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01-05-2009, 06:15 PM
Aaaah, let's get this shit off, just write some fly shit that comes to your mind, no themes, just fly shit, Illmatic style, no battle raps, no hate. I'ma start it off-

It's splendid, there's no rap cypher if I haven't attended
Bended, rendered in 3D, soothingly mended
People saying "we want FLY shit", Shizz like FedEx sent it
He didn't even pen it, it was already shredded
Cut in pieces, for nephews and nieces
It ended, with my word and heaven blended
Kicking fresh freestyles, the judges surrendered
The word the verse, everything deaded, I'm threaded

It's splendid, chill with the vivid lyrics
You know it's dope, even if you didn't hear it

Peace, continue on.

01-05-2009, 07:27 PM
Living in Anglo ways distant plays be plagues we live wit
never hatred always embracive now I'm just a patron/
spitting Nathen whirlwind escape it gifted grapes be thrones
kept in peace drop thieves killer leaves thrive off oxycotton/
hold cha docet my flow be rotten by how i exhaust it
fixed costing sowrd daunting taxing flows for how i insight cha/

couldn't finish it writers block like a mutha

War and Peace
01-05-2009, 07:33 PM
yo all i need is one mic and two Nikes
now watch the wheels of steel spin like Lance Armstrong's bike
check it-
I've toured France solo and backpacked the Alps
clacked black gats at homos and danced hatchet-axes across scalps
Tomahawk tactical land attacks can't penetrate my mental barrier
cerebral hemispheres separated symmetrically by multiple central-ventricle carriers
linear compositions flow smooth and hard as hockey pucks
precision-polished jewels drop like holy water and block up ya aqueducts

01-05-2009, 07:33 PM
That's some fly lines like a travel agency right there ^

That's what I need, a few bars, a few lines, of fly stuff. Keep the Temple fresh.


01-05-2009, 08:04 PM
some ill shit fellas

off the top of the dome
in memory of my homey
who was walking home
8 years ago
all alone he
happened to cross
5 black shadows
who were looking to start some shit
with a kid who didn't want it
they broke bottles over his head and kicked him in the neck
and cut his stomach open
just a victim of the moment
left him to die
but he crawled about a quarter mile
holding his intestines in and trying not to cry
he didn't make it
his clothes were torn up
police found him by the trail of blood
lying half naked
what the fuck
i hadn't thought about it in months
until early today
when i read one of the men who took him away got deaded
if i was godly i would pray thanks
but 4 more of these bama's have gotta pay
the hard way
take it to the bank

Father N Dangerous
01-05-2009, 08:06 PM
flyest Material make it so no one Crys at ya Burial,
i "stay high" like a Ferris Wheel, i'm Very Skilled
when it Comes to this Mic I Clutch, Lives i Crush
cuz "White's Lines" be Like White Lines of Dust
as i Fuck Hunny's, and Buck Dummy's ...
only thing i Trust...MONEY.. turnin advesary's into Dust Bunny's

War n Peace, Make sure your ready For tha Horrid Scene, Or it Seems..
the Mourning Screams, will Blurry phines

Guarded By Martyrs
01-05-2009, 08:30 PM
I'm Like A Jester Entertaining His King But Only So I Can Snatch His Lip Kissed Ring
Hiding His Hand At Morning Hyms Wondering What His Queen Thinks Of Him
After Damien Cracks His Cranium...I'll Take That Crackhead's Bling
My Minds In A Sling, An Outcast Like The Thing, Due To The Dark Poetry I'm Reciting
Find Beauty Instead Of Sin In The Grim Reaper's Grin, You'll Recieve A Scorpions Sting
After You Put On One Of Your Timbs...There's Nothing You Can Bring To Make Me Cringe
My Dart Like A Syringe, Injecting Faces As The Venom's Pushed In, Then Thown In A Bin
I Unwrap Your Queen From Her Gown As My Cello Strings Sing...
Got A Collection Of Crowns Amoung Other Things

War and Peace
01-05-2009, 09:02 PM
why is whers so ill??-

what up g-

01-05-2009, 09:30 PM
I member Christmas '81 when i wanted my legos
but ma hit a pole, drunk as fuck off the pecos
Fly shit huh? I never knew my Dad and em
bullshit hand me downs, no cad is a fad and then
I grew up quick pushed the bitch out my room and then
put a lock on that bitch started sellin the cinnamon
daisys, sprite and lite brights, Michael and his Night Rider
Street fighter, rocks and lighters, Daisy and her pussy's flyer
Hanna Barberra, Pink Panther, Tia Carrera, Pantera
Learn Swears, green hair, insomnia, night terrors
The diary of a kid posessed, under-dressed and obsessed
Living in an abcess, called home, no better than projects

Father N Dangerous
01-05-2009, 09:46 PM
I"m throwing cherry bombs, to get girls
cherry's popped, while drinking cherry Pop

Just Flow Son, Adjustable Lungs, from the Untouchable One
A Bunch of your Blood, Punctured Because the Rush of the Slug
Lust 4 the Drugs, like Stuck with a Grudge..
Struck with a Sludge Hammer, with Enough "Umph" ta get ya Skull Fractured
Dull Bastard, Small Chatter, from Ya'll After i Struck Faster.

A Leader Believer Reads Words, that Readers Research, Reword
Reverse with Speed Bursts, Leave Hearst's in da Deep Earth
Indeed Jerk, take a Breather Between Verses or Dream Curtains


01-05-2009, 09:49 PM
I've got, eccentricities, in spades the epitome
of wickedness, spread my pestilence prolifically
I destroy pussies, like a hysterectomy
who's next to bleed, crazy like a Jones's seed
That's Dirty see, I need a little smoke to breathe
When the weed ain't free, tailpipes are like dope to me
I hope you see, this mind is just like opium
your girl needs me, if she has any hope to cum
It's not braggadocio it's O -fficial
A scosh is all I need to flow issued
Imbued with higher knowledge of Kama Sutric technologies
I rock bushes and tushes like Ghost rocks wallabes

01-06-2009, 02:25 PM
i insert my prowess into the thread
risen armies like the dawn of the dead
dread is self fed, anxiety turns tears you to shreads
all have fleed, except i sick in the head
armed to the teeth, C4 on the door
explodes when they breach
like a leech they latch on to my buddy
hes just outta reach, over the loud speakers
is heard a propaganda speech
clench my teeth in anger
powered by fear i switch to a raw mangler
then i vanish like a stranger
stalk this war torn area
change tactics like a six cd changer
enter my zone meet by cold danger

01-06-2009, 02:31 PM
fly material, like when gats have no serial,
we say peace 2da godz while the rest say cheerio,

im content with my continent,
we place our first born in the basinet,
and hope all the filth from the internet dont leak thru my ethernet,
i disconnect, quicker than these birds beak get wet,
when they come to a stream,
hopin project blue beam is just a dream,
but is real, i read it in genchat,
came to the temple cuz shizza said bless that from where u rest at,
so im here with the exact verbal extract,
from the innercore of my barin cell,
unto the keys of my dell!

peace and be well!

01-07-2009, 09:56 PM
Optional wavelength hammerabi code rhyme in chyprus optional lines
Be toxic to any who might try it and either hate it or love it/
I’m above the fourth course check the chasiss
I mask it bastards tracking tactics be raptors I be wit/
Slice hook and dagger jagged edges be swedges on ledges
Making most cats fear the force uncorked check the time I chaulked it up/
Chromes dictated forbarance notice closed caption be quoted in darts I wrote up
I be in the booth so long they thought me and clark kent were the same person/
Insane typographic time capsule ice cube raffle taxidermy stuff mics on my mantle
Be championships I grip before reflux kicks in when I’m wicked when I’m ripping/
Splititng heads open calling them “chuckling chickens” you ain’t picking fields
I’m picking words out of thin air hearding them to the crub of the verbal/
You ain’t heard of the verbalist spitting fire out the challis you can’t clearly balance
Whirlwind sword delay open AK spray when I display my skills on the microphone /

01-07-2009, 09:59 PM

01-09-2009, 03:25 PM

from the confines of the third world i shine
a gorilla in the jungle i feel Africa is mine
a slave to justice my practice is to pray like the mantis
may these wars end may my family eat and not pretend
one day elections will be free and fair like vanity fair
an open book to read and not brag may it be just a mag
with no clips to hit women and children while their families beg
for food clothing and shelter while running away from mortar
can this be reality and not a fable like harry potter
will the world stop laughing and start cuffing these corrupt leaders
shall our voices be heard like 50 inch amplified speakers n not tweeters
my boot camp click like NIKE'S and ADIDAS we rile over things like riffas
willing to fight with the might of words but we need action as verbs
gathering guns fighting as one running in glory as one
as far as fly shit shit really do fly
it drops as aid gathered by strong men to spread as aids
women give sex to get that aid i thank GOD im still paid
less than a dollar a day? that's why these ak's spray
poverty stricken the match is liten the blaze is not glory
this is reality not just a story gotta cyber off the rebels are coming for me u know me