View Full Version : THE REAPING feat. Sheepish Lord and Lyric

War and Peace
12-24-2008, 04:05 PM
War and Peace is shootin the arrows>>
Sheepish Lord is swinging the sword//
outro sample from one of Lyric's darts--

leavin each of you from head to feet froze>
I own aluminum bats that got more hits than Ichiro and Pete Rose>
you suited up in a wood box strikin a sweet pose>
I'm shootin shots with liquid glocks that write unique and elite prose>
as midnight creeps and my hunger grows>
I defeat foes with repeated blows>
thru morning sleet and evening snows>
I sow with peace and I reap with crows>
impede artery flows with eagle technique chokeholds>
I'll squeeze your throat til breathings weak and your heartbeat slows>
your life and eyes simultaneously come to a complete close>
I record your screams and pay the agreed cream to have them tweaked by Bose>
OTB knows everything the opponents secret info sheet shows>
he's a greedy beast with a need to feast cloaked in priestly robes>
they come to hear him speak in droves>
the speech he chose reached the meek in evened streets and steepened coves>
geeks and average Joes wanna be in the sheep's clothes>
yo LORD OF CHAOS brandish the heat and go streetsweep these hoes>

Unbeknownst to most cats my brain processes lines at 50 beta cycles
If you unable to compute Iím always on line readying another rhyme/
If youíre a rapper than Iím APPLE
Crapping all over you cats like a virus ridden PC/
Pop up ADís hold cha mouse click hostage
You canít even get past cha own loading screen/
Spyware got cha shit frazzled like Malware do
If you can write youíll be a kid that hasnít done shit since the 9th grade/
You canít even come correct when the clock strikes 12
I guess youíll just melt away like ice cuss/
Write cha pause in, your lines are the cause of all this gentrified notions
Closed optics leave most challenged edge the precepts and re-draft your plans/
Iím 24/7 dead heaven sweating in your mind, call it a sauna
Weaving more plot holes in blocks mold
Clock flows in increments on some military shit
So smooth Timex though theyíd invented it/
Spark mind drop more bonanzas than cameras can handle
Draw up the schematics think Iím a atomically rebuke them/
Hold cha puff of smoke Iíll eliminate cha down to cellular level
Devilish hold cha rendezvous plot cha landscape wit solar rays/
Cave in cha brains taken names open lanes be Joe Nameth legless
Educated banshee sonically soulful I cold crush you wit skills thatís solid gold/
Broke the fingers of the ones who sold out
So quick he left his blood and guts on the dance floor/
Roast rappers in unmixed sessions leaving more verses in question
Making the scene of murder, covered the truth in the booth wit a bloody mary/
Isnít that scary ballistics left more imprints in the lead I shed when I wrote it for ya
Oops I mean ghosted hope your label didnít notice, kill that mess Iím focused/

Been in a dark tunnel all my life-
Only light I see is the reflection of the reaperís scythe-


Prince Rai
12-24-2008, 04:11 PM
man this was tight!! i like the use of ">" "/" and "-" in the sense you put it!

S9 rules again

and peace to Lyric, he drops jewels.

War and Peace
12-24-2008, 04:16 PM
yo peace Rai-

i been seein your darts-
you got skillz bro-

ay yo Lyric, drop a dope line and you liable to get that sh-t sampled and put into one of my darts-

with no clearance, h ha-

peace g-

12-24-2008, 04:40 PM
Shits is tight

nice darts yo

LOL shit i gotta watch myself, mine might end up in there, naw im playin

Lyric got lyrics

12-24-2008, 04:50 PM
nice ness all round this was hot shit

12-24-2008, 07:49 PM
Haha man dun u put my line in there shit sounds nice though.

Peace to Prince Rai keep spittin that fire