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12-12-2008, 11:13 PM
First of all this isn't a merri-go-round bullshit of the facts/lies conversation regardless of what side you're standing on (knowing full-well that no one is standing on the same constant side) WHY? Cause quite simply this is meant to be bigger than that. Regardless of who did what or who was responsible, bottom line is A LOT of PEOPLE DIED THAT DAY and that is one fact that's indisputable. So first respect to them and the families they left behind, peace to the souls of my fellow country men who no longer walk among us. Real Talk.

It with those people in mind that tells me on one level or another we Americans as a country have been deceived in a way that no one can really deny. The problem has never been US(a) in the common man 'sperspective. The mass media guides you to the resolution. They HATE OUR FREEDumb!!!! (says the knee-jerk reaction) But its gotta be deeper than that and I think its both dumb and shallow to not think that maybe there's something to be learned from your enemy.

Regardless of where you stand, either Osama Bin Laden is the ultimate mastermind behind this or you think either the government let it happen or the government made it happen. You should learn something from whatever your perspective happens to be so that we can guarantee from the perspective of NO ONE does it lead up to those who died to have done so in vain.

So if Osama did it:

shouldn't we take a deeper look at why he was in a position to do so in the first place? The facts on how he got his money at this point is pretty fuckin clear. One; his parents are an extremely rich Saudia Arabian family that own a construction company and the money they make is probably one step removed from Saudi oil money. Two; the CIA provided him with an assload of cash and guns (really a maybe on the cash and a DEFINITE on the guns[which by the way can easily become cash]) when they were training them to battle the Russians.

So what does this mean? A couple of things, one the sooner we move to alternate energy sources the better. Saudi has got to be THE MOST repressive mulism state when it comes to its own people in the entire world, complete with public beheadings, women who reveal one eye alone when they walk in public and students who live in abject fear of fucking up and saying anything bad or how they're really feeling about their own country when getting filmed for a documentary. Who knows what happens when the camera turns off? The entire country has taken Islam to the extreme making it a breeding ground for fundamentalist.

As we all know fundamentalism provides a breeding ground for fuckin nutjobs regardless of whatever whoever is getting SO DAMN FUNDAMENTAL about. We shouldn't be handing over that kind of loot we are but we do it because as a nation we're hooked to oil like crackheads to rock. The sooner our cars, our factorys and our home run on something else the better. Its not just environmentalism anymore its a matter of national security.

On the second note we have to find a way to start holding our defense departments more accountable for their actions and while we can't have transparency with the press for obvious reasons presidents should be FULLY AWARE of what is going on with convert actions across the globe. And furtermore it is my suggestion that we take a serious look at refraining from all but the most necessary of neccessary convert operations. For as far as I can tell they end up fucking us far more than they help us.

Look at what happened in Iran in the 50's.
Look at the money we gave to both Iraq and Iran in the 80's
Look at Iran-Contra-Cocaine affair.

None of it is conspiracy but instead certified, documented happenings. These actions can't be done with much foresight into their ramifications and if they do then its even worse. We'd be foolish to act as if our actions themselves had no consequence and in a world like ours negative begets negative (even if the outlook was positive for the first 5-10 years) Short term solutions often create long-term problems. We need to figure out what it is we're trying to acheive as a nation. Flooding the streets with drugs can't be on the common man's list of things-to-do.

The Imperialistic urgings came back to bite us in the ass that day regardless of whether you want to admit to it or not. We the people really gotta ourselves if that's the road we want to go down and if its not then we need to address the fact with our leaders, from your local state representative on up.

(I'll continue on this post later but for right now I'm tired of typing--I hope the topic is new enough to spark some actual new conversation---9/11 was a day that shocked me and I really don't want there deaths to have meant nothing)