View Full Version : Surpise Muhfuckaz!!!

11-22-2008, 01:07 AM
Back like a heart attack, double stacked
Cheeseburger, heard a bitch moan
My pay phone is dead, lead leakin'
Poisonous noise an' such, boisterous
Cloisterous, my crew is too close
Close range hanged, leakin'...I'll beat you
Leavin' bleedin' til you see through
I'm lethal, like Limp's DJ...these phrase
Cave in windcage...or wind pipe...nice?
I think outta sight...I spit
Fuck type, I quit...quite opposite
I'm poppin' shit, off the cyber
Rippin' cyphers, lifer like a Mike Tysa
Rysa, rice or beans? Fumando steenz
Smokin' crater blasts, crave a fast
Drunk belligerent constituent...votin'
Fuck a token...too outspoken
Lokin'? Nah dude, I croakin' throat open
Screamin' metal tunes, soon to be dead
Ill in the head, you cats breakin' ya lead
Tryin' to write like me, catch a deal wit Nike
Well, slightly off. you nobody...
No shotty, or Gotti wannabe
Flaunt a 3...50 chain, you insane
Snatch and smash brain, crane collapsin'
Synapse an' nerves don't fire, burn victim I'm stricken
Quicken the poem, I know dem is fake
For fuck's sake, Easy Baked styles is burnt...

Get ya ass learnt and turnt around...orignal abound...still astound
Even thought fo' months I ain't been around....

Real poets know where I'm at. Not even 7 minutes. Get at me.