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Poizun of Culture VI
01-15-2009, 02:08 PM

Let me know your thoughts. I know his music isnt Hip-Hop, but he has made some noise in the hip-hop game.


Poizun of Culture VI
01-18-2009, 07:11 AM
heres the text

Anthony Hamilton: A Culture VI Experience

So How's Your Week Going Anthony?
It’s been a lovely week. The album came up, and I been going out and just making my rounds with all the people anticipating the album, and shaking hands and meeting people hearing the music and getting feedback.

Do You Feel Good About The Album?
Man I am very excited about the album, I thank you’ll for listening to it.

Well I got it last week, I been listening to it a lot, it’s really an incredible record.
Man I appreciate it.

A lot of Hip-Hop fans have been waiting on this too.
That’s a lot of my fan base too.

What have you learned about yourself as a person between Ecstasy and The Point of It All?
I think finding out who I am thru my music, and you know, my music, it’s for the people.

My wife says if she was born 20 years earlier, she would've been a Marvin Gaye fan, instead, she's a Anthony Hamilton fan, how does it feel being in the same conversation as Marvin?
Its great man, because those people put it down. Hands down, they just made music and made lives better thru their music, and for me to be compared to someone like that means imp doing something, pretty alright.

How's the reaction been so far?
It’s beautiful.

I thought News was a very interesting choice for an opening track; it really set the tone for the album, good job on that.
Thank you brother, Mark Pitts, my a&r, he kind of was like, you know what, this sounds like the opening, and I credit him for putting that song in the beginning, cause I was like yeah this is the opening.

What did you want to accomplish with the album?
Just to have a successful body of work that needed notivity for what I was going thru. I wanted people to be inspired by my words, and I wanted people to dance, I want to be up in the club because I like to dance and enjoy that vibe.

I noticed your lyrics are a lot more poignant than most R&B artist; do you spend a lot of time on your writing?
Believe it or not, it doesn’t take me long to get deep like that, its just a natural thing I have and I thank god i've been blessed with it, man I just do it really quick.

Your voice is so powerful you could easily get away with lazy lyrics, and still make great songs just off the strength of your voice, so I applaud you for actually putting effort into the writing, its really a credit to your talent man.
Thank you brother. Yeah when it comes to writing I just speak from that place.

What artist inspire you today, is their any R&B artists that are really putting it down in your opinion?
There’s still some great artist out there, I like to dance to some of them. John Legend, Robin Thicke, you have Beyonce that is always at it, and doing it. My wife, she is definitely an inspiration. Every time I see her perform, she’s just electrifying.

Is that your where a lot of your inspiration comes from, your wife?
Ah yeah, that’s my thing, I thank god for her.

Now you don’t try to rap, you’re a singer. Kanye West is a rapper who attempted to sing for an album. Do you applaud him for trying to try something new, or is it an insult towards someone like you who spends your entire life trying to perfect your craft?
I’m a big fan of Kanye West so whatever he does is cool; I think he’s creative enough to pull it off. And you know, i'm not here to judge, but I like the songs that their playing right now. I haven’t heard the whole album yet because I’ve been on tour, and i’ve been in my own zone, but i’m hearing it and i’m liking it, so why not try it. If you can do it, your creative and you got the guts, go with it.

So does that mean that Anthony Hamilton is going to make a rap album soon?
I don’t know I might spit a couple bars, but I don’t know about a whole album.

There’s so much more to being a professional musician than just having a good voice, what else should inspiring artist focus on?
Just being able to sell your product, write something people want to invest in. Create something that people want to continue to be a part of, and you have to be able to perform it, give people their moneys worth and give them a show.

So how is your tour?
It’s spanning for 6 weeks, it’s an intense run of 26 shows.

So where you headed right now?
Ima be off right now. We did the last show in LA.

So what’s next on the agenda?
Now ill be doing a lot of radio runs, Interviews and stuff like that until like March.

The internet plays such a huge role for musicians nowadays, much more than when you released your first album, how have you embraced the digital age?
Yeah you have more hands, you have access to more avenues, and you can mass market your stuff all the way in other countries you wouldn’t normally have access to.

What do you want people to say about Anthony Hamilton when you finally leave music?
I want them to say he was alright, yeah he was alright.

If you were recording one last song before you retire, your legacy song, what would that title be?
Yeah what would the last song be, probably be hope to see you again, on the other side of happiness.

Well we hope that aint for a long time.
I don’t think god is finished with me yet, I got a lot of work too.