View Full Version : off the top real quick

12-27-2008, 09:03 PM
Meet the maker - retrieving the paper - these haters - caught up in the rapture like Anita Baker - busting bangers inside the apocalypse - mother nature bent over edges & fondled with - I rome amongst the dead & unliving - unforgiving like eastwood - Satanist pumping shoots at priest hoods - I got the green goods to bake & incinerate - & generate a smoke plooms - fumes emitted out the dope room - my luminescent perspective - brings pain to the message - remaining impressive - is my main objective to this game of defected - never detected - but u might find remains of a dead detective - rip his legs off in sections - correctional - housing killas in Corcoran - where all my twenty five to lifers at - u ever escape son Iíll meet u where the rifles at - naw better yet son Iíll meet u where the ciphers at - killin ni##as

anyone who got a verse to kick off there dome real quick , drop that shit

Slurch Yung
12-30-2008, 04:35 AM
its sniper raps fold cats like poker in back
clak clak the steel gat barely hold ya in tact
bully of rap crack skulls an split thinkin caps
quick pass me the L yo i needa burn back
arise out tha dirt where they buried my last breath
coughin from the hot box smoke in my death bed
pass it to the god below this to get grizzle
bars scar like bear claws in dead winter

let em kno let em kno

12-30-2008, 04:47 AM
Universal puff purple
Stuff asses with gerbals
Think u tough lil urkle
Not in my rough circle
We''l hurt u's
Out past our curfews
Babies I burp U
Abortion survivors
Daisy Slave Drivers
My verse without thinkin doper
than half your boys writtens, cobra
Snake Jew Fake dude
Rape U with vocab
A slow stab
But really its all love
Like Mikes Glove
Coverin zebra flesh
David Korresh I'm fresh
Rip out yr breast plate
The blessed cant hate
Wait devils suicide bomb themselves
Kamikazes these Nazis
Spit with Chachi
The emcee excalibur
Slurrred verse absurd
Still blurs yr words
Herbs I puff like treetrunks
Take out 3 punks
then I breathe skunk
Peace good start yo!