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aiRship SwaBBie
12-20-2008, 10:37 PM
my wushu is better than your wushu! heres the nds. if ya know what this is get at me!

friend id: weed


Online Menu Translation:

You can play PSZ with up to three other people. This'll be a run-down of the menus.

First: To add Friend Codes.
As soon as you press start you're greeted with your character slots. To see your friend code and register other friends, press A on the menu right above Wi-Fi. There you'll see your name, your friend code and three options.

Option 1: View friends.
Option 2: Add friend.
Option 3: Change shown name.

Now that you've got friends (and a Wi-Fi connection, durrr) select your character and go down to Wi-Fi. It'll have the golden emblem, not the silver like Local Multiplayer. You'll be greeted by a prompt, press A on the first option. It's already highlighted. You'll connect and then you'll see three options.

First option: Host/Join Game.
To host a game, click the first option. You'll be sent to a room where you can draw, that's the lobby. When your friends join, you'll see an 'A' icon appear next to the 'Start' icon. Press A to start the game.
To join a game, go to the second. You'll see your friends list! This is the most confusing part that I've found. At your friends list, you'll see four icons.

- Blue background, black person symbol. This means they're waiting in the lobby, waiting for people to join their game. The amount of symbols is how many people are there.
- Green chainlink. This means they're online, but not in a lobby.
- Grey chainlink. They're offline.
- Red background, black running guy. They're in a game.

Now, to join a game. You'll need someone in a lobby. When they're there, press A. Click the first option, and then the first option again. It takes a little bit of time to join a lobby, so if you see yourself alone in there don't pay any mind, you're joining.

Caution: Press A and choosing the first (and only) option on someone who ISN'T in a lobby will delete them from your friends list.

The second option in the main Wi-Fi menu is random matchmaking. I'm not sure what the first red tick is, but the other three are levels. When you're happy with the settings, press A on the two Japanese characters at the bottom-right and you'll start searching. I haven't used this to an extent, so I don't know much after that.

The third and last option in the main Wi-Fi menu is to start a game. Alone. Nobody can join, but it'll notify you when people log onto your friends list and when they make a lobby. It's a good way to play if you're waiting for a friend to come on.