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food for thought
12-21-2008, 02:24 AM
did yall watch this yet?

the documentary was crazy it was on HBO. at first i believed the chick but then as the documentary went on i started to doubt her shit, and i now think she actually knew about he weed in her bags. anyway, its a very interesting documentraya nd story.

Below is from a NORML page:

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The movie tells the story of Schappelle Corby, which I’ve detailed before on the Stash and on my own blog. Corby was landing in Bali on a flight from Australia when airport officials discovered nine pounds of marijuana in her bags. Corby claims the marijuana was not in her bag when she left Australia. The defense claims she was the victim of a airport smuggling ring that used unsuspecting passengers’ bags - a smuggler working in baggage at the Australian airport would put the marijuana in the bag and a smuggler working in baggage in Bali would off-load the marijuana from the bag. There was even testimony from a Bali prisoner who claims to have overheard two other prisoners discussing how they had botched a similar smuggling assignment from Australia to Bali.

But the Indonesian courts aren’t very forgiving of drug crimes - smugglers and dealers can be given the death penalty. Prosecutors wanted the courts to sentence Corby to life in prison. Instead, for smuggling nine pounds of marijuana into Bali, she was sentenced to twenty years in prison, where she still sits today.

Just for comparison: I thought you’d also like to know that the same month Indonesian courts were sentencing Schappelle Corby to 240 months in prison for nine pounds of marijuana, they were also sentencing Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir for his role in the 2002 Bali [nightclub bombing] blasts that killed 202 people. The Indonesian court upheld his sentence of thirty months.

Got that? Conspire to kill hundreds, you get 2½ years; smuggle pounds of pot, you get 20 years.
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video is prolly on yourtube by now.

12-21-2008, 05:06 AM
wow looks interesting... i thought this would be about a dopehead lol... ima check it out.

some radio dj here in england got inprisoned for having a tiny bit of personal weed and porn... he was in for a few months i think. the reason he got arrested was the porn he had though, shits illegal in dubai.