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Guarded By Martyrs
12-04-2008, 10:51 PM
""Legends Left""

whers & Bronze Feet

Astrology cant predict your tragedy,
me and whers connect/
we star trek, across plains of lunar lighten roadways
days turn into nights, nights darker then black holes/
abysmal particles of stardust drizzle, sun degrees sizzle
fizzle out and implode, flicker faster like strobes/
globes in the palm of our hands,
trade routes contrast travellin caravans/
too ancient lands, statues of marble stand,
and one statue above all stood/
hooded with a golden crown,
bound by sapphires and rubies unique/
description inscribed read he who shall seek
shall vibe, the meaning you cannot find/
his hands holds a war hammer, bearer of emblems
from an ancient section, divine protection/
intervention of secular deception
text mentions the origin of this being/
known to civilians to be all seeing
begining to finish, his feet never tarnished/
his weapon always brandished
delving deep to battle things devilish/
two gods combine to make four elements
Bronze and Whers burning down settlements...

Into Insignificance Mr Magnificent'n'Bronze Feet Hold Down Perimeters
Got Stocks In Rizlas, Bud Smoke Ridiculous, Puffin On Long Cylinders
Moving Inconspicuous Vision Of The Listeners Teaching Illiterates
With The Deliverance Of A Masters Brilliance, A Punchbag's Reziliance
Casting Light In The Shadows Of Currupt Ministers, Snake Slitherers
Mere Beginners Advanced Sinners Trust, In God Or The Comming Of Dusk
When Candle Wicks Are Touched Without A Flame
Yet Cast Light All The Same Legends Left For You To Judge
Unknown Existance The Oldest Of Scriptures Paint Raphaelic Pictures
With Da Vinci Synchronicity Aparently Your Only Seeing 10% Of Me ?
Please....Opponents Think They Seeing My Degrees
I've Got Shinigami Eyes And They're Twenty-Twenty...That Mean
I See More Thats Whats In Front Of Me Create A Monstrosity
A Horrific Scene That I Convine Inbetween These Lines
After Your Face And Name Are Seen
Retain Many Powers Welcome To This Thing Of Ours
Attend Meetings Were Nothings Said...
Seek Out The Ones Who Deserve To Be Dead
The Type That Fled, Secrets Broken Never Kept
Friends Change Like Clark Kent, It's The Truth...
They Never Call And They Always In The Phone Booth
Only Thing That I Change Is My Stlye From Time To Time
Metamorphasize The Rhyme Like A Contortionist's Spine
Suck Up Portals, Kill Immortals, Swimming In Glue By Myself With You
My Shadow Step Too Complex To Digress, Hone In On Your Weak Defence
Like Cess To Your Chest, Backs To Canvas From A Flawless Suplex Holding Techs
Only Thing You Will Recieve Is A Bullet In The Leg Like Plexico Bures
Me And Bronze Nothing To Test Violent By Design Heavenly Devine
Jedi Minds Sublime So Remain Focussed If You Wanna Step To Hocus-Pocus
Crow'n'Jokers Atlas Broken Shoulders Hooded Cobras Spittin Venom At The Vultures
What I've Begun To Notice Is We Living In The Land Of The Hopeless
When The Final Hour Approaches...They'll Be Nothing But Roaches
And ghost coaches, so on and so forth, i shall
rise to the cold North, frozen plains seem scorched
barren, open and hostile, wild tundra, blizzards with
cracks of thunder, under rough gusts of snow
an ice palace is where i make my home
frostbite bones, sydromes from confined zones
sharpen my axe on a grindin stone, hone edges to perfection
years to excell, surviving in a wintery hell
tales of wishing wells and magical spells
i foretell deaths coming, present by the sound of
ringing bells, shells hollow, ghost fill the void
cybernetic attacks got you paranoid, im programed for
seek and destroy, special forces deploy
ambush convoys and envoys, tossed away like old
play toys, war games in the making, stress and battle test
through thick times only the legends are left!!

12-04-2008, 11:09 PM
very very dope both of you cats impressed me Whers verse sounded like a narrative straight outta of anime and bronze dude ur the truth ur style is so bonding and compliements others so well man, nice ness 4 the both you

12-04-2008, 11:20 PM
peace sheep thanks

i had to come strong workin with whers i knew he had something marvelous mixed up, and im reading his verse, im trippin cuz it looks like an hourglass lol

Section Nine controls the sands of time lol

Guarded By Martyrs
12-04-2008, 11:23 PM
im reading his verse, im trippin cuz it looks like an hourglass lol

Section Nine controls the sands of time lol


12-04-2008, 11:25 PM
peace sheep thanks

im reading his verse, im trippin cuz it looks like an hourglass lol

Section Nine controls the sands of time lol

lol you know looking at it does lol nah for real y'all both cleaned some clocks this wasn't no captain hook versus the crocidile shit this was some prince of persha shit though

War and Peace
12-04-2008, 11:41 PM

12-04-2008, 11:42 PM
for sho

i think me and whers merged together nicely on this one

peace to whers for doin this with me, id rep if i could lol

btw i just got a good idea from sheeps comment ill post in the section HQ

12-05-2008, 03:12 AM
Major props whers and Bronze.

Prince Rai
12-05-2008, 04:57 PM
hahaha holy shit, man im just sitting back in ma chair and just thinking "goddamnnn!"

Section 9 is not just any rap group, it IS WUCORPS number one group for rap,rymes and anything else involving those perimeters.

Guarded By Martyrs
12-05-2008, 05:14 PM
Peace to everyone.

Word Bronze...this was in the making for a while.

I like the idea and layout of this collabo.