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supreme M
12-24-2008, 10:36 PM
is something that fascinates me alot. especially the american. ie picking up woman is completly different over here.. yall go to the store and mall to pick up woman and get their phone number. for us, thats weird. i read in the newspaper about a guy who was a professional pick-up-artist from the us, he said scandinavia was the hardest place to pick up woman cuz the woman think its creepy to have some sleezy faggot creeping up on them at the mall talking to them 3 mins then asking for a number. over here you get to know people thru friends, and their friends friends etc. at parties or whatever.

also with school and all. i remember reading in another topic 2 americans arguing over who was cooler in high school. lol at yall with yall clicks and grouping of people. when i was in school there was the completly retarded loseres, then there was your friends and the people you knew and the people you dident knew.
then theres gangs. the people who are members of gangs seem really childish, theres nothing wrong with hanging with ur people, maybe selling some drugs and acting like a team. but making up names n shit like killing a man cuz he is wearing the wrong color lmao thats some kindergarten shit.

also yall care way to much about skincolor

what yall think??

post things u think is fucked up/wierd about other societies or whatever is called u know what i mean

its xmas and im kinda tipsy and tired so excues my writing/discriptions woo woo

supreme M
12-24-2008, 10:38 PM
to me, many of yall americans are real superficial nahmean

drippie k
12-24-2008, 11:40 PM
that is true, americans are really ultra-sensitive when it comes to race issues but thats probably because people of color have only had rights for about 50 years....half the population remembers how bad it was for people of color back then with segregation and a bunch of other stuff...where as europe never had segregation like that, that i know of at least (cept nazis but thats another story)...south africa has the same problem, even if they've been having black presidents since mandela to this day

but the whole jocks, cheerleaders, chess club shit is more movie shit though...that does happen, but not to an exageration...the athletes hang with eachother cuz they got somethin in common..the potheads do the same as do the chess and algebra club members...kids do get made fun of but thats their problem and the parents if they want to take it seriously or don't know how to man up and defend themselves verbally and decide to shoot schools up in trenchcoats

but thats another thing...ive noticed that in europe, almost everyone plays sports, smokes pot all day after school and fucks with the computer all night or plays video games religiously as well...

Olive Oil Goombah
12-25-2008, 12:24 AM
it all depends where your from.

People judge Americans by movies, TV and pop culture, but for the most part, that stuff is 100% bullshit.

Well i shouldnt say 100% because there is some truth in all stereotypes, but for the most part it is exaggerated.