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Bigot Hitman
01-01-2009, 12:44 PM
Allowed by the enchained
To roam free amongst wrong doers
Left on red, burnt bridge pursuers
With pillow stuffed with manure
I get blamed for that shit they hear...
Come here, tickle my pedals
Venus fly trap, why's that so hard to see
Take a piece of you, then tear you apart from me
Suicidal tendency in homicidal acts
Surfing on the tidal's back
Just to slide on the beach at heights unreached
Shush the babies need sleep
As something with a mouth must eat
I hold glacier winds in mines that flush heat
Like the guy hiding from cops
In a gas station bathroom stalls
At the drop of the ball, all shall stop
As the earth drops from the solar system
Into the darkness where it was started
I was the sun, I was the moon
I was the motive in the head of the goon
Who took on a armed ten man platoon
Shit i'm the thoughts on the passengers mind
Of a plane diving down to crash
Into a Mountain range and I sound the same
As the thoughts of the aborted fetus
My wrist veins scream bleed us
Drowned out by a image of jesus
I never seen, yet i don't believe in ghosts
Coming close to hypocritical, leaving logic
With those can't live without knowledge
That was spawned from a hungry stomach
Trying to fatten its wallet
I walk the grounds just like the clouds
And I fly skies just like the caves
I brush my teeth with lightning strikes
So if I were you I'd just behave

Just felt like writing

01-02-2009, 10:51 AM