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01-12-2009, 07:20 PM
fuck ya momma

01-12-2009, 07:22 PM
look. i can put holes through all of your siblings
cause im freer than you whether im on parole or in prison
im just focused on what is opposed to what isnt
you make your life a bitch as long as you pose as a victim
i see that your a pussy that gives roses to women
you say youre casanova with women but its totally differnt
fuck that bogus you spitting with no sense of rythm
if theres a shittiest rapper youd be the whole definition
theres no dopest thats living cause thats only opinion
but if there had to be one id be the closest equivelent
i keep progressing and havent slept in some time
im just a regular guy with death as my leverage in life
you settle for average so you settle for lies
that blind you to see the message i embed in my rhymes
you watch the news; people that do federal crimes
and worry about shit that has no affect on your life
your laziness prevails and its death in disguise
when your final day arrives you wont be ready to die
you think youd be happy once you got all the money
our realities are so different that its not even funny
youre not your situation nor your job or clothes
get that through your head and your problems solved
instead of following those solid goals
you were given some easy ways out and you followed those
everyday you wait saying youll do it tomorrow
your whole life youll wait before that tomorrow shows
youre like a leaf trying to reach the bottom floor
im like a comet on a steady path unaffected by any obstacle

01-12-2009, 07:24 PM
i drop a tear for all those that believe in me
fake friends come and go but real ones don't come easily
my surroundings taught me its easy to get fed up
with life but you gotta suck it in and keep ya head up
im like a fish swimming through the ups and downs
but im not a fucking fish and its hard for me not to drown
its hard to accept that you're out of my life
i try to push it to the back of my head get of my mind
i've been shut out and not missed but forgotten
it's time to pick it up i've already hit rock bottom
i'm upto my knees in shit and i try to solve it
but new ones take their place when i get rid of my problems
i came into this world a happy boy with a clear head
i wanna come out of it happy too without a fear of death
i wanna say that i've lived the life i've wanted to
i want people to look and say damn he really did what he wanted to
i wont take you as an example or none of you
i dont care if you dont understand me so fuck you too
i got a lot of shit on my mind im forced to vent
how can a bitch decide whether i can feel more content
too much alcohol can make you too crazy to stop
im a bit aggressive when im drunk.. okay, maybe a lot
when you get sick of reality it can lead to drugs
and i can see how it goes so far it fucks people up
you people wouldn't come close if you tried
to be honest i wouldnt give a fuck if most of you died

01-12-2009, 07:33 PM
shut the fuck up or you'll get popped like cork wood
if you on stage ill throw my shoes at your head like george bush
you're a whore and all of your raps are horse shit
don't send me none of your tracks i'd rather wack to porn vids
speaking of which my lifes like a movie flick
like jesus from the uterous to being crossed to the crucifix
you're frail if we were in jail i'd make you my bitch
i'm a fugetive on the run and constantly rude as shit
when im in the mood to trip i wont abuse the shit
do x and shrooms for kicks while trying not to lose my grip
ready to do this SHIT im the best in the music biz
whether its legal or not im destined to do it big
never tell me to chill cause i do whatever i feel
im always ready to steal from you im always ready to kill
push me over the edge then ima get you foreal
im putting holes through your brain like you taking extacy pills
i diss your click now your thinking im mad at people
the weed smoke got my eyes squintin like tarantino
i'm straight relaxing from the marley
i got so much green i could stop all of africa from starving
you can't fuck with me cause afterall
you're a fat chode you belong between my crack and balls

01-12-2009, 07:44 PM
i got you breaking and pop locking
make money fast while ur ugly ass is cock blocking
you can talk to the foot cause the hands on vacation
you came outta the closet and now you rap in your basement
my gang will gang bang ur bitch.. not just a little bit
ill nipple twist her till she got orangatan hanging tits
take a chill pill kill bill your mad gay
you angry rappers need to stop sweating like axe spray
shake that booty now my lifes like a movie now
i'll shoot you right in between ur eyes through your unibrow
my raps are so boss and remain ontop
your raps are trash and they belong in the compost
im at a stage in my life where i cant care
but if you think im wack then yall are on CRACK like ass hair
If you think you’re tracks are hot you’re probably retarded
I’ll make you a laughing stock like the comedy market
you're hobbys posting shitty raps on internet forums
thinking you're the shit, why hasn't it clicked that you're boring
I’ll Throw your whore in the trunk
i got so much trees you mothafuckas should call me forest like gump
i aint down with your lame ass
i'll punch you in your head and make you wear a fucking towel like an arab
im just too hot to fit in. a millie a millie mothafucka i got a million
hot brazillians on my dick while you locked in prison
your cock is too short to box with god, you bitches
writing writtens, but to me their nothing more than a sock to jizz in
fuck going to sleep i'm the most productive at night
you suck at life, mothafucka you should get punched in the eye

01-12-2009, 07:47 PM
i haven't fucked that many hoes or been very broke
or on the street obsolete in smelly clothes selling coke
i'm not gonna act black it's very tempting though
or try to fulfill all you rap fans image of dope
this rap games a rat chase like ready GO
i use it as a means of expression and NOT for getting doh
myself is the main person i wanna get to know
but its hard to grasp that when i keep letting go
i might be far away but i hope i'm getting close
with every mistake i make and with every step i grow
it aint hard to lie its harder to tell the truth
fuck these people who cares whether someone else approves
no one cares what the hell you do or develop to
if you be yourself you can only make yourself improve
you wont get anywhere with ur approach of waiting
sitting on your ass with your temporary motivation
in our society internet and tv are the most life taking
fuck sitting around i'm sick of this time wasting
i'm not gonna live for anyone
i'm not gonna wait for someday cause that someday will probably never come
i see through filters that are as thick as bottles
i try to rip them off but they're like sticky goggles
that are crafted through life and social conditioning
and the older i get the more they keep thickening
my vision is cloudy and all i can hears my mind
i wish i had a huge vacuum to clear this sky
sometimes i write cause i'm not in the mood for speaking
or you petty conversations and approval seeking
it's so easy to be on the receiving end
of life, but i keep telling myself in the end i dont need regrets
the presents called present cause nows a gift
if i only live once i better make the best out of it

01-12-2009, 07:49 PM
mothafucka ill bang ya damn daughter
force her in the back of the van and rape her with a gang of transformers
while i tape it with a candid camcorder
tape her up then take her to the lake and dump her in the damn water
ima causer of random manslaughter
kidnapping foreigners to perform different forms of afganistan torture
making the murder rate increase in suburban states
sometimes some lives need me to determine fate
the first slug i shoot is as sweet as a virgin tastes
i got a selfish lust to me its like a drug to terminate
it propells my rush as the smell of blood circulates
im on selfdestruct, i been through hell and want to murk the place
make an urgent break for it before the jakes search the place
fuck any punishment the government thinks i deserve to face
faggot bitch, aint it hard to swallow what she confessed
your so called girls got a litte reminder between her legs
in most places im either feared or frowned upon
ive announced ive come so you better start the bounty hunt
when you hear the sound of guns turn around adn run
even if you got a thousand guns to me they amount to none
spit a flow and your lyrics show me your bitch essence
give you a quick lesson and slit your throat in a split second
rappers are readable with nothing meaningful to say at all
but i break the mold like eating food that's way too old

01-12-2009, 07:52 PM
eyo just so everyone knows..

this thread is mainly for myself, so i won't lose my rhymes and can find them when i record at my friends house.

so keep bullshit comments out please. and don't compare me to no one else, this is all me. if you don't like it fuck off nerdz