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12-05-2008, 03:37 PM
Politics is the method used to affect other peoples thoughts and activities according to someone's agenda or preferences.

At best this is by way of an open and honest dialog such as we see at the Wu-Tang forums. But sometimes deceit, intentional lies, violence and even murder of innocents are used by people in this regard. Governments sometimes use propaganda, laws, taxes, incarceration, torture and murder to affect their citizen's thoughts and activities. Some religious factions have used these methods too.

The problem is that deep within each of us there is a strong (sometimes to-the-death) resistance to one-sided thinking and activities. Although we seem to be working through all the possible permutations to a consensus of some kind, it is unlikely that there will ever be a time where every person, every government, and every religion gets everything their way all the time.

Instead we need a new way of looking at the world, an evolution of politics to a higher level. It could be something like "The world is perfect in all respects, even the thrashing we go through to (maybe) an eventual consensus." But this would just be an excuse for more of the same old politics.

Take a look from the perspective of what few (non-historical and non-observational) things we know for sure:

* There is experience
* Many interpretations of experience are possible (Each excludes all the other interpretations as wrong, so at most one is right - probably none!)
* Consciousness without interpretation is possible and, when experienced as an act of will, very illuminating

From this perspective we can act in the world without attempting to use force to try to move other points of view to be similar to ours. Knowing that each perspective (including our own!) is probably right in some ways and definitely wrong in others, we can more easily restrain ourselves to using open and honest dialog only. And we need to insist that our governments and religions do the same. Of course we may still need to use force to defend ourselves when force is used against us.

I'd love to read or hear a rap with this idea in it!

12-08-2008, 02:18 PM
its all about fallibility, or the acceptance of one's fallibility

today, the neoliberal capitalist monster that controls most of the world's economy is anything but an open society where dissent is possible or fallibility recognized.

during the depressions and recessions of the last century, after free range, open market capitalism fell to be replaced by a semi-regulated economy, the emphasis has been on market stability because people generally thought nothing could be worse than unemployment plus inflation, or a combination of the two... however now we see how putting all the political power into big corporations has shit on our collective rights as human beings.

the only way politics can advance or evolve is if those in power truly see their system as fallible, and are open enough to introduce change for the better. The sad part is that since those in power are getting so rediculously rich, they probably wont be easily motivated for change

corporations and democracy; like oil and water!


12-08-2008, 02:31 PM
they do.

and it therefore changes all the time, and are constantly movtivated to change..those that arent (republicans right now) lose.

Edgar Erebus
12-09-2008, 02:52 PM
Names change and perspective on minor topics change (abortion for example), but the main point stays: serving the corporations that like to impose neoliberal capitalism to maximise their own profit. Of course they do that, a human is greedy by nature.

People were so sweaty about "America's slide into socialism" when government gave those injections or whatever to investition banks to prevent them from falling down. But that's not socialism: that's just saving neoliberalism by using socialist methods. System won't change with that, it will remain the same.

The problem is that these Friedmaniacs are like a religious cult: their economy system is based on axioms and breaking each one of them proves that they were wrong for last 60 years, so they can't allow any other way of thinking. Which is just against the fact that people change and society with them. You can't rule mankind by mathemathical methods. Yeah sure it works in theory, but we have all already seen that it fails in practice. Giving symptomatic medications doesn't cure the illness. And illness is just what threadstarter said: not being ready to accept other ways of thinking.