View Full Version : Is your internet company a bitch?

12-11-2008, 05:25 PM
i got Cable Link and those fucker first dare to limit the use of Torrents to one seed to download from, after a legal fight by some real fucking intelligent people this was over after month of this bullshit the company lost the legal battle and was force to lift up the limitation that got so many CLIENTS piss off then they have the balls to add a new rule on Sep 15 this year that states all clients have a limit of 40GB of downloads per month if they pass this limits they'll be charge 17$ for each 10GB over

now im an anime freak i download a lot of series, movies, OVA, OST and i got a megaupload premium account so of course i went over the limit on Nov according to those fags i went over by 67GB making it a total of 107GB again of course this was not my doing alone but still it piss me the fuck off of those stupid ass limitation when a client is paying over 50$ monthly just to have a limited service. That is like you paying for cable and they add a limitation of watching the Discovery Channel or Local Channel for a limit of 40 hours a month

Do your internet company does the same kind off bullshit? or you have full freedom?

12-13-2008, 08:59 AM
we have unlimited... but the only thing im pissed off about now is rapidshare, implying limits and shit... i think its at 60gb a day for me now, which obviously is enough lol... but from like janurary its going down to 10gb a day...

which, now im thinking about it is ok... my bad!... nah im good.. got an RS premium until feb

12-13-2008, 05:45 PM
they do this kind off thing cuz on Puerto Rico they are the faster and supposedly the best for internet and they think people won't change to another service

i got a hacker friend that was so piss about the Torrents limits that he himself told the company "if they didn't change that shit he will cancel the service and get free internet" the guy from the company was mumbling and couldn't answer back he just told him you "can't do that" the hacker said "yes i can and i will cuz you can limit a service im paying for and much less do thing that does not appear on the contract"