View Full Version : For The Hell Of It.

12-24-2008, 11:51 PM

My feet touched down upon….
and the earth let me feel it's pain
stealing rain for the sake of concealing shame
my worries were more so filth staining the field today
…but as I walked into destiny, effortlessly I sailed the waves.
they came in dozens…no thousands!...insults circled with hate
covert was my faith yet belief allowed me to contort my face
beckoning smiles just to blend in the crowd and seem happy
meanwhile my essence was found to be deemed angry thus smashing
any means to be a master to those fiending for freedom…
If I'm not content with my life; how in the hell am I going to lead'em?
visions grew scary as legions crawled up and down my spine,
demons from regions of darkness with weapons picking apart the mind..
begging for destruction, it was destined I go head up with corruption
and deliver the head's of any meddling with justice,
I…the eyes of god, peace, people and sanity
birthed from the jaws of evil, cheaters and calamity
stand here before you with reasons to smile..
but it takes more than my word for you to agree with a child

think now…

On the inside we all want to be free,
walk in the streets with no reason to be cautious of beef
yet…there's stalkers and thief's; GODLESS CRITIQUE
monsters who rest in the wild with the darkest of creeps.
so please my people…look up and think of the sound
all the fun you had as a child reaching up to the clouds
laughing with friends…thinking you could grab a hold of the wind
yet you only jumped a few inches, grounded by the hope of kid
tumultuous sin; marked by disturbance and uproar
could touch more but the devils insurgents conduct war
but WHAT FOR!? - is there even a reason for this savagery?
not that I can see. but then again, my guiding light has lost it's batteries.
I've tried to fight the snakes but my garden is overgrown
my farmers have all went home
…my Sparta has fell to Rome.
but I've promised to bait the pole, lure the good out of darkness
and mangle all evil with angels born feeble through hardship

stop now...

Realize what I say to you is the truth…
everyone can have faith, but its up to you to determine it's use.