View Full Version : N.W.A.-Help the police

Wu-tang Fan
01-08-2009, 03:37 PM
Yo, I was gonna put a title in like "Youtube parody video of N.W.A.", but I thought simply "N.W.A.-Help the police" would be more eye catching. I found this video when I searched "N.W.A." in Youtube. I saw "Help the police" and for a split second moment of madness, I thought that they had a reunion video where they were preaching good stuff to stop violence in the hood. I clicked on the joint and found that not to be.

I have mad respect for N.W.A., but at the same time this shit is mad funny. Shits probably been posted b-fore by some of ya'll Youtube regulars.

Basically, the video outline is a couple of young parents with their kid in the back seat and the pops says "Today is N.W.A. day". The wife is like "Nooooo!" but he puts it on regardless. And he turns it down at all the rude bits, replacing them with happy pussy shit.