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12-15-2008, 03:32 PM
one,zero,one,one,zero.one.zer//2012//one zero one zero zero

Let me tell ya what day it is December 21st 2012,
The day Nibiru fly's by and illuminati open the gates of hell.
To late to enter the 7th gate, look in fear as the planet rotates.
Horned planet,home of the Summerian Gods,
Foretold by the Mayans and destruction they bring in their saucer shaped pods.
Since this might be my last day on earth,
Judgment is coming so Iím gonna make the hours worth.
Unleash these dark thoughts that have been gathering in the back of my mind.
Haha itís the so lets get to it before I run out of time.

Hate anger rage is all we know like people from the ghetto tryin to live and grow old,
Men consumed by fear scream for God up in the heavens,
Monsters among men take that fear and turn it into a weapon.
Fear becomes hate, then turned into adrenaline which pulls the trigger.
Night time falls and I can see him with my red eyes as they glow,
Claims to be bipolar with my eyes I see there is one dominant soul,
He says he doesnít fear the beast what he knows not is Iím not the same.
When I was with that bitch I was tamed.
Full grown K-9ís I eat razor blades with sulfur and spit fire with every line,
If I could Iíd torture him for a thousand years but he cannot withstand to face his darkest fears.
Claims to be a man so I gave him a free sex change,
If I were you Iíd leave the clinic cuz the doctor here is derange
These beings and people alike watch as tear out his jugular vein.
He wishes these beings wouldíve gotten to him before I had.
Scowl but they wouldnít of enjoyed as much as I did.
Not really a rhyme but more of a warning of whats to come.
Forget the inter dimensional and Nibiru blocking out the sun.

Please myself to a recording of her that I have, call me perverted whatever I know Iím a psychopath.
When I see the fear of death people have I laugh. Ahh
Devil wants to take me alive go ahead,
Kill me slow its nothing compared to the pain I already felt, body numb like I was the walking dead.
This giant Anu thinks he strike fright in me,
I already said my eyes glow red view the past so present I cannot see.
Been in a dark tunnel all my life,
Only light I see is the reflection of the reaperís scythe.
Past, present, future I donít care.
Mind is locked in between spaces of space but still nothing can find me there.
Maybe when this planet goes so will I,
Finally be at peace or hear the dead cry.

12-16-2008, 04:21 PM
good concept

12-23-2008, 07:40 PM
12.21.2012...Mic' checked 12.12. I'm the best at m.c.ing...I'm the new testiment...
...the hues bros. got nothing on this, 2.15 B.C. [body of christ]...
...I'm the grace period, all the fakes leary of
my face when I been here battling babble-on
fight ether, that or you'z can be gone
...body snatched on up, now I can't be wrong
God's word is perfect...11:45 I was born
the surgeon was german
my hands on the 9 and 11 ever since then
li'l vesey is my twin, wanna' get me? can you swim...
...total recall, dreaming of a tree
nebudchadnezzar, could you see nio [nimrod] is me?
...I don't know, I just got a gut feeling
...shit's crazy ay' time I think of it
and now they want me as Ant Christ because in a past life
or more, I was known to take that life...
...[a tone]...let God be the judge...
...pennies from heaven, thrown away, how it making sense/cents
they watching your every move, how you paying rent...

...12.21.2012...the linc' [born 2.12] closing business affairs, on 212...the 13th amendment [abel], the 13th sentry [Ghengis Khan], 13X'D [debt paid]...the church series, vol. VIII...