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12-23-2008, 03:06 PM
"Purified gases and masses, the same elements that helped spark civilization classes"

- Gza(Swordsman from album Liquid Swords)

Ok, lets have a brief look on a bing bang theory.

If the theory is correct, we had one large mass which suddenly exploded and created a vast cloud of hydrogen. That same hydrogen we use now for atomic bombs, and in hygiene, in that begining heated up by circling and the result of that immense heating was the first stars.

So the first stars were made by hydrogen and in the core of that stars which was made of iron, hydrogen connected with other gases that were like couple percent of the mass of the star. So from hydrogen, helium was created or some other gases.

The compound of the stars became more and more complex, and then the stars heated up(probably because of the mixture of gases) again and exploded. Same those elements that were once made in a star were send through out the space in small fragments, and cooled down. From that fragments new solar systems were created and so the planets like ours. I guess that gases created suns and iron created planets etc.

So everything you see, was and will be. Just in different combinations.
The hydrogen we have now for example is literally the same molecules that were in that vast cloud when big bang occure.
The iron we use now for buildings and what we used for weapons back in the days is the same iron that was in the core of the stars.

And finally that same iron is in our bodies to some extent, and same hydrogen that makes proteins(the basic building block of our body) along with nitrogen and oxygen are the same molecules that were there billions years ago.
And when we die our body will rotten and it will soak within the earth and later it will probably make some plants or whatever.

And the highlight of this post.

Now if we realized our physical nature, and that we are made of the same things which consists in all other things, from plants to rock(just in different combination),
and when we witness the time where human life is most important value in society, i think we can conclude that man has that other nature, which i believe came from the Maker.

Cause why would you cry if some compound of elements and acids and tissues died.
The same compound that chair on which you sit on or food you eat is made of?

Humans have something in themselves that makes them more than just a compound of elements.
Animals don't. Like them or not, they don't.
They are just creatures and we are more. In opposite we wouldn't cry over loss because now we know that we will be literally dissolved and sent in other things.
We feel sorry because we leave behind us more than something that can be physically touched or seen.

Feel free to add on, to debate or to correct me if i made some mistakes on explaining the big bang.

12-23-2008, 03:22 PM
i've heard that denser shit stays closer to the middle and lighter shit is further away in the aftermaff of a big bang, therefore i just think the area that we're in within the universe is just the part were stuff with more similar then not density to hydrogen is, and if we go further from the spot of the first roughh turbulance the wave burst split the megahurtz then we'll find lighter atoms then the ones we have now.

i also think that since atoms get lighter the further you move from the center of the blast then if we travel far enough, like, FAR enough, it'll just be a bunch of light since atoms are just light compressed together, but since you can never actually touch or reach light this outer lightsphere will seem to just expand infinitely as you move closer.

12-23-2008, 03:26 PM
i also think that seperating humans from animals is a part of a legacy of supreme clientele arrogance humans have. There's really nothing animals do that humans don't, all this 'elaborate' shit we've cooked up is because it's out survival mechanism, like a shell or a stinger. We take pride in it cause that's what makes us survive that in arrogant fashion think something is worst off then of or unable to survive because they don't have the same survival mechanism.

animals are like humans cause they don't need to be, and the more so an animal needs to be like humans, the more human like the animal is and this is based on body shape communalism environment and diet.

all this shit we've made and do is our version of a scorpion tail and is as useless to a scorpion as a scorpion tail is to us.

12-23-2008, 07:51 PM
According to some new findings, the basics of all matter is hydrogen. All elements, whether it be gold, iron, or whatever have hydrogen as it's basic structure, but just in different quantities.

Every atom can be broken down to it's basic hydrogen atom(s).

This theory is called "Gagut"


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Big Risk
12-24-2008, 01:03 AM
we are made of photons, which are reflections of light and information.

12-24-2008, 01:55 AM
^your all made of shit in case you dont know yet

12-24-2008, 02:49 AM