Ability To Make You A Kid Again

Song You Are Ashamed To Admit You Love

Song/Album That You Have To Gunpoint Others To

If You Were To Marry Now What Song Would Be Your Wedding Song?

What Song Best Describes Your Children/Future Children?

Who Killed Music?

Who Keeps Music Alive For You?

Song Playing Right Now

11-19-2008, 10:55 PM
you fuckin serious??


^I'm sure there's a 14 year old girl out there somewhere dying to let you know

Olive Oil Goombah
11-19-2008, 11:07 PM
hahahahah.....wow two threads, two laughs....the stars must be aligned tonite.

11-19-2008, 11:50 PM
The Song That Can Best . Describe My Childhood.. . I Guess... Would Be..

So Fresh .,.. So Clean.. Screwed And Chopped... By Outkast..