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12-03-2008, 04:39 PM
hypomania is a mental disorder that took my interest cause i thought i had it.

it's basically a sensation of 'racing thought' during an episode of mania (mania is basically when you become a excessive about something and can be triggered by ADHD, depression and other stuff)

basically a hypomanic feels like they are a 'super' version of themselves. All their thoughts feel extremely brilliant and most of the time are, they develop an extremely inflanted sense of personal worth and over estimate their own abilities without the ability to think they are incapable of something or one of their ideas has a flaw.

being hypomanic is like being on meth, you feel like you can and want to do 10,000 things at one time, and don't see the problem in doing it.

the part i found interesting with it is the fact that hypomanics often speak and write in rhyme or extreme alliteration and everything they say and do feels perfect. they also become extremely charismic and do things without caring about the consequence

alot of famous people in history became famous because of it cause its uniquely a extremely functional mental disorder, but most ppl that have it under up fucked.

for instance they dont sleep, or feel like they need sleep. They also over task or over burden themselves leading to and extreme meltdown.

a hypomanic will, for example, out of nowhere go "Im going to write a 300 page book about the civil war" cause they feel like they are a supreme authority, start doing that, then even page they write get a new idea of another 300 page book to write and in the end are either up writing 900,000 pages or none at all and therefore don't get important things in real life done cause.

oh yeah, they can't get imporant things in real life done, just overblown elaborate shit.

they also spend wrecklessly. They can go to a store and decide to put everything that starts with a P on a credit card and feel like they will be able to pay it off, even if they can't.

i thought i had it, but its appearing not cause its eposodic, and alot of that shit describes what i've been like since day 1. i also don't spend money like a douche, infact i go to stores and dont want anything, i hate it, but i never want anything i have to force myself to spend money, and though i always think my ideas are perfect or will work out i always consider the fact that i might be on my bullshit again and console several people.

i think Rza has it at times though.

guy thought he could take over 1/4 of the music industry, make beats for 200+ people, bust ODB out of jail, and seems to think all his ideas are perfect and have elaborate amounts of meaning. He also has described episodes of walking around staten for days just thinking to himself and thinking out loud and thought he could launch the careers of 200+ people and it would all work out.

Rza and GAVIN.

12-03-2008, 04:52 PM
i also dont speak in rhyme more then the average person, but do write in alliteration, my rhymes are often pack with so many rhyme words and alliterations that it takes 20 takes to record and nobody but me can repeat or catch everything

click on the link in my sig.

i memorize them after i've recorded them though, but always over burden my capabilities when writting them cause i dont even think "maybe i can't say this"

there's also the problem of pressured speech, where you say something, and then for no reason at all think you could have 'said it better' or you want to say something and feel like there's pressure for you to say it as dope as possible so you studder and sound like your struggling.

here's a video of id kinda be like

and here's a gay le douche with hypomania

12-03-2008, 11:38 PM
go on an organic grape diet for a week