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01-06-2009, 11:11 AM
i just started looking into this subject after a couple of nights ago and the incident that happened. i had problems with a dude around my way who was walking around talking shit. it made me angry and i told everyone who came in contact with him to tell him i was looking for him and when i see him its curtains.

^ this is the first part.
--- with everyone who knew us both telling me the shit he was talking making me mad and me feeling angry enough to say i was looking for him ( which i really wasn't - in my subconcious he was no threat so i wouldn't waste my time i just didn't want to look like i was going to back down ) and when i seen him i was going to get him. now, that level made me create a "lie" by saying i was looking for him. i mean if i woulda bumped into him somewhere we would of faught but it wasnt my main objective in life. so anger triggered a facade that i didnt know i was making at the time because i was mad.

second part:

2 nights ago, i was sitting in my living room with my pregnant girl. this dude comes creeping around my residence drunk as hell suppposedly " looking " for me. he creeps around 2 where i am, and with blinds blocking the glass door tries getting in, without knowing i was there. my first thought was: i dont know what he has ( gun knife whatever ) and my girl is carrying my seed. i need to protect them. now, as soon as he started kicking the glass door the protection of the situation faded and i was mad. angry. i took a painters rolled which had like a long handle which extended, and i pulled the door open and swung it as hard as i coould at his head. it dropped him and broke over his head. i picked up both of the ends and begun to swing both at him in no regards for him or anything, i just wanted to hurt him. even when he fell i was stomping him my girl had to pull me off...it wasnt until the cops and ambulance came that i realized the situation and how the effects would have effected my life if something was to happen ( him dying ) .. the anger turned me into an animal.

i just want to know how yall feel about where anger puts people...how yall control it...my feeling is...when we are triggered we snap into a place where we arent domestic and civilized...like morals and ethics and basic humanity is put to the side for survival/animalistic instincts.

Edgar Erebus
01-06-2009, 01:04 PM
He's like a hood version of Charles Jones.

food for thought
01-06-2009, 06:58 PM
you got to let out your emotions sometime

01-06-2009, 07:42 PM