View Full Version : I Agree With Guru When He Said The Wackness Is Spreading Like The Plague

01-17-2009, 02:27 PM
He said that on You Know My Steez song. He said that in 1998 and here we are in 2009 and rap music has gotten worse. There's so many wack rappers out right now and it's really sad and i don't see rap music getting any better. Rappers today don't care about the culture, good lyrics and good beats and the pioneers that came before them. They only care about getting money, fucking women, getting high and drunk, going to the club, buying expensive things and doing ignorant shit. There's this rap magazine called Murder Dog and i don't know if ya'll heard of it but the magazine's company is in Oakland, California. Ice Cube is on the cover of the recent issue and his interview was the only good one because Ice Cube always talks about important stuff like racism, knowledge and the rap industry being shitty. This magazine always got some underground dudes in it and i don't even know these clowns because their interviews are wack and they probably can't rap. They be talking about that they got a lot of album sales independently and i'm like who the hell are you because i've never heard of you? Hahahahahahahahahaha. A lot of these rappers be having some wack rap names too. The Source and XXL magazines are gay now too. These magazines need to be interviewing some real lyricists and rap veterans that are actually talking about something. Black radio stations play gay rappers and won't play the hardcore stuff. Like Ice Cube said, turn off the radio.

01-17-2009, 02:35 PM
They only care about getting money, fucking women, getting high and drunk,

There's nothing wrong with rapping bout that, it's just the way HOW they rap bout it, nahmean?

But I think Hip-Hop will have some dope shit this year other than 2008 ....

with Sticky Fingaz, Onyx and Eminem and Raekwon droppin' some cd's this year....

01-17-2009, 02:38 PM
I wouldn't get my hopes up for Sticky Fingaz, Onyx, Raekwon's new albums because you'll be disappointed. These guys haven't made good albums in a long time. They're still good rappers but their beats aren't good anymore. I've never liked Eminem.