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The Hound
12-13-2008, 08:55 PM

there needs to be a usergroup to bring together those who take online L's and real life L's ... and those who take a combination of both ...

i've assembled a roster + worked out the starting line up and will PM tomb next time i see him online to get this shit together ...

i was going to include myself ... unfortunately i didn't quite meet the requirements so it was unfair to just plonk myself in ... maybe next time?

anyhoooooz ... duh roster

STYLE (captain/coach/CEO) ... real life and online L's make it hard to go past this man as the captain, coach and CEO of the L's ... first, he told us ALL to copy and paste our favourite style moments but his posts were never deleted ... THEN he took his shit to the corpse, using his clothing skills as a means of innitiation pie and was mocked and ridiculed on the corpse despite his best efforts ... NOW he's come back to the same place that drove him to an early mid life crisis and the only way he can keep his head above water is to come out swinging at everyone ... the michael jordan of taking L's

beautifulrock (vice captain) ... would be the captain of any other team that didn't include STYLE ... is the moderator of the most ignored section of this forum ... is 28 years old and his ONLY achievement in life came when one of his threads hit 10,000 views AND HE FREELY ADMITS THIS ... is a college failure and has been reduced to playing online poker in a bid to pay for his dial up connection he pays on a monthly basis ... was also exposed by a general wise PM

Technician (player/masseuse) ... wow, this is turning into an all star roster ... where to begin with this hoe? ... was accidently neg repped and took it furiously serious and began on an e-soap opera sharade ... was PMing people BEGGING for rep (though i never received one myself) and continually owns himself everytime he creates threads ... also doesn't realise when you throw up the Loser L with your hands you do it with the right hand, not the left

Ironman ... was called out by the doctor for admitting he had a small dick, was laughed at by durag, was ridiculed by myself and poked by the death stick by pat bateman ... took a one day joke furiously serious and left durag a cute little love letter (which you can see everyday in durag's signature) ... hasn't recovered from this battering and has cut down on his frequency and changed up his posting style to try and combat the constant Ls

The Great Dane ... officialy retarded ... has slipped up the gimmick a few times ... reads too much anime

Beautifulyb ... takes a massive L for publicly admitting association with STYLE

supreme M ... had an entire movement about homosexuals named after him (no norway) ... had the iron dan cooley name extended to include HALL OF NORWAY THREADZ ... was the first member booted from the cannibalz and didn't recover, had his account deleted ... signed up again ... re named himself DickArm LimpWrist in an attempt to poke fun at me BUT AT THE SAME TIME i also received a name change so that FAILED and when I MOCKED him about this he changed his name AGAIN ... epic L taker

Palehorse ... another one in the "delete my account then i'll sign up again with the same name" chamber ... thinks the government is after him and has a relentless amount of 2ndaries ...

GHOSTLACED ... is from birmingham, UK and likes lil wayne

Annunaki ... talks to himself exclusively in his own thread

Vahacris ... the most hated man on this interwebz forum ... three bars of neg rep proves it ... calls me baby in love letter PM's which brings his sexuality into question

HAQ ... massive GZA dick rider who begged for a vatican ticket in every section of this forum possible ... also resides in Poland ... massive L taken


Sidious Katana ... would take me too long to explain why, but since he's so infamous we all know why

roster is final ... no more


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12-14-2008, 09:32 AM
diggy has taken to posting pics of men wit their legs over their shoulders...is there a subliminal message your trying to show us diggy?

I'm surprised I'm in there but I'm probably to much an L to get in :dududu:



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12-16-2008, 12:50 PM