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01-04-2009, 03:22 PM

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Poizun of Culture VI
01-06-2009, 02:14 AM
heres the text...

Let's start with a question I’ve wanted to ask for like 15 years, where did O.P.P come from?
Back in the days wouldn’t nobody sample Michael Jackson or the Jackson 5 because they thought it was soft, when we put it in, and was like “man Michael Jackson, that’s a legend, that’s a OG, man put that shit up in there and let’s sample that mother fucker up in there and smoke some shit up” We had like a concept in the street and there use to be a homie, we now call him Uncle Mo Brown OG. He use to come thru and be like "Yeah i'm down with OPM". And we were like, “What is OPM?” and he said “Other People Money.” So then Vin was like, “I'm down with OPP (Other People Pussy).” It was like a joke, and then we went from that and we were like “Yo, we need to make a song, and make that OPP type shit.” So we listened to a track, K had that OPP track, and I was like “Yo I’m about to chef some shit to this.” You got to realize there’s a lot of people’s pussy, a lot of people’s penis, other people’s property. We thinking, it’s gonna be a nice party song. And we thought we were going to be like Bran Nubian, Them Underground Niggas that everybody knew and had love for and everything else. So it was like, we first coming out you got to realize, we rookies, we don’t know what it takes to make a hit, we just know what we got to do to put our material out and hope that the people like it and make it a hit. Cause if the people don’t like it, then it aint going to be a hit.

At what point did you realize just how big the song was?
We first started realizing it was a hit, it was this shit called Video Jukebox back in the days you could just call up. The thing was we changed the whole format for jukebox, because they had it to the point where you couldn’t just call up, because when you order, you have to see the video, so you were just seeing OPP all day long. So they had to say alright, you know what, were play this for the majority of the time, but we going to play other people in between. Muah fuckas was like god damn man this is all they order. So the thing is when we really knew it was on, we were throwing our promo up. So we was doing shows, basically for free just to promote the album, you know radio. So we were doing that shit. One day we went into the mall, and it was the regular shit, we go and ran the shit, they looking like oh they just out chillen, because you know there was no video out or nothing. So like 2 or 3 days later, the jukebox came on, we literally got chased out like the beetles. Security was like “Yo don’t you ever do that, do you’ll know who you’ll are, you’ll come in here you’ll better tell police and everybody first so they can block things off for you’ll, cause they going to tear it up.” And we was like Oh

Do you have a personal favorite Naughty Song?
Probably Mourning Till I Join You. Yeah that was so much from the heart. People thought it was a dedication song, I felt like it wasn’t even a dedication song, it was a missing my brother song, which is a dedication but to me it was just pouring my heart out. That’s like when I perform that, its just one of the ones that just, every word is just so official.

Since Big and Pac passed on, it seems like there hasn’t been any clear cut leaders in Hip-Hop, It seems like everybody wants to call them self the greatest of all time now.
And everybody supporting a fucking invisible crown. I’m not after no crown or accolade or nothing, I’m giving it out to my heart, what I love to do and the fans that love it, that’s who i’m doing it for man. The easiest thing to do is to come out and diss whoever’s the hottest, nahmean? Naughty by Nature doesn’t do that. The only people we ever got at was the people that came at us, and said something to us, and then they know after that, yo we gone beat that ass on some different level shit, poppin’, and Left For Dead my little brother, we use to be mashing muah fuckas. We put it down like “Yo don’t make no records about niggas and bullshit, this aint no Hollywood shit.” Like now niggas is making records about each other and kissing and making up, and we aint from that clan nah mean. Yo we aint talking about you’ll, don’t talk about us, you’ll do you’ll, we’ll do us. We prolly one of the most least collabed artist in the history of hip-hop. You know after the whole Pac and Big thing went on and everything, they sided mauh fuckas and all that. Yo man I knew Pac and Big, Toured with both of them, had love for both of them, nah mean. So its like, anybody that was close to either sides could confirm nothing from me about this. It was like, all that shit that was going on with Pac and Big, and everything, I was like a mediator, I knew both sides and I love both sides.

Was Pac who you caught the acting bug from?
I definitely got it from Pac, I got it from Pac and Queen Latifah cause they got me in my first movie [Juice], which was, actually, I read for Bishop, that role, but I was up in there reading lines like “I am riverside mother fucker.” You know I didn’t know nothing about it, Pac went to school for that, Him & Jada was in the same school, for the arts and acting and all the rest of that, so they been doing that. Pac went up in there and i’m right there at the same time, we rolling cause we went on tour, when he was with Digital Underground he was a Roady, I was a roady for Queen Latifah and Heavy D and Public Enemy and all that tour back in 90, and that’s when we met, and you know a roady, we carried bags, and we was happy to be out on the road. We’d come on the set, with each of the groups, he was wit his crew, I was wit queen latifah, I was doing my freestyles, he was doing his stuff and his songs that he had with him, and it was like that. Like I said, when Pac went up in the room, I was there cause we met, and we was cool and we was chillen. Man this muah fucka went up in there like "Die Mother Fucker" and throwing stuff around and making noise, and I'm getting up and i’m reaching for my shit like “Man is my nigga in there fighting?” So when he came out I was like “You aiight?” And he was like “Nah I was just reading from the script” and I was like “Man you better get that mauh fucka there cause you had me convinced.” So what happened, how I got in the movie, was just rolling with him. If I was to go to the west coast he had me, and when he came to the east coast I had him, and he had family in New York and all that so, we was rolling. So he was like, “Man I’m shooting this movie come out here and stay with me, come out here and shoot this movie” and I was like “I don’t have nothing, I been taking the train everyday” and he was like “Nah, I got a Hotel up in here, I got a couple of rooms, you can come out here.” So it was me, him, Left for Dead, The Live Squad, Ed Lover was up in there chilling with us and everything. Pac got me in Juice, because I didn’t get the role I read for which was the one he got [Bishop]. But when he got the movie, he got me in the movie, I was wit Radimaz and they gang. I was the only dark skinned Puerto Rican, everybody thought I was Dominican. They was like “Yeah I thought you were Dominican up in there riding wit Radimaz” [Laughs].

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01-10-2009, 12:15 PM
Good interview. That's crazy that rappers don't wanna sample The Jackson 5 or Michael Jackson because they think The Jacksons are soft. The Jacksons are legends. The Jackson 5's ABC song sounded nice on OPP song. LOL@Treach saying rappers knew not to diss Naughty because they would fuck you up hahahahahahahahahaha. Treach look like he can whip some ass LOL.