View Full Version : Realm of the Wicked & Wise

01-21-2009, 11:26 PM
The Crook:

Let's do this, the smooth-est of the slick here to flip the fuckin' script/
These clips ready to be ripped by the trigger finger itchin' to get a lick//
Bystanders gettin' hit, no remorse for those who refuse to see the truth/
Losin' touch with the words of the wise, so the wicked overthrow the booth//
When you give people a chance they take advantage 'n never carry through/
Fuck the "innocent" morals came 'n went now I'm the emergency in the room//
Crazy ain't nothin', sane man committin' homocide with mics, guns 'n knives/
Spittin', shittin' 'n rippin' flesh with the best of maniacs 'n severely depressed//
Get your shit messed, can't impress me with styles that copy that of I-N-S/
Swagger-jackin' only results in webs from necklace strippin' on ya' neck 'n chest//
Vexed about shit not related to my worries, but I remain strained 'n stressed/
Nerves caressed by the hollow-tipped slugs aimed at ya' head, fuck the rest//
Yes, the headshot delivered by the lead-locked heavy hittin' marksman sharp shooter/
Post-apocalyptic, left in the dark yet the smartest 'n wisest of the heart bank looter//


My son, you need to strive to the keep the peace/
You must fight to escape the wickedness, take a leap//
So your head can be clear to achieve the goal you desire/
Be reasonable, think of how to set the establishment on fire//
But simultaneously keep order, it's very possible just think/
Mental superiority is often the best answer to the weak//
Let the wire choke the victim, learn not to strain yourself/
Even when on a mission always remember to remain yourself//
Remain in the same state of wealth if possible, but sacrifice/
You gotta' work hard now to achieve peace in the afterlife//
Anger leads to self-frustration which spoils the fruit, no longer ripe/
You must be mentally clear to hear the words spoken in the night//
Compromise, but conquer those with corruption in their wicked eyes/
This is a world of softer minds where reason is often tossed aside//
If you lost the prize, the benefits that reign remain un-touched/
At the same time if you actin' pussy you gettin' gun-fucked//
So be strong, but fight only when it's in the name of peace and freedom/
Never burn the ammunition, just keep all the guns for when you need 'em//

Both verse were written by myself pretty much off the top of my head. Just wanted to do a little lyrical experimentation. I tried to vary the styles a bit but make it seem as if it were written by the same person, just different "egos". tell me what you think