View Full Version : Quick Verse - Bronze Feet

12-03-2008, 12:24 PM
just something i wrote up today was pretty bored, might add some more later

this is one verse, push reverse
watch me snatch your head
like young kids snatch that purse
a hearse could where you end up
cursed, despurse crowds of riots
rubber bullets flyin, accuracy refinement
confinement lead me to be defiant
never silent fuck it try and silence me
react violent, quiet weapons for silent wars
killa armies approachin your doors
stashes under floor boards
pass out pistols, they cut the phone cords
be for you go out, theres no doubt it will be a
shoot out. shout we aint goin down without a fight
despite the best efforts, the crew was sprayed
and peppered, spent casing of machine gun rounds
the scene looked like vietnam went down
kilos and pounds, guns empty on the ground
sounds from out the bedroom
zip bang zoom, crash and boom
blast pass barracades, hand grenade
seranades, serated sharpnel separates
the rib cages, imflammation of limbs and joints
distort the fort with hollow points