View Full Version : The southern states have the unhealthiest people in the US.

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12-04-2008, 12:27 AM
--Vermont called healthiest state, Louisiana last.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) Louisiana has displaced Mississippi as the unhealthiest U.S. state and other Southern states were close rivals due to high obesity and smoking rates in new rankings that deemed Vermont the healthiest.

The overall health of Americans remained static for a fourth year, according to an annual report issued on Wednesday assessing a series of measures also including binge drinking, health insurance coverage, air pollution, infectious disease rates, crime levels and immunization coverage.

Many Southern states were clustered near the bottom of the rankings. The region has some of the highest rates of obesity, which contributes to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some types of cancer, as well as high rates of smoking, which causes cancer, lung disease, heart disease and other problems.

One in five Louisianians lacked health insurance, while 31 percent were obese. It also suffers from high child poverty, infant mortality, premature death rate and cancer deaths, according to the report.

"We've just not made any improvement in the overall healthiness of the nation," said Dr. Reed Tuckson of UnitedHealth Group Inc, the largest U.S. health insurer, and the private United Health Foundation.

The foundation, American Public Health Association and the Partnership for Prevention advocacy group put together the 19th annual state-by-state rankings.

It was the second straight year that Vermont topped the rankings. It was followed by Hawaii, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Utah, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Idaho and Maine.

Louisiana fell from 49th to 50th, replacing Mississippi. Rounding out the bottom 10 were South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nevada and Georgia.

California, the most populous state, ranked 24th and New York 25th.

Vermont, with the second smallest population of any state, had the third-highest public health spending and an obesity rate of 22 percent, four points below the national average.

It also had low child poverty and violent crime, a large number of doctors per capita and good high school graduation rates.

Hawaii had similarly low obesity, the highest public health spending, little air pollution, low rates of uninsured people, a low rate of preventable hospitalizations and low rates of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Mississippi led the nation in obesity at 33 percent of the population, while Colorado was lowest at 19 percent.

President-elect Barack Obama and leading lawmakers want to engineer a major reform of U.S. health care, which leaves 45.7 million people without coverage while costing more than any other national health system.

The United States trails many other industrialized nations in infant mortality, life expectancy, mortality for treatable conditions and overall health care system performance.


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12-04-2008, 12:30 AM
The South will rise again !!


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12-04-2008, 12:31 AM

food for thought
12-04-2008, 12:31 AM
thats my word,

its cause most the ppl down South are stupid as fuck. real simple minded and shit

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12-04-2008, 12:35 AM
thats my word,

its cause most the ppl down South are stupid as fuck. real simple minded and shit


Mic Tyson
12-04-2008, 12:37 AM
yeah i was at universal studios and every other person was obese almost, not just overweight.

11th Chamber
12-04-2008, 12:38 AM

not only does she have a pan...but she also has a plan

12-04-2008, 12:41 AM
its cause they're poorer.

if alot of the states in the US were their own country they would blow, like louisana.

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12-04-2008, 12:43 AM
What does being poorer have to do with being obese and a fat ass though? lol

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12-04-2008, 12:47 AM
Even the dogs down south are rednecks:


11th Chamber
12-04-2008, 01:06 AM
What does being poorer have to do with being obese and a fat ass though? lol

when you're poor, you get depressed.

when you're depressed, you might stop worrying about what you eat

ie- Ironman, Charles Jones

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12-04-2008, 01:11 AM
Yeah, I was just meaning if you're poorer, you would think you wouldnt have much to eat.

food for thought
12-04-2008, 01:13 AM

12-04-2008, 03:08 AM
It goes like this. Poorer people have little money, so they buy whatever foods they can get which are usually foods loaded with fat, salt or sugar and are unhealthy.

Foods which are healthy like good meats,vegetables, and real juices are expensive.

bein' po = being fat and unhealthy

12-04-2008, 03:14 AM
nah when your poor you usually just resort to eating off the dollar menu.
one, maybe two meals a day. then when the money or stamps or whatever come you eat good not knowing that your body is storing the shit thinking it might not be fed again.
THEN fat fucks get depressed because it becomes apparent that theyve become fat fucks

Professor Poopsnagle
12-04-2008, 08:18 AM

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12-04-2008, 12:40 PM
Yeah, I see your points, but I didn't think vegetables were usually that expensive? For example, a can of (low sodium)carrots is cheap. Maybe not quite as good for you as fresh carrots, but still healthy.

food for thought
12-04-2008, 12:44 PM
i think it has more to do with these fucks not knowing about health and not giving a damn.

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12-04-2008, 12:47 PM
Yeah, and it's not like they can give an excuse about 'not having enough time' to eat healthy. They sure have plenty of time to do weird things such as go muddin' and huntin'.


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12-04-2008, 08:48 PM
and they keep voting for the douches who keep em poor,way to go you smart folks from the south you!!

Olive Oil Goombah
12-04-2008, 08:51 PM
Its cuz of the southern diet. it really has nothing to do with being poor or rich.

Have you ever seen what Paula Dean or any of those other southern chefs cook up on TV?? That shit is tasty, but its loaded with calories and all that.
But its like a part of there culture. Pecan Pies, merangue pies, Fried foods, all that soul food, country BBQ...
shit tastes good, but it will fatten ya up.

12-04-2008, 08:59 PM
Yes it does have to do with being poor.

The South is the most fucked up part of our country especially states like Alabama and Mississippi... BACKWARD states.

The worst literacy, obesity and poverty levels in the country. Its not a coincendence.

Olive Oil Goombah
12-04-2008, 09:04 PM
It has nothing to do with being poor. It has everything to do with diet.

The south is also alot more laid back than other areas.

12-04-2008, 09:07 PM
They also eat alot more KFC and McDonalds than everyone else

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12-04-2008, 09:08 PM
Some of that fatty greaseball food looks digusting. That's why that Paula Dean is an irritating fat ass.

Yeah, and like the article said, the southern states have higher smoking(cigarettes) rates too. I bet a lot of those inbreeding chicken grease whores smoke while they're pregnant.

Olive Oil Goombah
12-04-2008, 09:14 PM
alot of southern food is good with pork grease and lard, plus they are big on deserts, biscuits, pies, layered cakes.
its greasey, unhealthy food eaten daily...but it is delicious.

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12-04-2008, 09:18 PM
Well like has been said, if they were a little more educated, maybe they wouldn't be eating a bunch of greasy food everyday. Unless they don't mind being obese fat so's and having a greater risk off illnesses and diseases.

Olive Oil Goombah
12-04-2008, 09:20 PM
i dont think its about education. Its habitual. They have been eating that way for a while now. Plus AMericans are just more lazy now and get less excercise that we used to cuz of TV..blah blah blah.

12-04-2008, 09:24 PM
doesnt suprise me all the food is garbage down south....well most of it..i hate going down south just cuz i kno theres nowhere good 2 eat..(not talking about home cooking)