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Does TSA ever tell a story where he actually DOES have sex?

If a fat lonely 1/2 asian french slut won't fuck you...

it might be time to explore other options.

i normally dont tell them cause they're not interesting but i've notice curiousity.

ok, my first time

(above: a large ass like her own)
She was black, great looking HUGE ass. I went to her highschool freshmen year and had PE with her. She wore short shorts and her ass would move like 2 seperate bowls of jelly..mmmmm. I didn't make any moves though i did the typical childish flirting.

anyways i think it was junior of sophomore year, idk, but she came to our home coming..it has to be JR year cause i had a date sophomore year and it wasn't fun at all cause of it.

anyways she was there i was all "NAME! dance with me" and we started dancing...alot. Then i got her number and joked around a little

on the phone we discussed anal sex and how she would consider it cause her friend does it and says its not that bad.

anyways my boy JB was having his B-day party and we were both going due to mutual friends. It was in November i remember. I dont remember how the conversation worked out but she goes "what's MY best feature" after saying mine was my 'care bear eyes' (it got a good laugh but i have really loving eyes)

anyways i told her to come downstairs with me, she knew what was up and did.

see my game i fuckin ice cold Jr. year, i spent sophomore year getting head and fingering bitchs so i was very confident in my abilities and when im on fire im on fire.

she went down stairs we watch sanford and son and talk about our old highschool, then i started making out with her, she's the best kisser ive ever kissed.

The sex:
I got her nude and remember thinking (holy shit, elohel!), then i got nude and we made out very passionately in the nude, then she placed my raw erect dick into her burning lyons. i went some strokes then decided to pull out cause i was paranoid of her getting pregnant lol.


the best part was she had that off white creamy stuff coming out you see when the dude in pornos is smashing a black chick and it felt good tricking down the god's dick cause its the fruits of labor.
it smells like pussy and baby food, and kinda looks like a runny cottage cheese

she was also REALLY into it. REALLY REALLY into it.

anyways i was going to nigeria in december http://students.umf.maine.edu/~olakpeok/Pictures/%257B8B0CD468-1115-4F28-8749-A742CD247152%257D_Nigeria.giffor christmas and asked her if she wanted to hang out before that and she said "why so you can get in my pants"
i laughed that she choose THEN to play hard to get but realized i was always asking her to hang out to get in her pants and she played hard to get before that, so it makes sense.

it made me mad because the nigerian in me told me that if your going on a long trip everyone has to show you the max amount of love, and when you comeback you do it to them, so i stopped talking to her.

saw her once since.

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anyone want more? and should i include oral? they're more interesting

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the day i bag a white trash bitch with my boy American Engel

My boy Evil E came bck from the army. He was all over the place cause he had 1 week to go and wanted to get in as much of a thrill you can..in lincoln nebraska, lol

i was on full time duty making sure he gets the max amount of pussy DUH TROOPS need.

every night we were on a cunt hunt, first 2 ended in busts due to weak ass hoes and it was a weekday, then we decided that normal whores have school on weekdays and we need to hit up the hopeless.

he had already been doing my friends sister...even though that same friend gave him shelter when his parents kicked him out lol

so we decided lets find her friends, i wouldn't do HER cause she was entirely too ugly

anyways she had a fine friend i had been hearing about, her and EVIL E were hanging out as well as the one he was smashing on the 4th day of the week and he kept saying "come over dude, come over, she's ready for ya dude, she's ready" lol (he's hilarious)

but i didn't want to go over cause it was late on a weekday, and i just didn't feel like it.

but i went the next day (they would throw get togethers in the one he was smashings garage)

met her, flirted alittle and talked about Obama ...bitch LOVES obama
anyways EVIL E (who is the worst wingman in the history of life) kept hinting we be alone lmao

she was walking infront of my and i was sitting down and pulled her to my lap, we did some corny white people bullshit play fight stuff, i acted like i was hurt, she was all im soorrrryyy jokingly, we starting making out, then she got LOOSE (she was drunk but not THAT drunk)

like fuckin wild. grinding my shit (and it hurt cause i was mal-adjusted) all infront of everyone (which i dont like), but E and his whore went inside

her pussy was stumbly, like she shaved a little bit ago but it was growing back for the election and she just forgot to.

she was a total bird as well

anyways my performance was aight, alot of chilling with shawty rode duh choca, then i'd get excited and wanna beat it in so id do a sitting down beating it in, then i realized i can just chill so id chill, and it was cold (but not for long Wooooo!) too but it didn't effect the gods boner.

she still had her bra on and i didn't bother taking it off for some reason and my pants were to my ankles with shoes on

im too lazy to add pictures

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then there was my first FAWB (fresh off the boat).

im really good with foriegn girls. I was in the testing center taking a test and saw a fine my shade of skin color girl walking out wearing a ridiculous ass coat.

i though "wow she's really pretty", then took my Compass test.

On my way out she was at the door and asked if she can use my phone.
She had an accent but i had no fuckin clue where she was from cause she didn't look bantuish (like black ppl here) and didn't look sudanic (like sudanese ppl and various MOORS), or ethiopian or khoisan just features from various negro biological spheres

anyways i asked her where she was from and she said sudan (never would have guessed it). I said Nigeria and she talked about how she loves nigerian movies and they're the best and i said they can be aight but 95% of the time they're gay as fuck.

we talked some more and i asked her who she called, she said her cousin who was coming to pick her up, i said i could have given her a ride cause i was heading in the same direction, she said she's on her way anyways, i said ok and she should call me so i can show her around (i assumed she had been in the US for 3 seconds for her fobishly fobby stereotypical american attire)

anyways she called and asked if i wanna be her friend (LMAO! what an immigrant). I thought it was cute and said i can be whatever

she asked if i wanna go to a movie, i said yes i would.

I struggled finding her place cause she didn't know streets and shit and won't let me talk to her uncle

i got there and she came out looking good as fuck.


i was really suprised cause i knew she looked good but i didn't know she had such a great shape and could dress non fobbically.

i humorously admired her attire and she laughed, we went to the movie (that movie where Raven Simone and Martin from Martin are father and daughter and she goes to college lol, she picked)

we were there and she kept shaking her leg, i would come to find out it was a habit but i thought she was nervous. I put my arm around her and she leaned in on me. then she said i look like Ray J


i tired to kiss her and she resisted, and i was like fuck, a none bird, or she's way to fobby..you never know the boundaries of FOB women and therefore over estimate

anyways after the movie, which we both argeed as shity, we cutely played DDR in the rec room, we both lost cause negroes can't play DDR

idk the score but we both lost, it was that horrible.

anyways we went to the GOD white shao's apartment.

i introduced her to my friends who all evacuated the room to knowing what's GOOD.

plus there was a party a few apartments down.

we chilled, she asked me my religion, i laughed and said christian but im not too religious. she said muslim which is why she asked and alot of things started making sense

she's sudanese but half 'egyptian' which is just arab sudanese that are black by here's standards and arab there.

the sex: anyways i put in the potent Grind Time PLO, a mix CD that me and white shao scientifically designed as sonic panty remover and figured who better to test it on then a foriegner with no bias.

Her and I danced very romantically, i like to romance my women, and by son 3 ACCORDING TO SCIENTIFIC PLAN we started making out. Then it just got more heated, she stopped and told me she couldn't blah blah blah blah

then i just starting making out with her again cause Allah wasn't gonna cock block me, fuck that, you ain't my god nigga.

anyways by son 5, ACCORDING TO SCIENTIFIC DESIGN i was dick deep in raw guts.

she had the tightest pussy i had ever...ever....ever....EVER encountered, which later turned out to be a problem cause it hurts when she has sex and im not trying to brag by my dick is large.

i beat it the FUCK in but it kept slipping out cause i would over thrust when i was getting too crunk and had i hard time putting it back in for some reason. You'd have to stop think then insert, that tight.

anyways i finally pulled out and put a rubber on, then beat it in some more, she professed that she loved me in the heat of passion but i just asssumed she had not other words to say "i have a crush on you" cause LOVE is a heavy word kids.

anyways i busted a nice load, excellent sex, and lasted till the CD ended and started again, so the middle of track 1.

that CD was POTENT VENOM though i almost started laughing when barry white came on cause it was too clique and hilarious.

she scratched my back and we had another miniature session but she stopped cause she was exhausted and needed to go home.

i dropped her off and she said she loved me again, and asked me if i love her

i didn't know what to do lol, wtf ya know, wtf

i said i'll have to get to know her which was the best answer

we ended up dating and i beat that tiny little vag in like 3 times a day for the entire summer, then it slowed down, then she got psycho, then she WAS psycho, then we stopped.

i was supposed to go to a movie with her today but she didn't call.

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http://www.babesandstuff.com/kim/kim-kardashian-sex-tape1.jpg (http://track.vivid.com/vc/ppj/152/130201)

only i never eat the bird, and she was less fine and if i would have filmed it i wouldn't have sucked at filming. oh and she didn't suck my dills either and didn't have as good of tits but a slightly less nice but still exceptional ass.

and smaller nipples

and darker skin

and a different head

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Then there was that bitch with the huge thighs that i was talkng about with prolifical when i blew the MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE largest load in my life porno load on her thigh

she randomly deleted me from myspace....

then added me again and sent a message that i haven't replyed to


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cute story...dont remember my first time...you pulled out...lol...

Olive Oil Goombah
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cute story...dont remember my first time...you pulled out...lol...

ill man...so TSA aint a virgin after all

thats nasty dude.

12-11-2008, 09:55 PM
^^oh....ughhh...."no homo?"..faggot...

Olive Oil Goombah
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faggot?...im not the one tellin everyone TSA sodomized me.