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12-28-2008, 01:59 PM
Here's a dope collaborative album I'm on with a tonne of great artists for free.


Download Link:

1/ Pangaea2012 - "Agorophobe"
Pangaea2012 are Wormhole and Debmaster
Lyrics by Wormhole, produced by Debmaster
contact: myspace.com/wormpuka, myspace.com/debmaster

2/ Sneaks - "Ruby Red Rainboots"
Lyrics by Sneaks, produced by Jordan Pearson, lead guitar Duane Lauzon
contact: myspace.com/mesneaks, myspace.com/pearsonsbeats,

3/ Extendead Plunge Attempt feat. Ira Lee - "I'm Awesome"
Lyrics by Ira Lee and Plunge (Epa), produced by dj extend
contact: myspace.com/extendeadplungeattempt, myspace.com/iralee

4/ Dead Monkeys - "Four Fathers"
Dead Monkeys are Ghesol, ChedKramali, Natalie, & Nabahe
Produced by Harry
contact: myspace.com/deadmonkeys

5/ Moshe, Mike Clouds & A-Frame - "Dirty Secret"
Lyrics by A-Frame & Mike Clouds, Produced by Moshe
contact: myspace.com/moshe, myspace.com/mikeclouds,

6/ Xczircles - "We Burn the Same"
Lyrics by Xczircles, Produced by Catsleep
contact: myspace.com/xczircles

7/ Id Obelus & Oblio - "Another Tune About..."
Lyrics by Id Obelus & Oblio, Produced by Oblio
contact: myspace.com/idobelus, myspace.com/dreadnots

8/ Verble feat. 2mex & Liferexall - "Face the Music"
Lyrics by Verble, 2mex & Liferexall, produced by Sully
contact: myspace.com/verblecantrap, myspace.com/2mex,
myspace.com/liferexall, myspace.com/sully

9/ Luwte - "Ancestral Primordial Pain"
Produced by Luwte
contact: myspace.com/luwte

10/ The Unbreakables feat. The Mole & Abdul Damja- "Awaking"
Lyrics by W. Blake, The Mole, A. Damja., Scratches by Self Destruct,
Produced by Self Destruct, The Unbreakables are William Blake aka
Schaman & Self Destruct aka Jean Sugar
contact: myspace.com/schaman23, myspace.com/backyardbeatsmith,
myspace.com/themole, myspace.com/abduldamja

11/ Basic Shapes feat. Demune - "Livernonions"
Lyrics by Basic Shapes & Demune, Produced by myBrother
Basic Shapes are Slurs, BrotherBear, Totem, MateoWon, MKeefe,
& myBrother
contact: myspace.com/basicshapes, myspace.com/mcdemune

12/ Savilion - "Shadows of Your Eyes"
Produced by Savilion
contact: myspace.com/savilion

13/ Anubis5 & Kain Marko - "Intelligent Life"
Lyrics by Anubis5 & Kain Marko, produced by Kain Marko
contact: myspace.com/anubis5, myspace.com/kainmarko

14/ ok cobra - "juggernauts (ghettoriginal mix)"
Lyrics by fritz tha cat and jon juan, Produced by recordface
contact: myspace.com/okcobra

15/ The Expatriots - "The System"
Lyrics by Reid Richards & Verbal the Erfling, Produced by Threepeeoh
scratches by Spytek
contact: myspace.com/expatriots, myspace.com/spytek

16/ Selfhelp - "So Very Cold"
Lyrics by Selfhelp, produced by Mattr
contact: myspace.com/selfhelp, myspace.com/themattr

17/ mc homeless - "Opposite of Happy"
Lyrics by mc homeless, Produced by Pierre the Motionless
contact: myspace.com/mchomeless, myspace.com/mostlymotionless

18/ Wormhole - "What the Fuck do you know? Whoah Oi!"
Pt.1 Lyrics by Wormhole, Produced by Sapience, Pt. 2 drums by jake
flynn aka wormhole, bass by adam morse, and guitar by ryan yorke
contact: myspace.com/wormpuka, myspace.com/cosmic5onar

19/ Noah23 - "Iggy Igloo"
Lyrics by Noah 23, produced by Mr. Soch
contact: myspace.com/thenoah23, myspace. com/mrsochmusic

20/ geneva.b feat. riddlore - "No Angel"
Lyrics by geneva.b & riddlore, produced by riddlore
contact: myspace.com/genevab, myspace.com/riddlore

21/ Myn Dwun (pronounced George) - "Kaleidoscope (Sex Vertigo)"
Lyrics by Myn Dwun, produced by Kiqyou VF
contact: myspace.com/myndwun, myspace.com/KiqyouVF

22/ Lxor - "All Things Are Known"
Lyrics by Lxor, produced by Lxor
contact: myspace.com/lxor2

23/ Adtri - "Dripwise Glassdropping"
Produced by Adtri
contact: myspace.com/copainpale

24/ nomar slevik & DJ Mayonnaise - "Something In My Room"
Lyrics by nomar slevik, produced by DJ Mayonnaise
contact: myspace.com/nomarslevik, myspace.com/djmayonnaise

25/ Spoken Intellekt & Ape9 - "Drugz"
Lyrics by Spoken Intellekt and Ape9, Produced by Charlie Coffin
contact: myspace.com/ape9music, myspace.com/skeet_on_me

26/ Wordburglar feat. Bending Mouth (Selfhelp & Thesis Sahib) - "Fun is #1"
Lyrics by Wordburglar, Selfhelp & Thesis, Produced by Fresh Kils
contact: myspace.com/wordburglar, myspace.com/selfhelp,
myspace.com/thesissahib, myspace.com/freshkils

27/ Ceschi - "Monday Night Football"
Lyrics by Ceschi, Produced by Ceschi (fake four music ascap)
contact: myspace.com/ceschiramos

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dl fam