View Full Version : everybody mentions illuminati but rarely studies the source

01-08-2009, 01:46 AM
pz i just wanted to mention i generally notice it with ppl and by now it's like damn g why don't you concentrate your free time on studying where the original knowledge stemmed from and what it was about.

what i'm saying is these days it seems as if everybody is mesmerized by that 'secret knowledge, occultism, conspiracy' trash but rarely conentrates on the original source of that illuminati knowledge. cuz if you really look into it it really opens your mind as to the history of the formulation of all those ideas.

it's like for once pick up that book on ancient india the Indus Kush Valley civilization and study their customs study their language their symbold. for once pick up that joint on that Mayans or Aztecz and just read about their history, astrology. for once pick up that egyptian book and see how the Nile Valley Civilization flourished way back ago, study their legacy.

Then look at all the illuminati shit and it kinda gives you a different light. This is because even the freemasons themsleves admit to the origins of their knowledge and even they say it's all out there for society to research for normal peeps to catch and build upon.

i'm just tryin to big up the ancients a little let's not forget the primordial, arcance knowledge. big ups to the ancestors/sheps too!