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12-18-2008, 02:27 PM
It's crazy ain't it?The trips life takes you on.I always here inspirational speakers, think where you wanna be ten years from now.Obviously they ain't never been in poverty,ha fuck ten years,think about tomorrow,think within in the next five minutes son.Yeah city life is what I get high off of cuz nothin else trips me out more than life itself.

Yeah, born in what they call a hospital,
Latin mom's with three kids makin a livin off of sellin burritos and tacos.
Lil boy with snot runnin down his nose 30degrees outside but still in his summer clothes.
Bunk Nike tryin to make a livin off da culture take our hurache sandals.
Elementary school lunches sponsored by big corporations with a cartoon camel.
Government text says we're all mamals.
Then why is that people who run the system is so cold blooded.
Welfare supposedly flooded with fraud.Oh your mom broke her back well poor broad.
Take it up wit SSI, suppose to help but they scout da scene like if it was CSI.
Judge says its a guilty verdict, jury hasn't came back so how could he of heard it?
All you're life you're told the system is black and white.
Na see the truth is its based on the judge's sight and not whats inside.
Don't wanna do wrong but they don't let you do right.
Yeah I said it THEY.
A.K.A, Big brother
the ones who will fund a war but wont spare grocery money for your mother.
How can he end poverty in other countries,
When innocent people dying cuz of three simple words THEY ARE HUNGRY.
Sayin we wanna spread freedom.
Well get it out of the riches hands and give it to us.
Ripe rich white girls,eyes as red as the blood that ran from my uncle's body.
Never found his killer but got 15yr old brother the next day for supposedly bein naughty.
Every slave owner's day of birth is a national holiday but the masses we still work.
Immigrants patrolling the borders sayin this is there land.
Do not enter or you will be shunned,
or better yet like the native inhabitance you will be hung.
Doesn't this land sound like a hostile place?
Would you believe its call the home of the free and the land of the brave?